Tom Crean transcript from Big Ten teleconference

From this morning Big Ten teleconference as transcribed by IU media relations.

Opening statement:
“We are in full preparation for a big week with games on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We are putting everything right now, focus-wise for our team, into tomorrow night’s game at Wisconsin.

“(Wisconsin) is playing with extreme confidence. They are shooting the ball at an amazing rate right now, with the way they are shooting it from three, the way they are getting to the foul line and the way Frank Kaminsky is playing, in the sense of getting so much off the dribble and at the rim, not just with his 3-point shooting, which is obviously a big weapon, but also with the way their perimeter is shooting the ball. So, they are obviously hot for a reason. They are playing both ends of the court with great confidence and we have our work cut out for us, there is no doubt about it. So, we’re excited to play and we leave for Wisconsin later today after practice. I’m looking forward to getting the week started.”

On handling preparation with few days off this week:
“We were able to get some clearance on the day off this week. We just have to stay within the 20 hours because of the unique circumstances of how it’s played out. What it does is we just have to shorten a few of the days to make sure we stay within that 20. We had the game Saturday. We have a game Tuesday and a game Thursday. Our week is really a Friday to Thursday week, the way our week is structured, and the gamedays are three hours. Really, for us, it’s just a matter of not changing much, staying with the preparation that we would for each game. Really, not much will be different other than the fact that, instead of having two or more days off, we’ll have that one in between on Wednesday, as will Iowa. So, really not much changes for us.”

On what has stood out about Frank Kaminsky:
“His driving ability. He’s literally taking the ball from the 3-point line and getting all the way to the basket. The shooting is there, the post-up is there, without question, but the driving game is something that obviously they are spending a lot of time on. They have always been a very, very good isolation, one-on-one, get-the-matchup-that-they-want team, whether it’s in the post or on the perimeter. It’s a huge part, to me, of their offense.

“Certainly, they have the swing offense, but they have numerous other things with ball screens that they can do, two-man games, the UCLA cuts that they get something out of and all the different things that they do. But the isolation and drives are a huge part of it and I think that is where Frank is scoring a lot of points lately.”

On similarities in this part of schedule to earlier in the season:
“No, because I think last week is a distant memory for a young team. If the previous Saturday with Purdue wasn’t a distant memory when we played just the other night against Northwestern, we’d really be in trouble. You don’t want them to have a long memory on those things. You want them to have an experience that they can look at the next time so there’s a little bit better understanding on how to play, but that’s so far back.

“We won’t spend any time on that. It’s a different part of the season, different level of teams. Everything right in there. So you are pacing your team the entire way during the season. You’re trying to get them to the point where they are playing good basketball deeper into the season, where they’ll continue to improve, and I think you just can’t get away from improvement.

“We will recall the Iowa preparation on Wednesday, because they did such a good job of that, and hopefully some of that is still fresh in their minds. But as far as going back to some type of area or time in the season to reflect on back with them, I don’t think that would serve much purpose for these guys.

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  1. How do you recruit these days?

    What big man will sign up if Vonleh may stay?

    And if Vonleh then goes, how do you fill the void?

    And then, next year, does it reverse itself so you have only shooters and no big man in the center? Fisher is gone, so the back-ups are unpalatable.

    Maybe Calipari is right. You recruit whole classes and ship one class out and a new one in. That way, you have pretty much guaranteed playing time and, although you may have bad years, overall, you’ll do ok.

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