1. I wouldn’t rush this thing. Water can cause enormous damage. From the photos provided by Scoop, the water damage looks pretty extensive with stains on the ceiling panels as well. Not sure how the concrete wall panels are anchored, but its very possible water has gotten behind those large rectangular panels as well.

    Thawing and another freeze could cause a lot more expansion and contraction issue where that water has permeated.

    I said years ago that basketball is where it’s at in Indiana and I.U. should have been well on their way to a new stadium. It was built in the early ’70s..Maybe the Simon daughter would agree to use the donation toward a new stadium. I would fix Assembly’s structural problems without dumping anymore money into the place. Hoosiers need a new house. It’s sad to have such a modern practice facility serving as a museum sitting next the the 4-decades-old Assembly. I really don’t get it. It’s like attaching a new garage to a dumpy old home. Let’s not hodgepodge our basketball facilities in the same way we did the cheap on Memorial.

    Who in the hell is running this place?

  2. This is Crean’s version of “the dog ate my homework.” I’m sure he’s dismantling Assembly Hall to postpone the game so his team would be a bit older by the time they play.

    I’m also sure Iowa would not mind hosting the game for us.

  3. Sometimes I’m not sure myself. I need to increase the meds. Sorry for all these rants the last 24 hours.

    I just get a little ticked off when it comes to excuses. We should be beyond excuses. As far as I know, all kids come out of high school and then go to college. Many of these recruits for top college programs obviously come out of top academies and high schools with some very good coaches and storied history in their own right.

    You’re never going to have it perfect. There will always be youth and inexperience coming into each season. We are no more unique in that regard than any other program. It would be no less disruptive to have 5 senior starters that stayed in the program for all four years and then facing a rebuilding of another group in for the long haul.

  4. We should be beyond excuses for sure harvard but it seems we are not. And thats probably why this program will flounder for years to come. The excuses are now excepted. I guess people like you and me will just have to deal with it. This program is not elite( which i know) and people are ok with results that arent that great. I have to come to terms with the fact that every four to five years we may challenge for a big ten title and win a few games in the ncaa.

  5. Steve, that is a terribly ignorant thing to say. Because some folks see a glimmer of hope, don’t see this situation with quite as black and white and aren’t ready to throw the baby out with the bath water, they’re making excuses?

    Fact is, we are indeed not elite yet. This far, this season Indiana had taken a huge step back on the road to the top.

    Most people think being elite is a destination instead of a constant process. “We’re back” and “Banner Up,” are great marketing slogans but are utterly meaningless things that fans, who have absolutely no affect on the outcome, say top feel like they’re a part of something. Just as those who come here constantly complaining about the head coach and sneer at anyone who tries to see some positives in the midst of battle.

    The catharsis I felt as a fan when the ball hit nothing but net after being launched by Watford vs Kentucky was one of the greatest moments I felt as a fan. Did I buy into, “We’re back.” Yes, but not in the way that you think. I knew there would be further peaks and valleys as even programs on earth are subject to. That is just a part of the journey, I’m afraid.

    From a fan perspective a good balance of a skeptics eye, yet the glimmer of hope that comes in trying to see how things could work out in the future.

    We’re about as low as we’ve been in a while. Nothing like having the wind knocked out of you when you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve made it.

    Season isn’t over. Depressing as it has been, we’re at least 6 games away from porting dirt on top of this corpse yet. As a fan who has absolutely no control or impact on the outcome, it is a choice I make.

  6. I’m not sure why there is such a red flag mentality about the program in general. We are just two years removed from one of the best recruiting classes in years and got a B1G title out of them. That class is splintered and we’re just seeing guys that either don’t jell or simply don’t have the necessary skills to excel at this level.

    Next year’s class is o.k. and I don’t expect a whole lot more out of them either but it all depends on how their skill level meshes with the current team.

    Indiana is obviously an elite program in the eyes of the media, otherwise ESPN would fill those slots with other games rather than Purdue or Iowa for example. And earlier Crean mentioned a couple of strong tournaments next year where they will play.

    But the days of expecting a B1G championship are over and there are too many factors to blame for mediocre basketball- recruiting, coaching, chemistry, increased talent level in the league, etc. I’m sure people in Chapel Hill are also making garage rags out of their rally towels.

  7. Think I’ve got this falling beam thing figured out.

    Coach Crean, during one of his meditative moments;

    “I said this team will lose some games they should win and would win some games they should have lost. But the fans are still upset. Now they boo my substitutions and question my coaching tactics. Should I take the money and run? Or suck it up and keep trying? I need a ‘sign’. Some hint of what I should do.”

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