1. Dustin-

    Is there something about fans getting “nasty” that’s beginning to occur on a regular basis at Hoosier games? Are the fans getting nasty at certain players or at the head coach?

    I don’t think it was very appropriate to throw that question at Sheehey and Etherington. Not sure who it was that asked the question, but good for Sheehey for just instantly cutting off anyone that pull that garbage at a pregame conference.

    Do any contributors on our Scoop family of bloggers know what this is about? Or is it something that happened at the Minnesota game from a Gopher fan spewing something at our bench?

    I feel for these guys at these press conferences…I’m not sure how much is gained by putting reporters perceptions/manipulations into their heads. Why does a coach want a bunch of downbeat journalists to set the tone? I just don’t remember players being used as pawns and buffers until recent years.

    I tend to favor keeping a team a bit under lock and key before going into battle. And wouldn’t they be better served working on free throws/practicing/resting/studying instead of filling in for coaches? When did all this unnecessary brain-picking of players begin? Why do they need to be the politicians trying to answer the painfully indirect and vague questions? Why in the hell does everyone need to be a rock star? Here’s an idea..Just bring it on the basketball court. Be the quiet gladiator that beats to a different drum. Chicks will eat it up..They’ll think you’re mysterious. Coaches should let player be a bit created in imagination…Does that make any sense? Why are we so driven to figure everyone out?

  2. Stumbled on this via following pathway….And “this” = funny.

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  3. Harv- it was actually a pretty immature and rude response by Will(and I’m a Sheehey fan), evidenced by Etheringtons smirk/laugh…..the reporter was giving a Sr NCAA vet a chance to comment on the fan/player interactions that occur in a heated game. The reporter said nothing about IU, minny or whatever else u are alluding to. He mentioned Oklahoma St and in case you haven’t seen/heard about that incident google “Marcus Smart Texas Tech fan” After I read your tirade I listened expecting to see Sheehey put someone in their place, instead he was just immature in avoiding a current event. Reporter did nothing wrong, gave him a chance to make a respectable comment and instead was stuck with a rude response, to the reporters credit he didn’t push it further. Sheehey is my favorite player but he’ll need to be a bit friendlier to teammates and staff next yr when he’s playing over in Belgium.

  4. Harv,
    I don’t have a problem with the question and I don’t have a problem with the fact that he didn’t answer. Obviously the reporter (who wasn’t me) was working on localizing a national story, which obviously was Marcus Smart pushing the fan in the Texas Tech game. I think it’s a valid question to try to better understand the life of a college athlete and what they go through on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a valid question to put in context the reasons for Smart’s explosion. How much stress are these guys really under? How much do fans really try to push players’ buttons? Frankly everything that’s come out since the incident has painted the situation in a light that suggests it’s a surprise more players don’t snap. So for Indiana media, these are the closest people to the real sources that we can ask. They don’t have to answer. Sheehey had every right to say no comment. But maybe he has something to say that’s interesting and puts everything in a context that we haven’t thought of before. You never know if you don’t ask.
    As far as whether or not these players should be subjected to media at all. Well 1) they have to get used to it some time if they plan on playing beyond this. 2) If they never were, then you would never get to know any of them. You would never find out anything about what they’re actually like as people. They would be nothing but robots to you and you’d have to figure out what their personalities are really like based on their facial expressions on the court, which is of course nowhere near an accurate or complete representation. The only personality of this team you’d know anything about would be Tom Crean’s. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so.
    Trust me, we’re not that bad. If anything, as a beat corps, we’re really soft on these guys. They are rarely asked questions that put them in a tight spot, and frankly, they rarely are put in a position where they do anything other than regurgitate talking points. And they’re rarely around for more than 5-10 minutes, so it’s not like we’re really impeding their skill development here. It’s not that bad of a trade-off for them.

  5. Completely disagree. Etherington’s smirk was basically a backing up of Sheehey. I saw it as signaling…”That’s how you handle and idiot asking a question that has absolutely nothing to do with the Hoosiers.”

    I didn’t hear the reporter mention the OK St. game or the Smart incident. I heard about the story, but I don’t really care. My concern is with Indiana Basketball. The players should have the same concern.

  6. Dustin-

    There is plenty of room for getting to know players outside of a pregame presser. I simply believe it’s not their position to answer questions about altercations they’re not involved. If it is their position, then where were the questions about how they felt when Crean stormed after Jeff Meyer? Is that a mature example of how adults should act in stressful situations?

    Look how well we all got to know Richard Sherman….I think much of the ridiculous actions by players and coaches alike is because they’re all becoming over-the-top stage actors. The press gives them so much damn attention that they all think they have the right to act with zero decorum. And in my opinion, the reporter that asked that question of Sheehey has zero decorum(not the other way around).

  7. And maybe last year you should have asked Sheehey how he felt about Seth Davis finding a nameless creep Big 10 coach to label Jordy as the worst defender in all of college basketball….?

    Now if that idiot was identified and in the first rows at OSU’s Value City Arena, I’d have no problem with Sheehey going all Billy Jack on him.

  8. Harv- it’s clear here that you don’t know what was asked or what was referred to, and you are simply wrong. So just be aware that in this situation you are wrong about 100% of what you are Skip Bayless-ing regarding this post.

  9. Harv,
    Like I said. He didn’t have to answer. Maybe we should be asking more questions, but I don’t think we should be asking fewer. (Honestly, after the Michigan game, we didn’t actually know what had happened between Meyer and Crean. It wasn’t until we saw TV footage afterwards that we knew what was actually said.) Anyway, I’m not going to get into an argument about every question we should have answered and every question we shouldn’t. You just think it’s an Establishment conspiracy anyway. Moving on.

  10. No. You’re simply wrong.

    We have a team not ranked. We’re struggling to put some wins together so we can get into the NCAA tournament. Let’s ask more questions that having nothing to do with Indiana or the upcoming game.

    I’m glad it rather pissed Sheehey off. He’s coming out with a vengeance tonight. Keep the idiotic questions coming…Ask some more before the Purdue game…Please ask some more.

  11. Harv,
    Yes, Harvard, I’m sure that questions had so much to do with this. He looks upon questions about the game with the same amount of derision.
    And whatever. I’m wrong. Sure. You are the unquestionable arbiter about what the media should and should not be allowed to ask. Whatever makes you happy, Harv.

  12. And you’ve proven my point as to why you are wrong. You have projected all these fake and false beliefs into an equation as to why Sheehey responded that way and if you knew anything about Sheehey you’d know he’s done this on numerous occasions and there’s no rhyme or reason or theory behind his response. He’d respond like that about any and everything he wants, regardless of the “issue”. You’ve already spent 67x more time thinking about the question and his response than he ever did….aka: you and your hyperbole filled projections are wrong here.

  13. Dustin-

    Yeah, my post #12 was a response to Fab5. No change in how I feel about the question at a pregame presser.

    It’s been a tough year for the Hoosiers. Talking about national side attractions seems like snidely indifference to Hoosier basketball from where I sit.

  14. 1952, That is by far the most appropriate idea expressed on here for the last 2-3 years. I’d agree to pay a 1/3 of what it would take to make it happen. Enjoy your V-Day.

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