1. Yep, I’m not seeing the fight or the embarrassment in anyone’s tone… Least of all Crean. This was the time to publicly hold his team’s feet to the fire, but instead Crean seemed to give excuses. Instead of lighting into them for a clear lack of cohesive effort, or for getting absolutely out-efforted, or out-physicalled, or out-executed, or for not being mentally crisp, he just went about the presser with his normal semi-irritated-but-at-your-questions-not-our-situation attitude.

    I mean Crean doesn’t exactly have the fanbase right now, and so much of his effort in the first couple years was garnering good will from The Faithful… Talking about what Hoosier Basketball meant, and it’s place in history, and how it’s different in Indiana, and respecting tradition… And here you are in a clear tailspin, with not only on-court issues, but off-court mishaps as well, and you get blown out by Purdue… There’s no bigger tradition in IU basketball than this game… Fans are irate, mostly due to a perceived lack of cohesion and effort, and you can’t get fired up Crean? Where’s your fight to respect the history and traditions of IU now? Where’s your fight to hold onto the good will of the fanbase? Are things so fragile in your house that you can’t hold players accountable for fear that they’ll leave you? In my experience, players actually want to be coached… They want to be held to a standard… They want to feel like you care… Instead they get, “well, there was a little extra physicality in the rebounding than usual on that play, and there was a freak bounce, and I don’t really believe in momentum going into the half… And if we’re going to miss lay-ups then we can’t give them up on the other end.”

    Glad it’s ok to be the nail and not the hammer. Glad that’s acceptable.

    Listen, I’m sure Crean gives it to them at practice. I’m sure none of them are looking forward to the next couple days, but these players should feel downright embarrassed for how they are treating the season right now. They should feel embarassed in front of the fanbase. They shouldn’t feel worthy of wearing the Cream and Crimson. The clearest way to drive that home is for Crean to portray how the TEAM (not individuals) are letting us down… To the media, in the press conference.. When it’s fresh… When the frustration and vitriol are understandable and believable.

    Right now Crean’s attitude and body language tell me “I don’t really care about what the media or the fans think… I’ve got job security and am going to go about this my way.” He’s a little too comfortable.

    This is definitely now affecting my outlook for next year.

  2. I continue to be surprised this season by fans who claim to be basketball intelligent so shocked and surprised by how poor of a team IU is. I’ve said for 6 wks now that IU isn’t good. I’m an IU fan and I watch every game. I don’t say they aren’t good to try to tick anyone off or upset anyone. I say it because I’ve watched basketball, played basketball, coached it here/there my whole life and I respect the game of basketball and the sport of competition more than I’ll ever respect a uniform. The sport of basketball rewards the best team and coach. Fans can wax poetic and spit hyperbole all they want but the game is the judge, IU is 5-11 against real D1 opponents this year, aka not good.

    Look at IUs stats this year, watch them play. If they were the same exact team/coach and they were playing for Georgia, you happen to see them twice briefly on espn2, you’d say “ehh the PG is quick and tough, the young big guy has some potential” but other than that you’d completely forget about that Georgia team the moment you changed the channel. Why? Because they aren’t a good basketball team, nothing special, and instead of IU fans being able to swallow that they instead put up a huge front. I understand that we can point out valid reasons, excuses, ifs, and/ors, buts all day long. But look at the roster….Sheehey, Yogi, Noah are the only 3 players skill wise that are anywhere near above average for top D1 level ball, plain and simple. Yogi is ball hoggish, because no one else can shoot. No one else can shoot cause Yogi does not instill confidence, faith and trust in them by passing them the ball in rhythm. He passes, but only when his options force him to. Noah is WAY better than what Crean, Yogi give him credit for, most underused player on the team. He’ll blossom and learn the game from an NBA staff next year. Yogi/Will seem to have their hands tied, did you pick your co-workers? Probably not, and you probably don’t like all of them. That’s how Will/Yogi appear to me this year….they’re like “what do you want us to do? We didn’t ask these guys to come here, we didn’t give scholarships out….”

  3. Both of you are spot on.

    I was thinking during the game yesterday that it was high-time for a technical foul. Like on the Will lay-up when he got knocked 1/2 way to the corner scoreboard. That would’ve been a good time to throw a tantrum and show the team the head coach cares and won’t go down without a fight.

    I want to point out 1 more thing….Jeremy Hollowell. I’m his biggest critic. But yesterday he showed a lot of fight. He even had a bit of grit and determination on his face.

    At this juncture, I would play Robinson, Davis, Vonleh, Howard, Yogi (just because we do need to score), Sheehey, Williams in a 7 man rotation. And I would make a rule that each time down the floor Vonleh must touch the basketball. And my second rule would be Vonleh must get 12 shots/game.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone. I am a huge IU fan, was at IU in 87 when they last won a championship, it defined my college experience. It’s been almost 30 years since we last won a championship, how can you be considered a premier college program with that record? Sure, we made it to the Final Four and the Championship Game in that time frame, which is more than all but a couple of teams in the Big Ten have done, but not exactly premier status. This team is super-frustrating. I’ve been a big Crean fan, was excited about the hire, but what are we supposed to think when we watch his hand-picked team flounder and get pounded by our in-state rival after blowing a lead at home to a bottom-dwelling team? They should have come out ready to tear the place apart. Obviously their mental toughness is as bad if not worse than their lack of offensive execution, and that reflects on coaching. They’re not getting better, in my opinion, and around this time of the year teams are figuring out their identity and, if any good, starting to gel. I certainly don’t see that happening.

  5. Everyone posted good points; I wish Crean would demonstrate the “Fire” and sense of purpose that he wants from this team. His in game “Laizze-Faire” coaching style gives me the “interpretation” from the team’s game play that they have adopted the same attitude OR they are tired of the “Do as I say;Not as I do” attitude that is projected in practice. While perceptions can be misleading,when behaviors/attitudes dont change then perceptions become founded observations. Fred Glass needs to light a fire under Crean’s ass, not with a match but with gasoline and a bonfire

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