1. It’s funny how this stadium issue could be a real season-changing moment for the basketball team..

    We have no home win to ease our pains of the three game losing streak going into Northwestern. Nothing of a big win against a solid Big 10 team to moderate the hungers and the bad taste of some very bitter losses of late. Now we take that medicine into a road game before possibly returning to Assembly for back-to-back home advantages. Interesting…very, interesting.

    Win at Northwestern and we’re coming back for 2 consecutive at home with a 5-8 record.

    Nothing has changed in regard to a must-win at Northwestern. It’s the intangibles that play into the mindset of a team that now presents itself at Northwestern that would have been presented against Iowa at home. And that all changes because a huge piece of metal came crashing down into some empty seats…Hands of destiny work in bizarre fashion. It’s road-home-home..instead of home-road-home…Seems so minor. But is it?

  2. I start Jonny Marlin with Yogi against Northwestern.

    Jonny be my Jordy…See if he can bury a couple early open looks off of some jabs into the paint from Yogi.

    I bring Sheehey first man off the bench. Gordon comes in if Marlin is not up to the challenge. It’s time to mix things up.


  3. I’ve always been a Jonny Marlin fan since seeing him play for Center Grove (where he, among other things, pretty much single-handedly beat a state championship-caliber Bloomington South team in overtime at the Hall of Fame Classic.) Dude is indefatigable. Should have been an Indiana All-Star. I think he’ll definitely see some back-up minutes at the point(courtesy: Hoosier Scoop Live Chat/Thursday, September 26, 2013/Andy Graham)

    It’s time to unleash the ‘indefatigable’ Jonny M.

  4. Don’t mind Marlin playing but if he’s not up to the challenge, don’t send in Gordon. He’s in some kind of funk over the past few games.

  5. Confused-

    I’m a mess, but I’ll clean up and shave before the night is over.
    Hope you’re doing well and glad the Top 10 was enjoyed.

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