Yogi Ferrell on Wisconsin

We spoke to Yogi Ferrell via phone on Wisconsin. A transcript follows.

On what the team has done to get ready for this week:

“We were happy to get the win at Northwester, but guys have come in here this week aand done what they needed to do in order to get better.

On seeing guys respond last week after a tough schedule change:

“For the game to be cancelled, that was unfortunate but we just had to change our mindset. Our mindset was that we were going to play a game, but instead of that we basically had a free week of practice. And in that week we got better at the things that we needed to, we watched extra film and started to get ready for our next opponents.”

On playing games instead of practice, like having three games this week:

“It is always fun to play games, of course, just like the old AAU days. But you definitely need a little practice in there so you can get a little structure of a team, get different sets in and see what other teams do. I am 50-50 on it. We need the practice to go hard and get better at things, individually and as a team. But at the same time, it is always fun going out there and playing so we can show what we work on in practice.”


On playing three games this week and taking care of your body:

“With so many games, rest is important. We tell them to get to bed early, even two nights before a game. Coach always says ‘the day before the day before” and then that just carries into the game. Even after the game, getting into the cold tank to help get your legs rejuvenated. With so many games, it is all about rest and managing your body.”


On any defensive corrections Wisconsin may have made:

“Wisconsin is such a great defensive team, it is hard to pinpoint what they are going to do defensively each game. We are going to take what the game gives us. We are not going to try to force anything. We always like to push the ball up the court, of course, and we will continue to do that. But we are just going to play with what the game gives us”


On what has worked for Wisconsin during their current win streak:

“No matter who is on the court for Wisconsin, they are a threat to score. They play hard and rebound. They have shot the ball extremely well, especially from the outside so we have to take away their open jump shots.


“Wisconsin has their system and it works for them, that’s why they can go on a 5-game winning streak. It is going to be a challenge for us to go in there and try to take them out of what they do.”