Etherington asks for release

Indiana redshirt sophomore forward Austin Etherington has asked to transfer, a source told the Herald-Times.

Etherington averaged 2.0 points and 1.6 rebounds per game this season. The former Hamilton Heights star started six games and averaged 10.6 minutes per game as a reserve in both the backcourt and front court. He made 15 of just 46 field goal attempts (32.6 percent) and was 5-for-21 from beyond the 3-point arc. He made 25 of 32 free throw attempts.

Etherington missed much of last season with a fractured knee and took a medical redshirt.

Etherington, who played with the Indiana Elite AAU program in high school, was important in the recruitment of several other stars in that program, including Cody Zeller, Yogi Ferrell and Hanner Mosquera-Perea.


  1. “He will have to sit out a year if he transfers elsewhere in Division I.”

    I heard he will graduate in May. Does that mean he can play somewhere else immediately?

  2. Austin showed that he was a leader and competitor this year, but his outside shot has just never developed enough to gain regular playing time in the B1G. Best of luck!

  3. Good luck with your future Austin.

    My quick take: Austin seems like a great kid, but he just doesn’t have the chops to play in the Big Ten. Being below or average speed, strength and shooting that poorly isn’t going to translate to minutes. Minutes are earned, not owed and Austin revealed he just wasn’t B1G material. With JBJ and Rob John coming in next year, he’d become a glorified traffic cone in practice.

  4. I agree with dd that etherington isn’t good enough to play big ten ball. of course neither is hollowell or perea. that makes you really wonder about crean’s ability to evaluate talent. oh, anyone can tell guys like vonleh and zeller will be good. consider crean anointed hollowell as the team’s back up point guard before the season and hollowell turns the ball over every time a defender puts pressure on him. crean also called perea one of his starters last season and we see how that is working out.

    let’s not assume Johnson and Blackwell will be the answer next season. being a great high school player obviously doesn’t always translate to college. didn’t chuck franz average ,like, 50 points a game in high school? most of you are probably saying “who?”. my point exactly.

  5. Coachv,

    No one here is saying ‘who’ about Chuck Franz. Chuck Franz was a huge part of some of those banners we are all so proud of. There are no lack of quotes from the stars of those teams saying that the bench guys beat them all the time in practice. Chuck has gone on to be a productive part of the community as one of the higher ups at Cook, who’s founder you might remember had a large part in a little building called Cook Hall. No reason to try to put him on the same level as say Taylor Ware, who seems like a fine young man, but can’t play with anyone in the B1G.

    IF we had a Chuck Franz on this team instead of Peter ‘If I walk my legs break’ Jurkin and 3 interchangeable 5’10’ white walk-ons that never put up 50pts in a high school game, then maybe we wouldv’e been a little more prepared for the B1G this season.

  6. Thanks Hoagland. I’ve been mentioning the likes of Chuck Franz for years…. I think Franz came in as the states leading scorer his senior year in high school. How he was a great practice player, pushed the starters to improve, and by the time he was a senior he was a very competent college basketball player. I know times have changed that recruits all want to start every game. But life just doesn’t work that way. You usually have to learn your trade, bide your time and be able to contribute when opportunity knocks. I long for the day when IU had reserve players like Chuck Franz, Brian Sloan, Phil Isenberger, Jeff Howard, and on and on. They are the type of guys that practice everyday, learn the game, earn their degree and become a contributing part of society.

    Watching the NCAA tourney last week I find it interesting how the mid majors with jouniors and seniors are excelling in the tourney. Just some thoughts. Go Hoosiers!

  7. hey I loved chuck franz. just saying he didn’t come in and average 20 points a game as a freshman as many hoped. didn’t play much at all really. but please, not isenberger! he was so gangly and awkward. we used to mimic him on the courts with his never ending pump fakes. he used to play so I’m sure he made contributions but to my then untrained eye I couldn’t see what knight saw in him. used to love the sweet stroke of kitchell on that team.

  8. Some people forget that four years ago when Crean began recruiting some of IU’s current players, the cupboards at IU were almost empty. At the time, they were either the best players we could get or were thought to have potential for significant improvement. Some people peak early and some take longer to reach the physical, mental and emotional maturity necessary to be successful. I remember that not too many people, at the time, including Bob Knight, thought that IU’s all time leading scorer, Calbert Chaney was good enough to play for IU or in The Big Ten. And just four or five years ago, Mike Trout, the Angel’s young superstar and arguably one of the best baseball players alive, was passed over by almost every Major League Baseball team in the first round of that year’s draft. How many major league Scouts and General Managers wish they had a do-over in that draft?

  9. ^^^That’s a complete falsehood. Hollowell, Patterson, Perea…and, to some extent, Etherington were all getting high praise when they committed and thought to have great promise. We pushed guys like Roth and Capo off to open the doors for all of Cody’s AAU “elite”…We were screaming of injustices and acting nearly devastated when Perea and Hollowell were forced to sit out nine games because of some minor recruiting infractions.

    n addition to Yogi, ‘The Movement’ insurgency was Crean striking it rich; all considered to be part of more than “floodgates” of talent, but the Hoosier “We’re back!!” dams busting wide opening. The “Hoosier Rising” tape was promoted on by IU Athletics and given more advertising on Scoop..The world was right. These were all of Indiana’s rich talent coming for the ride with Cody. It was ‘The Movement’ that was going to bring back banners to McCracken.

    And now you frauds defecate on their names and the hopes they brought and the winning they brought. They brought the talent from the East and they brought Remy to help save us against VCU…They brought all the hope.

    You honestly can’t remember the constant claims “the floodgates” and level of hype that all followed “everything hinges” on Cody? One would have thought Etherington was the next Steve Green and Perea was going to be ‘Hakeem the Dream’ after one season. Yogi was the next Isiah…Hollowell was going to be far better than Watford(whose ship had already sailed).

    You people will rewrite history to paint more flawless purity onto Tom Crean.

    There are no banners. Zeller refused to play one more year to elevate his teammates that did everything to sell IU to all his AAU buddies. All the focus changed and everything was labeled a success because we sent two Hoosiers into the NBA to be high draft picks. And The Movement’ was left to die with freshman and a coach that could care less if they now fit into his plans that once revolved around his securing Zeller.

    Some of you talk of “bigots?” Take a hard look in the mirror…Take a hard look at our coach. He’ll sell you the end of the rainbow and then take his scissors and cut that tape in the sky as if you never existed or busted your ass to make his resume sweeter.

    We can celebrate better talent. But I won’t celebrate how many of these kids that were once heralded as the group that saved IU and brought us back are now not worth a pot to piss in…Floodgates, my ass.

    If Yogi(the only slice of ‘Movement’ history that matters to Crean) had any rocks in his jock, he’d join those now so worthless and leave Crean without a point guard.

  10. Actually I see Etherington at either Butler, where his dad played ball, or Indiana St., where his brother currently plays. Hollowell will end up where Ronnie Johnson ends up. Ronnie is transferring from Purdue and according to Rabjohns they have talked about playing together somewhere.

  11. very nice and accurate writing H4H. iuhoosier- Ronnie Johnson succinctly put why he left Purdue;probably for same reasons the IU players transferred; playing time in regards to subs.Johnson said he couldnt get a feel for the game because the subs Painter was making at every chance was cutting into the learning curve

  12. Bob Knight stirring up controversy again, but speaking the truth about allowing players to enter the NBA Draft after only 1 year in college.

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