Griffith still in medically-induced coma

Indiana redshirt freshman wide receiver Isaac Griffith was still in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator on Tuesday morning after a swimming accident Monday evening according to a post on the Twitter account of his father, Manchester University football coach Shannon Griffith.

“My wife, Kim, and I have been at Isaac’s bedside since 2 AM,” Griffith said on his account. “We are encouraged with his progress in ICU but we have small battles to face and are asking for your thoughts and prayers. We have great care surrounding him, we have placed this battle in God’s, and we look for the small battles he has over come. His vitals are stable but we still need for continue prayer for his lungs. He is still in medical induce coma and on a ventilator to help his lungs heal. My wife and I want to thank all that have reached out we are truly thankful for positive words and loving messages. I want to thank #HoosierNation and players who have been with Isaac or who reached Out to us. We are a family of strength and faith. You can be assured we will #KeepChoppin and #PrayForIke.”

An incident report from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office provided more details about the incident that led to Griffith’s accident.

The incident occurred at Siesta Key Beach where Griffith and several friends were vacationing for Indiana’s spring break. Three other men are listed in the incident report, including Indiana football teammates Nick Stoner and Ty Smith. Another man, Mitch McCune, is also listed in the report.

According to the sheriff’s report, the four had been consuming alcohol at their hotel room before deciding to visit the beach. When they entered the water, all four were pulled away from the shore by the current. The current pulled Griffith approximately 15 yards past the swim buoy where he “started to go into distress.” McCune rescued Griffith and pulled him back to the shore.

According to the report, Griffith had a pulse but was unconscious when he reached the shore. He was breathing, but his breaths were short and sporadic. McCune started CPR on Griffith while 911 was called. Rescue and law enforcement responded and Griffith was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

According to the report, the hospital reported that Griffith’s CAT scan results came back normal, “which is promising.”

Griffith took a redshirt for the 2013 season at Indiana. He was the first recruit to commit for Indiana’s Class of 2013, and he finished his high school career at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne as the all-time record holder in receptions (119), yardage (2,453) and touchdowns (37).



  1. I pray this young man makes a full recovery and that his parents’ nightmare will end soon. I’m trying to connect the dots as to what’s wrong with him. The story states that he had a pulse and was still breathing when they got him to shore, so he had not drowned. The docs put him in a coma, yet is brain CT scan was normal. Obviously we’re missing a lot of information, because this sounds strange, especially for a young man who is a well-conditioned athlete.

  2. About 7 years ago I went for an out patient surgery and everything went bad because they cut a major vein and 13 hours later and 13 units of blood and I was put in a medical induced coma. It allows your body to rest so that you don’t struggle with trying to be awake. It was a scary event for my family and a long recovery for me so I know what these folks are going through. Just like I made it my hopes and prayers are for Isaac to recover
    quickly and completely so he can be with his family again. Have faith God can still moves mountains.

  3. Thanks for sharing the story and information RonB. God Bless you came through it and He will care over young Griffith. I also pray for his full recovery and for his family.

  4. Yes, RonB, thanks. I am optimistic about Ike recovering as Coach Griffth and his wife in the news releases were using “small battles” for looking at the future. I suspect that term came right from the medical staff.

  5. God Bless, and hang on to those small victories. No team or record could ever match to the victory of life. Prayers.

  6. Thanks for the share RonB. Glad to see you’re a fighter, and overcome the struggle.

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