Griffith’s father: Griffith breathing 50 percent on his own

Shannon Griffith released another statement about his son Isaac’s condition on Tuesday night.

“Just wanted to give an update on my son,” the elder Griffith posted on his Twitter account. “He has won some small battles throughout the day, he is still on a ventilator but they have it down to 50% with him taking on 50% on his own these are the small battles we are referring to. We continue to pray for lungs to show signs of healing and pray for the antibiotics they are giving him to ward of infection. We are thankful for the prayers and thoughts in this difficult time for our family. Isaac is receiving great care here at #SarasotaMemorial critical care unit. We continue to talk to Isaac because we believe he can hear us. Again thank you to everyone across the country for reaching out to our family we will #wintheselittlebattles and plays #PrayForGrif #iufb.”