Hollowell, Etherington both transferring per IU release

Jeremy Hollowell’s meeting with Indiana coach Tom Crean apparently ended with him deciding to leave. The release announcing the transfers of both Hollowell and Austin Etherington follows.

Crean Announces Etherington and Hollowell Will Transfer

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that redshirt sophomore Austin Etherington (Cicero, Ind./Hamilton Heights) and sophomore Jeremy Hollowell (Indianapolis/Lawrence Central) will leave the IU program.

“Austin told me this past Saturday night that he would like to take advantage of graduating in May and continue to play by relocating to another University,” said Crean.  “He is going to be a three-year graduate and wants an opportunity to look for somewhere he can have a larger role.  Even though that is his choice, we are going to miss him.  He is a fine young man.”

Etherington, a 6-6 forward, was a member of the program for three years and appeared in 53 games scoring 93 points and averaged 1.8 points and shot 37.7% from the field and 25.0% from three-point range. Etherington will be the 21st recruit since Crean came aboard in 2008-09 to earn a degree from Indiana University.


“I would like to thank Coach Crean and the entire coaching staff for helping me to realize my childhood dream of playing basketball at Indiana and graduating from such a prestigious University,” said Etherington. “My experiences on and off the court are memories that I will never forget. After talking with my family, I have decided to move forward with the next chapter in my life.  After graduating in May, I will pursue other options for my remaining two years of eligibility.  I will forever be a Hoosier at heart and will always cherish the memories and friendships I have made at IU.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.”


Hollowell, a 6-8 wing, played in 62 games and started 15 games this past season.  He averaged 4.2 points and 2.7 rebounds and shot 36.8% from the field and 22.6% from three-point range.  In Big Ten play, he averaged 3.6 points and made one of nine from long distance (11.1%).


“Jeremy has indicated to us that he would like to transfer to pursue another college opportunity,” noted Crean.  “We have put a lot of time and effort into Jeremy, both on and off the court and it is our expectation that he finish strong in school and adhere to team rules.  We will be there to provide any help we can give to him to find another program.  We hope he realizes his full potential and we believe we did everything over the last two years to help make that happen.”


“I have learned a lot from my time at Indiana,” said Hollowell.  “My time here has made me much stronger as a person.  Things don’t always go as planned and I am looking forward to getting a fresh start and I hope to make the most of that opportunity.  I want to thank Coach Crean for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play at IU.  He has taught me a lot and has always wanted the best for me. I want to thank all the coaches and all the staff for being there for me.  I want to thank the fans for their great support and I  want to thank my former teammates for taking me under their wing.  I want to thank my present teammates and I wish them all the best.”


  1. Bet that’s not the last such press release we get. This is starting to feel like a major free fall and surely Fred Glass can’t be jumping with joy. Hope CTC has an ace up his sleeve or next season will be even worse. Sounds like 3 very good freshman coming on board but they are freshman and while they may shine in the pre-season it’s a whole lot different when the B1G season starts.

  2. We’ll see how this plays out, but what’s the concern if transfers are limited to these guys? It was highly likely that JH and AE were going to see their minutes drastically reduced or eliminated altogether. The rigors of playing D1 ball are just too demanding if there is little chance that you’ll actually get to play. Better these guys head out and see what’s out there from a mid-major college.

    Oh no, what are we going to do if we lose Johnny Marlin?

  3. marlin, too? jesus. can’t say that I blame him. now would be a good time for perea to bolt for his own good. despite the available minutes he just cannot get the coaching he needs at iu to take advantage of his nba level athleticism.

    what a waste. what a shame. and the march sadness continues…

  4. Yeah… From Dec-March all we heard was moaning and groaning about JH’s minutes…

    “He sucks!”

    “Why is he playing?!”

    “The guy is a turnover machine!”

    “He can’t make a shot!”

    “He looks like he doesn’t care – totally apathetic!”

    “Watford without the talent…”

    And by the way, all the criticisms were warranted. Now it’s hilarious that JH transferring is spurring:

    “This is officially embarrassing”

    “We are in a downward spiral”

    “Our program is a disaster”

    The comments board over at ITH is a riot.

  5. Remembering the game threads when any of these three would be inserted into the game, not sure why anyone cares. As others have said, if it’s limited to these 3, no biggie. We always knew that Vonleh was gone and for some reason, I don’t even care. Never really bonded with him. I literally had tears in my eyes when Victor announced he was leaving. We will have to wait and see. I am just hoping that next year will be better so we can all wipe the bad taste of the 2013-14 season out of our mouths.

  6. Hollowell is a talented kid…

    There is still something of disenfranchisement in all of this. Hollowell and Patterson(before he was labeled the town flunky) were anticipated to be very key “Movement” players coming on the heals of the Zeller’s recruitment. It put a lot of pride back into the state and the idea that Indiana kids were having a big part in believing in Indiana and bringing this program back.

    There is no return to Sweet 16’s and whatever short glory restored while getting joy in cursing and mocking the Sampson degenerates to hell without these young men that now find no reason to stay and also board a bus.

    Patterson- Broad Ripple H.S., Indianapolis, Indiana
    Hollowell- Lawrence Central H.S., Indianapolis, Indiana
    Etherington- Hamilton Heights H.S., Cicero, Indiana
    Marlin- Center Grove H.S., Greenwood, Indiana

    Maybe they weren’t up to snuff…But there’s something still rather sad in the fact that these young men were so embraced by the coach and the fans when Cody was the centerpiece of the Movement.

    And I’m not sure if I recruit around these guys to the point their PT and sense of worth at Indiana is gone. I think they were too invested to be left in the cold of the numbers game. They came(or intended to come)as Hoosier brothers with the hope that Indiana kids would play a big part in restoring the hope and the pride in the candy stripes.

    Add to the recent list of Indiana departures that represented IU with more dignity than maybe we deserve; kids like Remy, Mo Creek, Capo, Roth, Fischer.

    There’s something amiss. Even though you may not have the talent to play at the next level, every kid wearing the uniform wants respected and treated as if their game can contribute to making a team stronger.

    It’s our loss if the overall the is “expendable” if you’re not so gifted that the next NBA project in waiting is going to steal your minutes.

    One more shot drops for that role player/perimeter shooter on Kansas and Wiggins is saved his disastrous game. Mitch McGary wasn’t in the starting lineup for almost the entire 2012-13 season before he played like a gladiator and aided Michigan in a storied trip to the Finals last season.

    When young men have faith in the their coach and feel valued, great things can happen…games get elevated. They may never be the LeBron’s and D-Wade’s of basketball, but they are what most of us in the stands can relate to….And if you stop relating to that unsung heroics and value in every loyal Hoosier on the bench, you’ll lose the heart of dreamers still believing they could have been that unknown living and playing forever transcended through another name: a ‘one shining moment’ of value and recipient of exploding cheers, one shot the may bury, one defensive stop they may force a turnover, one vital rebound to be the scrapbook photo that made it all worthwhile for all their years of dedication to game, and the belief from their coaches, their parents, their community, their state, and their college.

    I don’t like a numbers game with any kids that we sold something more. And it hurts no less that these were Indiana kids that wanted to be part of something reborn in Bloomington.

  7. JBJ, Yogi, Robinson, Davis, Williams…that is a very small starting five…Perea has never had extended minutes to really evaluate his talent and Jurkin is a mid-major bench player…Did anyone notice how many teams with 3+ seniors won NCAA games this past weekend, at this pace it will be 2018 before we have 3+ seniors!

  8. I believe I called this 2 months ago.There will be more.Vonleh will go to the NBA…I think Robinson will stay and Davis will also transfer.HMP will be dismissed after the court date and Blackmon will change his mind also.If Crean keeps his job 15-18 win seasons will be the norm.If Glass wants to keep his job he will fire Crean has soon as the tournament is over and pursue Alford or the Wichita State coach with all he has.Indiana high school players will not play for Crean.UCLA will have more Indiana kids on their roster than IU will.

  9. NO ALFORD…let his greatness at IU not be diminished by his sub par coaching ability…lets look to the mid-majors again for young coaching talent…someone with a drive to win!

  10. It doesn’t matter who stays or who comes…if Crean is still the coach IU will never win.Subs way to much…every dead ball he sends in 2-3 players…gets out coached in every Big Ten game…even by the Penn State coach.I would take Bennett or Marshall…would like Alford but he is not going anywhere he will be at UCLA for many years.He has 2 Top 50 players already signed for next year.If they beat Florida he will get an extension and a hugh raise.

  11. tony Bennett turned down the job in 2008. the very next year he takes the Virginia job. he was greenspan’s first choice. no way he comes. he may very well win the championship this year. right now Virginia may be a better job.

  12. I said months ago to fire CTC and someone said they wouldnt fire him unless there was a mass exodus.I’d like to know how things will get better next year when CTC has to replace Vonleh,Fisher,3 more transfers,4 seniors and 2 non-productive players= 11 players out of 15 on the team.Can hardly wait to hear “let me look at the films” or we’er a young team and will improve….we didnt see improvement last year …and wont this year. AND as far as recruiting( we lost Clark to Mich State) wait til all the players start tweeting how they feel and why players left

  13. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Oh no, what will we do?”

    Geoff, #7 was a GREAT post.

    You guys who are already trying to pick IU’s next coach are funny. Here’s a news flash, it looks like your suffering is going to continue for a while longer. Tom Crean will be IU’s coach next year and probably the year after that. But maybe if you write a big check, send it to Fred Glass with a note saying, “here’s my contribution to IU’s buyout of Tom Crean’s multi-million dollar contract,” your wish for a new coach can come true. Maybe, but I doubt it.

    But if IU was looking for the next “up and coming” coach, I’d look to Dayton. Young Mr. Miller has that team firing on all cylinders. And if he’s anything like his older brother, he’s going to be a very successful basketball coach.

  14. Has anyone noticed that the players who are transferring are the ones we always complained about during games?

    Why are you upset?

  15. I’m not surprised with Holowell. You could just see it in his actions on the court. For whatever reason, it just didn’t click with Indiana. I’ve heard Dopirak say many times that he could light it up in high school. Hopefully he finds a good home. I guess we will never know his true potential. It will be interesting to see if he blossoms into the player we thought he would elsewhere.

    However, Etherington is a surprise. I thought he was just beginning to find his groove, and gaining some much needed confidence. Did he graduate already, and just want more playing time elsewhere?

    I’ll say this again. Crean isn’t going no where, and deserves another year. Maybe we had some bad apples on the team? Who knows. Clearly, spring cleaning has started within the program. Hopefully this will allow us to shore up. I will however jump ship, if we find ourselves in this position next year.

    coachv, never found any material supporting Bennet was interested in IU. I’ll take your word for it though. Seems he has his stuff together, and is a quality coach.

  16. really? the flyer’s coach is sean miller’s little bro? I didn’t know that but now see the resemblance.

    meanwhile in fantasyville….Marquette is still looking for a head coach. crean is suddenly unhappy in Bloomington and feels the pull to return “home”. his longing is so great he waives the buyout clause in his contract and tony Bennett becomes our coach for the next 30 years.

    sigh. stop march sadness.

  17. They actually mentioned that it was his brother on Selection Sunday.

    That issue of Crean returning to Marquette was actually brought up on ESPN, and literally exploded on the boards. It’s safe to say they don’t want him back, from what I can gather. Apparently fans hold it against him that he lied. Crean supposedly said he had no interest in Indiana, and bolted to Indiana 3 days later.

  18. Ha. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Hollowell: “We have put a lot of time and effort into Jeremy both on and off the court and it is our expectation that he finishes strong in school and adheres to team rules.”

    Contrast that with Crean’s statement on Etherington and, roughly translated, the JH announcement falls somewhere between “He’s your problem now” and “we did what we could, now don’t let the door hit you on the way out…”

    Doesn’t sound like they’re meeting went as well as anyone had hoped. It’s a shame. I know I was a very vocal critic of JH this year– especially early on– but he cleaned up some of his game after the benching. Far better turnover ratio. He was still inconsistent and seemed like he was the kind of guy where you knew what kind of game you were going to get after just a few minutes. But he showed flashes of exceptional promise. I wanted him to stay and be a story of perseverance and redemption; to be the problem child that finally grew up and became someone we can all cheer for. Oh well. Good luck, Jeremy. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  19. Etherington is a different story. Good kid. Not an exceptional athlete and hadn’t yet developed confidence in his shot. But he was tough. Reminded me a little of Coverdale, only not quite as fiery. Yet. I thought he would’ve made a great team leader and steadying force by the time he was a senior. Sad to see him go.

    By the way, anybody happen to catch all the other transfers littering the college bball newsfeeds? Eron Harris from WVU is now on the market– Indiana kid who says he wants to play closer to home. Early money seems to be on Purdue, though, as that’s where his father played. We’ll see. I’d welcome him with open arms.

  20. coachv- I hate to break it to you but Perera does not possess NBA athleticism and no coaching in the world is going to fix his stiff, awkward movement. I hope the Nigerian experiment is over because we’ve seen too many of these guys waste space.

  21. OSD said there would be lots of players leaving and Dustin killed me for saying it. Hope Davis stays. With the 3 scholarship players leaving plus the seniors and Fischer we are down to 7 and that includes Hartman who is hurt and Jurkin who will never play.

    Can’t Mark Cuban buy out CTC and we get a good coach?

  22. …the cookie crumbled just as it should…more open scholarships for better players…

  23. Good news! We now have 7 scholarship players. Since today’s high school graduates, and others, want immediate playing time, and lots of it, Crean should not have a problem addressing their needs this season. All will get much court time, the best place to develop one’s game. Plus, there will be few substitutions. And, as a small group, it will be easier to develop more camaraderie and team work. So by the end of the season. they will really be ready for the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments, unless they get tuckered out from playing too much. We’ll see!

  24. Hate to see anyone leave, but creates a ” next man up” scenario. We now have players who want to be here, instead of just going through the motions. Time to get this thing organized, and prepare for next season. No more chances left. All rabbits must be pulled. The fans or university won’t accept another season like this.

  25. Look, the issue is a vote of no confidence in Crean. We need a major college success who wants to build this program back to it’s deserved level. This can occur in 3-4 seasons. But it must start NOW. Pursue greatness Administration!

  26. I made a comment earlier in the year that there was a communication problem:Crean couldnt get his message across,the players didnt quite understand what he was saying,or they quit on him.Given the expeditiously quickness players lined up at Crean’s door to ask for transfers hints at the players quit on him at some point in season.IF Crean hasnt or doesnt learn from THIS season then we are doomed to repeat it becausewhatever he did to turn off players he will do again unless he changes. More “We are young and need time to grow”or “Ill have to look at the films”.If I were Yogi ,I would be considering a transfer as well. No backup PG,only experience coming back contributed to 16+ tune overs a game THE WHOLE SEASON,Crean has shown no propensity for utilizing post play( he didnt with Cody and he didnt with Noah)Stan and Troy couldnt hit water if they fell outta boat.The same ,if not worse,situation looms ahead for Yogi.Thats just on the players,some of the reason for the quick turnout of transfer requestees at CTC’s door had to come from locker room environment…if that doesnt improve ;we’ll be back here next year,same time,same station with same number of transfers…..good luck recruiting because the tweets from the AAU circuit will kill recruiting thru word of mouth

  27. Would love to agree with you TJ, but the three guys coming in appear to be pretty adept shooters. Yogi will have more options on kicking to the perimeter and the wings/slashers will fit into their more natural roles.

    We are still left with the best talent…Davis is very promising. We need some help inside and at post play, but with a vastly improving backcourt(Blackmon and Johnson) to compliment Yogi, some bigs or eligible talented post players at the JC level should be licking their chops. There is guaranteed PT and a lot of athleticism/proficient shooters surrounding the post…Is there really a better scenario for a post player that believes in his skills?

    There was too much dead weight on the bench…I know, I’m contradicting myself. I think we should have honored the commitment of some of these kids that were part of ‘The Movement,’ but it sounds like it was their decisions and their own desire to go elsewhere for more PT. The talent coming in(though not vast in bodies) is probably better out of the gate than any of these current transfers.

    Noah leaving sucks…Fischer transferring sucks. But if I’m an immediately available big looking for a situation where my game can flourish(a solid point guard/outside shooting/athletic slashers), I’d be looking at IU.

    Etherington got more chance to prove himself this season than Remy was afforded two season’s ago…Austin simply couldn’t hit shots. And you’re giving up a lot on defense to bring in that hopeful shooting skill.

    The mere fact that he was so instrumental to landing Cody and many other AAU teammates/connections would make me feel he deserves all the opportunity and loyalty we can give. But it sounds like he’s asking for his release….probably knowing his minutes are going to fade.

  28. be wary of assuming Blackmon and Johnson will bring the perimeter shooting this team so desperately needs. most of you said the same about Hartman and etherington last off-season. we saw how much help they turned out to be. you never know until they start playing against the big boys.

  29. ^ If you was always constructive in this manner, you wouldn’t get a cold shoulder on here. Good job!

  30. Maybe yes, maybe no…But there is no doubt they are more versatile, highly talented, and built to be scorers.

    Are there really any guarantees? Do you think there is a more talented shooting guard coming out of Indiana high schools than Blackmon? And having some size(6-4)sure can’t hurt.

    It’s going to also take a ton of pressure of Yogi from being the primary perimeter weapon.

    I don’t think Blackmon is going to disappoint. If I were a big, I’d be licking my chops at the open availability of PT to go along with the versatility on the floor.

  31. ^ Well stated. Yogi played with enormous pressure, and I think it showed when he tried to take over the game. Everything points to Blackmon being a stud. As coachv stated, it’s proven playing the big boys.

  32. My guestion is this. We are told you cant win with youth but now people are saying blackmon and johsnon will come in and make this huge impact. That does not make alot of sense to me. We were also told hartmon and austin e were going to be lights out shooters.

    Also it seems as if we are setting ourselves up for a hung letdown if anthony lee goes to another school as we seem to have all our eggs in this basket. We gotta hope that more quality 5th year players become available because I hardly think yaten or josh c are going to come in and give us big minutes. They are freshman- remember!

  33. I don’t know…I think it will be a pretty cool backcourt.

    Maybe as cool as coachv teaching a jump shot to Ben(aka Unofficial Meteorologist). And if coachv was teaching Ben a jump shot, I’d be playing this song in my thoughts….

  34. Thanks for the laughs today Harvard. About to clock in, and always good to work on a happy note. Take care of yourself.

  35. Yes, great point about JBJ. If I could pick a single player in the 2014 class that would most help the Hoosiers, he’d be the guy. Great handle, natural shot, fearless and has a outstanding feel for the game. He’s the guy we’ve been missing.

    I expect substantial improvement with Stan and Troy next year. We have all this obsession recently with jumpshot technique (which I’ve been enjoying). The part of the battle that is often overlooked is creating space and shot selection. Looking at Vic’s progression, his technique improved, but what really set him apart was shot selection. He stopped forcing shots, turned down the dial a bit and was able to get to the rim more than when he tried to do everything 300 mph. He didn’t force shots and found himself in space a lot more. I’m not expecting Stan or Troy to turn into Junior Year Vic, but I think they’ll shoot the ball much better.

    I dunno. I’m one of the handful of folks around here that is actually more encouraged by yesterday’s exodus than before. I’ll be REALLY encouraged of Anthony Lee comes to B-Town.

  36. The only big loss in the list of recent transfers is Noah Vonleh, and this could actually benefit the program if he is selected as a top 10 pick like Cody Zeller, e.g., I think Lee will choose IU since he knows he will be a starter and have a chance to showcase his game, especially with Blackmon and Johnson coming in to move defenders out of the paint.

    Cunningham will also likely choose IU with the departure of Hollowell. Hollowell had a lot of potential, but his attitude was a major distraction to the team – this is an addition by subtraction.

    Finally, to all the Crean-haters out there, should Mike Krzyzewski also be fired since his team Duke team grossly underperformed during the season and during the NCAA tourney? These type of seasons happen, even to Coach Knight, so I’ll give Coach Crean a few more years and if this becomes a pattern then I’ll jump on the bandwagon and call for his resignation.

  37. JBJ’s abilities will OFFER a chance for IU to improve enxt year. My “cynicism” lies with Crean’s program to develope young players.to offer a reminder of last years offense: dribble ,dribble,dribble,force shot; or the name of an ALL boys vocal group” 1 dribbler and 4 statues”.Where’s the motivation to LEARN to move without the ballIF Crean doesnt utilize the post player to go thru
    .not everything will be alley-oops to Troy or Stan. Its NOT in the young men’s abilities I question. I question Crean’s ability to devise an offense that will take advantage of ALL 5 players other than “Statues of Liberty” offense

  38. There are way too many emotional outbursts directed at Crean. They reveal more about commenter than the coach.

    HOWEVER, Crean still has a lot to prove. A LOT. Our last banner was hung in the same year that they introduced the 3pt line. We’ve had a lot of unfortunate twists and turns since a college bureaucrat acted on his “No Tolerance Policy.” However, the time for excuses is over. We can’t blame lack of facilities, we have the best fan base on the planet and a brand that extends far beyond the limestone building in Bloomington.

    Just as we seek development from our players, I seek personal development from Crean. I’m not talking X’s and O’s. The key issue with Indiana University since 2000 has been the shaky foundation. Crean’s energy is awesome. In this day in age of entitlement, I appreciate a guy with a motor. But he needs to figure out how to channel it appropriately if he’s to take Indiana to the heights we demand. A calming presence is needed, in the face of critics, opponents and everyone looking to challenge us on the way to the top.

    Tom Coughlin is a great example of how this kind of change can lead to major results. Tom was considered an authoritarian, too rigid, too angry and too hell-bent on making football miserable for them with childish rules and ridiculous fines. Everyone hated him, except for Kurt Warner who came in to play just as Eli was getting his feet under him.

    Coughlin did the unprecedented. At 60+ years old, the man humbled himself, saw he need to make a change and started engaging his players, the media and in turn, the fanbase. A man of strong principles, he upheld his values while removing the barriers that allowed him to lead his men to peak performance and ultimately 2 Superbowl victories.

    We’ll see if Crean is capable. Indiana needs a calming presence in this storm. He isn’t that guy right now, but if Coughlin can change, so can he.

  39. It’s more than “calming..” I think validation also comes by way of stopping the chasing of the past(which far too much time was spent in his first years)and far less cynicism and guardedness when addressing the press.

    Knight also had a horrific public image, but didn’t some early successful teams allow for some of that fiery arrogance…? And if you really do the research, many of his interviews with Don Fischer were very insightful and sometimes filled with laughs…Knight was not nearly as stuffy as the humorless Crean. Many remember Knight as they choose fit…They prefer to remember the few ugly episodes and conveniently forget that he had a sense of humor and brought respect via knowledge and embodying the idea of education first.

    That’s what I love about the NCAA tournament…I enjoy watching the personalities and getting a chance to see many of these solid young coaches speak in press conferences and postgame interviews. I just don’t see the condescension and barriers with most of them…They don’t seem to fear the exploration of their thoughts. And so many act far classier in defeat. I’ve taken aim at NC and Duke..Most of that is more directed at the Establishment heads in the media(Vitale, Seth Davis, etc)that never stop glorifying those programs.

    But I have to say that I was very impressed with how Roy Williams and Coach K handled questions amongst another tough exit from the tournament.

    You can’t wall yourself off in any profession and expect respect. And if you are intimidating(or that’s what you prefer to most often sell), show a sense of humor once in a blue moon…Show some ability to take heat and shoulder some responsibility. There is a point when repeatedly telling the press and fans of players “not getting it” is tiresome and demeaning to our basketball intelligence.

    How many teachers can answer to their peers in the same fashion? Crean used to shout to the heavens of the “19 F’s!!” accumulated by the Sampson degenerates… Yes, that was terrible and likely proved a flippant regard for learning. But is it also offensive to see highly intelligent men going to the basketball classroom and displaying a failing grade while seemingly lost at playing a team game?

    If Crean’s basketball teachings were a high school algebra class, would you be confident enough to put your kid in his classroom? Would they be prepared to do battle in the college classroom?

    I’ve also witnessed so many unheralded teams in this year’s tournament that appear to know what they’re doing. Unlike our Hoosiers, they look on the same page..They set multitudes of screens and move beautifully without the ball. Such a tragedy if guys our working their asses off and it;s all for nothing because they aren’t given the proper instruction and tools to elevate their collective talents into an understanding on the floor.

    It can almost be more detrimental that Crean keeps buying time on his IU stay simply because he can land the savior 5-star to keep hopes alive year after year. Our thirst for talent allows for our overlooking the struggles and defunct play on the court…We keeping hoping the team play with gel and things will stop looking so disjointed. We keep waiting for bipolar games to end and turnovers to get cleaned up. No matter how protected and arrogant the teacher, there will be a point that we will no longer allow the teaching aspect of the game to live in subservience to the lust for individual talent.

  40. I don’t think we’re saying much differently, but the point is stabilizing the Indiana Basketball program. Whether you’re a coach of the ilk of Bob Knight, Coach K, Roy Williams, the Harbaugh Brothers oor coachv, regardless of style, you need create a program that is built on bedrock. Everything else is just tactics.

    I’m unclear, at this point, exactly what Indiana University Basketball’s identity is at this point. I’m not talking about style of play and all the other overrated and over-debated issues on the court. What is the foundation of the program that defines who we are?

    Also, this stability does embrace the realities of college basketball. The multitude of changes are a constant and instead of seeing them as problems, they should be viewed as opportunities. In other programs, 2 or 3 guys leave for the NBA and their isn’t the looming sense of dread that the future is so uncertain. There are kids waiting in the wings on the current roster as well as kids coming in that keep things moving. That doesn’t mean escaping a down year here or there, either. It is an ability to roll with the punches in years like this year, communicate clearly, stick with your guys in the tough times and come out swinging in the next year.

    I haven’t seen this in Crean yet. I like the values he’s brought to the program with academics, work ethic and development. But what is the larger purpose that it is serving. This is what is the ballast for the ship when the storms hit. And they will hit.

  41. What I fear is that Indiana University is losing some of its broader appeal to a diversified student body…I fear its beginning to lose much of the foundation its principles and liberal ideals that were often in contrast to the regimented and conservative approaches to discipline and sport we witnessed in Knight. Now there is no contrast…Crean may be as boring as IU. And the fact that he’s the perfect fit for such regressions leave a place without the appeal of different worlds and contrasts. And that might be the most irreparable aspect of any future.

    Maybe it’s not Indiana basketball that’s lost its edge..Maybe Indiana University has become stale. There was a different vibe to the campus in the 70’s and 80’s…
    Though the university attracts a large amount of international students for its strong science programs, I tend the think the school is less rounded and diverse on the local front. And though IU is rather remote in its limestone hills, there used to be a very modern feel to the campus …It was a liberal haven of sorts within a very conservative state. I think that’s changed.

    Maybe we need contrast. Maybe that’s how we achieve identity. Maybe none of that makes sense…

  42. ben,

    do I get a good boy cookie? actually, make it 2 because I try so hard not to correct your grammar every time you post. you didn’t actually go to iu, did you? oops, I did it again.

  43. Now how do you explain why it changed? Average family wages not keeping up with anywhere near the pace of the skyrocketing costs of education. The upward movement of populations from the more conservative South and the need for families to force their kids to attend in-state programs could be one of the strong factors.

    Though tucked in the cornbelt, IU was once a far more “Establishment” school. The Bible Belt has encroached upon Bloomington and Indianapolis…The suburban landscape has grown and grown in more conservative fashion. Mega churches abound in the Indy suburbs and the student body at Indiana U. mirrors something more like the University of Tennessee than U. of Michigan. Years ago, U. of Michigan would have felt like a more conservative school than I.U..

    And now we have even more conservative administrators pulling the strings at a once liberal institution. There is no flavor that is found in contrast. And within the contrasts breathes identity, debate, style, and the idea of being challenged. There is no one to challenge Crean. He is a reflection of those now in charge at I.U. He is safe for them….and safe can become extremely dull and uninspiring.

  44. harv,

    Blackmon is 6’2″ in real life. on the plus side, not too many 6’2″ shooting guards going one and done. while we’re at it, no way devin davis is 6’7″. people keep talking about him as one of our bigs. he’s not a big, just a badass.

  45. Well, then I guess that makes Jordy 5’10″…He’ll still have four more inches clearance on his shot than Hulls. I have a feeling he jumps at least a couple inches higher off the hardwood when elevating on the jump shot…So, in actuality, he likely has 6-8 inches more clearance. That’s a big plus when determining how much a zone can pack in or how much time a help defender needs in closing out on your perimeter threat.

    When I lived in the country, I always played basketball in high heals…This would get me acclimated to my listed height and improve my balance.

  46. Bottom line: Crean fits IU. He mirrors the philosophy and belief systems his A.D…He mirrors changing student body…He mirrors the empty marketing and and billboard approach/mentality to selling a program. He ain’t going anywhere soon. I’m not even sure if five more years of substandard results would create any real impetus to move him out.

    I think there’s a societal trend to seek similarities more than differences…And that’s what IU has found and become.

  47. And didn’t you always claim that Hull’s shot was too much of a shoulder/set-shot style…I haven’t really watched Blackmon’s shot with all the intricacies a top instructor like yourself, but I’ve heard quotes that his form is quite refined. That could possibly give him a couple more inches on release point…Conclusion: You need to be 12″ taller to disturb/block Blackmon’s perimeter jumper as opposed to a Hulls’ perimeter jumper.

    Does that mean he’ll shoot for higher percentage? I can’t predict that with any more validity than knowing if you’re skinning your pup Chihuahua, or wearing pantyhose right now,…or maybe partaking in all three while searching for your private detective.

  48. just saying Blackmon is not 6’4″. but he will miraculously grow to that height by his sophomore season. I remember zeller chuckling when an interviewer mentioned something about him growing to 7′ since he came to college. zeller is 6’10 and 3/4.

    I did note hulls (5’10”) had a shoulder start and release point. not a set shot. still a jumper with a good follow through. I just think you would be more accurate releasing from above the right eye. I know, I know, he is a great shooter. maybe with that one change he becomes the greatest shooter ever at Indiana.

    still would like to see him get a shot in the nba. I think he could be like a steve kerr on the right team. dribbles better, too. but I don’t watch the nba anymore so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  49. #61.


    I have no treats to give out. I’m out of dog treats. Sorry. I’m sorry about my grammar. The iPad don’t do justice. I get it. Develop a app please, considering I graduated from Ivy Tech. :-). Have a good day. I’m off to the cancer clinic to administer care to the patients.

  50. I am amused by the ignorance of the posters here! Everyone with a brain knew that Noah would go to the NBA for the draft in 2014. He definitely improved during his 1 year at IU. But he brought most of the package that the NBA looks for with him. This is what a top-10 one-and-done is all about. Austin is a great young man, but as a player he was stuck at the 9-10 man position. He would not have been a starter or the first reserve on a Sweet Sixteen team (which is the IU goal every year). He can go anywhere in the middle majors and have a chance to play, start, and perform well. I wish him the very best! (Butler would be perfect, so to Stephen F. Austin). Jeremy just does not get it yet as to how hard you have to work to become great. I fresh start is perfect for him. He needs to get out of the State of IN to a place where people do NOT know how much talent he has and how little he has done with that talent thus far. I hope only the best for him. (a place like UNLV or St Johns would fit well). The other kids were walk-ons and because of the excellent training, strength and conditionin, etc. at IU they now believe that they can play somewhere. None of them are ready for the major leagues. But each one played for IU this season and will be a Hoosier for life! There is one more shoe to drop. The decision must be made that Peter Jurkin will be a “basketball player” at IU next season, 15-20 minutes on the floor per game, or arrange the medical hardship scholarship for him (full scholarship benefits, but he can never play at IU) and have him remain with the program as a student manager. It is certainly NOT his fault that medically he has not been able to perform. He is obviously a quality student and citizen. Hanner showed tremendous improvement on the court this year. I expect that his conduct off of the court will be exemplary from now on. I expect him to play at the 3rd team All-B1G level next season. Collin now has a great shot to show that he belongs as a player on a team with high expectations. The expectations for Indiana next season remain the same: win over 20 games, compete for the top 4 in the B1G, play in the NCAA, win two games and make it to the Sweet Sixteen. There is no reason why these objectives can not be realized.

  51. beatpurdue’s post is so funny I don’t know where to start. but I’m too tired and stoned so eff it.

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