Hollowell still with Indiana, but plans to meet with Crean

Rumors were swirling Monday morning that Indiana sophomore forward Jeremy Hollowell would join redshirt sophomore Austin Etherington in asking for his transfer. J.R. Shelt, Hollowell’s former coach at Lawrence Central High School, said that’s not the case, at least not yet.

Shelt said that as of his conversation with Hollowell on Sunday evening, Hollowell was still with the Hoosiers. However, he did have plans to meet with Indiana coach Tom Crean and did have concerns about his future with the program.

“He’s going to sit down and meet with Coach Crean,” Shelt said. “They’ll talk about what does coach want for the next two years and what does Jeremy want for the next two years. As of 8 p.m. last night, he’s still with the program, but he’s a 20-year-old and he wants to make sure his future is bright. … I don’t think he’s decided, ‘I’m transferring.’ Right now he’s a 20-year-old who wants to make sure he’s somewhere he’s wanted.”

Shelt said he thinks Hollowell does want a bigger role on the team, but pointed out that that’s typical and that Hollowell and all high major college basketball players need to realize that they are surrounded by other elite athletes and that minutes will be difficult to come by. Hollowell averaged 5.7 points and 3.5 rebounds per game this year in 18.3 minutes per game. He started 15 games this season, but served a three-game benching for what IU coach Tom Crean called “a focus issue.”

Shelt said he’s stressed to Hollowell that he could lose a lot of his credits if he transfers, and that Shelt’s most important hope for him is that he graduates.

“As of today,” Shelt said. “He’s still wearing candy stripes.”


  1. My guess is if he does not hear what he wants to he is gone. Always thought he may leave so it would not be a shock at all if he left.

  2. Hey everyone,

    I’m back, but where is 4guards? Also, if he is opening thinking that he might transfer, I would let him go. How can he come back from that?


  3. No one wants to get benched or publicly humiliated, but while there were many things you could criticize Crean for this year, this was not one of them. For Jeremy’s sake, I’m glad he has a stand-up guy like Shelt to essentially say, “Look, I get that you’re mad and want take on the world, but the reality is, you haven’t performed and put in the effort needed to succeed.”

    Today’s kids have been coddled since birth. Even the slightest bit of criticism is taken personally. College coaches today have a heck of task in dealing with the Participation Trophy Generation.

    That being said, I’m one of the few people around that still holds out hope for JH. I think some of his demeanour is that he’s just a quiet, sensitive kid, not some one who doesn’t care to be out there. I’m convinced that JH’s issues are all mental. I think he can still be a special player if he humbles himself, channels that frustration into putting his head down and working to being a better teammate and player.

  4. Noah leaving ,Etherington Transferring,JH on his way as well,2 senior scholarships opened up,Fishers open. Ya’ll redy to hear “We are young and trying to find ourselves”…again? Dislike UK all ya want but Calipari had 6 freshmen and coached fundamentals to them,Illinois had a younger team than IU and they made it to NIT. Transfers are happening because of environment and coaching.Someone said that UNLESS there was a mass exodus…..6-7 more freshmen isnt going to help the turnover,execution of plays any better unless Crean can pull a “teaching rabbit” out of his hat

  5. I have pulled for Jeremy all season and I know the kind of player he can be………just hope the best for him!!

  6. #4. Could be Double Down. Maybe he is just a shy, quiet person? Hopefully that’s the case. I’d really hate to lose him, as talent is present in his game. Someone, somehow needs to tap into it.

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