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Indiana’s last hope of a miracle run to the NCAA Tournament died Thursday afternoon in Indianapolis, Dustin wrote.

No matter what the color of the jersey, Indiana is missing the necessary heart to go inside the uniform, I wrote.

Will Sheehey and the Hoosiers want to continue the season, even if it’s just the NIT, Dustin wrote.

Former Hoosier Mike Woodson may be on his way out with the Knicks, but some want him in at Indiana to replace Tom Crean, Frank Isola of the New York Daily News writes.

Doing taxes are among the many things more fun than watching IU and Purdue play basketball this season, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star writes.

No team from the state of Indiana is going dancing this March, and nobody feels that pain more acutely than the Hoosiers, Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News writes.

A lack of chemistry is largely responsible for the Hoosiers’ implosion, both all season and on Thursday, Alex McCarthy of Inside Indiana writes.

Tom Crean’s message continues to fall on deaf ears, Dana O’Neil of ESPN.com writes.

High school Hoosier Hysteria is the only place left to find basketball in the Holy Land of hoops after Indiana and Purdue’s exit on Thursday, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports writes.

Indiana proved the doubters right and failed to live up to its potential on Thursday, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

It was one and done for Iowa against Northwestern, and now the Hawkeyes’ NCAA berth is uncertain or at the least hollow, Mike Hlas of the Cedar Rapids Gazette writes.

Purdue had a shot, literally, to upset Ohio State, but couldn’t get the job done again, Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal and Courier writes.

Minnesota kept its NCAA hopes alive with a win over Penn State to start the Big Ten Tournament, Amelia Rayno of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

Presented for your interpretation, Thursday’s postgame press conference for Indiana and coach Tom Crean.


  1. Looking at the tag lines; I’d say Fred Glass will get the message. its not blogospehere thats noticing the problems;New york Daily News ,Indianapolis star,ESPN.com,Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports…..HEY FRED the secret’s out.From the comments I read they were NOT observations but rather condemnations on the play and program. New York Daily.already selling Mike Woodson to coach IU,Indy Star writer says doing taxes more fun than watching IU play..A lot of “pot stirring” by media NOT controlled by IU admin

  2. And, again, with all honesty…and all due respect, Tom Crean is the worst workshop for your facts. He destroys probabilities. He sheds huge doubt on the importance of paying excessively close attention on one player ranked higher than another, or even a unique skill to spot dark horse talent and individually develop a lower ranked player into an NBA talent.

    He’s had strong recruiting classes and it hasn’t exactly turned into seizing victories deep in the NCAA tournament against comparable talent. An unknown from Maine coaching 5th-graders could possibly help the idea that finding talent equals playing fundamentally solid basketball for 40 minutes. Tom Crean has not built causation into that theory.

  3. ^^^That’s only the half my intended post that won’t seem to go through in its entirety…Please tell me why the rest won’t go through.

  4. Crean went on for a bit longer on that same theme, until finally he came around to the real answer and the reason for that long pause.

    “I try to deliver that message differently,” he said, “because I’ve given it a few times.”

    Which, of course, is exactly the problem with the Hoosiers. The message isn’t getting through now and hasn’t gotten through all season. The same things that ailed them in November are still points of emphasis now — smart defense, commitment for an entire game, grit and determination.These problems have been noticed not only by “local” fans but also national media

  5. The Message in the body of the article above was written by Dana from ESPN.com Like I said; the national media has noticed problems as well. Good luck recruiting with ALL that they will write about.

  6. Dana is from Penn State. She has an agenda.

    As much as I think Crean has not done a strong job this year, I really don’t care what spin the Establishment/agenda crowd decides to write on the subject of Indiana. We have banners. How many does Penn State basketball have? Where’s their great pride in looking back at the years of despicable behavior overlooked at their fine football program?

    They should write about the horrors of their own alma mater than waste so much time on Tom Crean. It’s unfortunate they didn’t have a man as decent as Crean when children were being abused in Penn State locker rooms. Our struggles in basketball in the post Knight years and our tiny irrelevant Sampson scandal is child’s play compared to the messes and recruiting corruption out East. There is no bottom deeper than the ugliness that went on at Dana’s Happy Valley.

    Leave the critiquing of Crean to those without the inherent envy of Indiana.

  7. Harv. Bernie Madoff went to Hofstra. Should we paint every one of their grads with such a broad stroke? I’m sure there were more than a handful of bad people who graduated from IU. What transpired at PSU was a tragedy, but has very little to do with anybody who is still on that campus… Or may have written for them at one time or another. That horse is dead.

  8. Here’s a thought: my five year old daughter revealed tonight that it sometimes hurts her feelings when daddy doesn’t lay down with her some nights because he’s watching a ball game. Mind you, I fall asleep in my daughters’ bedroom about three times a week and give them hugs and kisses every night trying to get those rug rats to bed. I even get yelled at by the boss for keeping them up sometimes. But the mere fact that, on occasion, they recognize that IU basketball and/or the Colts games seem to take precedence in her mind is jarring. I thought I had well established guidelines that game time is my time, but I want everyone to join me. Apparently that’s not the case. It puts things into perspective. My young children are way too damn old for their own sake, sometimes.

  9. Interestingly mysterious big money boosters are rumored to be recruiting Indiana Favorite Son Mike Woodson (NY Knicks Head Coach formerly Atlanta Hawks) as his days are numbered with Phil Jackson taking over the Knicks Mgmt.

    This would be interesting and further would probably involve Glass as well. Managing expectations is a key element in any sports management but Crean’s in game performance is suspect, not his stable making scores. I think IU would rather emulate MSU and OSU programs and not UK or UNC or KU’s.

  10. RWN – I think Crean IS trying emulate MSU and OSU… Not UK. His recruiting hauls are much more similar to the 2 B1G schools you mentioned, it’s just that he isn’t the coach that Izzo is, nor does he have a defined style like Matta, so his chances of finding success with the same level of recruits is less.

  11. There will be NO coaching change at Indiana basketball for at least two more complete seasons! Any “source” who says otherwise is a liar! Give us the name so that we can see if he could actually know anything. He won’t give us his name because he does not know anything, and he does not want to be associated with this absurd idea. Who are the “big money” people referred to. Mr Cook has passed on, Mark Cuban does not waste his big money on college athletics like T. Boone Pickens at OK St, it is not John Mellancamp’s style to stab in the back (he’ll punch you in the face), and the gift of millions for the naming rights of Assembly Hall is already a done deal, and it is not going to be given back for any reason. The NY Daily News is a “trash”, tabloid rag, not known as a reliable journalistic newspaper. Nothing involving a coaching change will happen at IU for at least 2 more seasons. So, disgruntled fans, deal with it.

  12. Mike Woodson would be a terrible choice. Stay the hell away from Knight disciples. I really like the Nebraska coach and the Penn State coach. Indiana would be a nice stepping stone for either Miles or Chambers. I love the fiery nature of Chambers. There is also some sort of geeky smarts in Miles that conjures up thoughts of a Brad Stevens. The lights are on with both these guys. They don’t appear to be excuse makers. They’re confident and their teams play with a steady motor and determination. Put either of those guys in a state that produces high school talent like Indiana and I think you have a future winner.

    Referrers don’t respect Crean. He can’t work officials because they won’t take him seriously. Geoff has made plenty of comments about horrific officiating and calls that seem to often find Hoosiers at the short end of a stick. T often think it’s simply about respect. If the refs think you’re not legit, they’ll tune you out. I tend to think other coaches in the league see Crean in much the same light as the men wearing whistles…They see him as a self-promoter and a man that gets infatuated with individual performers more than someone with a real instinct and mind for the game.

    There is a body language and manner in Crean that doesn’t convey belief and confidence. He’s throws his players under the bus and rarely places any responsibility on his own shoulders. Our young players and freshman don’t play with confidence…I think it starts from the leader. For a team to play with swagger, they need to wholeheartedly believe they have a coach that believes in himself. They begin to absorb the vibe from referees and Crean’s coaching peers and see that their man in charge is not taken seriously.

    You can’t talk of mental toughness being absent from your players without taking a hard look at whether you exhibit what you feel your team lacks.

  13. Harvard,

    When you say “stepping stone”, you’re implying that Indiana is no longer a career job? Just curious.

  14. Just heard a radio interview with the Virginia coach..He seems like a very down to earth and knowledgeable coach. His team is going to play in the championship against either Duke or NC State…So many quality coaches out there. We deserve better. We deserve a leader that answers questions honestly and respects the intelligence of fans and journalists that know better.

    I really think it’s time for a change. Give him his one more year and his savior recruit from Fort Wayne. Kelvin recruited a kid that initially wanted to play elsewhere…We all know how that worked out. Not sure if a kid that wanted to play for Kentucky’s NBA farm is going to be the answer for chemistry issues already plaguing a group that couldn’t gel with a sophomore point guard and a senior that played on a highly ranked squad.

  15. H4H I agree with your thoughts; and along that line may i offer another thought. Perhaps the underacheiving JH is the result of a coach that doesnt believe in himself OR cannot exhibit THAT confidence to fuel the confidenctione for the young players to grow. IF Crean HAD that confidence and “mental toughness”..the turnover numbers wouldnt have stayed the same for entire season.JH is prime example of low self confidence( Crean’s substitution rational this season certianly didnt help ANYONE’S confidence). If the kids dont believe in Crean or have lost confidence in HIM;its difficult to gain that self confidence when you experience a program floundering. I dont have confidence in Crean’s ability,I dont see how the players can either;and with that being said…I would expect alot of reflection and introspection by INDIVIDUAL players if they want to stay or go

  16. UCLA – nice win. Alford really turned the program around in one year. His third straight Conference title. I had forgot the Ware brothers were at NC.

    Mike Davis got Southern Wherever into the dance.

    Question – for those ‘dump Crean now’. Not gonna happen but if it did, would the incoming freshman be allowed to transfer (without sitting out) with a coaching change?

    When a player transfers, and sits out a year, do they pay for the sit-out year out-of pocket?

  17. TJ in Texas,

    If you talk to Hollowell’s coach from high school, he’ll tell you the problem Crean faced with JH is the same problem he dealt with him in high school.

  18. Hollowell doesn’t like basketball, it’s painfully obvious, this is what happens when 7-8 yr old kids get put on travels teams (he’s been Yogis aau teammate since 5th grd) and are never given a moment to sit back and determine who they really are or who they really want to be.

  19. Walt and Fab…I have to admit i idnt see Hollowell in HS and verylittle this year; so I will yield to your astute abservations. Based on comments made during games, I felt JH would transfer out,justa gut feeling. Ron to explain My “dump Crean Now” attitude goes to the heart of your questions;IF Crean next year does NOT show any improvement( and giving what we have seen this year its a HIGH probability they wont..which puts Glass between a rock and hard place. Correct my thinking anyone, if they fire Crean during the season..run a risk of JBJ and RJ transferring out PLUS affecting whatever recruiting groundwork that has been done.IF that would happen you POSSIBLY lose 2+ years worth of recruing effort……and ILL drop a name for replacement possibility…..Stew Robinson…..Ex-IU player under Knight,Asst Coach with RMK at Texas Tech and now an Asst Coach with Tubby Smith at T Tech. hes also native hoosier from Anderson

  20. I say keep Crean one more year. No use in firing him now. Let’s keep the recruit pipeline in check, and not have a wave of transfers, like we had when Crean arrived. (Sampson Fallout.). It’s obvious he needs to get his act together next season. It’s obvious we at least need to make the tournament next season. I think the confusion is where we draw a line, and say good job, or not good enough. We all have different opinions.

    Again, if we see ourselves in this situation, or barely squeak in next year, then I say a change is in order. Anyone calling to fire the coach now is just wishing suicide on the program. Disagree or agree. That’s my opinion. I will support this team. I will support Crean. If he is canned next year, then I will support the new coach. Happens everyday. Nothing is guaranteed these days.

  21. TJ, the mass exodus you so often refer to is not going to happen unless there is a massive upheaval in the program. As in, say, Crean gets fired. That’s not happening for at least another year, and probably not for a while… if ever. Too much money is owed and five years of upward trending has at least bought him one slip up year. I think he leaves before he gets fired. But it’s not happening any time soon. Too many pieces in place for next year. Especially if NV returns.

    I don’t understand why some of you are so vocal about Crean getting fired. Yeah, this season mostly sucked. Even if we win the NIT, the banshees won’t stop howling. We underachieved time and time again. I’m as upset about it as you are. But what’s the solution? Hiring a career loser in the NBA like Woodson– with no college coaching experience– who just so happens to have IU ties? Hoping for a coach who just signed a massive contract (Alford and Stevens, anyone…) Maybe a Jim Crews, whose senior driven squad took four years to get to the point where they fade against inferior competition down the stretch. Or some unknown coach we’ve never heard of who takes an unknown to unprecedented heights. Yeah. John Groce’s Ohio Bobcats upset Georgetown before collapsing to UNC last year. He didn’t exactly do wonders with this Illinois team this year, but made lots of funny faces. Too bad you can’t claim two wins over IU as a success. With our sorry-ass coach, that was like beating Chicago State, right?

  22. Talk about problems, So. PG Ronnie Johnson is leaving the PUke program, no reason known yet. That leaves Painter with only 5 returning scholarship players for next season and if Hammons pulls the trigger for the NBA it will be 4. they will be bottom of the B1G again next season in FB and BB.

  23. Coach K throws a marker and gets a T. Not as impressive as Coach Knight & the chair, but he’s learning.

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