Hoosier Morning (p.m. edition)

No NIT selection means the Indiana basketball season is over, Dustin wrote.

IU baseball dropped the rubber match of a weekend series to Long Beach State, we reported.

IU basketball should be better than missing the postseason, and it can’t happen again, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Victor Oladipo is growing his game at both guard positions, with advice from Dwyane Wade, John Denton of NBA.com writes.

A timeline looking at how the 2013-14 team came to be and the path it took to nowhere, from Alex McCarthy at Inside Indiana.

Noah Vonleh faces a decision on his future soon, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Is mediocrity the new normal for Indiana basketball, asks Kent Sterling at kentsterling.com.

Picked last in the Big Ten, Nebraska and coach Tim Miles have the last laugh, Nancy Armour of USA Today writes.

Minnesota missed out on the NCAA, but was given a No. 1 seed for the NIT as consolation, Amelia Rayno of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

Illinois sees the NIT as opportunity, even though the Illini will have to go on the road, Marcus Jackson of the Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette writes.

The end of the season and the “End of the Line” by the Traveling Wilburys.


  1. I’ve been sitting back and taking in Scoopocalypse. I didn’t really care about the NIT, after the Big Ten exit, it was over for me. Crean’s 2 or 3rd year team would have gotten me interested in watching the NIT, but not this year. Not a year after being a #1 seed and pulling in a top 3 class. No significant injuries. So, because I didn’t care about the NIT, I’ve truly enjoyed reading the conniptions that have been memorialized around here.

    Pretty terrible season. This one felt worse than the first 3 seasons of Operation Rebuild after the Great Texting Scandal. Although we had some truly nice wins, the lows were just puzzling. Even the guy who designed the ancient pyramids would have to give up his throne to the ’13-14 Hoosiers for World’s Greatest Enigma.

    There have been some truly elaborate theories as to what happened this year: secret societies, East Coast basketball infiltration and subterfuge to destroy Indiana basketball from the inside out, mass transfer rumors, and selfish NBA-hungry 18 year olds who should be eating cafeteria food at Briscoe for another 2 years and not get a few million to take care of their careers, families and friends. With all of this, I’m surprised we even managed to win 17 games.

    I’m a strong believer in Occam’s Razor. If you have competing hypotheses of what “may” or “likely” or “could be/have” it benefits you to look for the simplest answer. Or, at least the one with the fewest assumptions.

    Two key stats if you want to compare last year versus this year.

    Turnovers: 482 (339th)
    Opp Turnovers: 393 (173rd)
    Diff: -89

    3-Pt%: 34.4% (175th)
    3-Pt Attempts: 512 (263rd)
    3Pts Made: 176 (246th)

    Turnovers: 468 (267th)
    Opp Turnovers: 509 (45th)
    Diff: +41

    3-Pt%: 40.3% (4th)
    3-Pt Attempts: 637 (108th)
    3Pts Made: 257 (38th)

    Tom Crean’s two teams aren’t exactly known for their diligence with the basketball. This year was especially egregious, but it really wasn’t much worse that last year. The difference in this year’s team and last years was the fact that our defense was so much better last year. In particular, the biggest loss of Vic to the NBA last year was more on defense than offense.

    Also, in what isn’t a news flash to everyone, the fact that our perimeter shooting was so much worse, it made the turnover differential even worse. Simple, last year we created turnovers and could get out in transition and play our style. Our transition offense was in a much better position because not only did opposing defenses need to get back, they had to get back in wider space as guys like Hulls, Watford and Vic could hit three’s in transition. Plus, our shooting overall was able to make up for games where we got careless with the ball.

    We just had a team that wasn’t very good in two very critical areas. This is also why I think that Indiana will be better next year even with Vonleh headed to the NBA. But I don’t make predictions, so who really knows.

    I don’t have much to add to the conspiracy theories, though. I’m not smart or courageous enough to see what is lurking in the shadows and speaking truth to power. I’ll just look forward to next year when we have a couple of kids that can hit that outside shot and hopefully some seasoned players returning that focus on getting more takeaways in the offseason. Make them go catch chickens like Rocky or something.

  2. You could have three Oladipo’s on Crean’s teams from 2011-12 and 2012-13, and it wouldn’t have taken him to a Sweet 16.

    The difference was Zeller. Without Zeller there is no resume for Crean. The last two seasons would have been disasters and this would have been his final season. There would be no Blackmon in the mix.

    It’s too late for Blackmon to change his mind and go with his first love(UK)..But now that Vonleh is likely leaving and there is no Luke Fischer, Blackmon has to be wondering just what the hell he was thinking. I doubt he’ll make much difference with no legit inside game. With no real inside threat, the perimeter game cannot flourish as it did with Zeller in the middle. Watford’s versatility also opened up the perimeter. It’s not just about having “shooters.” You’re always going to struggle unless you have maturity and some legit inside presence.

    Throw away all the conspiracies and you’re still left with a mediocre coach that hasn’t proven he can get more out of a team than the sum of its NBA parts.

    Maybe Crean can go find another Guy-Marc Michel.

    Calipari…? Still think he’s not a very good coach? UK gave Florida all they could handle in their conference championship game. It appears Calipari has his talented roster playing unselfishly and motivated beyond just having a group of players with individualistic desires to showcase their own talent. Their coming home party is a trip to the Final Four.

    Watch out for NC State….Much like Virginia, another very well-coached team with a super point guard and a beast inside.

  3. Yes, I’m on record: John Calipari is a very overrated coach.

    Never thought I’d see the day of a man who lives and dies by the history of Hoosier Hoops defending Coach Cal. He’s the very definition of the slimy East Coast Establishment-type of guy that you’ve been complaining about that’s ruining college basketball.

    Me thinks there is another agenda. 😉

  4. I guess it’s better to perform admirably in a weak conference than to underperform in a strong one. But the SEC has three teams in the Dance, and Kenucky didn’t even play the other one en route to the Finals. I think Florida is a strong team, but they’ve been flirting with losses for a while now. I’d hold off on the Calipari praise for just a little while. Do I think UK has talent to make a deep run? Yes, and it wouldn’t shock me if they upset the untested Shockers, either. But they’re just as likely to lose in rd 1. (incidentally, Ky was not Blackmon’s first love, Harv. You may have heard of the team he decommitted from before he decommitted from UK..)

    DD, excellent post, but I don’t think those numbers tell the full story. I dint realize the difference between 4th and 175th was under 6%– or roughly 1 missed 3-pointer for every 17 attempts– but then I never really thought about it that much. I think the more important discrepancy is the amount of attempts. We were obviously a lot more confident chucking it up last year, as evidenced by the number of open looks we passed up this year. (Although some if that is very likely attributable to our depreciated transition game, as well.)

    More important than the numbers, though, were when they happened. Turnovers came in bunches, and they often cancelled out big leads we had built. Even still, we were right in the majority of our losses until the last minute. When we had chances to tie or take the lead late, we usually missed or turned it over. Then, when we needed a stop, we not only didn’t get a turnover– but we missed an assignment or didn’t switch or didn’t have the right personnel or any number of things, and let them drain the big shot. So many misfires at crucial junctures. If we make a play here and a play there– maybe convert only half of those offensive/defensive opportunities– we have a whole different outlook on the season and our program in general. And we’re still playing. But we didn’t. And we aren’t. You can’t play winning basketball without making winning plays.

  5. DD I surely appreciate the diligence it took to assemble those numbers.H4H i agree with your “assumption” that we wont be any better next year.I offer this for thought,Yogi has been with Crean 2 years and last summer played on USA team in world university games.Hi shooting improved thru individusl work BUT his floor leadership and direction you would expect from a 2nd year PG wasnt there.Take away Sheehey and what senior WITH any sort of playing time can HELP Yogi next year.You have a PG that will have very little help from senior-class leadership.without a frontcourt( even with a front court) Crean has shown the only offense he can “teach” is the “stand and watch”type.He didnt work the offense thru the Middle against Zones last yr or this ( Cue in Syracuse both years) IF next year starts off like this…how long do you give him because keeping him to the end will generate emotions much worse than what have flooded blogosphere…..and impact recruits….both already here and those contemplating to attend IU

  6. I can’t believe this was you HH in post #2 after all the bad things u have said about this cheater. Tell me it was not you?
    As for his Coaching ability Calicheater has 3 coaching records that no one has done but him:
    1. Losing all the games that UMASS had on it’s final 4 team for Cheating
    2. Losing all the games on his Memphis final for team for Cheating
    3. He his latest record is Coaching the only team in history that started out #1 and fell from the top 25. Even after going to the final game of a weak SEC tourney he is still not ranked in the AP poll. The USA poll put KY back in the top 25 but too late he had already made history.
    Florida beat his 7 McDonald All Americans 3 times this year with a senior team. A team someone like you who thinks kids should stay in school and hang banners. Please tell me you have not lost every bit of integrity by backing this Cheater? Last year he had a top ranked recruiting team also and did not make the NCAA Tourney and lost the 1st game of the NIT at home. SMU should be in the tourney ahead of this Cheater and his one and done team.
    Remember when everyone was saying this KY team would be the 1st undefeated team since the IU 1976 team including Cal? He lost his 1st game on Nov.12th on his way to 10 loses. That is only 5 less than IU! He is the worst role model for young players in this Country and you have said that yourself. Did u drink the blue koolaid? Those comments are not from the HH I know. They belong on KY’s blog site.
    You have really lost it this time. I know IU had a bad season but praising a guy who cheats does not belong on an IU Blog. I don’t care how many games he wins because the NCAA will take team away one day and the KY fans will not be happy if he loses the 1st game of a tourney this year with his 7 or 8 McDonald’s All Americans. The are way more fickle than IU fans. Just look at all the great Coaches they have since packing.

  7. No agenda at all…And I simply don’t see why people have a problem with 2 or 3 one-and-done’s as opposed to having a singular one-and-done(Isiah Thomas, Eric Gordon, Noah Vonleh?) or a two-and-done(Zeller).

    I truly believe there’s a ton of jealousy aimed at Calipari. It has nothing to do with the rivalry. Whether the man cheats to extremes is up for debate. And I doubt his level of cheating would turn my stomach anymore than a coach that pushes loyal Hoosiers off the squad, makes scholly crunches into the norm, while constantly trying to find his next resume boost/savior recruit/NBA diamond in the rough.

    Simply because something doesn’t technically break an NCAA rule, doesn’t necessarily mean actions of low character and disloyalty aren’t corrupting the culture and bringing down trust in a basketball program.

    I’m am more of an Indiana fan for not supporting throwing kids under the bus simply to achieve greater odds for a coach that never has just the exact pieces of the puzzle to get the job done.

    I want to play Kentucky and I want to beat Kentucky. I believe the fans never should have been denied a rivalry that has existed for 40 years. I want a coach and AD not intimidated by their super-talented rosters or the Calipari methods. I want a coach that can prove Indiana can bring enough talent, grit, and understanding/awareness to take them down no differently than the many that already proved it possible this season.

    It’s the non-Indiana fans that sit like Pollyanna in her virgin dress and whine of all the horrors at the neighbor’s house. But why would I expect anything different. Once you get the Christian Right running your university, it’s the rest of world that’s indecent and full of filthy practices. You keep buying that while we see thugs with connections to celebs and our sports programs beat up kids on porches…Or we witness Crean not granting Roth his final year of eligibility…or we watch him shoving off a loyal Hoosier he thought had a career-ending injury…or are jaws drop in witnessing old Sampson witch hunts turn to instant indifference a current pinch while he permits a backup center back on the roster(while Noah protected his NBA status) only two weeks after a DUI charge.

    Indiana can do better. We can stop with the protecting of Crean’s friend in Kentucky. If anything is seedy in UK, it gets brought more to the forefront while playing the opposing shining light of college basketball known as Indiana University. We can treat Hoosiers as always Hoosiers rather than push them off the team or not grant their eligibility when some last minute deal makes us decide they’re no longer part of our family.

    Lastly, I think the immaturity of our team, their inability to grow up into a cohesive unit, is a reflection of the immaturity and lack of direction from their man in charge. There’s a lot of young teams that grow up very quickly. These are Division 1 basketball players that come out of top high schools and academies. They almost appear digress in basketball maturity when they get under the tutelage of a man more a pouting child that can’t be accountable for anything.

  8. NEWS RELEASE: Assembly to be renamed Pillsbury Hall….in recognition of the nation’s 2nd largest turnover production site under one roof. ‘Mr. T Dough Boy’ mascot in candy stripes giving a cuddly ‘Mr. Makes the Dough’ coach, Tom Crean, halfcourt pregame hugs coming soon. Milk will be served by the half-Glass full with Big Red cherry-filled flaky pastry turnover treats. There will also be mini turnover bites version to be sold in Sweet 16 quantity cups with ample sugary glaze for your ‘Ola-dipping’ sauce.

  9. Dustin & Jeremy:
    How about a post-season quiz for you guys with access to all those data-bases:
    Question: how many colleges have a $3MM coach and didn’t get ANY post-season invites?
    A). one
    B). More than one

    Tie-breaker…just in case the answer could POSSIBLY be (B): how many coaches made $3MM…plus had back- to- back “Top 10” recruiting classes……AND didn’t make it to ANY post season games this year????


  10. HH you are such a phony. You have complained about how KY Cal does things for years and now because you can’t stand Crean and I don’t think it is his Basketball Coaching that u dislike. You have made that clear on more than one occasion. Everyone knows you and your righteous comments about KY’s whole team leaving every year and how Cody and other kids should have stayed for the greater good of a banner and now you change your whole attitude about him and the one and done rules just to serve your agenda to hammer IU’s Coach who has a bad season. If KY Cal did not cheat he would not have ever gotten to KY in the 1st place. His players would not be driving new SUV’s from local auto dealers in Lexington and yes I know that is a fact. KY has more NCAA violations than any other Basketball program in history so he fits well there. He also never sees any of his stars get a degree and he takes and gives to get the best players like you are saying Crean does. He over signs every year all the way back to UMASS before it was the thing to do and you have Zero proof that Coach Crean ran anybody off. Now Bob knight did that as a regular practice. You talk about others being phony u are the biggest ever. I was one of the few here that tried to defend some of your crazy comments because I was a Coach for 45+ years building up kids to play basketball in the purest way like you always talk about and now you want to change and comment about how great a Coach Cal is. I now have zero respect for anything you say. Pissing backwards is not right and you know it!!!
    I am not sure you even grew up in Indiana and for sure you have never grown as a person! Always bending the truth to fit your agenda. No agenda my ***. You are the worst kind of ex-IU fan. Nothing will ever make you a happy camper and I am done with you. So say what u want but do not think I will dishonor myself by responding to u ever again. Do us all a favor and don’t go away mad just go away.

  11. I break so many hearts here…It’s a game, people. Basketball is a game. Chill.

    (Maybe Jeremy will let this revamped/condensed version go through):

    Hate on Calipari all you want…Fact remains that his prima donnas are playing like a collective unit and with unselfish heart. They may not win it all, but they appear to sure as hell be trying. How is that damaging to the game? And if a coach can get that much young talent to come together with more purpose than staring in the mirror of their own draft night stock, then I have to believe Calipari is teaching something of grit and humble respect for the game we often fail to see in our own beloved Hoosiers.

  12. And if Kentucky is the rat and we embody all that is good and innocent of the eternal young spirit that shall never die from Hoosier basketball(picture JPat and Ben experiencing a cozy pancakes in bed breakfast moment before tuning into a Sunday @ noon March Madness game featuring Calipari’s UK vs. Bruce Weber’s Kansas State)….then I go back to this old favorite.

    Ben, have you changed your name again?

  13. Wow…I guessed correctly. Thanks for the truthful disclosure, Jeremy.


    You need help. I thought you were going to stop attacking me under the guise of new names…?

  14. If that’s an attack, then ok. It was meant to be a joke, but I guess everyone carries a serious face around here. I was actually going to compliment you on your posts. They are much much better, and can tell you have been trying. Good job.

    Until the Scoop gets a log-in procedure, Price leaves, or Price stops being pig headed, I can really post to any name I want. However, if I need help, email Jeremy and have him ban me, or call the Alabama “happy wagon”. You decide.

  15. Unofficial Meteorologist, back in the day I sued to listen to a great Rythm and Blues radio station (which boasted of its huge tower reaching all the way to Indianapolis) in a program late at night sponsored by Randy’s Record Shop in Galatin, Tennessee where the station was located. Had to sneak it because my parents thought anything beyond Bing Crosby and Benny Goodman was simply decadent and a precursor to the collapse of society.

  16. I bet Tsao and Clarion remember David Frost….

    This is more my style, Ben. Now you get some help. You remind me of a zit-faced spoiled teenager that has zero respect for his parents, society, life, death, love, or himself…The kind of decrepit scum that would steal and fall back on the Lord to cover his immoral and doomed core of existence; walking the streets with evil in the eyes and a smirk that floor sander mounted with coarse grit couldn’t provide enough abrasion to remove the brazen twerps contempt stuck to false bravado….Your the next closest thing to a pus volcano. And I don’t blame the parents….Sometimes a corruption to the core is a random defect that no guidance or love can heal.

    Oh, never mind all that..I’m just kidding, of course. And unlike Harvard, there is hope for you. By hiding, you exhibit a conscience and a guilt. Your soul is not so defeated by the evil that it leaves you no reservations. But it is struggling with you, Ben..Don’t let it take you fifteen rounds. Don’t let it become too late and get to the point that you defend a Kentucky coach because you believe he’s less fearful of criticism, more competent at motivating his players, and a stronger teacher of the game than a fine Hoosier Christian coach.

    Now let’s get back to Sir David Frost…It’s not the Beetles you should be studying. Study the group that sang of false prophets and men that shroud themselves in the pure cloth to hide the corrupting work of their real master.

  17. Harvard,

    Ummm, ok Harvard. I honor my parents quite well actually. Come down here, and ask them. As their only son, I take care of them, and remain close. Glad we resolved this. Carry on.

    Is it ok if I stick to this name? I’m giving you the chance to control me, beings no matter what I say, it is taken out of context. Take a joke. Sensitive!

    Remember what we discussed before? Letting this blog fill our souls with poison? Let’s not drink the toxic dose, ok?

  18. Tsao,

    My grandparents always raved about a R&B station in Indianapolis. Probably the same station. However, Grandpa always liked 106.9 WMRI out of Marion. It was Smooth Jazz at the time from the 20’s, and music after the war. (World War 2)

    Good memories. I miss him.

  19. Ben-

    I don’t trust you anymore. You never came on the blog with your new handle and disclosed that you were formerly Ben.

    If you intend to deceive, that’s your choice…And don’t spin sh__t. That deception is the only “poison” that’s ever been on this blog. Stealing names, hijacking names, blogging under changed names with informing other regulars that you’re now floating around with a different personality and different screen name and different actor for a game of deceptions and dishonesty…Yes, Ben. That’s your poison and not Harvard’s poison.

    You don’t need my permission to slither around, Ben. Jeremy proved to be far more honest than yourself. And you shouldn’t retaliate by calling Jeremy pig-headed..You’re the one that got your bacon fried and your fat ego sizzled. He called you out for your snidely behavior and your intended petty deceptions.

    The integrity of the blog is only sustained through honesty. You have proven on more than one occasion to have difficulties with that character trait. Doesn’t seem very Christian-like. Sounds like it breaks quite a few on the “thou shall not” list.

    I’ll forgive you, Ben. But trust takes more.

  20. Bottom line is I am here, and you’re up there. I don’t care how you take it, or spin it. I don’t live my life for you, though apparently you must I think I take this blog to heart. I’m not the one who constantly hits the refresh button, because of insecurity.

    I don’t have to inform anyone. Must be another of your made up rules, which in will continue to disobey. That’s fine, glad you don’t think Jeremy is a pig. Again, I can think as I wish. I don’t need your permission.

    Get some fresh air. You live on this blog, and will probably keel over blogging on this site. Leave me alone, and don’t over respond to my posts again. Go away. You take one more swipe at my parents, and you will wish you never started a beef with me. Goodbye and good riddance man of integrity.

    Thanks for throwing the religion in. I left it out, till you wedged your fat ass into the discussion. I am not perfect, and neither are you. You claimed your mother was a proud Methodist, holding her cross at death. At least she held onto something. I doubt you do, and if you do, it makes no sense at all.

  21. My ass is rather bony….Wouldn’t think so with all the time in a blogging chair.
    Seen Jerry Maguire..? Show me the BONY!

    Don’t know where I took the swipe at your parents…

    And I don’t blame the parents

    I said I don’t blame your parents for your chosen method of deception over being honest and consistent with your identity. It’s not really asking a lot, Ben.

    Then again, there are many on this blog that have trouble with integrity and decide to masquerade and mislead as if children in a game of hide and seek…(or dress-up?)…Do you like to play dress-up? Mom’s closet? Is your real name Norman? Ben Bates? Always wanted to be a weatherman but got stuck running a dying motel that’s been in the family for quite a few years?

  22. ^ Quackery at is very best. Keep trying my friend. Talk to you in the morning. Goodnight. 🙂

  23. Goodnight, Ben.

    Who do you have for your Final Four? I think the NCAA committee put one huge chip on the Hawkeyes’ shoulders. Watch out for the Hawkeyes…Hope McCafferty’s son is o.k.

  24. Ben-

    Sorry for tromping on your beliefs. It’s inexcusable and you’re right…. I’m a pretty lousy person.

  25. I take back my ordination of McCaffery as co-winner of the Under-achieving Coaching Job of the Year, and now place is solely in the hands of Crean. I can sort of imagine how bad it would be if I was told my young son had a tumor in his neck… my guess is about 100 times more terrified and helpless than when the doctors told us my wife had cancer.

    He gets nothing but support from me. I wish nothing but great news and good health going forward for their family.

  26. Can’t argue that. Family trumps any game, tournament in my opinion. Glad your wife beat it. I work with cancer medications daily, and it’s heartbreaking the stories I hear. It’s a good possibility the meds came from us. Not to be nosy, but do you remember the treatment that was involved?

  27. hmmm… there were a couple. She had an allergic reaction to her first chemo (that’s some scary S**T to witness right there). She had Tri-something the rest of the way. Then 2 (of a recommended 5) years of Tamoxifen. I seem to remember some methotrexate or something like that…

  28. Tamoxifen is one of our best sellers. Lately, Hercepton is the drug of choice. A miracle drug really. The markup on these drugs is unbelievable. We do about 25 million a day in sales, but they are so very expensive. Glad it all worked out. Thanks for sharing.

  29. As devastating as cancer is as a diagnosis, it’s also extremely hard on the loved ones that almost feel their every existence is now also prisoner to the lifelong worry and mental strain of it all.

    Sometimes the demands placed on those loved ones are extreme and unfair.

    I’m always struck with how differently children face such devastating news.

    My mother eventually died from stomach cancer. She was first hit with breast cancer…She went through two mastectomies. She was then diagnosed with colon cancer and had much of her large intestine removed. She thought she was out of the woods..After the colon cancer, they had never scoped her throat to examine her stomach…A few years later, a very aggressive tumor was found in her stomach.

    But as horrible as it all was for my mom, I always felt none of us really could begin to understand just how hard it was for my dad. It was supposed to be their twilight years and a time the decades of hard work and raising family finally eased up and payed itself forward in rewards and freedoms for living a life of decency and kindness. My father felt so much guilt. He carried my mother’s fears and emptied the worth his own hours of every day. He selflessly cared for her, washed her, fed her, cleaned her, sat with her during chemo sessions and years of doctor’s appointments…He listened, held her fears as if his own life meant nothing. He ignored much of his own health and pains to endlessly remain devoted. He absorbed her tears and all the lashing out that comes with fear. He gave the last 15 years of his life to that brutal disease as well. He went to my mom’s grave with so much guilt in his heart that he did not deserve.

    And now my Dad has passed on…I’ve never known a man of such quiet honor. He went with no comforts a wife to leave this world. He left with faith that she would be waiting for him. He left this earth a man that had served his country in WWII. He left never asking for anything in return. He left never clinging to a cross or asking Jesus to take him into his kingdom. He simply left a man that had loved with no regrets.

    Geoff- Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do the best you can. I hope your wife appreciates you. Cancer is not just a disease of one.

  30. Geoff, now that’s a good post! I remember about a year ago reading HfH’s recalling(with love) the passing of his mom and getting a knot in my throat and remembering the passing of my own [parents]. Nothing, …equals the loss or a threat to our own (parents and/or children). Nothing! Nor the paralysis and helplessness that takes over us at the thought of danger to their existence and safety. (Mine served six tours- Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans, ‘Sinai peacekeeping mission’; you go to sleep at night with the panic and conscious knowledge that whatever you fear may have already happened…you just don’t know about it yet. And, you wake up with gratitude for silence…the phone didn’t ring and whisper, ‘thank You God. That’s when you learn and accept (mostly quietly) that God has all of our lives- and that of those who are vital to our existence- in His hands)and how you learn to spell Faith. Read the ’emotion’ and love (and both fears and hope)in the Griffith’s posts.

    Then go over to your boy’s crib and watch him sleep.

    Basketball, arguing with our ignorance, giving an instant’s worth of importance to a referee’s call and posting our frustrations from the ‘important’ irrelevance of our diversions and our fantasies to reinvent ourselves…; all else, in fact, gets pretty damn irrelevant, pretty quick at that point…and, we discover, feel and live the knots in the throat from the passing of friends’ moms like HfH experienced, the fear for your wife and replace it with the gift of the ‘real’ importance and essence of the love of a ‘baby’ like the Griffith’s and Blessing of health for your own son.

    Sort of puts 17-15 in perspective, doesn’t it?

  31. We should have an NCAA tourney open thread. Kinda feels inappropriate to talk hoops amidst people sharing about more important things.

  32. Yes, Geoff, yes! Screw this whole “Conference Pride” thing. I love seeing conference foes go home early. Now, let’s get Wisconsin out of there. They make me barf.

  33. As Vern Lunquist was just gushing over Aaron Craft, Vee Sanford went right at him in isolation and hit the game winning runner. Craft then went down and forced up the miss and Buckeyes go home.

    Vern is to Aaron Craft what Dickie V is to [insert Duke player’s name here].

  34. Verne Lundquist said that Craft was studying to be a doctor…I guess he wants to be a podiatrist.

    Bill Raftery’s response? BUNIONS!!!!!!

  35. Breaking March Madness News from Kansas!!

    If Kansas State wins it all, CBS has agreed to drop Luther Vandross in favor of Bruce Weber’s “One Whining Moment.”

  36. Vlasic is attempting to get in on the March Madness action. Tonight they will debut a new ad campaign during timeout/commercial breaks featuring “One Brining Moment” sung by the pickle stork.

  37. Glade® PlugIns® and the SC Johnson to bring in more Madness with “One Mining Moment” sung by a Chilean boy band known as “Los 33″…?

    Tough crowd.

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