1. Doesn’t all of the hand wringing, the laments about the Head Coach “losing” contact with his players, the “poisoned” locker room, etc. seem pretty foolish now? Johnny Marlin was playing at Div I IPFW, transferred to Indiana to see how he would match up with B1G players, and then opted to start and play at Indiana Wesleyan. Austin Etherington had 3 injury plagued years to show that he could be a real 3-point threat and all around contributor at IU. He couldn’t despite getting a good opportunity. So he will go to a “lesser” basketball program, have fun playing basketball (perhaps with his younger brother), and prepare himself for a great life after basketball. Austin is a great young man that everyone really likes. He will have a great future life. Jeremy Hollowell is an enigma. Great talent, but no idea how to discipline himself to develop that talent. He wants to leave for a fresh start, outside of the State of Indiana, where no ones knows about his great talent and how little he has done with it in 2 years. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea to you? It does to me. I wish him well. The final transfer is a mystery to me. Why did Luke Fischer leave Indiana? He was getting increased minutes after a pre-season injury. He was playing well. It was obvious that the coaches counted on him playing well and playing lots in his Freshman year-All-B1G Freshman Team good. As things turned out his play alone may have added 3-6 victories and totally changed the season for IU in 2013-14. Instead he transfers to Marquette to be close to home, has to sit out of playing basketball for 1 year, and then the Marquette coach takes the VA Tech job-hardly an “upward” move- and the Marquette program looks like it will have a few years of serious rebuilding to do. That one makes NO sense. Each of the 4 transfers is a totally separate case driven by the feelings of the totally separate players. There is NO common thread, except that each is a young man working out HIS life. Is 4 transfers more than “normal”? In case you missed that Memo, there is no “normal” left in big-time college basketball. The sky is NOT falling at Indiana. But the college basketball world is changing rapidly. So enjoy it or move on. But the “good old days” are NEVER coming back!

  2. Nice post, BP. I’m trying hard to maintain a “glass half-full” perspective on the near future of IU hoops, despite the negativity that reigns supreme on this site. As a graduate of Center Grove (class of ’68) I was proud of Marlin’s accomplishment. I have a nephew attending IN Wesleyan, so it will be interesting to continue following his path.

  3. Nothing wrong with hitting the refresh button. I’ve hit it many times in my life. The difference is these men have the courage to do it, while many won’t admit to it. I wish them well. Thank you for the efforts you put in at Indiana.

  4. All I know about ‘Indiana Wesleyan’ is that they have a campus in a strip mall in the St. Matthews area of Louisville (as in Kentucky) a few miles from my sister’s house.

    The first few times I saw it I just assumed it was an auto parts store that never had anything on sale.

  5. The main campus is located in Marion. Lots of money has poured into new buildings in recent years.

  6. Yikes…This would be a scary locker room. I believe the man conducting the interview works at Autozone. This clip of Cody with Jonny was offered as an introduction to Jonny on the Wesleyan official basketball site… I just love the comment Jonny makes concerning sundresses at the 11:12 mark.

    What really outrages me is that these interviews were never offered for inspiration on Scoop. I’m surprised that these sort of opportunities to know our players better were not searched out or provided by Dustin and Jeremy. Hoosier fans benefit dearly through these rare looks inside the repressed thoughts of sundresses.

    If you’re really dedicated, listen to the entire video. I’m currently paused at around the 20:33 mark where it turned into simply a riot of laughter and fun when the auto parts salesman interviewer talks to Jonny about changing his bed sheets on a regular basis…Yes, I said bed sheets…Don Fischer would be proud(unfortunately, Autozone man didn’t take the opportunity to further discuss stunningly hot campus girls in sun dresses and temptations of the sheets….Oh, those damn temptations. I turn to the power of “the word” to help me survive the power of sundresses).

    I think we finally know why Cody bolted for the NBA and Etherington and Jonny are out of here! Spring is in the air…April and May and SUNDRESSES are coming!!

    Wow…just…wow. That auto parts salesman was really enjoying his leading questions over sheets and sundresses..Maybe a little too much. This is why you have to start very young with your children. They need to learn at a very young age how to spot the auto parts salesman.

  7. BeatPurdue; great analysis and a great post. Thank you for inserting some rational thought into the flood of recent pessimistic conclusions drawn by some Scoop contributors, most of who are simply using the recent transfer news as a means of bashing Crean. Any excuse will do for people suffering from TCDS. I think some of the posters doing so are trolls and not really IU fans.

    Maybe Fischer’s decision to transfer had a lot to do with his girlfriend. Having once been 19 myself, I can understand the strong desire to do that, no matter how shortsighted that decision may be. It sure as heck was not the beauty of the campus, the weather, the basketball facilities, or the neighborhood that motivated Fisher to transfer.

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