Indiana finishes with No. 8 seed, set to play No. 9 Illinois in noon game on Thursday

Minnesota’s win over Penn State on Sunday, clinched the No. 7 seed for the Golden Gophers and made Indiana the No. 8 seed. The Hoosiers will play No. 9 seed Illinois on Thursday at noon in the first game of the Big Ten Tournament. The two teams tied with matching 7-11 conference records and they split the season series 1-1. Indiana won the tiebreaker because of its win over Michigan.


  1. The problem with sports is that you can’t can’t DVR a game and not expect to know the outcome– particularly with fans and friends as rabid as our Hoosier– long before you get to watch it unfold. I’ll be at work– as most of you will– and if somebody doesn’t come up to me with a score update, I will undoubtedly have a text message waiting for me. There’s virtually no way to escape it.

    Oh well. I was working at a gas station in Charleston, SC the night IU took down Duke en-route to our last Final Four. I had my roommates record it for when I got home with strict instructions they not tell me the results. Still have the VHS. And although my regular customers ruined the surprise with high fives and congratulatory praise long before I was supposed to know the outcome, I still loved every minute of that game when I started watching at 1am.

    Let’s hope I can find similar joy on Thursday.

  2. Punjab, move to Maine… It’s beautiful and you won’t have that problem. You can DVR an IU game on Saturday, wait until Tuesday to watch it, and still be on the edge of your seat.

  3. Did anyone else ever get the Chet family Christmas card?

    Double Down-
    Just wanted to apologize for my bitchiness the other day. Hope you can accept my apology for the unnecessary name-calling…I can be a real jerk.

  4. From a 2012 Wall St Journal article… (But the cartoon is funny)

    1. Maine
    > Violent crimes (excl. murder) per 100,000: 120.2 (the least)
    > Murders per 100,000: 1.8 (tied for 7th least)
    > Incarceration rate per 100,000: 148 (the least)
    > Police per 100,000: 213.9 (the least)
    > Basic access: 84.0 (16th highest)
    > Total cost of violence: $801 million

    Maine is the most peaceful state in the country, as it has been since 2000. The state has the lowest rate of violent crime excluding murder. It averages 120 violent crimes per 100,000, while Nevada, the state with the most crimes, averages 654. It also has the lowest incarceration rate, effectively eight times lower than Louisiana’s, or the least peaceful state. In addition, Maine has the lowest rate of police employees among its population — over half that of New Jersey.

    Read more: America’s Most (and Least) Peaceful States – 24/7 Wall St.
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  5. Maine, the chance of seeing a pretty girl/woman just walking around in a swimsuit, #4 from the bottom, there is always Alaska, and North and South Dakota!

  6. Ummm, actually you’d both be very wrong…

    Because we’re on the ocean our climate is milder than landlocked northern states… So we’d rank far better than, say… Wisconsin, North Dakota, Vermont, Idaho… Certainly Alaska.

    Also, our state nickname is “Vacationland” and our population triples or quadruples in the summer with folks from all over the world, but specifically wealthy folks from NY, MA, and CT. So your chances of seeing a beautiful girl in a bikini – whether on one of the hundreds of lakes, the ocean, or the great whitewater rafting – is about 1000 times greater than the Midwest.

    (now, I went to HS in TX and spent a bit of my life down south, and I’ll admit that the native population doesn’t have anything on what I saw down where tans and shorts are year round, but summer in Indiana or any other midwestern state has nothing on summer in Maine – I have plenty of experience in both places)

  7. And considering that Maine ranks far better than Indiana in obesity rate it’s probably a good thing we have a lot more access to bikini-wearing locations.

  8. Geoff,

    Maine is a beautiful and lovely state. And it doesn’t have the number of “krazies” or delusional people running around it like Texas and many other southern states.

  9. Northwest Indiana…Nothing like the soft sand of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the many more hundreds of miles of shoreline and beaches stretching from Indiana to sandy retreats dotted all along the eastern side of Lake Michigan into the state of Michigan. Many wonderful beaches, state parks, and national parks with the same fine soft sands and cool freshwater of the Great Lakes rather than that salty ocean water… In the summertime, it’s bikini heaven at the national park only 8 miles from downtown Chesterton. Seems like there’s two beautiful Indiana girls to every Harvard.

    If you ever get up to the northern peninsula of Michigan, there’s some very nice hidden beaches just off the two-lane highway near Hiawatha National Park…Some of the best sand I’ve found with crystal clear water.

    Sleeping Bear Dunes(northern Michigan)has great hiking along miles of sandy shoreline with very sizable climbs… Take plenty of bottled water. You can get deep into the dunes and lose track of just how far you’ve wondered in the hot sun. Trying to make it all the way back down to the shores of Lake Michigan to cool off makes for full day’s challenge and exhilarating reward.

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