Indiana left out of the NIT field

After finishing 17-15, Indiana was not selected to the 32-team NIT field. Under NCAA rules, the tournament is required to provide an automatic berth to every regular season conference champion that did not win its conference tournament. Teams in that predicament took many of the available spots. The CBI field is still to come and it is unknown whether or not Indiana would accept a bid to that tournament.


  1. Congrtulations CTC…you took a #1 seed from NCAA last year to NO invites to ANY tourney this year. Nice move Glass hiring a coach to subterfuge a program by incompetence

  2. They should just stay home if invited to the CBI. They would just embarrass themselves and the university.

  3. Indiana State but no IU. Last year was a disappointment Sweet 16 was ‘it’ with the talent on that team) but this year is more embarrassing. Next year better be better.

  4. In excess of $ 3 million for a possible CIT bid! The guy couldn’t lead a duck to water. But then again, I’m sure it would be the duck’s fault.

  5. 17-15 avg.15 turnovers a game bottom of league in FG% lost first game of Big 10 tournament and a horrible team.I don’t blame the NIT for not inviting Indiana.The NCAA…NIT nor any other basketball people have any respect for Indiana or Tom Crean and I don’t blame them.To have 5 players on last years team to now be playing pro ball and 2 top 4 picks and can’t advance past the Sweet 16…tells you everything you need to know about the state of a once power in basketball.Glass did not hire Crean…but Glass gave him the hugh raise and contract extension.Glass and Crean both need to be fired first thing on Monday morning.IU has the money to fire Crean and pay him his buy-out…it’s alot but IU does have the money with no problem.The problem then would be…who on earth would want to coach at Indiana???If there is any way possible they could lure Alford from UCLA..which will never happen…then they better do it.Crean make over 2 million dollars a year and this is what we get???!!!Mike Woodson said last week he knows he will be fired at the end of the season with Jackson coming in and his dream job would be coach at Indiana.I don’t think Woodson would be the answer…but a whole lot better than we have now.Wake up Indiana…you just got humilated by the entire basketball world so do something about it…someone must pay for this with their job…GLASS OR CREAN OR BOTH!!!

  6. What an embarrassment . This program took a real downfall this year lead by a very, very poor coaching performance. The boosters cannot be happy.

  7. Truly disappointing. IU did not deserve that. Granted we have had an up and down year. But our team did beat four ranked teams. How many teams selected for the NIT can say that? Plus, we play in one of the toughest, if not the toughest, basketball conference in the country.

    In view of that, I hope they do not pursue CBI. Rather, I hope they turn their sights on who really wants to play for IU next year and who doesn’t. Then, Coach Crean and staff should layout a prescription plan for each player stating precisely what is expected of each player, what skills they need to develop to the maximum this summer, and how each player will need to promote the success of each team member and thus contribute to solid team work next year.

    Hopefully, that will eliminate the team of the bad apple who has, or the bad apples in the group who have. contributed to contaminating group chemistry and teamwork. For one bad apple in a barrel can contaminate all others in the barrel. Then, with the new recruits who really want to play for IU, the team can restore itself to the high level of performance we know such gifted and tough team-minded players can perform and do so consistently.

  8. Glad the bleeding is over. Focus on next season, and shelve this season into the books. I support Crean for another year, but his back is against the wall a bit more now. The pressure is on…

  9. Hoosier1987, you do realize that Glass is the director of ALL athletics, right? They won’t just fire him because of the basketball program. He’s not going anywhere, and Crean isn’t going anywhere this year. Next year, maybe, but not this year. You people just are ridiculous. Yes, this team had talent to be really good, but they didn’t play to their best. That’s partially the coachings fault, and the players fault. Blame the players too, don’t just blame Crean and Glass, it’s not ALL their fault, it’s mostly the team, you know, the guys who actually play,’s fault.

  10. Wow, TJ of Texas…’subterfuge’ means to use deviously hidden or underhanded means to avoid or hide (truth) from (…someone, others, something; ergo, you use subterfuge to hide your ignorance about IU athletics by pretending to have knowledge). For instance, you accuse AD Fred Glass of undermining Hoosier basketball by hiring Tom Crean. In fact, Crean was hired in April 2008 and Fred Glass did not become the IU Athletic Director until January of 2009.

    I’ve read your comments from time to time and they are generally no better than this monumental public idiocy of a comment. A sense of embarrassment is a great thing before showing ignorance. A long term of silence and developing some habits of research before sticking your foot in your mouth would be a good place to start before further burdening other Hoosier fans with your wildly inaccurate observations. Better dictionary skills would also help. It makes us (IU fans) all look bad.

  11. Mike…I agree with you.The players should be held accountable for their play as well has the coach.There was enough talent on this team to win 20-24 games and make the NCAA.Crean plain and simple just cannot coach.A good coach can take a team that is young and have them show improvement by the end of the year.This team got worse as the season went along.They would call a time out in a close game and then someone would fire up a 25 foot shot…if that’s what Crean drew up…then fire him…if thats not what he drew up and a player just took the shot…then bench him.The players have no respect for Crean…very easy to see that.They don’t play hard and make the same mistakes game in and game out.If Vonleh sat those 2 games because he didn’t want to hurt his NBA chances then kick him off the team and fire Crean.Glass is AD in all sports at IU….how is the football thing working out???Baseball was great last year.Glass gave Crean the raise and extension…for what reason???Crean was not in his last year of contract…no other college in the world would want him…so why the raise and extension???It could come down to either Glass or Crean and who do you think will go??The basketball nation just humiliated IU with no NCAA or NIT bid.That’s enough right there to lose your job.Indiana will be no better next year…Blackmon will be one and done..will be lucky to win 17-18 games next year with no big man at all.You tell me what Crean has done to keep his job??

  12. Fred Glass should not be part of this discussion. He has made some great changes to leadership in many programs since he arrived at IU and has shown good results in a variety of programs.
    Crean is another question. Two under-performing seasons in a row coupled with very little improvement and consistency in this years games since early in season.He has been a good recruiter, but that may dry up as well if stronger results are not forthcoming. Maybe if the “Little Sisters of the Poor”are available, he can put them on next years non conference schedule with the rest of the cream puffs he had this year. If you can’t play strong non-conference teams, how can you expect to be ready for a rugged B1G schedule?

  13. Typical Crean blabber about the postseason snub:

    ““Our determination and confidence was high. Our desire to improve has been strong.”

  14. This guy is a complete joke of a coach but now he will claim he had three lottery picks in two years. He did nothing to help noah or cody but will take credit. This is a sinking ship and I will never get why they gave him so much money like he was that special. He is average at best and now so is IU. Next year wont be fun. Marquette people knew what they were saying when they were glad crean left.

  15. Last modified: Monday, March 17, 2008

    IU to begin nationwide search for men’s basketball coach

    March 17, 2008

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced today that he has appointed a 10-member, blue-ribbon committee of faculty, alumni and Athletic Department representatives to begin a nationwide search for a new men’s basketball coach.

    The panel will be chaired by Harry Gonso, an Indianapolis attorney and former IU trusteeAlso named to the committee were:

    * Rick Greenspan, athletics director
    * Ken Beckley, former president of the IU Alumni Association
    * Grace Calhoun, associate athletics director for compliance and academic services and senior woman administrator
    * Bruce Jaffee, professor of business economics and public policy and faculty representative on the Athletics Committee
    * Wayne Radford, former IU basketball player and most valuable player of the 1978 Hoosiers
    * Jennifer Sinclair, president and chairwoman of the IU Varsity Club National Board of Directors
    * Bill Stephan, IU vice president for engagement
    * James Wimbush, dean of the University Graduate School, professor of business administration and chair of the University Athletics Committee
    * Jerry Yeagley, former IU head men’s soccer coach and member of the U.S. Soccer Federation Hall of Fame

    If I’m not mistaken, a student group campaigned for an IU student to be named to the committee. I believe a kid from the IU golf team was later named to the search group that ultimately hired Crean.

    We’ll never know where the strongest voice/influence came in hiring Crean. It’s very possible that Glass had ties to many of these prominent figures that moved around the IU campus and Indy business circles. The whole thing smells of cronyism and back office deals…Glass would later be hired..And his hire was probably connected to being in the inner circle as an adviser to when dropping names for the head coaching job. The entire process was a great way to deflect accountability of a poor hire from ever resting on one set of shoulders.

    IU needs to clean house from top to bottom. The connections to Adams and A-Hope were also all built from the same corrupt processes of friends appeasing friends. Winning basketball? These people don’t care. They’re all about image and covering their incompetent asses. They were all about looking like little goody two-shoes and chasing villains.

    And now we wonder where it all went wrong…? You don’t hire by committee. When you hire by committee, you get the most seedy deal-making imaginable. The powerful threats and maneuvering stays behind closed doors and becomes the norm. Nobody has to answer when it all goes down the drain. It’s how the mob operates. Crean was hired by a mob. Can we even begin to know how names were eliminated and shuffled for reasons not even related to coaching credentials…? Who had the final say..? And how do we know that the supposed democratic process wasn’t totally corrupted by someone with the seediest use their powers while they chopped quality coaches off the list to place Crean’s name at the top for McRobbie? It’s pure cutthroat mob style with ultimate approval based on things totally outside a decision that would ever have to pass an accountability test since no singular person was technically responsible for the choice.

  16. Crean might make a decent NBA coach…draw up a play and they won’t pay anymore attention to it than his players do now.I would take Mike Woodson over Crean any day.I don’t think Woodson is the long term answer for IU..but if something doesn’t happen soon then it won’t matter.Woodson should be able to recruit Indiana well…with NBA ties and most only use college for a year or so to get to the NBA it might just work.Alford is the only long term asnwer but that will never happen.I cannot believe Crean would make a comment like he did after being snubbed by the NIT.”Our desire to improve has been strong” WHEN HAVE THEY IMPROVED!!!

  17. Capitulation Week Part 2:
    Peterson’s stunning stadium
    concessions a reality in power

    “The Pope! How many divisions has he got?”
    – Josef Stalin
    * * *
    The brutal reality for Indianapolis Mayor Bart
    Peterson in the Indiana General Assembly in 2005 was this:
    he controlled no votes.
    And that was the driving force behind one of the most
    extraordinary power concessions in Hoosier history when last
    Friday Mayor Peterson ceded control of the new Colts stadium
    to the Republican-dominated
    state government. “The
    Governor’s proposal to take
    control of the stadium construction
    was a bolt out of the
    blue,” Mayor Peterson said.
    “It didn’t make much sense to
    me then, and I still don’t
    agree with it now. But this
    project, and the thousands of
    jobs and the $2.25 billion of economic benefit to Indianapolis,
    is too important to Indianapolis to let the project remain at a
    standstill. I need to set aside my preferences and do what’s
    best for this project and what’s right for our city.“
    Capital Improvement Board President Fred Glass
    called the mayor’s “capitulation” a bitter pill, but one that he
    ultimately felt was necessary in order to keep the
    “Indianapolis” in front of the Colts.
    The die began to be cast on April 6, when State Sen.
    Vi Simpson was preparing an amendment to HB1120 that
    would have changed out the governor’s financing package
    with that of Peterson’s.
    “I said, ‘Vi, that wouldn’t really be helpful,’” Glass
    said. “With the rhetoric on the floor it would create an atmosphere
    that would make it harder.”
    “Are you talking to them, Fred?” Simpson asked.
    Glass hadn’t. The principal players were Glass,
    Indianapolis Controller Bob Clifford, Gov. Daniels’ Chief of
    Staff Harry Gonso
    and State Sen. Luke Kenley, but the dialogue
    had been sparse.
    Sources tell HPR that….

    These people operated in the same Indy circles…Let’s not for a minute pretend that simply because Glass was not yet on board(hired by the mob committee) at Indiana U., that Gonso wasn’t talking privately to Fred about the activities at IU and utlimately later throwing his name into the pot for AD.

  18. Thank you carmel jack for saying the same thing I have said all year long and have been shot down for on this website. The piss poor pre-conference schedule has again bit us in the ass! I have harped on the schedule all year long and it’s inability to prepare us for conference play. So now not only did it not prepare us for conference play but, now has helped us not get invited to the NIT! As the old saying goes Mr. Glass & Mr. Crean, you reap what you sow! Maybe next year our schedule will reflect what we have learned this year?

  19. I am so sick of this crap. We came from starting walk-ons, to two sweet 16s. Yes, last year’s team, The outright Big Ten Champs, may have under achieved in the tournament, but I’m sure the pressure of bringing IU back to prominence wasn’t easy.

    This year, I think Docitch(sp) said it best: “They can beat anyone, and lose to anyone.” Why not, we lost a lot of points. I used to get on Hulls and Watfird, but man did I miss them this year! Our freshman suck at defense and outside shooting. They need to get better. Sheehey started to lead towards the end, but too late. Yogi needs to calm down, and work on his outside shooting. We need leaders of men, and men to lead. Everyone needs to work on ball handling skills!!

    Forget this year. We need to hunker down and solve this. A lot of work to do, but the freshman show promise.

  20. For Land of Hoops, No Shot in N.C.A.A. Tournament

    MARCH 14, 2014
    That is the headlines of an article in the N Y Times.Tsao you are correct. my mistake ,since I havent been IN Indiana for over 30 years is accepting some opinions here are based with fact,and for that I am foolish.The article is written from an outsider perspective looking at big picture for IU.Loss of instate talent to surrounding schools and the play this year.Whether Fred Glass of CTC likes it there is an inherent truth in that perception is reality.Given what happened this year AND if things dont improve within a certain timeframe goal for next year perception WILL be the reality and good luck recruiting or coaching for that matter

  21. IU names search committee for new AD
    Aug. 1, 2008

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced today (Aug. 1) that he has appointed a 13-member committee of faculty, administrators, alumni and Athletic Department representatives to begin a nationwide search for a new athletics director.

    The search committee will be chaired by IU Vice President for Engagement Bill Stephan. An Indiana native, Stephan is an attorney by profession…

    He indicated that the search committee and its members would not be publicly commenting on the progress of the search process until a decision is announced.

    Also named to the committee were:

    * MaryEllen Bishop, partner at Bose McKinney and Evans LLP and immediate past-chairwoman of the IU Alumni Association
    * Tom Crean, head IU men’s basketball coach
    * Bruce Jaffee, professor of business economics and public policy and faculty representative on the Athletics Committee
    * Julia Lamber, professor of law and associate dean for clinical education, IU School of Law-Bloomington
    * Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports and Entertainment, member of IU Foundation board of directors
    * Ned Pfau, president and chief executive officer of George Pfau’s Sons Co., member of IU Foundation board of directors and former national president of the IU Varsity Club
    * Mary Ann Rohleder, director of administrative services for athletics
    * Mike Sample, vice president for public affairs and government relations
    * Anthony Thompson, former All-American IU football player, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, assistant director for development for athletics.
    * Roger Thompson, vice provost for enrollment management
    * James Wimbush, dean of the University Graduate School, professor of business administration and chair of the University Athletics Committee
    * Jerry Yeagley, former IU head men’s soccer coach and member of the U.S. Soccer Federation Hall of Fame

    Yup, it’s true…Tom Crean aided a committee into hiring his own boss. Gonso probably had the upper hand in hiring Crean. Gonso had ties to Glass through business dealings between the city of Indianapolis(Peterson) and state offices when Gonso served as senior counsel and chief of staff for Daniels. It gets complicated, but the dots can be connected. Favors returned…cronyism infecting our storied basketball program where ties to politicians and big business deals paved the way for all hires. What a sad way to run a university. What a sad way to infect our basketball program.

    It’s all one big happy family….

  22. Crean(operating through Gonso/Glass connection)likely had the greatest influence in hiring Glass…Now you’re asking Glass to fire the man that hired him? Talk about the ultimate back-stab job….That’s akin to going against your own Sicilian family. Yeah, like that’s gonna ever happen.

    And we wonder why Glass kept throwing contract extensions at Crean? Why on earth wouldn’t you want to keep the man on board that answered to his unwritten responsibility and part of the bargain that placed you into your AD job(cue God Father theme)?

  23. I don’t know whether to apologize to you all or celebrate. I unsuccessfully predicted that we only had 40 – 120 turnovers left to watch prior to the Big Ten Tournament.

    We, in fact, only had 16. Thank God we turned down the CBI or I may have been correct after all.

    I have always been taught not to complain without a solution. I think I have one. There is a lesson being taught in schools these days where students must carry around and be the caretaker of a baby doll for a week. It is electronic, cries from time to time, etc… and is meant to teach responsibility and safe sex. See where I’m going here?

    Let’s give this team individual basketballs and have them carry them around and to class and to Spring Break. They cannot be caught without the ball or they must run stairs in Assembly Hall. This should teach them the responsibility to take care of the basketball.

  24. Harvard, what on earth are you talking about? I doubt Crean had ever even heard of Glass when he got here.

  25. Guys (and gals), there is most definitely an upside to this years team. Early in the season I bet Aruss that this years team would falter in many key areas and set the ceiling for wins at 18, he bet me that they would eclipse last years team with his vast wealth of basketball knowledge. What was the bet? If he lost, a self-imposed ban on posting on the Scoop.

  26. Of course he heard of Glass. Gonso was in the IU committee chair position for the hiring of Crean. Gonso and Glass likely had numerous discussions/connections through negotiations between state government and the Capital Improvement Board of Indianapolis(Reread the excerpt above)…Here’s a snippet:

    The principal players were Glass,
    Indianapolis Controller Bob Clifford, Gov. Daniels’ Chief of
    Staff Harry Gonso and State Sen. Luke Kenley

    Gonso could have easily privately consulted Glass for possible candidates/names while chairing the coaching search committee knowing full well Fred Glass had old ties to IU, graduated from IU, and was likely a longtime supporter/booster. And it’s very possible Crean already had Glass’s name when he was part of the committee headed by Stephan to search for the new AD.

    We do know that Gonso had worked closely with Glass. I guess Fred Glass is the only guy that truly knows if he dropped Crean’s name to Gonso or if there was any consulting(whether casually or involving manipulative backroom politics)…If it meant a future AD job for himself, I doubt Fred Glass is going to roll out that information as gaudily as putting on that candy stripe sport coat and shooting off some fireworks. I tend to think Glass’s name came into the mix very quickly…I tend to believe Crean knew of Fred Glass prior to Greenspan’s resignation.

  27. Glass said he called Chief of Staff Harry Gonso and
    talks began. “We had a variety of conversations,” Glass said.
    By Sunday April 17, Glass determined that the mayor’s CIB
    option would never pass.
    “I was disappointed,” Glass said, and “it subsequently
    became clear to me they would never agree to anything that
    the state didn’t totally control.”
    Glass said he spent six hours charting shared state
    and city responsibilities. “Try as I might on that, responsibility
    has to follow authority, whether it was with city or state. So
    what I concluded is the state would never agree to anything,
    and the project would die. They needed to have it all. That
    was my personal conclusion on Monday night.”
    Glass said he went to Mayor
    Peterson and “laid this out.”
    “In light of political realities — elections
    matter — if we want to have the project
    get done, even though I thought it
    was wrong, bad public policy and unfair, I
    am a product of my Jesuit education and
    I knew it would be good for the community.
    I told the mayor the state had to have
    After he and others got done
    throwing up and let it sink in, the mayor concluded that was

    I thought the “I am a product Jesuit education” comment was interesting….

    Isn’t Marquette a Jesuit institution?

    So, I ask you again….Do you really think Fred Glass will fire Crean even if the bottom falls out next year? Never.

  28. H4H, So what? You can’t shoot birds once they’ve flown by. I’ll take a class act duo of Crean and Glass over the buffoons McNeely and Davis w/o even thinking hard.

  29. It’s time to bring in a vibrant assistant coach who can manage a game and relate to these young players. Indiana’s bench is stacked with middle aged men who can apparently only communicate with themselves.Furthermore, if I want to hear a Bible verse I will go down to the Antioch Baptist Church on Sunday morning and slide into a pew. Most Indiana fans are looking for a basketball coach. They can find their own Spiritual adviser.

  30. Anyone ripping on Glass needs to have their head examined. IU athletics is on the up and up thanks to that man. In regards to Crean, he has one more year to prove his worth and then everyone can get out the pitchforks…geez

  31. No guys…maybe it is interesting to follow the precepts of conspiracy theories and follow up along the lines of the Jesuit connection suggested by Harvard. Like the character with the glasses in Saturday Night Life used to say’ v-e-e-r-y interesting!” Not only is there a clear link to Glass and his Jesuit background ….but…Jorge Bergoglio aka Pope Francis is also a Jesuit…in fact, as this operetta was developing Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was just being appointed Provincial for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and beginning to develop his ‘long reach’; less than five years after Gonzo was quarterbacking the Hoosiers into the Rose Bowl and exchanging opinions on the management of the IU sports program with…non other than OJ Simpson…on the dangers of the Company of Jesus Christ when it comes to matters of political power guided by the philosophical undertakings of St. Ignatius of Loyola (who also regularly reads the Scoop and questions if the relaxed tone of Hoosier players is not caused by their access to sun-tanning lamps in the locker room).

    Somewhere in all this is the answer. But my question, based on suspicion is: ‘how do an Evangelical Christian like Tom Crean; a former tango dancing, soccer playing (right half), San Lorenzo de Almagro die hard fan and former bar bouncer Pope like Francis (formerly Jorge Bergoglio) (notice Bergoglio is from South America and… Tom Crean has a visible brown-hued sun tan); St Francis of Loyola (Loyola, after all, didn’t make it to the dance or the NIT either), Fred Glass and Harry Gonzo first get together?…..very interesting!!!!

  32. That’s a lot of distractions you threw in there, Tsao. My theories aren’t complicated. Gonso had close connections with Glass…Gonso was on the hiring committee for Crean. Glass would later get the AD position. Gonso works for Ice Miller law firm which, if my recollection is correct, also worked in representing Indiana during the Greenspan/NCAA investigation hearings.

    Gonso was a very central figure during the entire process and time period of coaching searches and subsequent representation during NCAA sanctions phase. I find it more than interesting that he had worked extensively with Glass in state vs. city affairs during the Sampson years. The Jesuit comment was just slightly weird….The comment Glass made about “throwing up” after he had finally convinced Peterson to give up and concede control to the state(Gonso serving as Daniels chief of staff in the power-playing tactics against the city) for the new Colts stadium project gave me uneasy suspicions of groundwork for future favors…


  34. Harvard, waiting to hear your Jim Irsay thoughts. I thought for sure by now there would be a “who is the thug now?” post.

    Sad story, for sure.

  35. Huh…I never realized Fred Glass had a son, Joe Glass, that was attending Marquette University, writing for the school paper and the Marquette Tribune, during the same exact time we hired Crean.

    Gonso ▬▬▬▬► Fred ▬▬▬▬► Joe ▬▬▬▬► Fred ▬▬▬▬► Gonso ▬▬▬▬► Crean ▬▬▬▬► back to ▬▬▬▬► Fred..What marvelous passing?!!! It’s good!!!! Coaching job scored! AD job scored!!!

    From Marquette to IU…It moves, it just moves. Jesuit Hoosiers rule the world!!

  36. The Hurryin’ Jesuits?

    Question: What do you call Tom Crean at a tanning salon?

    Answer: Perfecting the lotion offense.

  37. You must admit…It appears that Glass, Gonso, and Crean perfected the 3-way call long before Kelvin Sampson.

    Crean’s top choice on his tanning songs playlist.

    Trivia Alert! There are conspiracy theorists that assert Lincoln’s true assassin was never caught. They believe he fled as far as Florida and hid from authorities while disguised as a tanning Booth.

  38. Do they make songs this awesome anymore?

    I am of the belief they do not….Do they ever play ‘Three Degrees’ in Kilroy’s? I think Dustin could work his magic if they only gave him the proper background vibe.

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