Indiana opts not to enter CBI

After it was left out of the NIT field, Indiana opted not to play in the College Basketball Invitational, the 16-team tournament that would’ve been the Hoosier’s last chance at postseason. The Hoosiers’ 2013-14 season is over.

When asked to confirm that IU would not play in the CBI, IU athletic director Fred Glass said via text message, “No. We’re Indiana.”

Indiana coach Tom Crean posted a comment on Twitter.

“We would have loved to be able to keep playing,” Crean said. “Our determination and confidence was high. Our desire to improve has been strong. Not much I will add now but we certainly appreciate the great support of our Indiana fans and students. See you next year.”


  1. And as a football season ticket holder, it gives me a perverse pleasure in asking…
    So when do the players show up for camp in August?

  2. Time to start heading to Kaufman to watch the baseball Hoosiers. Would be great for a repeat trip to Omaha. Go Hoosiers!

  3. This is shocking. CTC would have made his 3rd straight sweet 16. How proudly we could have gazed upon that CBI Championship banner in Assembly Hall.

    Just kidding. No way CTC would have gotten the boys passed the opening round. Although we will not get a CBI participation plaque for our trophy case – CTC HAS DECIDED TO PASS OUT CBI INVITATION RINGS FOR EVERYBODY!!!

    There will be a net cutting ceremony I am told.

  4. The last time I was this disappointed was when our football team was stolen a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Biscuits Bowl.

    Indiana not being part of March Madness…? Some very dark and evil force must be at work to keep a state so much a part of a game’s earliest roots out of its biggest celebration and most anticipated month of its greatest stage…Indiana was the first state in the nation to bring African American kids into uts statewide high school basketball tournament.

    And now we merely watch….It’s sacrilegious. It’s beyond sad. It’s the product of letting careless and incompetent men ruin our traditions, butcher our singular high school basketball tournament into a watered down uninspiring bore, and bring in college coaches to our most prominent basketball college that care more about NBA talent searches than the preservation of the unique love that was built through the idea the team is paramount and no squad is worthless a bunch of dimwits attaching stars and rankings to names…All teams can be coached to a higher level its subsets of individual talent.

    And now we sit home and watch.

  5. Dustin (or Jeremy)- a question…there seems to be a tension between Fred Glass’ statement “We’re Indiana”, attempting to hold onto some dignity by rejecting the CBI Championship; and CTC’s tweeted “We would have loved to be able to keep playing,…Not much I will add now…See you next year.”

    Is ‘tension’, ‘disagreement’, ‘difference of opinions’ or ‘stick it in [their corporate] ears (or other soft tissue areas)’ the best term to describe the discordance in reactions? Would you be able to look into this and inform your loyal readers? Don’t you think it sounds as if there may be some eyeball-to-eyeball moments coming up? Or at least the sense someone may need to be reminded of the value of reading the Corporate Hierarchy and Decision Making Chart at Indiana University-Bloomington from time to time.

    This may not be such a boring Spring/Summer after all. Will we really see _____ next year? Never really thought about ‘the issue’ much until I read the battle of the CBI (Cash Buys Inclusion) Tourney tweets/comments.

  6. “….IU athletic director Fred Glass said via text message, “No. We’re Indiana.”

    Yea, we are Indiana alright. And if we are too big and badass to play in the CBI then this justifies we, the fans, criticisms of this team, the coaching stage and not making the NIT or the NCAA. So now Mr. Glass-Half-Empty, what are you going to do about it?!?!?!

  7. H4H — Thanks for the recommended reading re: the roots of the passion for the game of basket ball in the Hoosier state. Another recommended read during these next 8 months is the book “Getting Open: The Unknown Story of Bill Garrett and the Integration of College Basketball,” written by father-daughter authors Tom Graham and Rachel Graham Cody. It is impeccably researched and delves not only into this proud era of IU basketball, but also the leadership and forward thinking of Herman Wells. I located my copy on Amazon.

    As a transplanted Hoosier who has lived in Michigan for almost 40 years, I was pleased w/ the outcome of yesterday’s BIG tournament final. I predict that MSU will make fans of BIG 10 basketball proud 3 weeks from now. Go Hoosiers, and Go BIG!

  8. Well done Fred Glass! Coach Crean has a lot to do to “rebuild” his program! He had 32 games to “build” a “team” and failed miserably, even with good to great talent (Noah, Yogi, Will, Troy, Stan, and Devin) and solid individual improvement (all of the above plus Hanner and Austin) He must get Jeremy and Peter to become high level major conference “players”. This will be a big task. Get on it Coach and Coaches. Coach Crean did not “earn” the right to coach in post-season play!

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