Indiana receiver Isaac Griffith hospitalized after swimming accident

Indiana redshirt freshman wide receiver Isaac Griffith was in a swimming accident in Florida on Monday and was in critical condition on Monday evening according to a Twitter post on the account of the Fort Wayne Homestead High School football program, his alma mater.

The Indiana Daily Student reported that Griffith was admitted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. A spokeswoman at the hospital told the Herald-Times that she could not give out any information about his status to reporters because of HIPPA law.

Griffith’s father, Manchester University football coach Shannon Griffith, posted on his Twitter account that he and his wife were flying to Florida to see their son.

“My family needs all the prayers we can for our son Isaac who is in critical condition following a water accident involving a rip current,” Griffith said. “My wife and I are boarding a plane to Sarasota to be by his side our faith in God is our strength. His condition is stable but still critical at this point in a medically induced coma to allow his lungs to heal other (vitals) are positive at this time. We ask for your thoughts and prayers.”

The Indiana athletics department issued a statement late Monday night.

“We are aware of Isaac Griffith’s condition,” the statement said. “Our prayers are with Isaac and his family and we ask Hoosier Nation to keep the Griffith family in their thoughts.”

Griffith was the first player to commit in Indiana’s Class of 2013. At Homestead he finished his career with school records in receptions (119), yardage (2,453) and touchdowns (37).


  1. pulling for you Isaac. get well.

    on a side note, really poor form on peegs site for making this a pay story. how greedy can you be.

  2. I agree and thought the same thing about the story about a great kid fighting for his life ! It’s all about greed today!

  3. Sarasota Memorial probably the largest hospital on the west coast of Florida south of Tampa. Lot of good people working there. Rip currents dangerous, no hint until one grabs you. Coastal warning last two days for rip currents.
    Nothing noted in today’s Sarasota Herald, but accident could have been in one of the many smaller coastal communities. Sad. But the hospital has experience dealing with this.

  4. Hope hes ok. We had strong storms yesterday, he shouldn’t have been in the water. This happens to often and is preventable with a little knowledge. Rip currents occur where water is pushed ashore by storm or tidal forces and breaking waves are crossing the sand bar, this results in an outlet forming across the sand bar. The outflow is like an invisible river. If you are caught in a rip, swim away from the beach and perpendicular to shore for several hundred yards until clear of the area of outflow. You will be able to return to shore once you are clear, if you are unable to do anything tread water and float with the current while yelling for help. DO NOT PANIC or attempt to swim against the ocean, it always wins. Also if you witness someone who almost drowned from inhaling salt water into their lungs that is a medical emergency and you should call 911 even if they appear ok, you can drowned after the fact from something known as secondary drowning because the salt water is hypertonic and changes the osmotic pressure allowing fluid from your blood stream to build up in your lungs.

  5. We send our thoughts and good energy to you, Isaac, and to your family and healthcare team for your recovery.

  6. I’ve included Isaac in my daily prayers. I have a son named Isaac as well. The name Isaac means laughter and my prayers are for his full recovery and that his family may once again enjoy their son and brother. Pull through young man, pull through.

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