Indiana to play SMU in exempt tournament in 2014-15

Southern Methodist coach Larry Brown said on the Mike and Mike radio show on ESPN on Monday that the Mustangs will be playing a game at Indiana in the 2014-15 season. A source confirmed that the Hoosiers will play SMU in an exempt tournament in Bloomington that will be of a similar format to the Hoosier Classic in 2011 when Indiana played Butler in the marquee game. The rest of the field for that is not yet finalized.


  1. Lesson well learned. Both programs had weak non conference schedules this year, and thus were left out of post season tournaments. Let’s get at least five more competitive non conference games for the ’14-’15 season. Go Hoosiers.

  2. I heard that this morning on my way to work. Wondered if Brown had let the cat out of the bag since I hadn’t seen anything about it previously. SMU should be tough, but it’s better to catch them early before Mudiay really takes off. They should be able to rack up conference wins and prove to be a big RPI boost down the road. (Not sure I agree with the whole RPI thing entirely– Notre Dame was a much better team when we played them than what they ended up– but it still counts as a bad loss in the end. Would’ve been really crappy if we were closer to the bubble and that’s the game that kept us out. I guess the selection committee mostly cares about how you finish. Oh well. It works both ways.)

  3. In case anyone was curious, Crean’s buy out numbers…

    2014. 14M
    2015. 12M
    2016. 7.5M
    2017. 4M
    2018-2020. 1M

    Pretty pricey.

  4. Top Ten Potential Perks of Appointing Vladimir Putin as the new Indiana AD

    10. Next Winter Olympics: in Bloomington, IN.

    9. Renegotiated Crean contact now includes a “Siberian” clause.

    8. Guaranteed invasion and annexation of KY.

    7. Veto power in the security council likely to impress NCAA.

    6. IU FB’s new slogan “Win Today!” to be supported with UN and Russian troops.

    5. iHops in town to serve 200 proof maple syrup.

    4. All press conferences … shirtless.

    3. Inauguration likely to be memorable.

    2. New Messiah in town.

    … and the top perk of making Putin the new Indiana AD:

    1. Freedom for Ukraine and peace in Crimea.

  5. iuhoosier92:
    Those are huge buy out numbers! And to think Jesus said “Man shall not live by bread alone” Matthew 4:4

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