Indiana wearing new Adidas uniforms in Big Ten Tournament


After previously refusing to take part in Adidas’s postseason uniform rollouts, Indiana will actually make a uniform change for this year’s Big Ten Tournament and only for that event.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said IU has been working closely with Adidas on the design and agreed to take part because the uniforms are not that much different than their standard uniforms. The jerseys will actually be crimson and cream instead of varsity red and white, the home white jerseys will say “Hoosiers,” instead of Indiana and the words “Hurryin’ Hoosiers will be written on the waist band.

“We’re really excited about it,” athletic director Fred Glass said. “We think it’s a really good blend of old and new. And I feel like we are kind of the Hurryin’ Hoosiers again under Coach Crean, even though we weren’t so much in the Knight era, so I think it’s cool to have that on the waist band. We’ve been working with Adidas on this for a long time.”

The release from IU follows.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – IU Athletics and adidas have partnered to pay tribute to the unique history of IU basketball with special edition “Hurryin’ Hoosiers” Made In March basketball uniforms that will be worn at the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis on March 13th. These uniforms feature IU’s traditional cream and crimson color scheme, with the fabled “Hurryin’ Hoosiers” nickname placed on the inside collar of each jersey and on the back of the shorts. These Made in March uniforms will be worn exclusively during the Big Ten Tournament.

“Our players are excited to have something that will be unique to their time at Indiana,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “Great traditions like the candy stripe pants, the script Indiana, and the names not being on the back of their jerseys, are timeless and we are proud to uphold those every day.”

The collection was created to provide the Hoosiers with adidas’ most advanced uniform system and basketball apparel technology so they can take on the challenges of the intense play of March.

“Particularly given that our current style of play is reminiscent of the “Hurryin’ Hoosier” teams of the great Branch McCracken era, it is highly appropriate for our team to don these uniforms as a fun meld of our beloved and storied tradition with cutting edge design and uniform technology,” said Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass. “It is no secret that we have shied away from special uniforms that depart dramatically from our traditional look. We are so appreciative to adidas for working with us to develop these fun and exciting, yet tradition-based uniforms,” said Glass.

Made in March Uniforms feature a functional perforated print pattern along the leg of the stretch woven short to enhance breathability and ventilation, keeping players cool as the clock winds down. adidas’ quick-drying jersey technology found in current NBA uniforms along with ClimaCool zones on the chest, back and side, move heat and moisture away from the body to keep the jersey light and dry during as players sweat.


  1. I am a heavy traditionalist but these are okay, particularly for one event. It these were “watermarked” ala OSU or had goofy stripes somewhere, then I would be hesitant.

  2. They’re ok except for the dots on the shoulder. Let’s hope we last long enough to see both colors. Not real sure about Glass’s statement about how ‘traditional’ they look. They bear no resemblance to any unis that IU has worn in the past. But they will generate a spike in jersy sales.

  3. Nice to finally see a change for the very old and outdated uniforms we wear right now. I fear we only see these in one game though. I do not see us doing much of anything in the btt.

  4. Glass: “I feel like we are kind of the Hurryin’ Hoosiers again under Coach Crean, even though we weren’t so much in the Knight era so I think it’s cool…”

    Wow. May I tell you what would be really COOL though, and it was rather synonymous with the Knight era?

  5. Now all we need to have for a totally appropriate “uniform” change, would be to dress Tom Crean in a “clown” suit, with a big red rubber nose and floppy shoes, because his coaching and demeanor is most certainly clown-like. Read Price’s 3/6/14 column in the H-T and how he is in dismay at Crean’s moronic player substitution patterns. Seems like Crean is constantly looking for a lineup that can guarantee a loss. It took him a while against Nebraska, but he finally found it (and it was ugly!).

  6. Hey Juan Blanco- You are a name that I used to see a lot many, many years ago during the Bill Lynch heyday and enjoyed the occasional post from. Then you vanished for a long time, and have suddenly rematerialized. You’re sort of a Haley’s Comet of sorts for the scoop. To what do we owe your resurfacing?

  7. I’m still trying to figure out what Indiana Athletic Director Glass was trying to say or… if he was misquoted…

    Glass: “I feel like we are kind of the Hurryin’ Hoosiers again under Coach Crean, even though we weren’t so much in the Knight era so I think it’s cool…”

    To be sure, I’ve liked the job Fred Glass has done as AD(and have said so in these pages more than once)…but that statement either puzzles, confuses or nauseates me. (Not sure which). I liked the Hoosiers as well under Mc Cracken, but this sounds too much like a rejection/disowning of the teams that followed and became the universally copied model for modern basketball around the world.

    (I have no problem with the uniforms themselves…just really thrown back by Glass’ statement). Could some columnist…or sports reporter ask and clarify. Does Glass not like a well coached, taught, structured to win (games, B1G championships, national championships), fundamentally solid and sound, defensively aggressive and aware team that emphasized ‘taking care of the ball’ and thinks before they throw the ball in the balcony 20 times in a game? Or challenged every possession, every pass opponents made. And gave maximum value to details like position, blocking out, denying the baseline and all that other ‘stuff’ that seems to have disappeared.

    And, if the statement was misspoken or misinterpreted; at least give Glass a chance to clarify and amend the quote (wipe the red off his face?) to be less offensive of a great era in Hoosier history.

  8. He wasn’t trying to be offensive to it. Was just pointing out that they didn’t run as much under Knight, which they didn’t. They didn’t “Hurry” in the same way in the Knight era as they did then and as they are trying to do now. Obviously, they were successful, but the term “Hurryin’ Hoosiers” didn’t fit them. It fits Crean’s style more so it makes more sense to bring it back now. That’s what he meant.

  9. That’s complete BS(the statement by Glass). Somebody send some fireworks up his ass. The Hoosiers of old could have run Crean’s teams out of the gym. And they could have shot them out of McCracken in one Isiah meets Alford cannon shot.

    Knight had fabulous athletes. McGinnis would have made Zeller look like a tall girl. Isiah would run circles around Ferrell. Jay Edwards had a thousand times more skills and basketball savvy than anyone Crean has attempted to teach(emphasis on ‘attempted’).

    I always thought Glass to be shallow. No wonder he keeps throwing contract extensions at Crean. Clueless.

    And when you turn the ball over 20 times per game, maybe running ain’t such a great idea. It’s a lot of running for not even one shot attempt. And when your players can’t hit the side of a barn, that one rare shot attempt is priceless while you’re “hurryin'” up so much.

    I’m glad you caught that completely ignorant comment, Tsao. I didn’t dive into the quotes…Unbelievable. Quite sad, actually.

  10. Wow. Roth returning and ‘The Hurryin Hoosiers’ are back.

    Another Wow – Will is moving up the IU scoring list.

    One More Wow – that elusive goal of 50 substitutions in one game. Still possible.

  11. Other than a couple game stretch, our most esteemed basketball expert from the lobster shacks of Maine, Geoff, summed up the Hoosiers as having the most stagnant HALF COURT offense in all of college basketball. Yup, they’re “hurryin'” alright.. They’re all just standing in one big circle….It looks like a Mel Gibson film from 2002..Somebody please give them “Signs” to run an offense. It looks like they’re in a prayer circle or hoping to be beamed up toe the Enterprise. I’ve seen stiff and dry cornstalks move more in the fall wind. They run because they simply have no idea how to manufacture offense or get points by any other means. And many of the current bunch are so completely reckless with the ball that they have no business it touching their hands while they’re running.

    And a team given the label of “hurryin'” more than any from the Knight era can’t hurry enough to inbound the ball against Penn State on about five consecutive attempts? Yup, speed demons.

    Glass…You got the correct three letter of a last name.

  12. Yeah…That’s right, Ron. That’s the only thing Crean is hurrying…He’s always hurrying to kill one kid from getting on a roll or having five minutes on the floor to get one ounce of a feel for the game. Yank him to the sideline and hurry up to insert another one of his hurried substitutions that are looking to the next huryin’ guy checking in the game because that has no clue his own hurried assignment. I imagine Crean hurries up in the bathroom as well…Gotta get right back to some hurried Twitter entries.

    Have you ever seen a hyperactive puppy chase it’s own tail around in a frantic spinning circular motion of joy…That’s the equivalent of Crean coaching in a hurry. “It moves…it just moves, Dustin.”

    I’ll never forget how we hurried against Syracuse last year.

    Dear Mr. Glass,

    The only concern you should have is to hurry and find a real basketball coach. You’re great at fireworks and carnivals. Not so great at having one inkling of a clue the sports you are in charge.

  13. And quit defending everyone, Dopirak. I’ve have never seen journalists as soft as those in Bloomington currently. Crean shuts all of you up immediately..What are all of you so damn afraid of? And Knight was labeled as intimidating? Crean just owned Osterman in that last postgame press conference. You people should all be ashamed. He makes a joke our of your weak attempts to get any accountability from his soft lips. We’re all intelligent enough to make our own conclusion if something is insulting or extremely shallow.

  14. Dustin…and you know ‘he didn’t mean to say…”… because….because… Did you leave out part of the quote that makes your defense of him evident?

    As for the ‘running’, that’s not so evident either. That RMK emphasized defense does not, in itself mean offense (and running) was ignored when the chance presented itself. Don’t forget, RMK was responsible for the ‘motion offense” that is still a big part of the way some of the better teams play the game. To the contrary. One good example, the ‘runningest’ team of that era was Jerry Tarkanian’s U. of Las Vegas “Running Rebels”, who were the craze of the time. I can’t remember the circumstances, think perhaps the NCAA’s which the Running Rebels were favored to win. I clearly remember someone asking RMK about how he would approach a team like UNLV and his saying ‘we’ll run at them, we’ll just out run them”, and they did so…by a significant margin. Same thing with Maryland, a favored team from the east (ACC?). Indiana ran them into the ground, by 30 or 40 points, some crazy thing like that. Running was not a problem, but as Knight often pointed out, ‘hurrying’ was. Two different concepts Dustin.

    Maybe the point is what the red uniforms or the white (‘cream’) uniforms should stand for. Good, solid, deliberate, intelligent basketball with integrity…that would be good. Pretty much that’s what they mean when they say “It’s Indiana!’.

    You don’t need to feel obligated to defend Glass or explain him. He’s a big and successful adult. Whatever he said did not come out right…fixing it is not the reporter’s job unless it is the product of a missed quote. I still would like to have some fearless and enterprising journalist ask for a relevant clarification.

  15. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAAHHHHHHHHH Harvard!!!! People keep telling me that mass exodus from this program isnt possible. YOU just hit the nail on the head for 1 great reason…..the substitution criteria. Yogi tweeted after the Neb loss he was tired…..physically and mentally. When you have “tired” players added with frustration and sprinkle in disappointment= you get unhappy players AND if they think they are being thrown under the bus because of Creans substitutions and they feel they arent getting the playing time TO LEARN…..they WILL leave

  16. Much ado about nothing, as usual. Knight’s teams would never be accused of running and gunning. They were more methodical and detail oriented. It’s not an indictment on Knight. Just that Crean’s system is more befitting the term “Hurryin Hoosiers.” Whether one system is more effective than another is certainly debatable– and the end results thus far lean heavily toward RMK– but it is completely irrelevant to what I think Glass was trying to convey. Sometimes we sound like a pack of starving wolves waiting to pounce on anything that crosses our path. Relax, everyone. It’s Friday.

    On a lighter note, the throwback style I really want to see is about twelve inches shaved off the bottom of those shorts– Alford style. At least for one game. Has anybody done that since the eighties?

  17. Yogi ain’t good enough to go anywhere right now, TJ. He’s not going to put it in neutral, transfer, and sit out a year. Mom loves Crean too much. She uses a lot of “pray” for this team…”Do onto your neighbor, as you would like done to yourself”….”He who casts the first stone.”…Get my drift? He’s a mommy’s boy. Mommy likes Crean. Yogi do what mommy tells him. Shoot the ball because mommy tells him he needs to shoot the ball…so forth, so forth.

  18. You’re full of hogwash, Punjab. Another Crean apologist with an agenda to keep Indiana locked into extended contracts of incompetence. ..Part of the Duke Establishment and all those that love the banner drought continuing with the carnival cruise crowd now running Hoosier basketball.

    Just as Tsao pointed out, there were plenty of instances that Knight’s teams could run an opponent out of the gym. Maybe ask Digger Phelps when they destroyed Notre Dame in his first year of coaching. You don’t beat a team 93-29 by being deliberate.

  19. You realize that Glass and Crean have been complimentary of Knight a million times, right? God forbid we honor our other successful coach.

  20. They make those public statements because it plays to the ears of dinosaurs still sending in checks…Knight won’t validate them…And why in the hell should he? They’re big boys. Start bringing home banners rather than worrying about fancy uniforms or ‘Big Hoosier Daddy’ validating your existence.

    When Nebraska is coming into Assembly Hall and embarrassing the candy stripes fighting for a win to keep their postseason hopes alive…? Yeah, I think we have more to worry about than slogans on uniforms. Big check from Adidas…should help pay for bolting on the rest of the face plates for a stadium that should have been torn down and replaced with a beautiful modern facility.

  21. Just when I thought you guys couldn’t possibly make another mountain of a molehill, there are 20 posts blasting Glass for the most innocuous comment ever.

    Jeebus, Adidas probably ran through the Indiana Basketball wikipedia page looking for a way to nod to our history and found that quote. Some 23 yr old designer put it into photoshop around the waist, and it was one of the options that they sent to Indiana. Our guys probably said, “Wow, that’s cool, lets do that.”

    You guys are the Louis Farrakhans of the Scoop.

  22. Thought #13 was pretty clear; needed clarification because at best it was pretty misspoken and unclear as to what is sought to say. Reread AD Glass’ statement.

    Double Down, it would pay you to read your comments twice before pushing the “Enter” key. Thought #13 was pretty clear it sought clarification of the statement that made a bad choice of contrast of two great eras in Hoosier basketball. The statement by Glass (I have held him in high regard, so this unfortunate statement surprised and confused me) was not needed. We Hoosiers have been and are pretty proud of both; and hope the present era eventually approaches either Mc Cracken’s or Knight’s.

    Why you would use Louis Farrakhan as a negative example of legitimate commentary, only your biased optic would know.

  23. Tsau, I can’t speak for DD, but I didn’t get the sense he was referring to your post specifically, Rather, I think he was referring to the thread at large. But he’s right. (I wrote another post that got gobbled up by the mysterious spam monster about much the same stuff, but I don’t care enough to try and rehash.)

    I think the point is, you can argue there were multiple instances Knight’s teams outran their opponents. (Or out-hurried, as it were.) You can also argue that for most of the second half of this season, Crean’s teams were slower-paced than many of Knight’s squads. Take out the Iowa outburst, and we probably aversged about 58 PPG. Wisconsinesque. That’s just an extremely rough estimate, obviously, but whatever the actual numbers it’s still a far cry from the up-tempo style we started with. And much of it comes down to personnel, opponent, and a basic sense of what we can execute given the circumstances. By and large, (and I can’t speak for half of RMK’s teams given that I was born in 1978, but going off what I’ve personally witnessed…) Crean’s teams and how he seems to want to deploy them in a perfect world fit the description of Hurryin’ Hoosiers much more than a typical Knight squad. It’s not a value statement. It’s an observation. And I don’t see why anybody would take great exception to it.

    We’re all prone to sensationalism once in a while, but I think this is a non-starter. If we want to discuss the merits of the different styles of coaching, that’s one thing. But the way that some people are trying to vilify Glass and/or Crean over this is just silly.

  24. I think it’s a cost-cutting measure by the uniform suppliers…The uniform is very unisex in it’s design(if you watch women’s basketball, you’ll likely notice the similarity in the design).

    Tighter cut in the underarm area + less low-cutting scooped front = more concealing and less breast reveal.

    Gals can’t wear the traditional men’s style uniforms(unless we decide to go with more cleavage and under-bra shots to up ratings).

    Some genius at Adidas’s marketing department figured they could put these “newly designed” uniforms out, sell it as a “hip” new style, knowing full well that the future basic sewing templates for both male and female uniforms will remain nearly identical(other than size variation) and could save them production/set-up costs at their China factories. Now, for all practical purposes, you reduced paying a Chinese seamstress 10¢/hr. to .095¢/hr. due to these time-saving production studies brought to sweatshop floor and putting chick uniforms on dudes.

  25. Punjab…it’s hard to imagine what people read and what they ‘think’ they’ve read. I know I did not make a direct comparison of Knight versus Crean (now that would be an insane exercise). AD Glass spoke (at least in the press release quote) McCracken’s ‘hurrying’ style (in contrast to Knight’s) and its closer relationship to Crean’s, adding (also in the press release) that it explains why the waist band in the new uniforms carries that Mc Cracken Hurrying Hoosier identity forward.

    Said Glass, explaining the choice,…”…we weren’t so much in the Knight era, so I think it’s cool to have that [Hurrying Hoosiers] on the waist band.”

    So be it. My point was that the statement was poorly worded and could be interpreted as non-inclusive and, therefore, divisive. It needs to be clarified. Period. DD tried (to explain), but you can’t explain a quote without going to the source for a clarification. Then it’s over. The [edited] quote stands for itself.

  26. And I actually think the new men’s style uniform could hurt TV ratings…There’s is nothing more sexy(so I’m told by my wife)than how the thinner strapped traditional shoulder design highlights the wonderfully developed Trapezius muscle of a strong basketball player’s shoulder.

    I understand that most guys can’t relate to a ‘sexy shoulder’…but sometimes it’s the little masculine signs of a set of sturdy shoulders that get the goosebumps going. With so much objectifying of women on television and the constant push to leave nothing to the imagination in the sexist world of supermodel images shoved down women’s throats(translated into showing women far more skin and curves of gorgeous women while they have to stare at blubbery-ass men that sit at sports/news desks), why should we deny them some hunky shoulders while watching a basketball game? And don’t kid yourself….Women dug the short-shorts. Alford’s hairy legs kept many Mrs. Don Fischer interested.

  27. Let’s stick it to the man, Harv. Shave off that extra foot of shorts. That’s 144 square feet of fabric they saved. In a communist society, I’m sure the offset goes to the common worker, right? That’s translates to roughly 3/10 of a hay penny per hour and, what, 1/8000th the cost of a Chinese fighter jet? All that could’ve gone to Chinese national defense, but instead flows to the home-front and energizes our Hoosiers to a sixth banner and $ millions in GDP. It’s a no-lose situation for us true Americans. We weaken a potential adversary overseas and strengthen the resolve of a fan base that clamors for a return to greatness. What say you?

  28. “The collection includes the game ball from the 1981 national championship game”…(courtesy; Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight auction collection from Steiner Sports).

    Do your homework, Mr. Glass.

  29. Are we really claiming what we should and shouldn’t infer from singular posts, Harv? Has my entire body of work suggested that I have an agenda? Or that I believe Crean is beyond reproach? Or that I secretly hope that the Hoosiers fail? Because those seem like some pretty drastic and ill-founded inferences to me. You’re the master of digging up old posts. Prove me wrong.

    We don’t know what DD meant any more than Glass. But it seems a little disingenuous to tell me that I shouldn’t make inferences on a poster with a known on-line personality while you dissect and rant about a public official– whose personal feelings you know nothing about– makes a public statement in a publicity move… Particularly when your assumption is contrary to anything I’ve seen him make publicly before. If you can find something that suggests he, too, is undermining the Hoosiers or one of its legendary figures, by all means prove me wrong again.

  30. Incidentally, I grew up in Bloomington in the 80’s. I always heard of the “Hurryin Hoosiers” in the context of an homage to Hoosier Heritage. It was spoken fondly of by the “old-timers” when I was a kid, but not used by anybody (or their parents) that I grew up with. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t used by fans of the current era, but I didn’t hear it in contemporary terms. That you found that relic from 1981 speaks to the first third of the Knight years. There were roughly two more decades to go.

  31. Harv– my apologies. I just re-read #33 and realized I mistakenly directed the last two posts towards you as if you’d written it. It would’ve changed the narrative and tone quite a bit. I was presumptuously expecting a light-hearted back and forth, and I flubbed that up. Again, my apologies. (Interesting, though, that even though I read it under the pretense that Harv wrote it, I was confused that it didn’t fit Harv’s style. Oh well. My bad.)

    Tsau, I agree that it wasn’t a necessary statement, and could be taken out of context if one was predisposed to take it as such. But I hold firm that I don’t believe it was intended to be disparaging in any way. Just a harmless comment about the difference in styles. Nothing else.

  32. Punjab-

    No problem…It’s just my opinion that Glass’s statement was meant as a dig aimed at Knight.

    I think any statement even mentioning the Knight years from this administration has to be taken in the backdrop/context of the many attempts they have tried, and subsequently been denied, luring Knight into wanting anything to do with validating their existence since his parting ways with Indiana. LET IT GO. LET HIS NAME GO.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hall of Fame inductions for former players, attempting to approach him in a rare Hoosier game he served as guest broadcaster for ESPN, or any other ceremonial presentation for his great teams, he wants no part of Indiana.

    So, yeah, given the history and the hideous facial expressions Knight conjures up for Crean, I think Glass’s comment was dig. I don’t think it was classy because they have constantly wanted to invade his legacy and his personal space(not the other way around).

    To pay homage to old reference that many still use? I have absolutely no problem with that. But given the fact that Knight is not on record of ever giving one complimentary utterance aimed at this administration or our head coach…? I sense a big classless smirk.

  33. Tsao,
    I know what he meant because that’s what he actually said. He didn’t say the Knight era was bad. He said they weren’t the Hurryin’ Hoosiers in the Knight era, which I felt was a pretty evident reference to style of play. I didn’t follow up on that as though it were a dig at Knight because it was obvious to me it wasn’t. It was a comment on up-and-down pace of play. (That quote was not in the press release. I actually got that one by phone.) I didn’t think it could be misconstrued as a dig at the program’s most successful coach which Glass has gone over and above to compliment in the past so I didn’t feel the need to press him on that. I was wrong. This board can misconstrue absolutely anything.

  34. Dustin, you’re wrong. It’s was clearly meant to disgrace Bob Knight. You should be angry about it and your weekend should already be ruined because of it. Quit being a homer. Fire Tom Crean. And get rid of Yogi while you’re at it.

  35. The only reason Glass has gone ‘over and above’ to compliment Knight, was to use him for the sole promotional reason to validate the inept coach he’s leaving in charge of one of the most storied basketball programs. It will never happen. He even put one of Knight’s all-time favorite players to sit next to Crean for a couple years. Still didn’t happen. He’s never gonna be hurryin’ back to Bloomington.

    And you’re far too young and didn’t witness Knight’s teams play with your own pair of eyes, Dustin. They ran the break to perfection and their guards were some of the most athletic you’ll find from that era. They ran as much as any NBA team of that era. There was no 3-pt line in almost the first decade of Knight’s teams. Give him the 3-pt line in those great teams of 70’s and the Hurryin’ Hoosiers would have put up 120 ppg on most Big 10 teams. You have no business stating how accurate such a comparison. I have no business comparing McCracken’s teams to Knight’s…nor did I. The comparisons aren’t even relevant because everything evolves(including the explosion of steroids in athletics).

  36. Geoff you should ask the question IF those minutes come from being earned or from the fact Vonleh is “injured” and we have no heigth ….for sure the minutes arent coming from defense or their shooting abilities

  37. My favorite part of this thread: watching Harvard wrestle with androgyny and advocate for short shorts. Because, you know, his wife.

  38. And I highly doubt most on here making derogatory comments about Knight or the “style” his teams played were around to witness one of his early teams with their own set of eyes.

    Glass was a college student at IU. I was also at IU and had sisters that went to IU during the Knight years. UCLA didn’t run them out of a gym in 1973. Downing was more fluid than Walton and ran the floor like a gazelle. People make judgments based on nothing they’ve seen. They read about the slower players like Benson and Alford(both actually quite good athletes) and make leaps to make Knight’s teams sound protected in a backward Bloomington not evolving with the game.

    Tsao is correct. If anything, it was Knight that was setting the trend for a faster pace. It was the Duke coach that “hurried” out of Bloomington and took those teachings to North Carolina. And Knight didn’t want redundancy of playing postseason Big 10 tournaments after playing the same teams throughout a regular season. He wanted to “hurry” on to the NCAA tournament rather than needlessly subject athletes to more wear and tear and more basketball for only the sake of a hurried buck in the wallets of fat cats.

  39. to all the Crean defenders… many games does it take to TEACH players to move without the basketball in his ?offensive scheme?…seems like its taking forever to TEACH his players to move which speaks to the coaching staff from the Head all the way down

  40. TJ – yep that makes total sense… 2 guards who have been fairly consistent minutes are getting the jump from Noah’s absence, and not the front court players Davis, Hollowell, Howard, and Hanner who got a combined 48 minutes instead of the 15-20 they’d been getting as a group.

    The Iowa game, Noah’s last, Troy and Stan each played 26 minutes… Or 1 minute more than they played against NE.

  41. But the more I think about, Hurryin’ is a fine moniker for Crean’s teams.

    While we watch some of the most stagnant offense an Indiana fan has ever witnessed on McCracken(along with some of the most horrific shooting that we’ve gone 800 miles east of our borders to find), most fans with any sort of memory crisp passes and a pace of play with purpose, simply want it to hurry up and be over.

    Jeremy Hollowell: The epitome of a Hurryin’ Hoosier.

    Jonny Marlin, Jeff Howard, Austin Etherington, Hanner Perea, Peter Jurkin…? John Laskowski looks like Carl Lewis compared to how any of those bench stars can hurry their feet and dribble at the same time.

  42. By the way, Stan is consistently assigned to the best perimeter player on the other team. He spent most of last game guarding Petteway, and the B1Gs leading scorer went for 5 points under his average, and 4 of those were FT’s in the last 40 seconds.

    Now Troy, on the other hand, is one of the worst college defenders I’ve ever seen.

    I struggle with whether or not you actually pay attention to the games TJ….

  43. The ‘Constipated Hoosiers’ would have been befitting for this year’s team…or ‘The Hurryin’ Turnovers.’ ..The Sporadic Hoosiers…The Confused Hoosiers…The Hurryin’ Subbers’…..The Turnstile Hoosiers…The Bubblegum Machine Hoosiers…The Bricklayin’ Hoosiers…The Handcuffed Hoosiers…The Hurryin’ Underperformers’…McCracken’s Bowel Movement Hoosiers(sometimes fast, sometimes deliberate..sometimes strained, sometimes just messy diarrhea).

  44. As the resident Crean apologist, I’ll take a stab at that one, TJ. The answer? He’s already taught them how to move without the ball. We’ve moved it quite well at times, in fact. So it’s not like they don’t know how to do it. They just don’t do it with any consistency, and they can become horribly stagnant as a result. Part of that is coaching, sure. But it’s not the preparation/teaching aspect of coaching. It’s the motivational aspect and it’s the in-game adjustment aspect.

    It’s not all coaching, however, which is something those of you suffering from blame-o-vision can’t seem step back and see. The players have to implement what the coach has put in, and they have to make shots when they do execute properly. I don’t know of any regular poster on here who hasn’t made multiple valid criticisms of our coach. But the Crean defenders, as you call us, aren’t so much defending Crean as we are looking at the broader picture. There are a lot of parts to winning a basketball game, and when we don’t it’s generally because of breakdowns on multiple levels. Some of you either can’t seem to grasp that, or refuse to acknowledge it.

  45. I believe when the Calipari bashing was taking place I told most of you that Kentucky was a very good basketball team plenty capable of winning it all…Coming back against #1 Florida in Gainesville and giving the Gator’s all they can handle. The rankings mean absolutely nothing.

  46. I don’t get your argument Geoff, and I refuse to interpret, for fear of unwanted backlash.

  47. Coachw (coachv?) – it goes back to a debate TJ and I have been having for a a few weeks now. In this particular thread my arguments are in response to TJ’s post #21, and then to #45…

    Knowing that you should be able to interpret fine, especially if you understand sarcasm…

  48. I’ve been calling Smart the worst flopper in recent history of college basketball for a while now. Believe I made a comment on here about it 4 or 5 weeks ago, just before his suspension… I love the fact that Iowa State fans have a “Flop-O-Meter” in the crowd today – the count is already up to 5!

  49. Punjab…(HfH as well)my intent was to have someone (preferably a reporter) clarify the quote knowing full well that misquoting and misinterpretation was not only possible, but a tradition on this blog as old as the IU shirts without the players name. I find it kind of funny to see the angst and anger people spit out on a simple request for clarification. I also did not think that this is what Glass intended but was sure that it would not hurt to ask him to do so. (No problem Harv- just not quite see the intent though I am still convinced someone had to call attention to the odd wording reported).

    I do enjoy your posts, your passion for and love of the Hoosiers. I particularly enjoy your back and forth with Harv and your ‘dialogues’, sometimes the thing of good radio days gone-by. Harv has an incredibly fertile mind and allows it to wonder beyond the blog’s borders, just as you do from time to time.
    It’s all good, great counter points to the merely overbearing and boring who write a line consisting of a grunt and a fart, aiming and spitting out their anger and illness with it.

    (BTW- a minor detail- Tsau is spelled Tsao, honoring the great Chinese philosopher of war), my favorite philosopher- next to Clint Eastwood. Did you know that the only thing better than an IU game on cable is four Clint Eastwood movies in a row- two from his ‘Spaghetti Western’ days and two from his Dirty Harry phase. How can images of Tom Crean drinking champagne out of water bottles compare??? And, do you not agree that Clint Eastwood would be the perfect actor, director, producer for a movie biography of Bob Knight?

    Couple of question (if you don’t mind). Are you still serving us in the Air Force? You’ve mentioned being a graduate of a Bloomingtn area high school. May I ask which and when you graduated. Just interested. One more thing- I particularly enjoy your anecdotes of family and parenthood. Keep sharing them.

  50. Harvard, 19 pt loss and an inevitable drop out of top 25 for UK on Monday.

    Still holding onto the Calipari bandwagon?

  51. I want to play Kentucky, Double Down. The Hoosiers on a Calipari “bandwagon” are those that don’t want the rivalry to exist. Crean and Calipari are on a conspired bandwagon to serve each other knowing full well that styles, comparisons, similarities, shortcomings, and general fear by playing each other results in someone exposed.

    So, please, don’t trying that BS on me. Calipari’s biggest bandwagon supporter is Tom Crean. And Tom Crean’s biggest ‘Brokeback Rivalry’ affair protected in loving absence a feud is John Calipari.

    So use that little pin-noggin of yours to try and figure out why I think Kentucky is such a good team. Look at all those weak teams that beat UK this season…Yet, we’re just too damn good for them to spank them on a neutral site.

    We have to verbally bash their coach and call their school a “bait and tackle” shop because the Vatican is just too pure to mess with such degenerates, cheats, flunkies, etc.

    Keep building that wall, Double Down. I’ll keep wanting to tear it down and see ‘good’ rise up and put ‘evil’ in its place with more than just empty chatter on blogs. I want to beat their NBA talent with a solidly coached Hoosier team, maybe even an off-year/bridge year team, that can prove(like those from their own conference have proven) you don’t need all lottery picks to defeat a strong Kentucky squad.

    But think about it…? We see all those unranked teams exposing Calipari and is flawed system. Is there any greater press for a coach than to take his unsexy team with only one or two elite/future NBA players and show that his unselfish and learned squad can make NBA-level talent look damn bad?

    While we avoid this rivalry, deny the fans the great old passions a feud revisited, think hard about who’s being protected and who’s the weaker fan of Indiana(or UK, for that matter). Who has the least faith in our Hoosiers and who has the least faith in their own ability?

    Florida looks awfully good…But I already knew that. They have one hell of a coach. Wish we had one with half the understanding how to get the most out of his team.
    But I wouldn’t write UK off…It’s just one game and Kentucky will be tough in the tournament. Julius Randle will be a force many teams will have no answer.

  52. Arizona, Wisconsin, UK, Syracuse….That would be an entertaining Final Four. If they’re placed in separate regions, that actually might end up being my Final Four.

  53. Crabby on the nightshift, Harvey? I don’t even know where to start with how many false statements you leveled at me. I feel sorry for you. You’re just an angry, sad little man. I don’t know why, but you are.

    I try to understand why one would muster up the energy and anger at a fellow Hoosier fan to constantly call me and others names. Pin-noggin? Really, pal? Is that all you got?

    For the record, I am clearly on the side of wishing UK and Indiana played every year, regardless of venue. But I don’t think you really care to discuss it. You have a different agenda.

    Maybe you revealed your hand tonight? Tearing down walls. Go get ’em, Harvey. The rest of us are yawning behind you.

  54. Sorry for the misspelling, Tsao. I’m going to save face by pretending like I’ve been condensing Tsao and Tsu into a singular Tsau all this time. Unless you’re strongly opposed, I may continue to do so– for old times sake. And thanks for the kind words.

    Yep. Still in the Air Force. Looks like I managed to avoid this most recent round of Force cuts. It’ll be 11 years this week, so I’m past the point of no return unless I happen to get to get a job offer I can’t refuse around the time of my next re-enlistment. I love what I do, but right now it’s exhausting. (My boss is deployed, so I’ve been doing his job on top of mine for the last several months.) Couple that with my three rug rats aged 5 and under, and it doesn’t leave time for much else. But I am taking my 5 year old daughter fishing this afternoon. So I still make time for the important things.

    I lived in B’town from the age of 2 to 21. I’m a 1997 grad of Bloomington High School North, which just beat rival South to win the Shelbyville boys basketball sectional. I grew up about a half mile from Armstrong Stadium, and fondly remember walking to games to see Ken Snow light the world on fire. I’m not a player, myself, but I’ve been an IU soccer fan for as long as I can remember. I’m also going to try and make it home this spring and catch a baseball game– been wanting to check out the new baseball stadium for a while!

  55. -Irreverence toward reporters in press conferences
    -Soft non-conference scheduling to pad personal resume with what would otherwise be more writing on the wall at how dismal preparedness and performance a team entering conference play well below .500.

    -Holier-than-thou untouchable posturing forwarded on social media/Twitter sites as if spewing words of religion makes for a good and honest man(personally and professionally).

    -Denying a rivalry series to the fans that has been in existence for decades to save yourself from being exposed to a coach/friend that many despise.

    -Staged villain chasing for his own theater and the arrogant chest-thumping of flawlessness.

    -Recruiting only players that conform to your personal ideology. Narrowing the concept of inclusiveness at a liberal public institution to simply satisfy a personal set of unyielding belief systems.

    -A never ending marketing and sales-pitching of slogans. A rewinding and replay of repeated blow about Indiana’s lore, image, and glory rather than letting accomplishment and fearless scheduling speak for itself through strong non-conference opponents.

    -A lack of focus on rebuilding of an elite program from its roots rather than an onslaught of tweets, ceremonial halftimes to honor teams you had nothing to do with, video productions of “Hoosiers Rising,” and a plethora of other meaningless toots conducted in conjunction with your shallow carnival ogranizer/AD boss.

    Yup, the building of false image, pious blow, narrow vision, cultism, cronyism, false marketing, and walls. It’s really all Crean is about. Untouchable and the sell job. Throw him more contract extensions for all the marketing of an ugly duckling. It’s nationally embarrassing and a disgrace to a program that was once so much more than a Christmas ornament with one oily charlatan painted in the image of our Hoosier savior. It’s sad how people like Dustin see if for what it is…Sad to watch other programs hire bright young coaches that don’t need the theater and posturing..Sad how they smirk at us for letting this fraud take us down his long narrow road to nothing of substance, core values, teaching, and quiet dignity.

  56. correction:

    …nothing of substance, core values, teaching, [accountability], [personal responsibility], and quiet dignity.

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