Jonny Marlin also transferring

A source confirmed a report from Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star that Indiana walk-on guard Jonny Marlin is joining the list of Indiana transfers.

The former Center Grove star became eligible this year after transferring from IPFW. He played a total of 43 minutes and scored a total of four points with all of them coming on free throws.

Marlin averaged 4.3 points and 3.5 assists in his lone season at IPFW.


  1. I could never quite figure out why he transferred to IU and how in the grand scheme of things he saw himself getting that much playing time. He didn’t see enough action to get any sense of what his true contributions might or could be. Hope he finds a school that can use his talents and he can enjoy his remaining 2 years of eligibility with meaningful minutes on the court.

  2. Maybe the transfers will help address chemistry issues within the team. As for NV, he is not ready for the NBA, but the money is very good…

  3. I wonder if god told jonny to leave, too? since jonny said god told him to transfer to iu in the first place there can only be one conclusion. god is fallible.

  4. I think you failed as a blogger coachv. Those 1 or 2 liners really garner attention. What’s next? You make fun of my parents graduating from Huntington North? Oh, you already did that. Diss the parents when all attacks fail…

  5. However,

    Unlike coachv sarcastic remark, I never quite understood why he left either. He had it made at IPFW. Big man on a relatively small campus. Probably was fond of Crean as a person, identified with him, but just wasn’t the match he was looking for. Good luck Jonny.

  6. Or coachv, you have faulty logic. Perhaps Jonny was only to be at IU for a time and now God has called him elsewhere. God is not fallible. Coachv, you’ve proven yourself fallible by not capitalizing “god”, “jonny”, “since”, “jonny”, “god”, “iu”, and “god”. Of course, you did remember to capitalize “I”. Perhaps that gives us a better idea of your bias and inflated sense of self-worth

  7. um,o

    I don’t know your parents, nor do I know what a huntingdon north is. thankfully I have no idea where it is since I spent most of my life in san Francisco. so why you think I would waste my time making fun of your parents eludes me. however, knowing that 60% of americans believe the story of noah’s ark is actually true, I do endeavor to make fun of those who chose to believe in old, gray-bearded, make believe fairies who live in the sky. when people think god cares where some kid plays basketball while 16,000 children die of starvation in the world EVERY day, I laugh in their face.

    hoosier daddy,

    I don’t use caps because I find typing a chore. plus when I was young and the internets were invented, nobody used caps. probably because we thought it to be a fad that would not last, therefore not worthy of the effort. if a cap slips in, spellcheck is responsible. of course, I would never capitalize god anyway.

  8. Must have short memory from all the leaf you smoked. You did take shots at my parents, and I have the posts to prove it. You’re nothing more then an ass on this blog anyway, so it don’t surprise me you don’t remember, considering you put down many people with your unwelcome sarcasm.

    If you don’t believe that’s fine, but respect people who do. You’re entitled to your religious freedoms, and so am I. You’re not doing anyone any good by using it to hurt people. He is an idea. Why don’t you just quit bringing it up, and respect people in general.

    I’m glad your not my sons coach. For someone who admits smoking weed, and mocks Christians, glad you’re not in our school system. I pity the school system that is saddled with you.

    For someone who loves to correct spelling, I find it funny you’re exempt. Lazy!

  9. Another thing,

    I hear Russia is mainly atheist, and or don’t believe. Maybe that’s a more suitable home for you, beings you obviously have no respect for the founding fathers.

    Here is a idea coachv. Join the Red Army, and take over Ukraine, jut lime you want to take over for Crean. I’m sure you will make Putin proud.

  10. I see nothing has happened since I was last here.

    Harvard, sorry about your pup. That’s tough business.

  11. You’re obviously bitter at something in your life, and the great news is I’m not obligated to fix you or anyone. I know atheists who don’t believe, but are very respective of others beliefs, and very charitable. Do you do your part in helping the hungry? Do you volunteer! Do you drop money during the holidays for the Salvation Army? Do you help replenish food banks?

    In a perfect world, the churches should feed the hungry, house the homeless. It’s not the governments responsibility, it’s ours. Sadly, we have many in the church who don’t give, or solely there just for themselves. You re making a sad mistake laughing in Christians faces, as their are many many good churches.

    How dare you even use the homeless and hungry as an example. In all honesty, regardless of our faith, we should respect one another, help one another’s burdens, and make life better for less fortunate people. It’s just not a Christian thing.

  12. Hey Chet,

    This is Ben. I’m sorry bud. Just some things I am passionate about. Glad you dropped in.

  13. Chet-

    Thanks. I hope everything is going well for you.

    And I never got a chance to thank Double Down as well for his kind words.

    We tend to scratch and claw at each other on here, but I feel you all have really big hearts. Thanks for showing me so much kindness even though I’m so often obnoxious and defensive….and off-kilter. Thanks for making me feel not so alone when times are tough.

  14. Coach V was using a syllogism of sorts. In truth, it brought a smile to my face. A syllogism is a form of logical reasoning. A syllogism may or may not be true. In this instance I prefer to believe Coach V’s syllogism was proper in form, but not true. But his using it did make me smile.

  15. Chet,

    You’re right. It is sorry. It’s inexcusable. That’s why people like you and me, regardless of faith need to ban together more then ever. It’s ridiculous the cash we have on hand, yet we let people starve, or die off. I agree, it is sorry. Again it’s not the Christian on the hook. We need to help as well, but their is good in everyone, regardless of faith. It’s a responsibility everyone should take pride in.

  16. ding! ding! ding! and we have a winner! alan, come over and pick any prize off the bottom shelf. win two and you can trade up for a prize in the second shelf. care to play again? two tries for 50 cents or 3 for a dollar.


    your butchering of the English language in your writing betrays your lack of education or intelligence. that would explain your devout faith. there is a correlation you know.

  17. You tend to butcher it as well. Lazy capitalization? Don’t burden the San Francisco doctors with a butchered hand. Have a good day coachv, and blessings! Talk soon I imagine. 🙂

  18. Coachv… I think saying “betrays a lack” is like a double negative and actually means you think he’s educated…. Kinda ironic slippage there.

  19. Oops…Geoff, “betrays a lack of education intelligence or education…” actually walks you riight into your own insecurity. There is not a double negative there by Coachv. He is using the word ‘betrays’ as a substitute for ‘reveals’/ ‘uncovers’ or to be more accurate a substitute for ‘surprisingly or unexpectedly reveals’. It is not, as you call it, an ‘ironic slippage’.

    I’m not defending Coachv (I find some of his contributions very good and some overdone and irritating; some of his comments are even instructive and insightful and others shallow; but, unfortunately always, always aggressive…just as he intends them.

    Actually, this particular intervention betrays a common thread in both your personalities, a strong sense of ‘wannabe coaches’ reflected in judgmental and too often demeaning posts directed not at contributing valid commentary on Hoosier sports (mainly basketball) but at attacking instead other posters (note: I still think the pronoun to describe contributors to a blog who ‘post’ ought to be ‘postor’ rather than ‘poster’) to inflate your own thoughts (and egos) rather than simply add to the analysis and universe of thought available and discussed on Hoosier sports.

    Talk about ironic…that particular commonality of ‘blog persona’ shared by Coachv and you Geoff has a strong, shared DNA thread in one fact; as near as I can tell neither attended nor graduated from Indiana, neither played for any Hoosier college and neither was ever really bred and soaked in the DNA shaping unique experience of our playpen, Indiana high school basketball (especially in the days when the original and pure model- the IHSAA one-class tournament- was the only crib shared by each and every creature shooting a basketball or a pair of rolled up socks at a rim nailed to a wooden barn or alley garage door.

    I think this is true of both, though I’ll admit I am a bit less sure in the case of Coachv (I know less about him since he successfully hides his reality). Still, in the case of both…what is the point of attacking postors (posters) whose only sin is their admitted and insane (including my own) love for the Hoosiers? If the Scoop were a bar and either walked in with the attitude so well protected by the internet today; somebody there would definitely k__k your a__ before it was time to go home. (Not a very elegant way of going home to your ‘professor mom or your baby boy, ehh Geoff?)

    Then the question would still remain (at the table): ‘where in the ____ is he from??? Both, you don’t need to do this. Just send in your comments. Like the signs we see all over the state roads of Indiana, at the entrance to the road that leads to the barn with the hoop nailed to it….the sign reading: “We Accept Fill Dirt!”

  20. BEN,



    thanks for the effort but it will be a cold day in hell (like that, ben?) when I need to defend my writing to any of the postors here. further, I am not a wannabe coach because I wasted too many years doing just that. I am admittedly a wannabe d1 coach.

    your “one fact” about me is not, in fact, a fact as I both attended and graduated from our beloved Indiana. and that’s a fact. can’t say the same for Geoff as the English requirements for wherever he studied were clearly not as stringent.

    all of us would do better to understand that when it comes to discussing the coaching of basketball I am always right. the rest of you can either agree with me or be wrong.

    I take exception to your conclusion that I always demean other postors. sometimes I respond in kind. Harvard called me a private investigator the other day just for saying I thought I was better than most college coaches. that was uncalled for and hurt my feeling very, very badly. then he apologizes saying his lab was dying. when my golden labs died I did not take it out on Harvard or anyone else. I took the high road and chose to see the silver lining. I made two nice fur coats and matching hats for my toddlers from their pelts. the only sadness is that the process requires skinning the animal while they are alive. once rigor mortis sets in the pelt becomes very difficult to work with.

  21. Yeah…You took the high road and just waited until you could drive it off the highest cliff.

    I take it back…You not only sport a “big” private detective, but I’m pretty it hangs from an ego with no privates detectable.

  22. coachv,

    This is my point. Believe what you want. It dont bother me. I have many friends with different beliefs. All I ask is you respect other beliefs as well, and not bring down people associated with it. What you do with yourself is up to you. I’m not asking for much. When you talk basketball, I agree with most. Make you a deal. Stop the religious bashing, and we can learn to just disagree. Deal?

  23. Ahhh, so right you are. Thanks for the English lesson.

    I guess you are probably right about coachv and I, since I also believe that I do not attack anyone on here. To be honest I don’t think anyone on here really thinks I attack them. You are certainly a stubborn old man, which has its charm, much like your idol Dirty Harry. So obviously we’ve butted heads on here, but unless you consider yourself and “attacker” then I don’t think you can call me one.

    I’m still trying to figure out the insecurities part… I mean we all have insecurities, but I just can’t figure out how it fits into this situation. Maybe you can enlighten me in this area as well, and if you hit the nail on the head I promise to cop to it.

    Considering I’ve never had my ass whooped or rarely even threatened I think that my self-awareness of my attitude is much better than your perception of it. For whatever reason people like me. I’m just a likeable guy.

    Eat it up Tsao!

  24. I was in a 15 min break Harvard, just like now. Yes, they pay me on my breaks.

  25. Geoff, Coachv (or Coachv, Geoff)…I’d swear you two are cousins…, though Coachv obviously spent years at it and, just as obviously, admired the job he did. In the end, it was what it was. (You were right, I misunderstood your school history).

    Geoff…there is something to be admired about Tom Crean, without regard to his present. Consider, here is a man who come hell or high water and despite his lack of a playing history of any consequence (according to his bio) decided he was going to become a head coach at the Div. 1 level in the worse way… Maybe Geoff you should consider his path (rather than sending Harvard an application).

    Keep on dribbling….wait! NO!…Keep on passing and moving.

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