1. How can you not make a place for Matt Roth on this years IU team. His 3 point shooting could have maybe won a couple more games = tournament bid.

    Jeremy and Devin (even though Devin played ok this last game) play like they are twins and that has not been good. You just hardly ever get much from either of them. You only need one player not 2 players that play like they do. I do not see the potential (they make a good play here and there)that either of them are going to be the caliber player IU competitively needs. Neither of them are not upper big ten level players. Yes they are young, but in both basketball and football there are young players on a lot of teams who consistently play well including Nebraska’s basketball team. Will Sheehey, congratulations on a stellar IU basketball career.

  2. “How can you not make a place for Matt Roth on this years IU team. His 3 point shooting could have maybe won a couple more games = tournament bid.”

    Easy, he doesn’t have any eligibility left.

  3. T,
    Roth could have returned last year. Not this year. He had a medical redshirt available and for whatever reason he wasn’t kept for 2012-13, which would have been his fifth year. He was a freshman in 2008-09, and you get five years to play four. You can’t leave college and return after that five-year period and still have eligibility. There might be a BYU mission exception there, but otherwise no.

  4. Compared to this squads’ abysmal outside shooting, Jeremy Rivers would have helped in keeping defenses respectful of our outside game. Remove Yogi’s .388 3PT% and Vonleh’s .667 3PT%(14-21), and here are your numbers:

    00 Sheehey, Will .339
    22 Robinson, Stanford. .250
    05 Williams, Troy .214
    10 Gordon, Evan .333
    33 Hollowell, Jeremy .111
    13 Etherington, Austin .273

    Robinson, Williams, Gordon, Hollowell, and Etherington are a combined 18/69 (.261).

    Other teams have just as athletic players and than can shoot the ball. Austin Etherington????? Isn’t the only reason a kid like Austin is recruited is because the word on the street was a beautiful stroke?

    Matt Roth or Peter Jurkin?
    Mo Creek or Peter Jurkin?
    Remy Abell or Austin Etherington?
    Luke Fischer or Hanner Perea?

    We protected the scholarships of some A-Hope projects..It’s all fine and dandy. But every decision you make on a roster gets magnified many fold. Those decisions kept us out of a Final Four last year and they’re keeping us out of the tournament this season(yes, I’ve conceded..We ain’t winning the Big 10 Tournament).

    CONE ON!!!! This is the state of Austin Carr, Scott Skiles, Rick Mount, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Hallie Bryant, Mike Conley, Steve Alford, Bryce Drew, Damon Bailey, Garry Harris. It’s bad enough to have stagnant offense…But it’s even more disgraceful to have bricklayers instead of gentleman that shoot the ball like they’ve passed on the recipe for generations. Those are only the easy names to remember. Every year, teams all over the country benefit from kids from Indiana that have always been known to be fundamentally sound, heady players, that can stroke it. Everywhere! All over the country! All over the Big 10!…. except in Bloomington.

    It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The time we get these young men to hit the side of a barn, is the same time the NBA takes Crean’s one blue ribbon out of a dozen where acrobatics actually converted into basketball. But teams are built with weapons abounding throughout the floor. They’re built early and often. They are not built on the hopes of good deeds some kids with freakish athletic skills will find they can jump rope and chew gum at the same time.

  5. I keep hearing this repeated drumbeat that by simply finding behemoth lineman for our football team will translate into Hoosier Football suddenly being competitive with the powerhouse teams in conference.

    I sorta think that’s part of it, but isn’t it so much more than simply size? Don’t you need strength, quickness, and endurance? Doesn’t a solid history of sound coaching at the lower levels mean anything? Don’t you have to enjoy blocking and hitting somebody? Don’t you have to be quick off the ball and disciplined in your assignments? Don’t you have to finish through your blocks? Don’t you have to be able to get up off the ground and quickly do it again and again and again and again? Isn’t it more than just being a tub of lard that looks the part across from a Badger or a Buckeye polished and seasoned athlete of massive proportions?

    I’m thinking that’s sort of Crean’s philosophy with basketball…Find the bodies…Find the necessary wing spans…Find the leapers and the long distance runners. Find all the components of your ideal creation. But that so ridiculously dumbs down the sport! It’s insulting! Especially insulting at the college level!

    Isn’t there a mental side to sports? Isn’t there an art still in this game? Do the artists all have to paint in the same style? Isn’t there discipline and years upon years of perfecting something sometimes outside the perfect formula of a perfect body or set of paintbrushes for the game?

    Isn’t there game experience? Isn’t there some history hinting of your own set of grit and savvy that count for something? Isn’t there sound judgment? Isn’t there team approach and unselfish pursuit? Isn’t there tenacity in stopping a player that may be better on paper than yourself? Isn’t there recognition? Isn’t there collective desire to achieve beyond personal goals? Isn’t there mission? Isn’t there court vision? Isn’t there love for the way the ball just beautifully rotates to perfection off your fingertips because it’s something you’ve repeated millions of times on a dusty court nobody was ever paying much attention? I’m so sick of this game being dumbed down to OOOOOhhhh-LA-DIPO1 chants.

    I’m so sick of watching Indiana lose what once made them the most unique place to go play the game. It was once a place of learning and appreciation in how different artists could combine all their unique talents into something special called a team. Now it’s Dr. Frankenstein’s castle always attempting to mirror god’s one perfect creation…How would god make a basketball player? How would god make a tree? Guess the hell what, Dr. Frankencrean? He makes them all unique? They make a forest. They make a team. The ideal is to build upon what you have, not to build upon the expense of the rest.

  6. HforH, I think times have changed. There aren’t true post players. 7 foot kids don’t want to play with their back to the basket anymore. They want to shoot from outside like Nowitzki and Garnett. AAU has ruined the game of basketball from a purist or traditionalist point of view. Defense is not emphasized in AAU only scoring. A fast break doesn’t end in a dunk or layup, it is a kick-out for a 3 on a fast break. The type of players you talk about really rarely exist today. Again, it is a product of AAU ball and the downfall of fundamentals and the teaching of solid defense. I would even bet that not many high school coaches even do the shell drill to teach good defense techniques. I think that is why you see the 2-3 zone picking up in college basketball because it isn’t as hard to teach as good man-to-man is.

    I think your complaint is not with Crean, but the direction basketball is going now. Go to a sectional game this week and you will see it turning into AAU basketball. Pure shooters are few and far between. There are no more Alfords, Birds, or Rick Mounts in high school basketball. It is about the dunks and the 7 footer that can stroke the 3 ball. What is a college coach supposed to do? You recruit the best players that you think will fit into your system. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

  7. 1992….Then, recruit better players in whatever it is your trying to do, especially at the forwards……Vonleh needs some good quality dependable help equal to almost his skill level who can majorly impact the game(another star quality player)…Not Jeremy, Devin, Etherington, Howard, Hanner, but a high level star player….then keep Hanner, Etherington, and either Jeremy or Devin as backups or when you have big lead at end of game because none of the previously mentioned besides Vonleh are going to consistently impact any game….they just play for survival.

  8. Just so it’s clear… There is no “Luke Fischer or Hanner Perea”

    At the beginning of the season Hanner was a healthy sophomore and Luke was an injured freshman. Neither played very much, but in the last 4 games before Luke left he played 54 minutes (and got at least 10 in all) to Hanner’s 32. Luke was also coming off his best performance, where he played half the game (19 min) and scored 10 pts…

    Quit fabricating nonsense Harvard.

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