1. Terrible travel call against Williams – should’ve been an and-1, replay clearly showed 2 steps

    Sheehy gets sandwiched on a rebound and they call foul on him giving Pitchford an and-1

    Minus 6 points so far due to refs… 4 minutes in

    Someone please tell me to shut up about the refs already.

  2. Ok Geoff…as you wish…shut up about the refs already….for all you can actually say about the game, you way, way overdo it with the refs…its boring and usually inconsequential and/or wrong.

    And if that’s all us Hoosiers have to put on the floor (our argued calls), we’d better start looking for a better way to promote ourselves. You asked…I merely answered you (though it’s become a source of irritation that sometimes distracts me from reading some of your other more valuable observations.

    How’s the baby…you gonna get to know him in the off season?

  3. Wow. Pitiful end to the game. I’m inclined to blame most of the first 30 minutes on bad shooting, inside and out. Then we got hot and tied it up. Played pretty good ball for the next several minutes, but wasted so many opportunities to get over the hump. But the last three minutes or so? Did nobody realize the game was ours to win? Nobody wanted to drive or create contact or do anything but wait for a pass until the shot clock was gone? Poor clock management. Poor shot selection. Even worse energy. Feel bad for our seniors to go out like that. Damn shame.

  4. Riddle me this:

    We’re down 3, have the possession out of bounds and Jeff Howard gets subbed in the game to play on this offensive possession. We don’t get the right look, call time out. Howard comes out again.

    We drive, miss…Howard gets the follow and misses the point blank layup. Just like he has on 98% of all the other offensive possessions he’s had all year.

    This loss was way more than just that one possession, but come on.

    After tying the game, watching our guys stand around versus the zone was about as maddening as it gets (I should just put a macro on typing that sentence).

    Hats off to Nebraska. No fear. Must have watched the Ohio State game tape from last year and made it a goal to make our seniors cry during their speeches.

  5. And what the hell is up with putting Howard on the floor with 90 seconds to go on a critical OFFENSIVE possession? He’s a hustle guy, not a scorer. Put him in on defense? Okay. Sure. But about the best you can hope for in that situation is a put back or the defender leaving him wide open under the basket. It’s like playing four on five, where all the defense has to worry about is staying close enough to box him out. I love Howard and all he stands for, but he just should NOT be in on certain possessions.

    Ordinarily, I’d say if we limited our opponent to as many shot-clock-expiring three-pointers as we had missed layups, that’s a good thing. But not today. Not with as many gimmes as we missed.

    One more gripe, and then I’ll let the banshees take over. How is it possible that once again, we let another guy most people have never hear of have a career night on us?

  6. Punjab, to answer your question on nobody’s and career nights, our basketball team employs the Doug Mallory defensive mindset.

    (high five on posting almost the exact same comment at the same time)

  7. I do like the prospect of Williams, Davis, Robinson, Perea, next year. Hopefully Yogi goes pro.

  8. Someone needs to ask Yogi Ferrel: Who ever told you, you could shoot? ARE you a PG,SG, or just a generalized screw up

  9. I prefer chest bumps, DD. But a high five will do in a pinch. If I didn’t have to hunt and peck for every letter on my iPad, we might have posted simultaneously.

    Credit to Nebraska. They’re a much tougher team than anybody thought, and getting stronger. I keep hearing that the Big Ten’s not as strong as last year, and they might be right if you look at it from a top-heavy, elite team perspective. The Big 12 is arguably stronger at the top, but not by much. But as the B1G season got underway, we still had 3 of the top-5 ranked teams in the country. Two other ranked teams, plus Michigan had just finished it’s mini slump. In a tough conference with no pushovers, we’re probably the strongest top to bottom. We just didn’t get the benefit of the doubt that , say, an SEC football team would get when we beat up on each other. But I think even our bottom feeders would be at least middle of the pack in just about every other conference. Not to excuse IU’s sporadically anemic play throughout the year, but it was a tough time to not have a consistently good, experienced team. Too many other good teams to contend with, as just about everybody else found out.

    Trying not to be terribly disappointed about the loss. It was a tall mountain to climb after the deep hole we dug. Just feel bad for the seniors. Not giving up all hope for a tourney run– the game was still ours to win even with a lottery pick out– but I’m not betting the farm on it, either.

  10. …IU was not playing in the same game…tough night for Crean and his substitution plan…worse night for the refs…this season really has not gone much different than I envisioned after losing 2 lottery picks…and 4 1000 point players…

  11. Whoah. What’s with all the Yogi bashing all of a sudden? I expected the usual rabble rabble about the coach. But Yogi? So the dude had an off night? So what. All of a sudden he’s trash and we’d be better off without him? I say we cut ’em all and fire the coaching staff. I’m sure we’ll have nothing to complain about then, right?

  12. IF Knight had been coaching ;he would have sat Yogi’s ass down on the bench and put someone inthere to be/play point. Which is worse?: losing with someone you play at point knowing they will do the best to play that even though not their normal position or, losing with a point guard that THINKS he is a shooting guard and forgets he IS the point guard and doesnt play at it at all

  13. Hey TJ in Texas: You’re absolutely right.

    And how does anyone think Knight wouold have reacted had he watched some prima donna snarl at the Senior who has always tried so hard this season to be accomodating and a “team player”.

    This season was the worst season of Indiana Basketball I have ever watched, and the fault is the Coach’s.

    The only games we won against quality teams were on National Television at home and we won those with blatant homer calls. Shameful.

    Thank you Will Sheehey for taking us to prominence with Cody and Victor. Against Syracuse last year, had you played instead of our ‘little guards’ we would have had a better chance to win. This season, you were victimized by idiotic coaching.

    Prior to this season I thought this would be the season where Hoosier fans would get to see if Crean can coach.

    We have our answer.

  14. Kudos to all who saw & commented on Jeff Howard entering the game for Troy Williams, with the ball, at 1:39 left. Brilliant coaching ain’t it?

    Oh, and don’t forget Gordon for Robinson and Hollowell for (I can’t recall) soon after.

    Hollowell was flat out awful, again. Pathetic.
    And Yogi again, awful. Airballs, short shots, just didn’t show up.

    But give it up for Nebraska. The better team won tonight. And the better coach.

  15. If you notice by the time stamp it was very much in the moment… I was definitely not happy about those early calls, but I in no way blame this loss on the refs. The #1 factor was missing Noah, the #2 factor was not having JBJ… This game really highlighted our lack of perimeter threats.

    They fought hard though, and Nebraska might be the best team in the country that the casual fan doesn’t know about. They have multiple scoring options and perimeter threats…. Good length and they play with a real chip on their shoulder.

    This game doesn’t irritate nearly as much as a few other recent losses.

  16. The Nebraska coach, Tim Miles, has more of a Brad Steven’s look than our Andy Griffith inspired model. I’m still thinking that may be the main missing ingredient.

    Wish I could take myself out of my graveyard shift job over a sore foot. I’d have to have a partially severed leg to call off.

  17. I plan on honoring the Trojan Horse bet, Geoff. But if we really dig through the old posts, I do believe when I was predicting this team was going to make the Big Dance, that I was qualifying that claim with ‘minus any unforeseen injuries.’

    Taking our McDonald’s All-American center out of a final pivotal home stand was a rather large wrench thrown in the ‘all things remaining equal’ givens within the prognostication. We endured his absence in one game, but as you said, it’s all about match-ups and the style of your opponent. We needed Noah to bust up that zone.

  18. Harvard… Re: #19, I feel for ya. I tend to think that Noah’s injury doesn’t matter in the larger picture. I don’t think they were going to make it, regardless of what happens in the NE game. If he’s only missing for 1 game we probably still have to win out and then make a good push in the B1G tourney to burst the bubble. That’s a lot of if’s… They were on the wrong side of the 8 ball.

    Hopefully they win the B1G Toruney and I buy. There is certainly reason for hope. Maybe not optimism, but hope is palpable.

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