Postcard from Poland: Jordan Hulls

What’s up BTown!?  It’s GameDay today and I know for sure I’ll be tuning in all the way from Poland to watch the Hoosiers start their journey to keep their NCAA March Madness hopes alive as they head into the Big Ten Tournament.  Just one game at a time!  The Big Ten Tournament is a really cool experience from a players perspective because you get to compete for a different type of Championship.  Although I never won a Big Ten Tournament, it was still a good experience because it was at a neutral site and it gets you ready for the back to back game situation that you would see in the NCAA Tournament.  It was also neat to be able to play in Bankers Life and the United Center since not a lot of people can say they played on those courts.  My tournament experience as far as winning wasn’t as great as I would have liked but nevertheless it was still a good opportunity to play more games.  Unfortunately the most memorable moment was actually a sad one when Verdell Jones III tore his ACL in the first round game against Penn State my Junior year.  It was so devastating to see something like that happen to a friend/teammate especially after all his hard work and pain he had gone through during his career.  We knew we had a spot in the NCAA Tournament that year for the first time since any of us had been at IU, and for Verdell not to be able to experience the NCAA Tournament as a player/participant was just not fair.  He did his best to encourage us from the sidelines during the rest of the season but I know it was hard for not only him but for all of us.  So, with the fact that we didn’t have much success sadly that was my most memorable moment of the Big Ten Tournament, it never mattered how many points I scored or didn’t score it was always about the team and that was hard for everyone to see Verdell go down.

“CoachV” asked: “your game reminds me of john Stockton. during your career did coach crean or anyone else ever try to change your jump shot so that you brought the ball up through the middle of your body rather than releasing from the shoulder? of course, that release worked okay for Stockton. hope to see you in the nba someday or anywhere that makes you happy.”

— Good question and thanks for the comparison, I loved watching film of Stockton and still do.  He was a smaller guard who did the most with his abilities and I have/can learn a lot from him.  Coach Crean nor any of the other coaches at IU tried to change my shot.  My shot has always been effective and efficient so “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!  I was always taught by my dad and grandfather to shoot that way.  My grandfather was a shooting coach at IU under Coach Knight in the 70’s and he had learned that shooting approach from Jerry Lucas.  My grandfather played with him and John Havlicek in a barnstorming tour during their college years and picked it up.  He termed my shooting form as the “open-window” so you could see the rim with both eyes, as opposed to shooting with the ball coming through the middle of your body where the ball blocks your vision at one point.  The logic of the shooting form made sense to me and I wanted to have as much advantage as I could so I kept working on it and it’s a form that works for me.  As with anything, it takes a lot of practice and no matter what form you choose, as long as work is put into it, it can work.  Some of the best shooters in history have different looking shots, so it’s just a preference.

Thanks again for the question.  That’s all I’ve got for you all today, make sure you tune in and support the Hoosiers today!  Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!