Reports say Vonleh leaning toward NBA Draft

Yahoo Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski reported Saturday night that Indiana freshman Noah Vonleh is “strongly leaning toward entering the NBA Draft.”

Wojnarowski’s report also suggested that Vonleh sat out two games late in the regular season with foot inflammation due to concerns about his potential draft status.

Shortly after Wojnarowski tweeted the link to his story, Alex Kennedy, the NBA writer for, tweeted that he could confirm the report of Vonleh leaning toward early entry.

Vonleh declined to talk about his looming NBA decision following the Hoosiers’ Big Ten Tournament loss to Illinois Thursday.

Teammate Yogi Ferrell simply said, “Whatever’s best for Noah, he’s going to make that decision.”


  1. No surprise if he does. While I think he’s not quite ready for the NBA, readiness will not be the reason why he is selected but on potential. And who can blame him for moving on to earn $3-4 million even if he will be involved in limited play. And if he does, I wish Noah the very best in his career.

  2. Probably the best thing to happen to the team if he truly was protecting his draft status by sitting out the 2 games. That indicates to me he isn’t really into IU and this is only a stopover on his way to NBA. Yogi’s comment made me think that he doesn’t care if Noah leaves and that indicates a lack of team togetherness which I think was part of the problem this season. I may be interpreting Yogi’s reaction wrong, but my gut says Noah is in it for what benefits him first, not the team. This is why coach never stops recruiting and says he doesn’t want guys who don’t unpack their bags. Next season we’ll be a true team after coach changes the makeup of the team because he certainly can’t have a repeat of this season. Go IU!

  3. Maybe he cares about something more important than IU…maybe he cares about a thing called taking care of his family. Maybe he cares about a thing called a career, a livelihood. Employment.

  4. Maybe he cares more about FEELING happy about playing basketball and not going thru the motions because Crean cant generate a positive experience at IU. Vonleh wasnt the reason for 16+ turnovers a game. Coach needs to generate confidence…and I have no confidence in Crean.Maybe Vonleh is leaving early because he wants to get the hell outta dodge …tired of the toxic locker room environment.Even Yogi said he was tired mentally and physically.

  5. Listen, I understand if people take this and run with some stereotypical perception based on today’s youth or one-and-done culture. But those people clearly haven’t met Noah.

    I have had the pleasure of playing against and talking with Noah in unguarded moments. He honestly is one of the nicest, most humble kids I’ve ever met. Not just basketball players, but all kids. I’ve talked to his coach and AD at New Hampton School and they love the kid.

    I have not had the opportunity to meet Yogi, and I’m not saying I agree that his statement carries any broader message about their personal relationship or team chemistry. It was a comment plucked out for us without any context. That being said, if Yogi does have an issue with Noah, I can say unequivocally that it’s yogi’s fault.

    Any insinuation people want to make that Noah is selfish only proves they didn’t pay attention to games this year. Noah could not have played or acted any more unselfishly. From day one the coaches gushed about his work ethic. He put on 20 lbs of muscle before classes even started. He was there early, stayed late, and showed as much dedication as any Hoosier in preparing for the season.

    When he didn’t get shots did he sulk? When he didn’t even touch the ball for minutes on end did he let it affect his effort on defense or on the boards? When he was pulled from the game did you ever once see a camera shot of him talking back or giving a cold shoulder to the coaches? No, no, and no!

    Noah is a great kid. He works hard. He’s been a conscientious student. He couldn’t be any nicer or less guarded or more humble. He’s coachable. He’s unselfish, maybe to a fault. He’s literally the guy you’d want to date your daughter. Yes sir, no sir, I’ll have her home on time sir. And she’d be in the door 10 minutes early.

    I’m convinced that if Noah leaves because of issues, that it was the program that him down and in no way did he let us down.

    Now maybe he stays or maybe he simply leaves because his stock is high and he feels ready, but if he leaves and I hear even an ounce of negativity from anyone associated with the IU camp then that would be a huge indictment on IU Basketball.

  6. Geoff I think you are aware of how little you know about what you are talking about in this situation but ok.

  7. I’m with Geoff on this one…You can just watch Noah on the court and know he’s a class act. I don’t think he has a mean or selfish bone in his body.

    The only slight problem I have is that sometimes a gentle resolve and inner determination doesn’t always get the juices of teammates flowing. I sorta prefer some demonstrative fire and a little bit of selling the enthusiasm. Even-keeled can sometimes come across as soft to those that want more of the Mitch McGary fist pumping and rallying to the theater of it all.

    I’m sure he’ll have a successful NBA career. He’s got a great touch from the perimeter and has some real versatility. He was noticed for his top skill sets even though he never really got a chance to shine under the confusion and disjointedness one ugly season of basketball at IU.

  8. No one said anything bad about Noah, Geoff went overboard to defend him and then in doing so made unfair comments about other players and fans, not ok.

  9. Actually, Mark insinuates that Yogi’s comment is a dig at Noah, and that he believes Noah is selfish. But mainly my comments were a preemptive strike based on what some fans are bound to write.

    I made no unfair comments about other players. I made no unfair statements about fans.

  10. Shows what I know, huh? I predicted Cody would stay last year. Thought maybe–just maybe– Noah would stay one more year. Apparently I’m wrong again. Wishful thinking. Maybe I should switch to a new mindset and publicly predict failure. At least if we lose, I can say I told you so

    It’s funny to me. People put so much stock into draft classes. As if the highest ranked recruits will still be around when it’s time for them to pay off. By no means do I intend to trash Noah. By all accounts he seems like a great kid with a great head on his.massive shoulders. He’ll be a force in the NBA. One day. And he’s a class act. I wish he’d stay. But the fact that we’re able to recruit talent like Noah doesn’t necessarily translate into success. If Noah goes, it’s not because we didn’t feed him the ball enough any more than it is he didn’t care what else happened on the court. It’s because he didn’t fully buy into Indiana. It was a nice stopover while he bides his time. But it’s time to move on. So typical of so many highly-ranked players. (I’ll still hold out hope he’s different.)

    If it stands as we expect it to, farewell to Noah. You seemed like a great kid with a phenomenal future ahead of you. I hope you continue to be an ambassador of Bloomington, and wish future Hoosiers better luck than you endured. Go big Red.

  11. Unfortunately you do not comprehend reading very well Fab…

    My quote was that I didn’t believe that Yogi has an issue with Noah.

  12. Hoosier plug! My Bloomington North Cougars just advanced to Semi-State tonight. They’re not a great accomplishment by anybody; but they are a team win. We’ve had Jared Jeffries and Sean May and any number of blue chips from my school. But no single person delivered. What gets you excited is the team. That’s basketball. That’s Hoosier Hysteria!

  13. All this speculation about why he leaves or what the pulse of the team is, is all good chatter. But unless there is a quote out there the decision to leave for the NBA is something most of us would do in a heartbeat to get that pay check. It sucks for us fans and it’s something we’re not used to. It recently began with Zeller, now most likely Vonleh, possibly next year after a breakout from Troy Williams, and will happen if Blackman has a stellar freshman season.

  14. Last season was a wake up call: WSJ voted Tom Crean’s team as the “biggest underachiever in NCAA history”. But did we stop to listen, think and reflect critically about it? No. And how do these Hoosiers look to you folks compared to those of last year: are they more underachieving or less underachieving than those — or just about the same comparatively? That seems to be the constant unfortunately also the indication that Crean’s management of talent in this program can be reduced to just one basic cycle: gargle.

  15. After watching NV’s body language all season leads me to support all Geoff had to say about what he personally knows of Noah. In Noah’s shoes he has to take a hard look at the NBA regardless of what college team he plays for.

  16. Why would anyone expect Noah to stay? He was a projected 1 and done last year when recruited;then add to the fact that another recruiting project for next year dante Exum is slotted 1 draft pick ahead of Noah.I wish I could pick Will’s brain after grad but I doubt he will ever tell WHY the season went as flat as a pancake.I dont see Will as a person with an axe to grind But I think he would like to tell truth —at some point

  17. another thought to ponder; IF Indiana gets into the NIT does Vonleh play??? hes done everything to indicate hes going NBA short of hiring an agent

  18. Geoff knows Vonleh better and how to use him better than the following people who have ever once defended valued or come to the aid of a humble, perfect, willing, future allstar- Geoff knows Vonleh and his situation behind closed doors better than the following: Crean, Yogi, Stan, Buckley, McClain, Evan, Will, Dakich, Don Fisher……

    Why have none of those guys ever come to the defense of Noah the angel? Why does Crean/Don/Yogi call him out for blatant missed defensive assignments? Why was a bogus “foot inflammation” injury hatched to cover up completely out of the blue? They did this all as a rouse to ruin a perfect persons college experience?? Come on ppl- you don’t know the whole story, you think you do but you don’t. If the team showed half the support to Noah as they did to Perea I might believe the fake injury was real but they simply didn’t, they didn’t even bring up Noah’s name or miss him publicly or on the court one bit. They lost every game after he came back. I think maybe Noah isn’t as perfect as Geoff boyardee thinks.

  19. Can’t blame Noah for going to the NBA.Next season at IU will not be any better than this year…maybe worse.Blackmon will be one and done also and Johnson will be no more than two and done.The difference bewteen this happening at IU and Kentucky is that Calipari can take a young team to the Elite 8 or farther…IU can’t get past the Sweet 16…it’s called coaching.In two week’s the mass transfer’s will start to happen.Just watch…Hartman…Hollowell…Davis will all leave.I think Robinson and Williams will stay but wouldn’t bet on it.

  20. Virginia punches Duke in the mouth….At least there’s something to bring a smile to my face. Sure wish we could have had a quality coach like Tony Bennett.

    Would love to see Virginia go deep…They play with real heart and a ferocious on the offensive glass. Reminds me of what IU basketball used to look like; quality athletes, well-coached, shooters, and a ton of heart.

  21. …and [are] ferocious on the offensive glass.

    And what great admiration Bennett has for his father.

  22. coachv-

    Do you have any news articles or legit sources that back up Bennett turning down the IU job? Not saying it’s untrue…I just don’t remember any stories of an offer being turned down.

  23. coachv,

    I believe you’re correct. And probably the reason Bennett turned it down was because he knew a portion of IU’s fan easily becomes discombobulated and emotionally reactive if the program isn’t going as they expected, or even suffers a loss. Bennett’s smart. He’s no dummy. He knows such behavior and desire for a quick-fix, or immediate gratification of their needs, by a fan base has negative consequences for recruitment and the rebuilding of a program.

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