1. You switched sides. And you both look a little hungover….or maybe just tired.

    Thanks for doing your damnedest in covering the Hoosiers.

    Thanks for staying professional and sharing your hard work and analysis with us.

    Thanks for bringing this to our world when we pay you absolutely nothing to do so.

    Thanks for representing our school with class and being better representatives of what we think we are as fans than most of us live up to as fans.

    Thanks for putting up with us when we’re frustrated and taking it out you.

    Thanks for respecting us enough to honestly engage us, disagree with us, get angry with us, and laugh with us.

    Thanks for making it fun on LiveChats.

    Thanks for slipping a bit away from pure “objectivity” while showing your vulnerable side when it’s obvious you’ve grown to love the candy stripes.

    Thanks for no more Scoopcations in the last four months.

    Thanks for being the best Hoosier blog ever. I won’t even mention the others. They don’t deserve the flattery of any term that would reference them as “competition.”

    Thanks again for a great year of Hoosier Scoop.


    Harvard for Hillbillies

  2. I’ll echo all of those remarks ^ and only add that the only thing wrong with the shot was that it didn’t go in.

    We got a good open look instead of a turnover and the clock was close to the “two for one” situation. The kid had the kahunas to shoot it, and if it had gone in, we’d have all been “wow!”

    Love these freshmen despite their flaws, and it appears that they are starting to come together, just a little too late. And that’s too bad for a guy like Will.

    If the Hoosiers do wind up in the NIT I’ll take fix to that, but I’m not giving up on the conference tourney just yet. For us the NCAAs just have a few extra rounds at the beginning and no forgiveness for a slip-up.

    Thanks again guys.

    Go Hoosiers!

  3. I know I am sarcastic at times, but I thought the Hoosiers played hard. I think we will be a better team next year, and won’t be in the position we are currently in. We have some promising Freshman for sure. Hopefully Noah stays, and polishes up a bit.

    Really think the non-conference schedule hurt us. I’m not asking to play ranked teams every week, but play some more established teams. However, if we digress again next season, Crean’s seat will be hott, deservingly so. This is Indiana, and basketball is king.

    I know I have attacked some people here, and will do a better job at picking and choosing my battles, and not beings so cocky.

    (Swishing my plastic sword) I’m Rico Chet!

  4. Good job guys. And thanks Dustin for letting Jeremy talk and finish his thoughts a lot more than usual. Much appreciated. Please continue the trend.

    At this point, I think we’ll all be glad when this painful season comes to an end. I get the feeling this translates down all the way from us to to the team managers. I figure we have 2 – 4 games left & that means we only have to endure 40 – 88 more turnovers.

    Glad Crean found Davis down off the end of the bench in games 29 & 30.

    We’ll get an NIT invite & probably play the Sycamores in our first NIT game. They usually keep teams close to home.

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