Temple transfer Lee commits to Ohio State

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported Saturday that Temple transfer Anthony Lee has committed to Ohio State over serious interest from Indiana among others. Lee confirmed his commitment on Twitter.

“Buckeye Nation!” Lee posted. “Too blessed, been thru 2 much an Coach Matta and the Buckeye family knows what I need for this last year. Blessed!”

Lee quickly became a recruiting focal point for Indiana thanks to  early NBA declaration of freshman big man Noah Vonleh as well as the December transfer of freshman center Luke Fischer. The 6-foot-9 Lee averaged 13.6 points and 8.6 rebounds per game last season. As a graduate student transfer, he does not have to sit out a season before becoming eligible and can play his fifth year right away.


  1. Wow…When guys like Blackmon and Johnson committed, their confidence was likely high that it would be Vonleh, Fischer, and Perea making for a very strong inside presence to compliment the outside games.

    Painful to sit out a year, but I’m wondering if they may seriously consider the option.

  2. Saw Ian Charles is going to be a 5th year transfer. Thought, wow, he could help. Then realized it was the 6’1″ Ian Charles (IUPUI), not the 7’2″ Ian Charles (Morgan State).

  3. Perea will be a huge surprise. I thought all last year when he was being hailed as the next Shaq that it was way premature and wrote that in this blog several times. The reason, Hanner was too unfamiliar, therefore uncomfortable after only 2-3 years of playing basketball at a high level.

    There is no denying he is an incredible athlete who can jump so that his eyes are atg basket level, can touch the top of the rim, can run and dance a ballet at half-time and given his origins (dancing the Cumbia and playing soccer) has feet nimble and flexible enough to look like Dipo at the pivot. His issues include a ‘baskeball hands experience’ that make it a challenge to pick his nose and, even more important, a ‘feel for the game’ that just needs maturing (exactly what established the difference between Vohnle and Mosquera Perea.

    Mostly everyone laughed when a player (now graduated) said he was working with Perea’s hands by simply throwing him passes (something Americans do from the time they are three or so with their father in the backyard). Mosquera Perea did it with his feet for his first twelve years or so. ‘Playing catch’ is exactly what he needed. Just looking at a rim while moving and turning at the same time was something else he simply had not consciously done until arriving here. His eyes and hands needed to ‘coordinate’. He needed to learn to hold a ball while others tried to knock it off. Just like American kids need to learn ‘to feel’ the ball caressing their instep or their toes folding under as they drive the ball (to make the instep bone protrude) or controlling the ball ‘stepping on it’ without tripping and falling down.

    I suspect Crean and his assistants knew and know this. There is nothing hard for Mosquera Perea to learn and do. He just simply has to receive 157,367 bounce passes; 239,782 waist/chest passes and 135,489 passes over his shoulder. He’ll have to practice not putting the ball on the floor. Defense will come easier, from soccer he is much more used to using the part of his body below the waist and lowering his center of gravity. He’ll have to ‘eat’ 92,700 head fakes in practice to avoid fouling….

    Someone on the staff did just that with Oladipo, with Sheehey, with Watford between his junior and senior years.

    And, Hanner wants to enjoy ‘dancing’ his basketball

    If he does, if his growth and development is done in such a way that Mosquera-Perea is encouraged and enjoys doing it because like soccer it is fun…then we go from discussing the ‘next’ basketball staff to again ‘demanding’ this one make it past the ‘Sweet Sixteen’, as we did the year before this last season.

    I have a suggestion…when Hanner Mosquera-Perea is working on his skills, even in any drill involving individual work, 2v2 thru 5v5 have some Colombian Cumbia, Merengue or Braziliam Samba music blaring in the background and watch Hanner smile and change before TC’s eyes. Then all we’ll have to do is dance it in the stands when we get Hanner’s rythm. (Can anyone imagine Harvard, Hoosier Clarion or Podunker at home dancing the cumbia?)

    (p.s.- just in case- There’s a lot that is serious about this post)

  4. A OSU booster must have “accidentally” left a suitcase full of money in Lee’s hotel room.

    IU was clearly the best option for Lee with a starting position open, and 2 NBA lottery picks (assuming Vonleh goes in the top 10 picks) in 2 years for IU centers.

  5. Higgi…where do you get that cr_p?!! There is a loy about OSU that is good and does not need to suggest cheating or payoffs. There is much about Coach Matta that is simply outstanding, including his early experience in Indiana high school basketball. I know any good and knowledgeable Hoosier fans who still regret that the ‘timing’ did not work out for us to get a crack at his being JU’s coach. His career at Butler and the assistants he formed say so.

    I’m all for respecting our program, including respecting both our league and our opponents. Your reactions are often immature and imbecile. Please grow up if you want to be taken seriously here. Lee made the choice that seemed best for him.

  6. Laquinton Ross is leaving OSU and I wonder if Lee didnt want to play power forward and not center…..just a thought

  7. Well it’s not a surprise now, Tsau. Thanks for robbing us the suspense. Geez.

    In all seriousness, though, I think you’re mostly right. I don’t think we’ll be in as bad a shape as some of the doom-n-gloomers, but depth will be an issue. Especially with foul trouble. I doubt it will be so much a matter of the lightbulb all of a sudden coming on for Hanner as it will be continued development expedited by opportunity. But he will continue to be much improved and have moments that make us all go “Noah who?”

    Sure would like to get a quality backup, though. This Lee character seemed like he would have been a legitimate impact player for us, but that ship has sailed. There’s got to be some sort of JuCo big out there that will be able to at least buy us some quality minutes in the post, if not be an all-out gem. I don’t think Hanner will quite be ready to be the full-time answer yet. But I do think he will make huge strides.

  8. I’m not sad to see Ross go. He was a little too thuggish for me. (I know some posters on here don’t like that term, but in this case I think it absolutely fits.) That shove at the end of the Dayton game pretty much summed it up for me. Some guys, like Craft, I hate playing against but respect greatly. Ross I just didn’t like seeing. Nasty streaks are one thing. Evil streaks are another. He seems like a ticking time bomb to me.

    That said, TJ’s right. Even if Ross doesn’t get drafted, his vacated spot was probably the nail in the coffin for Lee coming to IU. Oh well. The beat goes on.

  9. Punjab, didn’t mean to surprise nor to rob you of any suspense. I have not enjoyed some of the descriptions suggested of Hanner here (although his error is a common one in Bloomington) and some seem to have taken the position that something about his character is now flawed. Knowing what he’s overcome already (leaving his family, language, cultural adaptation, even the impact of violence on life in his native Colombia) it seemed appropriate to give a different view. (The same could be said of Peter Jurkins but after reading your note I don’t want to impose further).

    Geez, I merely wanted to put Hanner in perspective since a year ago he was being billed as the greatest ‘hope’ since Walt Bellamy; six months ago as a ‘bumbling’ dope; and, most recently, as a hard-drinking ‘thuggish’ type ….; all unfair descriptions and expectations of Hanner. (A lot more could be surmised about hanner when I read after the incident that his uncle immediately flew to Bloomington representing the family when informed of the ‘incident’. Now that’s family, don’t you (a proud father and family man)think?

    Hanner is what he is, a tremendous individual from very different origins adapting to a completely new setting; an impressive physical specimen who is very naturally talented but has to- and is trying to- overcome some large obstacles that come from the fact that he did not ‘really’ play the game until some 4-6 years ago.

    For me, it was important to make the statement to clarify some descriptions that have been unfair. Had nothing to do with wanting to surprise you nor rob you of any suspense or other experience. Hanner himself will have to do that to satisfy you, I imagine. But, there are stereotypes that float around and some people find hard to overcome.

    Still, I’ll know the next time to ask for your permission before I write.

  10. I thought it was an important post, Tsau. His development has been slower than most had hoped– myself included– but right about where anybody could reasonably expect. He had some games this year where he showed us glimpses of what he could be capable of. He also showed us he still has a ways to go at times. For somebody of his build and athleticism, the sky’s the limit. But I think it would be imprudent at this stage to either dismiss Hanner as a failed project or to elevate expectations to future lottery pick status. I think next season will be key for him, but I expect more consistent results as the season wears on. I’ll be rooting for him, but urge patience. That will probably fall on deaf ears for far too many of us.

    As for the “character” stuff, I know quite a few good people who made the same mistake Hanner did around the same age… and it just as easily could have been me. At that point in life, I think it’s far less a question of character than it is judgment. I’ve already written about this, so I won’t repeat. If it happens again, we have serious problems. But if it serve as a wake-up call, it could be the trigger point for something special. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

  11. I wonder if muniru bawa has any eligibility left? all that time here and crean couldn’t even get his name right. wtf

  12. Obi-Wan Kenobi a nice Tijan on my DJ White a$$.

    Bawa, Guy-Marc, Jobe, Jurkin, and Hanner add up to nothing of DeAndre Thomas’s butt-force or banner.

    It’s only Crean looking seven years richer the wise,
    fortunes in landing one Zeller caught in the headlights his happenstance eyes.

    Incompetent as ever while much the tanner hoops feller,
    His “wait and see” appears a large pile of wasted scholarships and Pollyanna diarrhea merely attracting flies.

  13. I agree with you Punjab. I also think that the ‘instruction and sheer repetition time’ between now and next; and further on down; between next season and following that one, the next, are the key times in his development.

    I regret Vohnle’s and Fischer’s leaving. I think what we miss this year by our huge need for a man in the pivot is the opportunity to red-shirt Hanner and add one more year to his ‘learning/repeating’ time. In my mind Punjab, it is simply a matter of that…the time he needs to catch up (in just history) and pass most 21-22 y.olds. We won’t see many ‘ceilings’ that high. (I also believe it ‘is high’ in part because he spent most of his childhood years playing soccer which teaches the bottom half of the body the things basketball teaches the upper half).

    By the way, I just read a great article about Bo Ryan, who is my favorite coach in the B1G (now that will create a ruckus among some bloggers who think they know basketball)…; not just because of his ‘basketball’ knowledge (which is considerable and only matched- maybe- by Izzo’s in our realm), but because of his value system and his insistence in teaching, not just coaching…t-e-a-c-h-i-n-g. In case you are interested (or anyone else reading this), below is the link to it. You can’t help but learn from a man like this, especially at a time that models are so important to our program. As a young dad who obviously loves his family and child (that comes out clearly in your posts), the article is valuable discussing why we are essential in ‘molding’ our kids. My son, a WP graduate (and a successful former div 1 athlete, just retired from the USA (1/508AIR/82nd) and his last position at the USJCoS. He sent the Ryan piece to me as part of a continuing dialogue we’ve carried on about parenthood, raising children, educating them, the role of sports, leadership, leaders as such and all the other topics of importance the NCAA never cared about or has nothing to do with. Below is the link, thought you’d enjoy it.


    One last question, merely out of curiosity, are you still in the USAF. I do enjoy your posts.

  14. Get use to top recruits not coming to Indiana.They know Crean’s job is on the line and most likely will be gone after next season.Lee knew he was going to OSU from day one.I will still be surprised if Blackmon ever comes to Indiana.The program is heading straight down hill and will never recover under Crean.IU good season will be 17-20 wins and a bubble team on selection Sunday.Pay Crean the buy-out cut the losses and go get Bennett-Alford-or Marshall.Just watched the state championship games on Saturday and not many Indiana high school kids are playing anywhere in the state.

  15. Not a decision I wanted to read. I like Punjab agree that we will see some good play from HP next season but mostly he’ll provide us with trying to attain adequate performance but I have no doubt he gets steadily better. Devin Davis is going to be the moniker of inside play for IU. I believe he improves the most over the Summer and feathers his nest during the non-conference schedule. With good outside shooting from the guards he should have a full menu of opportunity.

  16. On most teams HMP would not even be on the team next year.His court date is in May and he will be charged with DUI and reckless driving.He will lose his license for a year.Crean will leave him on the team because he knows his job is on the line.It’s a shame when a kid can be out drinking during the season with a game the next day at 3 in the morning so drunk you are driving the wrong way on a one way street and nothing happens to you.He should be allowed to stay in school and get his degree…but should not be on the team.I guess all things at IU are now different.

  17. Oh yeah, Perea and Davis will dominate other Big Ten teams on the inside. Sure, other conference teams have interior playes who are more skilled, more experienced, bigger and far greater in number, but I believe that not only will Perea and Davis get better and bigger this offseason, they will also multiply. That will be a key. Watch out Big Ten!

  18. Why would any of the coaches mentioned want to leave where they are to come to IU? Seems they already have better jobs. May want to start looking into some of the better high school coaches around.

  19. Hoosier1987 you are correct.I read a story in a Beaumont texas news about Sherron Wilkerson ..he is asst coach at Lamar University. Played for RMK was a 5 star guard,Mr Basketball,and got kicked off team for alcohol related incidence( not sure if DUI or public intoxication). he lost it all and knight made him take the hard road of life to respect what he lost and to find his way back.
    As far as “doom-and gloomers”, I have no confidence in Crean’s ability to “teach”. He is a collector;a collector of talent that ,like your parents in years gone by would take you to the Ole Swimming Hole and throw you in and then say “swim”He does similar with the players,throws them on the floor and says “grow”.Some make it to shore ,like Victor. most just tread water like Yogi and Watford,and some sink like JH,Austin.there is no TEAM building.

  20. The Hanner Perea-Devin Davis front court could be reminiscent of the George Leach-Sean Kline-A.J. Moye frontcourt from 2003-04 after Kline went down with a knee injury. That team allowed a string of very mediocre opposing big guys to have career games.

    The 2003-04 team had more size than next year’s team but a lack of quality, experienced bigs. It had six players listed at 6-8 or taller (Leach, Kline, Pat Ewing as a freshman, Mike Roberts as a sophomore, Jessan Gray-Ashley and walk-on Jason Stewart). To this point, Perea is the only player listed at 6-8 or taller who will be on next year’s team.

  21. When I heard he was going to take a visit to OSU and did not have any others planned I knew he would never leave there without committing. OSD right again. CTC and KJ were just chasing there tails going out there to berg him to come to IU. the statement below tells you all you need to know on how this kid and others view OSU and lack of respect they have for CTC.

    “Coach Matta and the Buckeye family knows what I need for this last year. Blessed!”

    IU is doomed until we get someone who can coach and not just recruit. Because guess what? The kids have seen through CTC and no he will not even be able to recruit.

  22. Lee was quoted in the columbus newspaper saying he wants to win a championship. Enough said as he knows that is not going to happen at IU under crean. Some say firing crean now would set the program back several years. I would argue keeping him on another year or two just delays the inevitable and sets us back from moving forward by several years. The ceiling for next years team is making the NCAA max. Really sad that by year 7 almost all of the excitement is gone and the best we can hope for is just making the tourney. I guess thats what 3 million a year gets us!

  23. HP was arrested for OWI, that was, is and will be the charge. He could lose his license for a year but it is seldom the case for a 1st time offender of an OWI misdemeanor. I doubt it will be lowered to a lesser reckless charge, as his blood alcohol was .15. He was NOT driving on a 1 way street. He has already served a 2 game suspension for his poor decision. That discipline is equal to what is dealt out at most other programs for similar behavior.

    As for the fabrication DD and HP will dominate, I have reread my post #22 and have yet to see where it states Davis and Perea are speculated to be dominate next season.

    Sherron Wilkerson was stripped of the Mr. Basketball title. Domestic violence(he assaulted a female)got him kicked off the IU team.

    Ted, You very well could be right in making the comparison to 2003-4.

  24. “He should be allowed to stay in school and get his degree…but should not be on the team.I guess all things at IU are now different.”

    Unless your last name is Knight, as in Pat, who committed a similar rules violation as Wilkerson but received a (metaphorical) slap on the wrist from his father/coach.

    “knight made him take the hard road of life to respect what he lost and to find his way back…”

    According to Sherron, he and RMK had no interaction of any kind for 8 years after he (Wilkerson) was dismissed from the team, though his career and Pat’s crossed paths more than once. I assume Pat is an adult capable of making decisions.

    Let’s not rewrite history to fit the narrative(I know, I know…that ship has already sailed). It just diminishes Knight’s legacy. Let it stand on it’s own merit.

  25. Hoosier1987, at some point you have to start being factual. Your description of HP- serious enough as an OWI- misstep borders on purposely exaggerated. HP will have to answer for that misdemeanor, just as Hoosier Clarion states. Beyond that, the experience should put him back on track to who he is, a fine, humble and studious person.

    There’s got to be something very warped in you to make your exaggeration so pointed.

  26. Sorry…HMP was driving the wrong way on a one way street…or at least that’s what the arrest says.That’s what got the officer’s attention plus the fact he was driving on the curb!!! He should not be allowed on this team next year at all.As far has saying firing Crean now would set the program back 2-3 years….keeping Crean will set the program back 3-4 years.It is not Crean’s fault he is here.Who would not leave Marq. for Indiana? All the blame lies with The Board of Trutee’s at Indiana who make the decsion’s.Hiring Sampson was the worst mistake in the history of Indiana sports.Hiring Crean was the second worse mistake.He has never won anything and yet he was hired to coach one of the Top 10 programs in the country.Whomever make the coaching hires at Indiana in football and basketball are complete fool’s and idiot’s.If Crean stay’s next season no coach with any status will want this job.Indiana has more than enough money to buy Crean out and hire a great coach.Crean is making 3.1 million a year and is the worse coach in The Big 10 by far.Glass knows nothing about sports at all…maybe a good busniness man I don’t know…but knows nothing about coaching or sports…if he did why would he have gave Crean the raise and extension??? Enough said…Indiana basketball is the laughing stock of the big 10 and no coach in the conference want’s to see him fired.

  27. I am not saying HMP is not a good kid…no clue never met him.But getting drunk and arrested and being out at 3 in the morning that is at least 2 team rules infractions.He should be allowed to transfer or stay at IU for his education but should in no way be allowed to play basketball on this team.

  28. Watched the first hour of “Survive and Advance”(the tale of Valvano’s miracle NC State team that won the championship). What a great documentary. Thought it was relevant to the current topic at hand on the blog and the position the Hoosiers now find themselves in while frantically searching for post presence/players. There are countless great lessons about belief, mission, and loyalty to team and purpose in documentary.

    But what I really found impressive were the words from one of the most dominant post players of that era. Virginia’s Ralph Sampson was the feared big man that stood in the way of the Wolfpack’s potential to have a dream season and the visions of Valvano fulfilled.

    Sampson was a senior at the time, but listen to how he talks of the college experience in this clip from the 13:43 to 14:20 mark….Watch and listen very carefully to Ralph Sampson’s words. This is the type of kid that I want IU to recruit. In my humble opinion, this is where guys like Zeller and Vonleh just don’t get what it means to wear the candy stripes. They let themselves down and they let teammates down. They remove themselves from the potential of such everlasting bonds and brotherhood.

    If you haven’t watched “Survive and Advance,” you’re shortchanging yourself of what it used to mean to play college ball and dream of great things. Wish I could put it more eloquently, but I would just suggest watching the documentary.

  29. Actually, you should watch the clip from about the 12:00 minute to 15:00 mark to get the wider perspective…Listen to Roy Williams’ words before the Ralph Sampson segment…Really good stuff.

    Thanks for your time. Just three minutes…Maybe you’ll get hooked like I did and want to watch the full documentary from beginning until end. I still have to watch part II.

  30. 1987, You can continue the lie but it will not correlate with the facts. The police report states what got the officer’s eye was a vehicle with a turn signal on indicating it would be turning the wrong way onto a 1 way street. The vehicle proceeded(straight)through the intersection and shortly began riding the curb. HP was given a sobriety test and arrested for OWI. Stay as biased as you wish but your credibility is in your hands, go for it.

  31. Maybe we should hire Tom Izzo? MSU is obviously going to fire him since he can even beat a #7 seed when heavily favored to advanced to the Final Four in the NCAA tourney, right? Hell…why not bring Bob Knight out of retirement?


  32. Sherron Wilkerson’s road to redemption

    By Avi Zaleon

    Updated 9:47 pm, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 its a good article …and admittedly i was wrong..I misread what had occured and thought his actions were alcohol related

  33. the article was in Beaumont enterprise …newspaper. Sherron has been assistant coach for 2-3 yrs at Lamar

  34. My Lord, Kentucky is just scary talented. Holy Toledo! How many future NBA big’s are on that squad? Lee, Randle, Cauley-Stein, Poythress….

    And we’ve got one Hanner Perea that has a fat question mark next to his name. He couldn’t make that UK squad. I’m not sure if Vonleh could have made that team. Wow..just..wow.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 – 10:25 PM EDT

    Here comes Kentucky…Only down six. We’re gonna be hearing the name Julius Randle an awfully lot

  35. 1987- Hoosier Clarion is right. “… your credibility is in your hands, go for it”. It’s like grabbing water, isn’t it 1987?

  36. Regardless of how much we distain Kentucky and Calipari, he’s got college basketball figured out and Kentucky is the beneficiary. These guys aren’t students and I have a feeling that they barely remember their attendance but the National Championship and Final Four Banners say Kentucky. Calipari had the best talent at the beginning of the year (according to the polls) and IU had the best talent last year (according to the polls and the Eye Test). Kentucky is in the Final Four and I’ll be surprised if they aren’t playing for the National Championship next Monday (Sorry Wisconsin). Crean got to the Regional Semi Final. Two Years…Two Teams with the Best Talent…Two different results. I don’t want Calipari but I also no longer (starting with last year) want Crean.

  37. Yeah iulongago…..its a shame that some freshmen “grow and learn”( Ill have to check the films on that) and others just seem to tread water

  38. Huh..? I guess no one watched “Survive and Advance.” And some on here act like they’re passionately concerned with the preservation of college athletics; that their hearts beat in unison to the only redeeming purpose of sports evolving in the special relationships that can be forged along the processes and pathways of staying grounded, furthering an education, seeking reverence for the brotherhood found in jersey and teammate, where staying in school is foremost, and for the most, the optimum road to real wealth for the soul and the mind.

    What’s here instead? Same old, same old. Just a lot of those acting like Moses bringing down the stone tablets…More of the talking down from the heavens on here per usual. More of the same from those with the selective skills to see into the souls of all human beings and decide which kids get crucified for mistakes and which get are blessings because they have the power of gods to know which still have the ‘goodness’ and ‘worthiness’ to be stellar human beings and which are the irredeemable scum of the earth….And how do they judge so discerningly while so completely removed from being inside the circle of family, friends, and all others that have the closest look possible to make anything remotely fair to an honest value judgment concerning a young person that has made mistakes(whether those be one-time mistakes or involve a pattern of bad habits)? Guess what, sports fans. They do not have that power to know. They only have the arrogance to pretend to know. Do they hold the crystal ball in their laps delivered by God himself that tells of the exacting future tale of damnation following the “19 F’s” down the only road of a 19-year-old living the next 19 years as a total eff-up? Do they hold the same crystal ball that could tell a tale of one drunk driving incident/mistake being rooted in the potential a much more troubled youngster, one where all the rest the human race without their judgment ball delivered from God, have no powers to see this is more than an isolated problem. Could it be the one-time offender is in far darker place though only caught once by the hands of the law or what we assume to be justice?

    But I digress…What is troubling is that a basketball so wrought in tradition and excellence on the court finds itself so void of honest reflection(a far deeper and wider void than the serious questions regarding fighting for the services of skilled high school basketball prima donnas that approach 7-ft in height).

    And what is most troubling about any teenager getting in a car highly intoxicated has nothing to do with the mistake of it all…We are all capable of far worse mistakes. Those mistakes slap you in the face at all turns of a corner in the course of every life I’ve rarely known anyone to live flawlessly. How dare anyone scream to the heavens that they are more made in perfection than anyone else. Actions need never reflect what can be in a very dark thought. What I find most troubling is that all these preachers and protectors attesting to the character of a teammate were not there when he grabbed those car keys while drunk and dangerous. That car could have jumped the curb and killed your son or daughter walking home from a party no different than the girl named Lauren Spierer plucked from darkness and feared forever gone. In the blink of an eye your loved one can be taken and a 3000 pound vehicle being the weapon won’t make it any easier to find the answers.

    I find it troubling that there was no teammate, roommate, casual friend, no less intoxicated than Hanner getting into his car? I mean, how could you be sober and let that happen? That’s a far larger mistake….Maybe it’s even a bigger mistake than skipping classes, smoking weed in your dorm room with the the IU president’s son, or flunking out of school and getting kicked off a team. Simply because it was a side street or a town street doesn’t change anything. It could have been an interstate highway to hell and your child could have been the target of the front bumper.

  39. And I’ll be damned if I’ll ever believe that all those Sampson degenerates committed their mistakes and made their beds of bad decisions after bad decisions while somebody far more sober and wise didn’t stand and watch with cold and calculating eye. And they, my judging witch-hunting friends, are the real sad and sorry sickos of the world that don’t get their names in the paper. And sometimes those sickos are where you’d hope for the most mature guidance and care..Sometimes they even wear suits and ties and are of such sick thoughts that they quietly watch with delight as someone they have a distorted and twisted prejudice heads down the road of failure.

    And those quiet judgment makers that silently grinned from ear to ear to watch a kid with potential take the road to failure are no different than those remaining nameless that can watch someone leave a party drunk while knowing full well of the possible tragedies that follow. For in all mistakes, there is rarely a vacuum…There are possibilities for intervention outside of the cold, the calculating, or merely the worst of all, the indifferent eyes, that watch without decency, feeling, or heart to step in and change the course of someone in trouble.

  40. And now for something completely different…

    This one is for Dustin…’cause I thinks Dusty is a big baseball fan.

  41. This is the year!!!

    I didn’t grow up on box scores…I grew up on Brickhouse and Banks.

    The Cubs of the past, still play on the Wrigley grass,
    And their fate, they will soon redeem.

  42. TJ – how many turds can you throw in your pool before everyone just stays away?

    Yogi treading water? yep, there was absolutely no growth in his game from frosh to soph. That might be, of all the stupid things you’ve said, the dumbest.

    Comparing IU’s freshman to the most touted freshman class in the history of college basketball? IU’s freshman were never supposed to contribute on that level, with the exception of Vonleh. They had the #1 PG, #1 C, #2 PF, #1 SG, and #2 SG… UK is ending up where most in the country thought they would before the season started.

    At least when Harvard gives us a load of BS he balances it with some humor or entertaining slant.

  43. Hanner is listed at 6-9 and Devin Davis at 6-7. As long as IU doesn’t run up against any size or talent in the post everything will be just awesome! It will be like the feeding of the 5000 in the Bible. We are about to witness a miracle!

  44. The Nigerian/Columbian experiment needs to stop. Yeah it worked for Pete Bell in Blue Chips but let’s look where Wisconsin is getting all their tall white kids. Seems to be working better for them.
    HMP is a nice leaper but not a basketball player. He would have been the third option in the post had not everyone left the team and now that he will be relied on to anchor the middle is laughable.
    I still think Crean can coach but in case Glass gives up the ship, there is no way Alford is turning down the opportunity to return.

  45. It’s Colombian you idiot. The country is Colombia. The Columbia River– as in Columbia, the District of Columbia, the Columbian Exposition–, is in the northwest of the United States, separating Oregon and Washington state and flowing into the Pacific Ocean. But then I’m hoping for too much to expect you to know any of this since your geographic skills are probably about as sophisticated as your basketball knowledge… or your spelling skills.

    One more thing. Please, honor Hep…stop posting illiterate nonsense. He was an educated, sophisticated man with no prejudices (foreign or domestic).

  46. Watched the Cubs yesterday. First noticed that I barely recognized three names. Then I noticed that it was the bottom of the 8th and we were 0-0 vs Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh. So I decided to get acquainted.

    Maybe this would…..(no! I can’t say it).

    So we let Pittsburgh get a first runner on to start the ninth and I thought (here we go…sh__!)

    But no!, somehow we got out of it…

    …instead, we lost (I don’t even know in how many)…cause we can’t hit….

    we’re getting closer!!! Only 161 games to go and we’re only one game out of first in our division…even though the Pirates abused us and did what they wanted to with our bodies last year! Go Cubs!

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