1. Thought Sheehey really showed his leadership in answering the question to Hanner about his play and his problem rather than having Hanner answer such a question.

    Great leadership Sheehey and great two games. Looking forward to seeing more of it in the remaining games. Looks like you are really having fun!!

  2. Dennis, That drew my attention also. Wil is definitely a meateater, a take charge type of guy. I expect this is the true Sheehey amplified from the in your face bravado image he extended as an underclassman. I expect him to be tough to handle on the court the rest of the season. Whatever law firm he joins will be getting a gem.

  3. HC – yeah man, there’s nothing more important in life than confidence. (At least that’s my current perspective). I’ve seen people of questionable intelligence command jobs with money and power because of their unwavering confidence… Ugly, fat, dorky, short, or just average looking guys end up with beautiful women of high character because they were confident enough to pursue them. All the time I see attractive men and women who have no real discernible skill or ability become successful simply because they are outwardly confident… And vice versa, I see people who on the outside or on paper seem like they should be unstoppable in life, but simply don’t have the nerve to carry through.

    There is no better breeding ground for confidence IMO than athletics. Nothing like performing in front of 17,000 people for 4 years to build it. Nothing like the adulation of masses or the signing of autographs to cement it…

    Sometimes, often times, those factors can add up to create a prick, but it also makes some pretty wonderful leaders. Sheehey seems to have that special combination of traits that will serve others very well throughout life. I think you’re absolutely correct that whichever firm hires him will have an outstanding lawyer, and eventual partner.

  4. Hey Punjab, question for ya: is this “two back-to-back wins” or just one? Did we figure that out yet?

  5. Geoff, Indeed, you have described to a T how I have read people with drive for 1/2 my life. WS has something about him, that “it” factor and as you identified, the “it” is confidence.

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