1. I love the passion that Wilson & Knorr express during this clip. Sounds to me that the defense is still a struggle, and shouldn’t expect big miracles this season. If the defense could just move up a notch from worse to bad, we would be ok, considering our potent offense. I expect 6 wins, and a minor bowl.

  2. Knorr using the phrase, “slow down the installation” regarding the change in scheme is a polite way of saying the defensive players are overwhelmed. They’re probably doing 70% correct, but it’s that other 30% where they faulter and breakdowns occur.

    I know so many of us see the 3-4 as being our panacea on defense, but it will still come with some growing pains this year. I don’t know if we have the personnel to run it successfully, but what I don’t want is people complaining that it is no better than the scheme we had the last three seasons if the results aren’t immediate. Let’s try and remember that Wilson’s first two years offensively saw IU ranked in the conference seventh, and tenth statistically, and it wasn’t until 2012 when things started to come around and we finished fourth, and of course we were second in 2013.

    2014 s year one under Knorr, and he takes over a defense that was ranked twelth last season. Now we have two more teams in the conference and if we can manage a defensive ranking somewhere between 8 and 12 I’d be happy.

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