Vonleh out with foot inflammation

Indiana coach Tom Crean just posted on his Twitter account that IU freshman forward Noah Vonleh will miss today’s game with foot inflammation. The Massachusetts native ranks second on the Indiana squad in scoring with 11.6 points per game and he leads the Big Ten in rebounding with 9.1 per game.


  1. Scoop professionals–

    Any word on how serious Vonleh’s foot injury is? How long they expect him to be out?

    Scoop amateurs–Any speculation on how this affects Vonleh’s likelihood of declaring for draft? Let me start with, we all hope it is a minor injury and Vonleh becomes the MVP of the NBA some day. Injury might make him think: “Man, what if I get seriously injured, better go to the NBA now.” Or “maybe I need to come back and prove my worth and get stronger (after getting an insurance policy?)….”

    Personally (unrelated to injury), I think there are plenty of good reasons for Vonleh to stay one more year….

    1. Spanky,
      Tom Crean said it’s just an inflammation injury, no stress fracture, and something he’s been dealing with for a while that just got worse. Crean said Vonleh would be completely day-to-day.

  2. Wow…And mo mention if that last second triple drops for OSU, I’m one point from exactly calling the score.

    Not to mention, I’m the only one on this blog that repeatedly said the battle was still on and IU’s NCAA hopes were far from over.

    Lastly, this team finally proved they didn’t have to be a 2-man show. People get too wrapped up in the McDonald’s All-American talk and slathering praise on only the stars. It’s the team that’s been the star in the last few games.

    Tom Crean’s team showed a lot of character today. Never got off the accelerator when OSU kept trying to close in. Seniors(Gordon and Sheehey) really played solid.

    Gordon is taking some crap on here that he doesn’t deserve. I actually thought his poise was the difference.

  3. Get off the tourney talk folks. It’s over. It was over in mid-Jan and before that with a pathetic non-conference schedule and resume. That’s why the RPI sucks. The only shot we have is to win the MI game after Nebraska Wed. We have “a puncher’s chance” and that’s about it.

    Of course, an auto bid goes to the Big 10 tourney winner and we need to whoop purdue’s butts to get the whole thing started.

  4. HfH…you surely did!!! Always said when it came to roundball…you’re scary good. It’s a breathing thing isn’t it…nothing to do with actuarial tables. (Actually actuarial tables vs. foot boo-boo)

  5. Harvard,

    Yeah, Gordon was really good yesterday. Every time he came in he steadied the ship… The only other guy who looked ready and willing to take more than one dribble around Craft and Scott. Knocked down his FTs… Everything except that last play ( which was a pass, not a shot) when I was barking at the TV like everyone else. I was really surprised considering his experience and specific decision making in yesterday’s game. But oh well, we won and everyone gets to learn a lesson from that play, not just Evan.

    Now… Let’s not forget you already conceded the bet Harvey. So I wouldn’t go bragging about your faith. When I said they wouldn’t make the tourney I didn’t say they would lose out. I just bet that they wouldn’t make the tourney.

    So. I’ll let you go back on your concession. Heck I’m even starting to gain a little faith. Certainly 9-9 gets them in. I doubt Sheehey plays with any less fire these last few games, and he’s really the impetus for all this. I think the whole team gains additional confidence because they got a huge win without Noah.

    Hope I’m buying that gift certificate and not you buddy!

  6. More and more I’m seeing Robinson-Williams as Sheeladipo… Eventually they’ll both grow into consistent contributors, but right now we just need to add their contributions together to make one solid performance…. It can be a great game from Stan and nothing from Troy, or a little from both… However it adds up, as long as they don’t both lay eggs, then we’re pretty good.

  7. IU will split the final 2. B1G tournament is a toss up. I think they know the will be playing for there NCAA spot and will come out firing, hopefully they will do it calmly. Since they will be in the will be in the bottom 8, without winning it all and getting the automatic bid, they need at least 2 wins and be in the final 4 teams in the tournament, they win 1 or leave with 0 wins and they are NIT bound. IMHO

  8. I don’t recall conceding anything. I’ve been doing nothing other than posting the Big 10 standings, discussing scenarios/schedules, and reiterating the fact that the middle of the pack was far from decided.

    And I have certainly never made statement that “this is not a good team.” I have continually said that we could “bridge” to a better team this year and answers/victories wouldn’t always be found in a 2-man show or just predictably frustrating Noah into expecting and taking too much upon his own shoulders.

    I may have used a statement like “it appears you’ve won the bet” because it sure wasn’t looking very good after the Purdue loss. There’s really nothing to concede until Selection Sunday is over. It’s one game at a time. Beating Michigan in Ann Arbor in the season finale for two straight years will be no easy task.

    And I’m quite as definitive in the belief that a .500 conference record even gets us in. There could be one team at 9-9, or as many as four teams tied at 9-9. I’m not sure if the committee picks seven team from the conference if two teams are tied for sixth place. They may just take five(Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa, OSU…Assuming OSU gets their final win at home against the Spartans). Or, the committee could really piss of some fans, pass on a .500 team, and still take Minnesota(below .500)simply based on strength of schedule.

    We appear to be finding some confidence at the right time. Sheehey is moving into that 3rd cog we dearly missed for important earlier stretches. Perea is proving he can contribute. Williams and Robinson are making better decisions and making big plays(loved the scoop shot from Robinson yesterday). There’s overall hustle and our point guard is emerging as one of the best in the country. And two games against very strong Big 10 opponents were won with Noah only getting seven points in the first game and sidelined because of injury in the most recent victory …Who would have thunked it?

    Maybe we could just go out and win the Big 10 tournament for the first time in school history and keep the entire decision out of the hands of the Establishment voters behind closed doors.

    But until the brackets are announced on March 9th, nothing is conceded.

  9. oops.

    And I’m [NOT] quite as definitive in the belief that a .500 conference record even gets us in.

  10. Who said you said “this isn’t a good team”? Are you arguing an invisible commenter? Do I need to be worried? Should I be carrying a bag of flour around with me whenever I post? I don’t like invisible people… They’re always sketchy.

  11. Trojan Horse…and I was going to throw in a pair of yoga pants for Andy if we fail to make the tournament.

    It wasn’t you that made the statement that referred to the Hoosiers as not being a good team. I’m merely saying that I never took a position that this team couldn’t win or be a “good team” because certain essential elements were missing.

    I’ve always taken the position that they were strong enough to not need excuses.

    Keep the faith.

  12. was this an imposter?

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – 11:17 PM UTC

    Well, Geoff….It appears you’ve won the bet. Trojan Horse gift certificate coming soon to Dustin and Jeremy.

    Wow…Noah would be nuts to stay. There is no cohesiveness in this team. Maybe the most disjointed group of Hoosiers I’ve ever seen wearing the uniform. I must have been nuts to think they could gel. I’m ready to put half of them on a bus. No fight. No pride. No business playing Division 1 basketball. Sorry, it’s time to tell it like it is.

    The way this team is coming out of halftime locker rooms is shameful and beyond baffling.

  13. ‘..it appears you’ve won the bet.”

    My use of the word “appears” means in all likelihood. If you’re watching a track meet and claim that it appears a runner is going to finish in last place, ti doesn’t mean that the race is over or that some slim chances still don’t exist(depending on how far behind, etc) for the runner to have a miracle finish. How many times does it appear that a horse may finish in last and suddenly makes up tons of ground on the final stretch. There was noting definitive in “appears.”

    As far as the rest of the comments go…The team should have been ashamed for their performance at Purdue. And like many posters, I was pretty hot after the Purdue loss. To the Hoosiers credit, they have bounced back and found some new life. And I believe since that post you found, I’ve been sending very positive signals to keep the faith. I’ve also kept abreast with all the other teams and have been posting the various scenarios that the Hoosiers could still climb back into the race…Although, it did “appear” things weren’t looking good on February 25th.

    I’ll still happily buy Dustin and Jeremy a gift certificate . But I think most that have been reading my posts lately know that I have not given up hope. I have never claimed this “isn’t a good team” or to chuck it in because it’s a “bridge” we are building to better things to come. Too many scenarios to make that definitive statement.

    I don’t think your bridge found victories against Iowa and OSU with Vonleh not much of a factor. Your bridges are built on doubt and putting too much emphasis on Sporting News cover boys. It’s a team game. We’ll obviously need Vonleh going forward, but what beauty to figure it out and watch the changing dynamics of a team that didn’t want to give up while he was sidelined.

  14. Oh, that’s when I was trying that technique of throwing them under the bus(light a match under their butts, sorta speak). It obviously worked. It was probably that thread where I mentioned Sheehey having good hops…and then I said, “So does the Easter Bunny.” There are sometimes I write things in hope that it will make it to locker room…Maybe it gets a laugh. Maybe it creates disgust from the Doc Libby’s of the “self-glossing” world. Maybe it actually gets somebody to realize it is their senior year and nothing is at the other side of their “bridge year.”

    Forgive me for getting the schedule confused. A couple of those games so blown leads and real collapses in the second half. I’m not going to play Podunker on here when I think they can do better. I’m not going to kiss them on the cheek, tuck them in to go nightie-night for 2013-14, and say let’s get ’em next year. As Bush used to say…”Not gonna do it…Not at this juncture..Wouldn’t be prudent.” Too much opportunity is still left this year.

    Bottom Line: Quit being a whiny baby because they’ve pulled it together in a fashion you never could predict. All you bitched about was feeding the ball to Noah as the answer. And Goeff, you know I didn’t abandon my hope for this team getting in the tournament. Regardless of the record, I tend to think the Big 10 tournament is more wide-open this year than any I can remember year’s past.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Friday, January 24, 2014 – 3:06 AM UTC

    I’m willing to bet Geoff on the prospects of us making the NCAA tournament.
    I’m thinking we’ll make the tournament. Since he has remained quiet on the discussions concerning NCAA berth, I am thinking he’s not so confident. Assuming Geoff doesn’t think we’ll make the tournament, here’s the bet:
    If I win(Hoosiers make the tournament), Geoff is to purchase Dustin and Jeremy a $20 gift certificate to Trojan Horse.
    If Geoff wins(Hoosiers do not make the tournament)Harvard is to purchase same said certificate….and I’ll throw in a pair of yoga pants and a box of Graham crackers for Andy..

    Can we just stick to the terms of the bet regardless of interpretation of words like “appear” in the heated moment of being pissed off at a Hoosier team buying into sitting around like old ladies playing bridge?

    For all intents and purposes, we both know it’s a long shot to make the tournament.

  15. I never intended on not honoring the agreement. I’m just giving you crap, which is fairly common among friends within the East Coast Establishment. It’s actually a sign of respect and caring.

    You would think that my only answer was to feed it to Noah. Your always limited to your talking points, regardless of what others’ are. As far as being a whiny baby, I stand behind my side of the bet. I couldn’t be happier that IU is winning games though. My dad and I are sharing some great conversations around the recent turnaround. I hope they win 15 straight… All that being said, I don’t think I have incorrectly predicted anything. I think you have, and you’ll be buying yoga pants.

  16. Limited intelligence, Geoff. I have to limit my talking points. I’ve already purchased Andy’s yoga pants. I’m wearing them right now.

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