Vonleh tells CBS he’s entering the draft

Indiana freshman forward Noah Vonleh told Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com on Sunday night that he will enter the NBA Draft. 

Vonleh was named Big Ten Freshman of the Year in his lone season with Indiana, averaging 11.3 points and 9.0 rebounds. He was also named a third-team All-Big Ten pick. He’s the first Indiana player to go one-and-done since Eric Gordon in 2007-08.


  1. Good luck with your dreams, Noah. You’ll be great in the NBA and we were lucky to watch you play in the Cream and Crimson for a year.

  2. Thanks for playing at IU this past year, Noah. Enjoyed watching you. I wish you much success in your NBA career.

  3. Noah is not ready for the NBA – his game still needs lots of improvement, just ask Cody Zeller.

    However, if you’re going to be a lottery pick and earn guaranteed millions, then you cannot blame a kid in setting himself for life with the current 1-and-done NCAA rule. Good luck Noah…IU could have been on track for a deep run in the NCAA Tourney next year had you decided to stay. Que sera sera…

  4. 4 years of college doesn’t mean you’ll be ready for the NBA, (but in Noah’s case, it does guarantee you lose lottery status…) Just ask Cody’s brother Tyler…

    The 1-&-done is an NBA rule, not a NCAA rule.

  5. LOL…Tyler has nowhere close to the talent of Cody or Noah. He had to stay 4 years just to get drafted in the 1st round. Yes, the NBA’s 1-and-Done rule sanctioned by the NCAA, allows many talented players to jump to the NBA before their game is ready for prime-time. Nothing wrong with that if you are going to pay them big bucks to do so, but in the long-term it may drastically hurt the players career and longevity.

  6. Cody is playing between 33-50% of the game now and consistently (50% of the time for the last month) scoring double-figures… Noah will be just fine.

    “Sanctioned by the NCAA”? What are their choices? You can’t force a kid to stay in school. The NBA holds all the cards.

  7. comparing tyler zeller to vonleh is absurd. tyler wouldn’t have even been drafted after his second year. higgi is right.

  8. Geoff, only time will tell if Cody and Noah “will be just fine”…

    Also, you should know that the NCAA (yes, it is a business) worked hand-in-hand in with the NBA creating the 1-and-Done rule/requirement.

  9. This news is no surprise. He would not have played in college if he could have gone straight to the NBA. This is the double-edged sword of recruiting such impressive talent. Eventually, I see the NBA deciding to eliminate the “one-and-done” and establishing a Development league. The current arrangement is not good for college basketball and is frankly unfair to young, highly talented adults who want a chance to earn a living playing professional sports right after High School. I just don’t believe it is right to deny any free, law-abiding adult the right to pursue his or her chosen occupation.

  10. Saying that players are better off in the NBA for spending more time in college is absurd.

    Name the top 5-10 players of the past few years at every position in the NBA and you will notice a trend… (In no particular order…

    PG – Paul, Westbrook, Rondo, Williams, Rose, Irving, Parker, Wall, Jennings, Holiday

    SG – Wade, Bryant, Harden, Johnson, Ellis

    SF – James, George, Durant, Pierce, Iguadala, Melo, Gay

    PF – Aldridge, Love, Garnett, Nowitzki, Randolph, Davis

    C – Howard, Gasol, Chandler, Cousins, Jefferson, Jordan

    There are very few Nash’s, and Curry’s and Duncan’s by comparison….

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