Cunningham commits to Bradley

Josh Cunningham, a 6-foot-7 swingman from Morgan Park High School in Illinois and the No. 88 player in the Class of 2014 according to, announced Tuesday that he will commit to Bradley over Indiana.  Cunningham had been one of the players the Hoosiers focused on for much of the spring.


  1. Just another wing, which we don’t need right now. Im very pleased with April And Priller. Those two will fill a needed role this coming season whereas Cunningham would be a seat holder towards the end of the bench at least for next season. Our new bigs will surprise some of you critics on these boards. Count on it.

  2. He just wants to stay closer to home. I am sure he can read well enough to understand Bradley was 12-20 overall last year and 7-11 MVC.

  3. Would have loved to see Josh Cunningham as an IU Hoosier – word is that he almost committed during his visit to Bloomington after watching the IU beat OSU. However, being near family, mentors, and friends ultimately trumped playing at a high profile program. Josh has a chance to be THE MAN immediately at Bradley, while he would have to compete for playing time at every other school that offered him. Best of luck Josh, you seem like a great kid…

    …and now let’s go back to recruiting talented, highly regarded prospects that really want to play for the glory of ‘ol IU!

  4. Perea, Jurkin, April, Priller….? Where does Tom Crean turn to complete the Hoosier Frontline Ninja V?

    Somewhere Mitch is rolling a reefer…Somewhere Tijan is dancing.

  5. Is IU basketball going to join MO Valley conference…..where are the high 4 star 87 and above and 5 star recruits 90 and above….including state of Indiana…..I do not see any in the near future…You got to have them to be at top of big ten and country…..or is IU just going to play at bottom and everyone moves on until another regime takes over.

  6. I’ll remind you all that Coach Knight and his staff were unable to land many “high 4 star…and 5 star recruits”.

    Perea, April, and Priller all have the chance to be good players next year, and looks like all of them will be on campus during the summer for conditioning and skills improvement. Jurkin will transfer after next season to open up another scholly for the program.

  7. Post#8….Good enough to have a .500% season next year that includes pre-season which will equal 6 or 7 wins in big ten with an additional win in big ten tournament…..and barely missing the NIT again.

  8. He probably made a wise choice for him. The bright lights of the big-time was not his cup of tea.

  9. Cunningham WAS pressured by family to stay close to home,thats according to may recruiting services.Priller ,on the other hand,if he bumped into the towel boy coming out of dressing room,would get knocked down.He’s so thin he doesnt cast a shadow when the spotlight is on him.

  10. I see that 5 star center Zimmerman listed Louisville along with IU and 6 others. I wonder if the loss of Kenny Johnson will come back to bite IU in the ass

  11. No sugar coating this loss. Cunningham was considered a lock for Indiana not too long ago and decided schools like Bradley and South Carolina were better options. Because of the dismal performance by the team this year many potential recruits soured on Indiana. Tom Crean needs to now make a full court press to get Gant as he would fill the need for a quality power forward which Indiana still does not have.

  12. TJ, ‘Cunninghsm…close to home”. You are one dumb Texas burro, aren’t you? The difference between driving from Chicago to Peoria (bradley) and Chicago to Bloomington,IN is little more than 70 miles (about 1 hour). From Morgan Park he has to consider having to go to the NW side of the city and around O’Hare Airport, so that mileage difference quickly becomes about 20 minutes rather than an hour. In the winter, with snow and the traffic NW to O’Hare, probably 0 difference.

    Please, start posting contributions that add something…not you Texas horse cakes.

    RAM has it right. Breath in (please don’t forget to breath out or you’ll keep all the carbon dioxide now circulating in your brains)…and then, move on.

  13. TsaoTsuG:
    It’s easy enough to look things up on a map. The difference in driving between Morgan Park and Peoria/Bloomington is an hour and 10 minutes.

    Further (and I know this from having lived in Central IL, Chicago, Bloomington, and Wisconsin), it’s a heck of a lot easier to get from Bradley to home for him on account of Peoria Charter, which operates busses from the Bradley Student Center straight to O’Hare (via Illinois State/Bloomington-Normal).

  14. Just saw that Zimmerman has reduced his list to 10 people and IUI is still on there. We are not favored at this time but since we are still there, would hope that Crean would give it a last try and contact him. We would really have the paint covered with all our height then.

  15. Seriously? You pick Bradley over Indiana because you can get home one hour faster? Soon as he gets a car, he could shave 30 minutes off just by putting the pedal to the metal.

    And how often does a D-1 basketball player really get to go home? Isn’t it really only practical during vacation/semester breaks?

    “Because it’s Indiana”…and not worth the extra hour driving time and 2 gallons of gas?

    No need to worry, I’ve heard McClain has found another big(was originally thinking of Gonzaga) that’s been under the radar.

  16. It’s my understanding that we’re currently finishing the paperwork confirming Junior Sasquatch’s does still have remaining eligibility….

  17. There’s also a sleeper from Minnesota that’s getting some attention. Some say he sorta reminds of Pau Gasol

  18. (WisconsiHoosier-the Peoria Charter would drop him off at O’ Hare,?????? your statement-he’s still an hour to an hour and a half from home (get downtown and take another train + a bus into Morgan Park/Beverly area, on a good day, (never mind a frozen CTA train this winter)… and crossing gang boundaries Gangster Disciples, Latin King. Latin GD…

    Cunningham probably bought the Bradley sales pitch ‘In Peoria, You ‘THE Man’!. Education, careers, future and prestige of degree have nothing to do with it. “Gosh, Josh, the education you get at Bradley, in the Missouri Valley Conference is superior to all Big Ten school” (don’t laugh, someone probably used that argument) (Did you know that Bradley started as a watchmaker’s school?. “And,Josh… in basketball son, since 1960 we’ve made the NCAA tournaments almost as many times as IU has National Championship banners, four times!

    OK, Mr. Cunnigham, wished you’d chosen IU, really! (Would love a good Chicago kid). Either way, Mr. Cunningham, good luck to you and make all your dreams come true. Believe it or not, we can be happy for you and for your family. Remember Chicago, and “…don’t send me nobody, nobody sent!”

  19. TSAO stick to Bloomington and its surroundings since you havent a clue to geography or can read a map…..This from the Bradley Story about Cunningham’s recruitment:…Cunningham also becomes the third Chicagoland recruit in Bradley’s 6-man class and he becomes the sixth Chicagoland product on Bradley’s 2014-15 roster, the most Chicago area players on the Bradley roster since the 1996-97 ….and YOU say “proximity” has nothing to do with it….

  20. I get a kick out of some people on this site implying that Crean can no longer recruit and taking shots at some of the young players due to arrive at IU. Including the class of 14/15, how many McDonald’s All-Americans has Crean signed on to play for IU over the last four recruiting classes? Has any other IU coach signed that many in that same amount of time? I have not done the research, but I’m curious about those numbers.

    And if I remember correctly, we have another McDonald’s All American arriving in Bloomington this summer. They say he’s pretty good and should compliment his older teammates.

    I think the problem is, some folks posting on this site secretly want IU basketball to transform into Kentucky basketball. I for one hope that never happens. I’d like IU basketball to continue being played by real student-athletes who actually pursue a good education and get their degrees. I like reading stories about IU’s student athletes who go on to success after their athletic careers are finished. And I believe the best thing that could happen to IU basketball is the elimination of the NBA’s one-and-done rule. Given the values of IU Athletics, and our proud tradition of producing athletes who get their degree (reinforced by Bob Knight and now Tom Crean), allowing young men whose only goal is to play in the NBA to do so immediately after High School would be a good thing.

  21. Zeller was the reason he got most his better recruits along with the Movement surge that also helped bring in some talent outside Indiana(although we didn’t get two very high level Indianapolis area recruits in Harris and Irvin)…Weren’t they both Mr.Baksetball recipients? And didn’t we miss on the big from Arsenal Tech. Wasn’t he also a Mr. Basketball?

    But even outside of missing on many Indiana Mr. Basketball recruits(almost a historical given that we would land most during the heyday years under Knight), most of us have seen enough to know recruiting isn’t the biggest issue. We need a coach that get guys to play beyond their individual talents(unless we’re simply working as another stopover for less hyped that have a shot at the NBA). Are we in the business of restoring greatness or do we remain satisfied knowing we’re helping a coach’s personal resume in finding the occasional rising star finding his NBA basketball stride just in time to drop IU like a bag of rebuilding nuts and bolts?

    Cinderella teams(many from Indiana) have historically topped out at Sweet 16’s. Indians was never a Cinderella basketball program. That’s the world of Purdue, Ball State, ISU, ND….. These are no longer recruits that would have a shot at the programs considered upper echelon in strong conferences. These, at best, are Ball State, IUPUI, Evansville, and ISU level talents. I doubt they would even get serious consideration from a Butler minus Stevens.

    Coupled with the many blue collar players leaving with vastly greater skills than the incoming group filling in the voids, it speaks to a confirmation of a growing lack in confidence.

    And I’m not wholly sure it’s just a lack of confidence in just the coaching acumen. It could be that a lot of local kids started feeling used to draw in these projects. They’re seeing the manipulation and the writing on the wall. They may also be sophisticated by the overbearing heaviness of a program building itself up with more tongue and air pumps than humility and the quiet confidence of unpretentious knowledge.

  22. They may also be [suffocated] by the overbearing heaviness of a program building itself up with more tongue and air pumps than humility and the quiet confidence of unpretentious knowledge.

  23. for sake of making a point Tsao; the difference in driving time from Morgan Park,Ill to Bradley Univ. vs IU is over an hour PLUS Bradley ( as Noted earlier) Bradley have 5 other “Chicagoland” recruits. In total , thats 6 hrs driving time to IU Vs 4 hrs to Bradley;for his family

  24. It looks as though iu will continue to compete to play .500% in future years until its over….For big men and big, strong good wings and forwards iu is unable to land them in recruiting process against elite schools…..not sure iu would know what to do with them if two or three were at iu. iu has been trending its recruiting being competitive among mid majors and for players that elite schools do not want.


  26. Just to straighten out a few discrepencies I have read in these comments….

    Cunningham wasn’t expected to commit to IU – we had a shot, but he was never considered a lock. He has family ties with the coaching staff at Bradley.
    He is significantly more talented than April or Priller although he plays the 3 more than the 4. Expect Priller to be a Luke Fisher type only much less refined in the post; a perimeter big (aka stretch 4).

    Zimmerman has his list to 8, not 10. IU is probably lower on his list with UNC. His family (esp mother) is big time UNLV fans (he lives in Vegas)and has had more contact with UK and UCLA than any other programs. He has expressed his like for Zeller and Vonleh getting lottery stock after their first year and the competitiveness of the B1G.

  27. Nate in your opinion “He (Cunningham) is more talented than April or Priller…” OK, but talented in what exactly? But then you said “he plays 3…”. So is he more talented than Troy, Max, and Collin? I don’t think so! Playing the 5 there is no question that he is inferior to Jeremiah! Playing the “stretch-4” he does not come close to Tim! But this is all opinion. we will know something in a year.

  28. BeatPurdue,

    Talented in ‘playing basketball’. Like dribbling, shooting, scoring, etc. Pretty much all around more talented except maybe blocked shots.

  29. Our problem is ,we need to get a bigger keg in the dressing room,so everyone gets a sip. Promise all new recruits a forged ID and and free booze on sundays. Oh well.

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