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QUESTION: Moderator: Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for joining us. We have several questions right off the bat so are we ready to get started?

JEREMY: Ready or not, here we come.

DUSTIN: That we are. Let’s get to it.

ANDY: Right off the bat? Yes, it’s baseball season!


And chat time.

QUESTION: 1. Is Crean’s striking out on recruiting worrysome? If he brings in no one else this spring (or no one anyone else wants) is this going to end well for him? While most of me hopes this works out, a small part of me would rather rip the band-aid off and have a really bad year this year followed by a new coach than go through the Bruce Weber path of 1 good year followed by 1 bad year of missing tourney and watching 6 years of up and down making tourney every other year.


2. How in the world can IU justify raising student tickets to $20? If they want to raise it on others fine but student tickets at $15 were already among the most expensive in country and will now be the MOST expensive. A lot of students dont have the extra $100 to spend and cant afford this. My son doesnt have it but I am going to give him the extra $100 since I do. A lot of parents cant do that though. I will laugh my head off if IU only sells half of its student tickets this year. I usually dont criticize Glass but this has to go down (more so than extending Coach Jack) as the worse decision he has made in his tenure by a lot.


3. Which Iu coach is here the longest and who is next to go in your guy’s opinion?


4. Is it fair to say that those early Coach Jack teams would have made NCAA tourney with Miller at helm? By all measures the Whitney Thomas, Kim Roberson, Jori Davis and Jamie Braun teams were more veteran and talented than this one yet there best finish was at the same point. While Coach Jack was a bad recruiter you could also say she didnt get the results early in her career she could of with the leftover talent from Versyp?


Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

1. Worrysome? Yes. But he’s going to bring a somebody or two in. There just isn’t any choice. The Hoosiers have to find a big man who can set screens, rebound and commit five fouls at the very least. And two of those would be better than one, even if it’s an undersized post. And besides this spring, it’s worth keeping an eye on how things go for 2015 this summer. That will be more telling, I think.


2. While perhaps not ideal, I have little doubt the students will pay it. They just will, which is why IU is doing it.


3. I don’t know. I suppose you’d like to see a move in the right direction from softball and volleyball, but predicting the coaching carousel is always difficult. Will probably be something you don’t see coming.


4. Oh, I don’t know. That’s a real what if game, which is nearly unpredictable. The 2008-09 team probably missed making the NCAA Tournament by one game. Not to say Miller wouldn’t have done well with that group, because I’m sure he would have, but Coach Jack’s teams weren’t really built in the mold that Miller would prefer to play a lot of pick and roll, pick and pop with reliance on versatility and shooting range at every position � though that 08-09 team could do some of that. I actually thought Coach Jack did pretty well with her first couple of teams. It was as time went on that her teams struggled more.

DUSTIN: Darren,

1. He has to get somebody. Just has to. I have no idea who that’s going to be or how that’s going to play out, but he needs a big body. It doesn’t have to be a superstar it just needs to be somebody other than Perea he can play at the five who can defend, rebound and set screens. If I were him I’d err on the side of a Tom Pritchard type before I’d take another skinny, athletic project, but that’s just me. I’m not going to say definitively that it won’t end well for him because I am not an oracle, but it certainly won’t put him in a good position for next season.

2. Enough kids will pay it. It’s Indiana. Don’t know if that makes it justifiable, but they’ll fill the joint.

3. I’m not going to guess next to go. It could be anybody for bad reasons or good reasons and I only really follow three programs super closely. Obviously, out of football, baseball and basketball, Crean is currently in the most shaky position, but he could get it turned around and be around for a while.. I’d say Tracy Smith currently has the most job security of anyone on staff, but Ray Looze and Todd Yeagley are probably also up there. Think Ron Helmer is in it as long as he wants to be too, but his health is obviously a factor there.

4. I’ll leave that one for Sir Price.

ANDY: Darren:


1. It would seem to behoove the Hoosiers to add a frontcourt player or two before heading into next season and, yes, the inability to attract one so far this spring might seem somewhat symptomatic of issues within and without the program to those inclined to look for worrisome things. On the other hand, I don’t necessarily look at next season’s projected roster, as currently constituted, as wholly inadequate. Next season is important. Every season is.


2. I think until and unless Indiana fans start filling Memorial Stadium for football games consistently, Fred Glass is going to look to look for other sources of additional revenue. Are they really the most expensive student seats in the country?


3. Sorry, but I don’t really care to blithely speculate on that. I don’t have any special insight on it. Anybody can look at wins, losses and overall performance/health of the respective programs and make their best guesses. Feel free.


4. I’d say one could plausibly make such observations.

QUESTION: I decided to make the trip up to indy from Bloomfield for the Indy 11 vs IU matchup (big waste of time but shows how loyal I am). After seeing the team im worried they are getting progressivly worse every year. To me the talent looks weaker and weaker with each passing year. With Freitag he was an excellent recruiter but could not get the most out of his talent. I am getting the feeling with Yeagley that hes actually a pretty good developer but he’s just not bringing in the best talent anymore. Is Yeagley going to last here long term? Im just worried this years team is not even good enough to make tourney unless they play over their heads. Lets compare to Louisville who tied the Indy 11 and IU was pretty well cominated. This cant bode well.


Also whats up with Dylan Mares foregoing his senior season to maybe play minor league soccer? What does this say about state of team?



Iu Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU soccer fan,

Hit the panic button much?


I wasn’t at the game, Andy was, but from what I gathered IU didn’t exactly embarrass itself. And the wind was clearly a factor on that night. I would also caution you that the spring roster doesn’t include the incoming freshmen, which could change things. It was also the first game of the spring, so there’s going to be some adjustment with the loss of a number of seniors, as well as Tommy Thompson to MLS. Also, that Louisville match was two weeks before the IU match for Indy Eleven, which should be better for having more practices and exhibitions since that match.


But if your concern is strictly about talent, I guess time will tell. I’ll get a couple of first-person looks later this spring.


I think Mares had pretty much made up his mind before the season ever started last year that he was going pro. He was actually regarded as a likely MLS SuperDraft pick at this time last year. Last season didn’t work out so well for him or for IU, so maybe it’s good for him and maybe it’s good for the Hoosiers. I don’t think it says anything about the state of the team.

DUSTIN: Soccer fellas



Hmmm. I was at that match. Looked to me like a really competitive performance against a professional side, especially for an IU team featuring just three returning starters from the fall. I really liked the looks of some of the younger guys, too, including the January enrollee, Jack Griffith. I thought Femi looked really dangerous up top. And while the wind was obviously a major factor in both halves, I’d say the only time IU looked dominated was in the late stages when Eleven had the wind after halftime. Two of Eleven’s goals came in extra time.


Mares going pro? Not surprising. Transfer. Had a tough season. I was more surprised by Tommy Thompson but, given the opportunity afforded to Thompson, that wasn’t really a shock, either.


Not saying there aren’t issues or questions, but pardon me if I say it seems as you always seem to fixate on what “can’t bode well.” I do admire you, however, for attending that match and sticking it out through the weather conditions, which were pretty brutal.

QUESTION: OSD is here maybe for the final time. See I am a working man and cannot view the chat in progress. I had high hopes it would be put on later on the Scoop site but most weeks it is not. I emailed and asked about it to no avail. So my minions (okay I have no minions) if this is my last rodeo it has been good and it has been real but not real good.


Okay we lost out on the Temple kid, then the Michigan kid and probably will on the Virginia Tech kid and maybe Josh Cunningham. If that happens then what the blank do we do then?

Are there any other kids on the recruiting horizon we have not heard of?

Kent Sterling said in his column that CTC is thinking of pushing out a kid? I do not want to know who it is but have guys heard that?

Any chance we lose any of our assistant coaches to head coaching jobs elsewhere? If so which ones are most likely?

When is projected date that Colin Hartman can play again? Or will he be redshirted next year?

What are the chances CTC gets fired next year if he does not make NCAA? If he does not even make NIT (not in tournament)?

When are they going to start on the remodeling of Assembly Hall? When will it be done? When will the new name go up? Is it Sjodt Simon?


Well partners thanks for all the information and news. I will keep reading the Scoop regardless of how the chat thing goes.


The Dude has left the chat�������with a hearty Hi-O IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Old Sports Dude, Crown Point


You’re such a diva for a working man. For what it’s worth, the chat is now back to being free to access on the Herald-Times web site, so even if the chat isn’t posted, you can peruse our ramblings, which are also real and good, but not always real good.


Well, the IU coaching staff is going to keep beating the bushes. Moses Ayegba, formerly Moses Abraham, is transferring from Georgetown for his final season so that’s one 6-foot-9 possibility. Apparently, there’s interest in this 7-1 Link Kabadyundi of Canada, and I’m sure there are yet others we haven’t heard about yet.


Haven’t heard anything on pushing people out, which is something IU can ill afford to do now anyway. Always a chance the coaching carousel scoops someone up, particularly Tim Buckley, who has been in the mix for a couple other jobs over the past few years.


Think Hartman could be back in December in a best-case scenario, but it could also be more like February, depending on how things go with rehab. I would think there’s a decent chance he gets an injury redshirt next year, but then again they might actually need him if they can’t land enough bodies.


Well, if IU doesn’t make the tournament next year, then 75 percent chance there’s a change? There are some other factors though, such as how recruiting is shaping up and whether IU is a bubble team that just misses or not, do they maybe pull a Minnesota and win the NIT? Lot of mitigating factors in there, not the least of which is having to pony up a large sum of money.


Remodeling on Assembly Hall starts when next season ends. New name goes up when the remodel is done, I believe.

DUSTIN: OK, OK fine. I’ll post the chat. Sorry I got lazy.

As far as recruiting, if they strike out on all of these guys, they go find someone else. I do not know who that someone else is, but apparently this Link Kabadyundi from Canada is the next target.

I don’t know what Kent’s talking about. There are a couple of guys who are still kind of in limbo, but Crean isn’t in the position to be throwing anyone off the ship.

There’s a chance they lose an assistant. I’m sure Tim Buckley will throw his name in the hat for the IPFW job. I don’t think anyone leaves just to leave, but Buckley and McClain have been looking for head coaching jobs for sometime and Buckley is especially deserving of one.

ACL’s are usually 9-12 months, right? Would think that puts Hartman somewhere in the December to January range for best case scenario and March-April for worst. So tough to say right now.

Would be surprised if Crean is still the coach if he doesn’t make the NCAA’s next year. Would kind of depend on recruiting for 2015 at that point. That might be the way he’d save himself, but it could also be the clincher. Now, if he wins he can save himself for sure, but he has to win.

Remodeling of Assembly Hall will start after next season. Should be done by 2016-17 season if I’m not mistaken. Think that’s when the name goes up. Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.



How can I say “The Dude abides” when the Dude doesn’t? And can it really be a full-fledged chat with no Dude?


What happens then is IU plays with the roster it presently has, presumably, unless Kent Sterling’s speculation is accurate. And, actually, I don’t consider the current projected roster all that hopeless if Mosquera-Perea develops (as he showed signs of doing this past season.) Clearly, more frontcourt depth would be welcome, don’t get me wrong. And there may be some cultural/chemistry issues to address before proceeding. But we just saw UConn win a national title with a guard-oriented team. It isn’t as if IU couldn’t be reasonably competitive in the B1G with the sort of guard corps it could deploy next season.


There are often rumors about possible departures or additions, but I haven’t heard anything specific about anybody being “pushed out.”


I do think it’s fair to say it has seemed an open question for a while as to whether Peter Jurkin’s legs can take the pounding. Personally, I’ve always felt Jurkin had legit potential (can shoot in and around the lane and at the foul line, can block shots, can board, has a heck of a wingspan), but don’t know if his shins can stand the stress. If he can continue and can stay healthy enough to develop a bit, I think he could actually help the Hoosiers.


Tim Buckley always seemed a pretty good bet to me. He and Steve McClain both already have head-coaching experience, too.


I would presume Hartman has the same projected recovery time as most ACL recuperations require, which I think means he’d be available at some point next season, maybe in time for B1G play. A redshirt is available, but IU’s roster isn’t overly populated right now.


The heat is on, at least externally, but I still don’t see CTC departing that soon unless total derailment ensues.


It’s Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Renovations are scheduled to be completed by 2016, I believe.


I am, and will forever be, a Minion.

QUESTION: I am old school when it comes to basketball. I was a youngster when Bob Knight had great success at Indiana University. I remember solid defensive teams, motion offense and sound fundamentals that concentrated on the low post and the mid range game. His teams always played under control and were machine like in their execution. He’d yank you out of the game if you did anything contrary to what was emphasized in basketball practice. I totally agreed with his philosophy. I saw the development and improvement of his players, even though many of them never made it to the NBA. Now that I finished my old man flashback, here are my questions.


1) Do you think coach Crean’s system allows our players to develop? I think Vic was self motivated and knew what he needed to do to make it to the NBA. Even though Vic is a great one on one player, his shooting and dribbling improvement got him to the next level.


2) Is social media, such as twitter, message boards and blogs influencing our basket recruiting success? With all of the negatives being thrown at coach Crean, do you think our recruits are shying away from Indiana University basketball?


3) I can’t see a lot of success next season if we don’t emphasize playing under control, playing to your strengths and moving without the ball. Indiana basketball fans are very knowledgeable and expectations will be high. If we have another down year, do you think the Crean buyout talk with return with more fury?




indianavelt, Fort Wayne

JEREMY: indianavelt,

Let me combine your flashback and No. 1. First, for all of that, Knight’s team still lost games, had disappointing seasons and so on. However, by and large, they did improve and improved as a team.


Now, Crean I believe is good at developing players on an individual level. No doubt Oladipo was driven to succeed, but Crean deserves a measure of credit for providing the tools and the opportunity get there. And I think that’s true of other players as well, including this past year. Troy Williams reportedly told Temple transfer Anthony Lee how much he learned this past year, and I thought clearly made strides over the season.


The trick is to combine individual development and team development. Outside of 2011-12, IU hasn’t shown a lot of team growth down the stretch of the season. I’m not so sure that’s in any way related to the system or style of play on the court, but the system off the court or at least away from game day.


2. Well, it’s not doing Indiana any favors. But ultimately, I think word of mouth among players, high school coaches, AAU coaches, etc. is a bigger factor.


3. Yes, there will be much fury without winning. And there won’t be winning without fewer turnovers and generally more basketball IQ.

DUSTIN: Indianavelt,

1. There might be a lot of things wrong with Crean’s system (or there might not be. As I’ve said before, I couldn’t coach a Pee-Wee league team, so I’m not going to act like I have all the answers here.) but I don’t think that one of them is that the system itself constrains development. There’s a lot of freedom for creativity involved, so it’s not like there’s any part of it that makes it harder for players to get better. Oladipo is the great success story of the Tom Crean era, but I don’t think you can deny that Christian Watford, Cody Zeller, Will Sheehey and Jordan Hulls all got better and developed their games at Indiana. You can question whether they developed enough or as much as they possibly could have, but they were all better players at specific areas when they left IU than when they got there. Watford was a much better shooter and rebounder. Zeller’s handle was better and he was much more physically developed. Sheehey got a lot better and Hulls became a 1,000-point scorer. You’ve seen Yogi Ferrell make a quantum leap as a shooter and I think you started to see big leaps from Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson. Even Noah Vonleh (free throws) got a lot better in an important aspect of his game in a limited time at IU.

I don’t know that I’d suggest that Crean is in anyway the best there is at player development, but his players do develop.

You can easily argue that the system is too open ended, that too much control is put in the hands of young players and that there isn’t a consistency in the offense in which everyone knows exactly where they’re supposed to be on every time down the floor and exactly how they’re supposed to get there, but I don’t think you can argue that he hasn’t developed talent and that there’s aything at all keeping players from getting better.

2. I’m sure it’s not helping at the moment. I don’t know if it’s the reason he hasn’t been able to pick up any recruits since the season ended, but it could be a contributing factor. At the end of the day, the kids get enough direct information from meeting coaches and players and administrative staff that they get a reality-based idea of what the schools recruiting them can provide them, so I don’t think they go to school based on what Twitter tells them. But it does give them an idea of what the fanbase thinks of the coach and the fact that the fanbase is pretty displeased right now is pretty evident to the players. It becomes something the coach and players have to overcome and a hurdle that other schools might not have to deal with. Also, though, even that is still based on the facts on the ground. The fanbase is unhappy because Indiana went 17-15 last year and didn’t look good doing it. Recruits would be able to figure that out whether there was Twitter or not.

3. Oh yeah, definitely. Plain and simple, they have to win next year. Period.

ANDY: indianavelt:


I think I might qualify for the “old school” moniker, too. At the very least, I qualify for the “old” part.


1. I think Cody Zeller developed just fine. Christian Watford got a lot better. I think Noah, Troy, Stan, Devin, Hanner all progressed individually this past season. Hollowell didn’t, but I don’t know I’d lay that at the feet of the coaches. So, yes, I think CTC can develop players. There were some other issues regarding this past season’s team beyond individual development.


2. Can’t say it’s really much of a factor, but the current climate probably wouldn’t help.


3. External expectations seem pretty low right now. That’s probably just fine. They might just get exceeded. And, sure, if things don’t go well, there will be much sound and fury that might not really signify much of anything. Fred Glass is the guy who counts.





QUESTION: Good morning (or afternoon…) guys, I hope all is well. First off, if you like golf, happy Masters day! Have a pick to win it? I’m going with Harris English (good, young first-timer with a great golf/country club name). Now that I’ve picked him, he’s doomed to miss the cut, sorry Harris! Second, my condolences go out to Royce Waltman’s family. He was a basketball lifer and it sounds like he was loved by a lot of people at a lot of places. Third, thanks for the correction last week (I put Will Cunningham instead of Josh Cunningham…oops!).


1. It sounds like the Hoosiers will have a beautiful day for the Spring Game on Saturday and I hope they have a nice crowd. I heard Kevin Wilson interviewed this week and he sounded upbeat and dare I say, downright confident in his team. It was the most positive I’ve heard him talk about things since he’s been in Bloomington. Have you guys gotten a similar vibe around the coaches and the program or is that something that I’m just reading way too much into? Also, what will you be looking to learn at the Spring Game?


2. Well, Anthony Lee to Ohio State. Maten to Georgia (didn’t see that one coming). Cunningham is very intrigued by South Carolina (Frank Martin looks like a crazy person but I absolutely love Columbia and nearby Myrtle Beach, can’t blame him for looking there). I know IU is pursuing Trevor Thompson but he can’t help our paper thin frontcourt next season. Are there any new names the Hoosiers are going after or do you think the staff might be ready to accept that they will be rolling with Perea, Davis and Jurkin?


Thanks for your continued outstanding coverage, have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers!


TJ, Noblesville


The only bad thing about the Masters is you have to wait until mid-afternoon to watch it on TV. Since you asked, I’m putting the jinx of Brandt Snedeker to win it.


1. Football dudes …


2. Well, as mentioned earlier, looks like Moses Abraham might be back on the radar as Moses Ayegba, and there’s the Link Kabadyundi character. I’m guessing there’s more or will be more. Not sure you can rule out Cunningham yet, either, but it doesn’t sound too promising, truth be told. I don’t think IU settles for what it has. It just can’t.


I’m going to go with Rory. No particular reason.

1. There’s been a good vibe, but I think there’s always a good vibe in spring ball. There was a really good vibe last year. And mostly, that’s because spring ball is generally pretty fun. You practice three days a week for five weeks, there’s no games and therefore no losses to harsh the mellow. I think Wilson is confident, but I also think he was confident last year, so I’m not sure there’s anything to read into. As far as the Spring Game, I was interested in the workings of the 3-4 and I’ll be more interested in it then. Want to see if Sudfeld looks as good in a game-style setting as he does in practice and want to see what wide receivers step up. Lot of shuffling goes on in practice so it’s tough to tell who they really like right now.

2. Well there’s this Link Kabaduyundi character who just became a thing. I’m sure there will be someone else next week if that doesn’t work out. And no, I don’t think they’re going to accept that until they have to nor should they. Devin Davis can be a very good player, but not if he has to play the five all the time. He’s 6-foot-6, maybe 6-foot-7 with the right shoes on. You can play center at that height in the Missouri Valley, but not in the Big Ten.

Thanks as always, TJ>



Hmmm. Phil? Not too many guys over 40 win it. Jason Day, Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson … but all I know is Rory McIlroy sure looked happy out on the course yesterday with his fiancee.


Every interaction I ever had with Royce Waltman was positive. He will be missed.


1. The vibe is definitely good, with the proviso that Wilson and everybody else involved knows they need to keep progressing and improving. But the defensive guys, especially, seem to have more bounce in their step. That doesn’t guarantee anything, of course. I do think the coaches, with three recruiting classes now in place and another one they like matricluating this fall, feel better about the overall personnel and depth. And the spring game constitutes something of a curtain-raiser for Brian Knorr’s 3-4 defensive set. He doesn’t have anywhere near all of his stuff installed, but I’ll be interested in seeing how the defense plays Saturday.


2. Search for the missing Link (Kabadyundi, the 7-foot-1, 240-pound player from northern Quebec.) Who knows? Nebraska is already on him. He originally verballed to Albany but then reopened his recruitment.


Thanks, TJ, as always.

QUESTION: Hey guys,


Couple questions. First, there was a Canadian site saying that IU is recruiting 7’1″ Link Kabadyundi out of Montreal. The website seemed high on him. Have you guys heard anything about this? I also saw that Thompson will be making a decision soon, but I haven’t heard anything about Eron Harris. Is IU recruiting him?


Finally, who is in better shape as a program right now, PU or IU? The public perception of both is not very positive for either from what I’ve seen.




Yes, Bloomington


Read that same report and heard the chatter on Kabadyundi, but doesn’t sound like Indiana has offered yet. Haven’t seen anything linking IU and Eron Harris to this point.


Well, I think Indiana is in better shape as a program, just because the talent level is still higher, especially if Purdue’s AJ Hammons goes pro. By the same token, the expectations are much higher for IU, so the patience isn’t going to be there. If both programs go 19-13 next year and go to the NIT, the furor will be much greater for the Hoosiers than the Boilermakers.

DUSTIN: Saw the same story you did, so know the same about him that you know. Not sure if IU has gotten involved with Eron Harris at all, but don’t think he’s what they need. Guards they appear to be OK on for a bit.

Ooh. Good question. I’d say Indiana still is because the Hoosiers have won more recently, even after a bad year they’re going to put a player in the draft lottery, and they have better talent. But it’s kind of a relative to expectations thing. Purdue can handle a few mediocre seasons and not have a massive fan meltdown. Indiana doesn’t deal with that so well and I’m not suggesting they should. Both teams still have some talent, but both need to do some self-evaluation in terms of how they move forward. Indiana still has more recruiting punch, so they have the edge.

ANDY: Yes:


Yes, IU is looking into Kabadyundi (who is playing in Alma, Quebec, which is well north of Quebec City.) Kenny Johnson has reportedly headed up there. Nebraska has already hosted Kabadyundi for an official visit, and Oklahoma has had an unofficial visit. Florida and SMU are among the other schools also looking in, apparently. Kabadyundi verballed to Albany back in 2012 but is obviously attracting major D 1 notice now.


Don’t know that IU is recruiting Harris. I think I saw Thompson is reportedly picking between Ohio State, IU and Purdue but, of course, isn’t eligible till 2015-16.


Purdue just finished last in the league. Can’t get any lower than that. However, I happen to like Matt Painter, and I think his program might not stay down long. I liked his picking up PJ Thompson from Brebeuf, which I think perhaps marks the start of a positive cultural shift for Painter’s program. I do think CTC has more to work with, right now. I think both fan bases maybe need to take a collective chill pill, actually.

QUESTION: Why is it when referring to IU Football players, they are referred to as “Rising”?


Hoosier Fan, Bloomington

JEREMY: Rising is a good way in the spring to distinguish what class the player will be come next season, since they aren’t there just yet.

DUSTIN: Hey, Hoosier Fan. What you mean, of course, is when I refer to players as rising sophomore, rising junior, rising senior. You’ll notice that only happens in between seasons, and it is not something that’s ingenuous to football. It’s really about school and the changing of classes. It’s a way of denoting that a player is technically still a sophomore in academic standing while in the second semester of the year but will be a junior when the next season starts again. Always found it confusing to talk about class at this time in the year when the players haven’t theoretically moved up a class yet. By using the word “rising” you make it clear, I think that a player is a freshman at the moment, for instance, but will be a sophomore in the next season (or junior or senior, whatever the case may be.)

ANDY: “Rising” is (just for the lack of a better, simpler term,) utilized to describe what eligibility class a football player will have next fall. So a guy who is technically a sophomore this spring is a “rising junior.” I never liked the phrase. It’s awkward and potentially misleading. But I don’t have a good alternate phrase handy, either.

QUESTION: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. Be sure to follow IU sports on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app.


Anything else we should know before we say goodbye? What will you be covering the rest of this week and weekend?

JEREMY: Will be keeping an eye on IU basketball recruiting with the spring signing period starting next Wednesday, and there’s spring football this weekend. Dustin and Andy will have it covered. Thanks for joining us everybody.

DUSTIN: Spring Game on Saturday and a home baseball series with IU playing Morehead State. Will be trying to cover as much of both as possible. Thanks everybody.

ANDY: Pretty much a perfect weather forecast for Saturday’s 3 p.m. Cream and Crimson game at Memorial Stadium. Just sayin’.

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