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QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat with Dustin, Andy and Jeremy. Thanks for being here.

How are you all doing today? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: A little late to the party, but ready to party, err, chat nonetheless.

DUSTIN: Sorry about the lateness, folks. Let’s get to it.

ANDY: I chat, therefore I am.

QUESTION: Not talked about much but IU is about to lose the Governors Cup (Crimson and Gold Cup formerly) to Purdue for the 1st time in a while despite it being PU’s worst athletic year in a while. Not good. Also answer about final record for IU Baseball and do they win Big Ten and gut reaction as to how much longer Crean is here?

Mike, Seymour


The Cup standings I looked at show Purdue up 8-7 with baseball, men’s and women’s golf, and men’s and women’s track and field to go, so not sure it’s over yet.

Don’t know about final record, but IU baseball seems like a good bet to win the Big Ten at this point. Hoosiers have a two-game lead heading into series with second-place Illinois.

Gut reaction is he’s here until he has another season like the last one.

DUSTIN: I love how you slipped that last one in.

Yeah, that’s not a thing I care about that much, but it’s a bit of an issue. it’s not over, though. IU is down 8-7 with five events to go. Hoosiers would have to screw up pretty heavy to blow a three-game baseball series at home against that Purdue team, so would think they get that point. Then it’s about track and golf, and I haven’t followed those teams closely, but I think track can rally.

This weekend is really big for IU, playing at second-place Illinois. They go into that with a two-game lead in the conference. If they take two out of three, the Hoosiers have at least a three-game lead over both them and Nebraska going forward. Lose two out of those three and suddenly Illinois is right on their heels. Get swept and they’re back a game. I say they take two out of three, and from that point forward they have a real shot at blowing it open with home series against Purdue and Minnesota and a road series at Penn State. I think they drop one or two of their games against those teams just by law of averages, but I think they win all three series and sweep one if not two out of the three. I’m going to guess they go 11-3 down the stretch and go into the Big Ten Tournament with a 37-14 record. Not sure what they do there, but I bet they host a regional.

I’m not sure I want to answer this question with my gut, because frankly, what say does my gut have in this? He has to win. Period. He can get fired next year if it’s bad enough and if there’s a downward trend. He can save himself if he wins and maybe even add job security if it’s impressive enough. But to steal his favorite term, bottom line is he has to win and he has to win now. That doesn’t mean he has to win the title or go to the Final Four, but you wouldn’t want to miss the tournament again if you’re him. Can they be a tournament team next year? Yes. They were good enough to be a tournament team this year. Will they? After this year, I have no idea.

ANDY: Mike:

I dunno, Purdue is up 8-7 in the Governor’s Cup competition but there are five sports remaining (baseball, men’s and women’s golf and men’s and women’s track) that will produce points, so I don’t know why you’re conceding already. IU’s won it the last three years and has a 6-1-2 overall lead in the series. I’m sure Purdue would love to win it, and is in position to challenge, but I don’t know that would really provide all that much solace for Boilermaker fans regarding a sports campaign that saw Purdue finish dead last in the B1G in both football and men’s basketball.

For baseball, I’m going to go 36-15 and B1G regular-season champs. Obviously, the Hoosiers will have a good shot to win the conference tournament title, too. And the baseball team will do its bit to win a Governor’s Cup point.

My expansive if not always prescient gut says CTC will be in Bloomington for a while.

QUESTION: 1. This looks terrible to lose Kenny Johnson to the same position at Louisville. It says to me that either IU is cheap and cant pay its assistants competively or Crean is someone you dont want to work wih. In terms of actuality I think it affects very little but it LOOKS bad for reasons stated above.

2. More likely to win it all in June: Pacers or IU Baseball

3. I hope im wrong and IU certainly needs a big body but this Jeremiah April looks like the 3rd coming of Tijan Jobe and Bawa Muniru.

4. Do you think Crean has a bad rap among players and coaches and as such is having trouble recruting?

Darren , Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

1. Well, yeah, it doesn’t look good. But not sure it should be characterized as crippling, because if IU’s success rested solely on Kenny Johnson, then there are much bigger problems.

2. I was kind of hoping for a third choice, but I’ll go IU baseball. Pacers are a train wreck that may put off disaster temporarily, but hard to see them getting back on the rails at full speed through June.

3. My feeling is you might be wrong, just based on several videos I’ve watched. Neither Tijan nor Bawa had much polish to their game. April has a nice face-up jumper with a good high release, and I think he has a good frame to put some strength on. I also like that he supposedly did not attempt a single 3-pointer this past season, so he’s a true center who doesn’t see himself as a shooting guard. All that said, how much he can do for IU right now is a question mark. What I saw didn’t show enough aggression as a rebounder and defender, but that could come. I think in the long term he could be outstanding or at worst mediocre, which would still be an upgrade from the guys you mentioned.

4. I’m not sure if there’s a bad rap per se, but there’s certainly not the momentum surrounding Indiana that there was a year or so ago. There seems to be a lot of caution about IU on the recruiting trail, whether it’s just on the court results or more than that.

DUSTIN: Darren,

1. There’s not a question there, but I’ll go ahead and agree with you. By several accounts, Louisville broke the bank for Johnson and I kind of get not doing that, but there’s nothing good for IU perception wise there.

2. IU baseball. One month ago, I would’ve definitely said Pacers, but those teams have sort of gone on opposite trends since then. No, I don’t think Indiana wins a national championship, but a return to Omaha looks like a much more legitimate possibility. All about the Super Regional matchup, though.

3. I think he looks a lot more skilled than those two, but frankly, it doesn’t even matter. Even if Jeremiah April is exactly Tijan Jobe. (And curse you for speaking ill of the Great Tijan in my presence.) then he’s still better than no one. Simply put, having Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin as the only big men in the program was not a viable option. If April takes up space and has five fouls, he’s worth a scholarship right now.

4. Could be. Haven’t talked to enough recruits to say. Not going to tell you you’re right or that you’re wrong right now.

ANDY: Darren:

1. IU was undoubtedly willing to up the ante, but Louisville was in position to offer its No. 1 assistant job and the bigger buckaroos that entails, whereas Indiana would’ve had to jump KJ over Buckley and McClain (who’ve been here longer) in terms of both position and remuneration. That wasn’t in the Cards (so to speak.) Plus, if one is building a resume, working with Rick Pitino at Louisville is a big deal. Not saying there weren’t other factors involved, which may or may not have been the case, but I think Indiana will fill the job with a good replacement and people will move on. As you say, it may look bad, but perception perhaps isn’t reality in this case.

2. At this juncture, I’d go with the baseball Hoosiers. I wouldn’t bet either against the field, obviously, but the Pacers haven’t convinced me they’re even going to make it out of the first round.

3. Watching the available film, which are admittedly “highlight” reels, it doesn’t look that way to me. He looks useful, while naturally also needing continued development. And given IU’s rather dire need and the time of year, it looks like a pretty good get. The guy is 7-foot and actually ambulatory.

4. I suppose that seems a plausible theory for those looking for beer into which to cry. I’m not so sure Indiana’s recruiting seems all that awful right now. I think the 2014 class looks pretty doggone reasonable, actually. And if Andre Adams, the 6-9 four-star out of Avondale, Ariz., qualifies academically, the Hoosiers will be right in there pitching for him to join that 2014 class (although a host of other schools will jump in, too.)

QUESTION: Our young basketball team has a pretty good nucleus with Troy, Yogi, Hanner and Stan. With the addition of our 2014 recruits, I think we will be much better than we were this past season. Our mid-range offense should be much improved with the shooters we have coming in.

1) Who do you guys see as being our starting five?

2) Do you think coach Crean’s offensive and defensive approach to the game is a good fit for the players we will have this fall?

3) Where do you think we will be in the early BIG10 rankings?

4) Will the success or failure of this season dictate coach Crean’s future at Indiana? Are we looking at a possible replacement for the head coaching position if there is a change?

indianavelt, Fort Wayne

JEREMY: indianavelt,

1. I would probably go Yogi, Blackmon, Stan, Troy and Hanner, but I could see Stan coming off the bench with Troy at the 3 and Devin Davis the 4. A grad transfer to plug in as one of the bigs would probably be more ideal, but not sure that’s going to happen.

2. Off the cuff, I’d say Crean’s style probably fits this group better than last year’s. The missing piece offensively, which might be wear Max Hoetzel fits in if he can play the 4, is a big to stretch the floor off the pick and roll game with the guards a la Christian Watford. But IU will be able to put the ball in the hands of Yogi, Stan, Blackmon or Johnson and create offense. Defensively, it would seem that the ability to do a lot of switching will be there, just a matter of finding some rim protection outside of Perea (and making sure Perea does a better job of reading the game defensively).

3. Oh man, a lot of turnover among the top teams, but I still think Wisconsin, Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State will be good. I’d put Iowa up there again, along with Nebraska. Then I think Indiana slots in the mix there from 7-10 with Illinois, Minnesota and Maryland.

4. Well, yes. A good year and another trip to the NCAA with maybe a first-round win would probably breathe life back into the Hoosiers, while another year like the last � yipes. I also think even before the season gets rolling though, how the recruiting class looks in the November signing period could be telling one way or the other.

DUSTIN: Indianavelt.

1. If the season started today with this group, I’d say Ferrell, Blackmon, Robinson, Williams and Perea. Johnson the first guard off the bench, Davis the first 3-4 type and April backing up Perea. They’re going to be small and they’re going to be heavily guard-oriented, and they have to figure how to win that way.

2. I mean, offensive and defensive systems are adaptable. He’s not going to have a big man he can play through. He will have the drive-and-kick and dribble weave as more viable weapons than they were a year ago. He knows how to spread the floor, but they’re going to have to be even better at it. He’s going to have to consider three and four-guard lineups and how to make those effective. I think he can adapt, but they obviously can’t play the exact same way they did the last two years.

3. Middle.

4. Pretty much, yeah.

Depends on your definition of looking. Is Glass openly talking to people about the job? Absolutely not. Ultimately, he wants Crean to succeed, because he has entirely too much invested in him for him to fail. It’s going to cost Indiana a lot of money if the Hoosiers have to fire Crean because his buyout is huge. Also, there are a lot of headaches Glass avoids with Crean. For one thing, Crean has an outstanding academic track record with his players. Also, Glass believes Crean deserves a lot more credit than he gets for taking IU to back to back Sweet 16s.

That being said, when you’re an athletic director, you always have a list of names in mind for when you have an opening. You might end up hiring a search firm and letting that take you in an entirely different direction (which is how the Kevin Wilson hire happened.) but you still have a list of names. Glass, I’m sure, knows where his first call goes if he ever has to make a change, but he also knows if he makes that call before he’s ready, he undermines his current coach completely.

ANDY: indianavelt:

Got to admit it seems refreshing to have an IU fan sound notes of optimism regarding men’s basketball. Fellow Hoosier partisans hope you’re right about next season, and you may well be. Obviously, frontline depth and development questions are still pending, but there is little question the perimeter and mid-range firepower will get a major boost.

1. Right now, I’d venture this guess: Yogi Ferrell, James Blackmon, Troy Williams, Devin Davis, Hanner Mosquera-Perea. That frontline would be undersized, but athletic and active. I think it would have some defensive issues, just in terms of size, but it isn’t as if those guys can’t rebound. April and Hoetzel (and potentially even Hartman, if healthy) could help provide a bit of frontcourt depth. The backcourt is stacked. Stan Robinson and Robert Johnson will both obviously play a lot, and either might start. I could see IU going with three guards quite a bit, just in terms of getting the best players on the floor.

2. I do, though I do think there may be some defensive adjustments to make given the aforementioned frontcourt size and depth issues.

3. I would think Indiana will get rated in the lower half of the league, maybe even the lower third, pre-season. On paper, that’s how it will look to most people. And I don’t think the Hoosiers would mind playing with a bit of a chip on their collective shoulder.

4. I think next season looms large, but isn’t necessarily the determinative campaign. Circumstances always matter. If Indiana exceeds relatively low expectations but still doesn’t exactly set the world on fire, that won’t quiet the critics much. If Indiana doesn’t do very well but, say, injuries to key players have taken a toll, that would render some of the criticism moot. I’d say IU has a decent shot to meet or exceed expectations next season, all other things being equal.

QUESTION: Hi guys, I hope all is well. Thanks for all of the great coverage (including the coverage of the baseball team, it’s been awesome), I appreciate it. Also, a big thanks for your answers to my questions last week. I know it is borderline impossible to draw conclusions from a Spring Game and choose a starting lineup for a game months from now but I appreciate you guys taking stab at it for me.

1. Kevin Wilson continues to have a good problem on his hands at QB as Sudfeld and Roberson both keep improving. I won’t ask you to choose a guy because I really think both are going to play significant roles. My question pertains to CKW’s comments about getting both guys on the field at the same time. He mentioned it as a possibility but also said he didn’t want to do anything gimmicky. So, how do you think both QB’s could be used without being gimmicky? Also, the departure of Mitch Ewald is often forgotten because kickers are usually only noticed when you don’t have a good one. Is Del Grosso the guy for sure? If so, do you think he can be adequate?

2. So, we all saw Jeremiah April coming, right? I follow recruiting (IU-related) closely and I had never heard of the guy. However, after reading about him and watching his video, I could see him helping out a little bit next season. Do any of the three of you think April can be anything more than a tall guy that takes up space for 5 minutes a game?

3. Kenny Johnson leaving could be a damaging blow to IU’s recruiting efforts, particularly in the class of 2015. However, I am a bit skeptical that his AAU ties will stay strong for more than a couple more years and there were a fair share of recruiting misses lately. I can’t begrudge him the opportunity to make more money and get himself closer to a head coaching job but I hated the way it was reported on. There were a lot of tweets about “Louisville and Maryland aggressively pursuing Kenny Johnson” with no mention that he was an IU employee. It was like he was an NFL free agent or something. I’m sure I am just being overly sensitive about it but, that’s how I feel. Anyway, what are things you think Tom Crean is looking for in Johnson’s replacement (connections to AAU again or a more college background, IU ties or not, from Indiana or not, from DMV again)? Have you heard any names connected to it that make sense to you?

Thanks as always, you guys are awesome. Have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers.

TJ, Noblesville


1. Football dudes … (When you say Del Grosso, I think Al Del Greco, but I digress.)

2. Yes, I did see Jeremiah April coming with my decoder ring. OK, not really. It’s hard to pass judgment solely on a handful of YouTube videos, and you never know how he develops over the summer � quick aside, this is all assuming he eventually signs his letter of intent. But I could see him as more of an 8- to 10-minute guy off the bench, and ideally probably more like 15-20 minutes a game. Let’s face it, right now he and Perea are the team’s centers, and it’s hard to imagine Perea staying out of foul trouble enough to play 30-plus minutes per game. That’s where one more big man recruit would be useful.

3. Well, coaching can be just as much of a meat market as recruiting, so I guess that’s probably why you felt things were a little unsavory. But let’s face it, the best thing for Johnson was for it to be known that he was wanted by more than one school, driving up the price a bit. As far as the recruiting, I would guess some of the guys he’s gotten close to while at Indiana will turn their attention to Louisville, but if Crean and the rest of the staff is on the ball, then it shouldn’t cripple recruiting efforts. I’m not sure if Crean is looking for something specific in terms of background or recruiting ties. I’m sure there will be something there, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Kenny Johnson clone. Lot of names being thrown against the wall, but no idea what might actually stick. Crean tends to surprise with these hires, as he did with Johnson, so we’ll see.


Much appreciated. Thanks for reading and stopping by for the chat every week.

1. I don’t know that both QB’s can be used on the field at the same time without being gimmicky. But I think they’ll be OK being a little gimmicky and doing it every once in a while. But they don’t have to be a lot gimmicky, just a little gimmicky.

But the more I look at this situation, the more I’m starting to think that they will use both guys again, and that they should. The way I see it, Sudfeld and Roberson are two of their four most dangerous offensive weapons along with Tevin Coleman and Shane Wynn.They don’t have the stable of experienced receivers they had a year ago, so I think it’s even more necessary that they both play this year than last year. I think you need that Roberson-Coleman option game, it’s too good to have as not part of the offense. And I think you need Sudfeld picking defenses apart through the air. I don’t know if IU can win without both in their repertoire.

DelGrosso is the guy unless they find some walk-on who’s better. I don’t think he’ll be as good as Ewald right away, but he appears to have the leg at least. The other options really aren’t options at this point.

2. He might be a little bit more than that, and honestly, with Perea as the other option, he might have to take up space for more than five minutes even if that’s all he can do. I like his turnaround jumper a lot, and I do think it matters that he has one. But again, even if he just sets screens, rebounds and defends and scores like five points a game, he’s worth the scholarship at this point. Once they got to late April, getting a great player wasn’t an option and refusing to take any player wasn’t an option either.

3. I get that, but that’s part of the story that has less to do with the reporters than the situation itself. It became pretty clear for a while that there were really two options for Johnson, Louisville or Maryland, and that Indiana was not going to keep him. And obviously, he didn’t. That was the story.

I haven’t heard any names yet, but I didn’t know who Kenny Johnson was when he was hired, so who knows. Obviously, whoever he gets has to be a really good recruiter. Probably good if they go relatively young too. You want at least one coach on the staff that can relate to the players and is closer in age to them than the head coach is. With Crean, Buckley and McClain all in the same age range, you’re looking for someone in his 30s. If they can get someone from the DMV, that’s not a bad idea, but someone from the East Coast would help. We’ll see.


Thanks, and your wish remains our command.

1. Good question. I don’t really think the staff will be all that anxious to put their quarterbacks in harm’s way unnecessarily, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a very occasional wrinkle or two that could potentially flummox opposing defenses. The most likely scenario, it would seem to me, would have Tre playing some sort of receiving or even backfield position where he could potentially serve as an option run-pass-catch guy.

Not sure of Del Grosso is the guy for sure because there are good prospects coming in with Ben Rice (Noblesville) and Jake Shake (McCutcheon) and others, but Del Grosso did look pretty adequate when I saw him this spring in terms of both accuracy and leg strength.

2. I was in the same never-heard-of-him boat. The videos don’t tell us much, but there is perhaps a case to be made that the Hoosiers can hope he could supply 10 minutes per gme or so of real reserve role next season, depending upon foul trouble and other factors. And that he could have some actual potential moving forward. IU may not be done with the 2014 class just yet, either, which could also play a part in how much he ends up playing. But we genuinely won’t know much at all until he’s been on campus for a while. And if it ends up that he’s just tall and takes up space for five minutes per game, well, that’s at least something.

3. Agree on all counts and, in terms of how it was reported, that’s just the world in which we now live. I think CTC will look for the best guy, without too many concerns about ties to certain areas, Indiana included. Lots of names are being bandied about, but none with any ring of conviction that I’ve heard.

Thanks, as always, TJ.

QUESTION: OSD here again for the rodeo. Hope all the minions out there are okay. OSD was out of action yesterday with illness but back of the DL and ready to rock today. It is another cold day in NW Indiana. When is spring coming is my first question. Yeah if we knew the answer to that we would be in Vegas. Well now on to the real questions.

First big week last week in IU action. My first question is not about why Kenny Johnson left but�.How can CTC comment on the leaving by saying �It was too good a opportunity to pass up?� So we are now down to PU�s level where we are losing assistants because we are a second rate program. Even if he could not match the pay or did not want to why would CTC make this statement publicly? Maybe another indication that CTC is a man on an island by himself and is sinking in quicksand.

Next any idea on who will replace Johnson? Who are the candidates? I hope the minions don�t say Calbert Cheaney. I love CC but we need an experienced recruiter.

Okay we got April on board now. But���what do we have with him? Is this just another big body like PJ who can�t play or is he a viable option for next year? In his tape he looks okay and can catch the ball which is a plus.

I see CTC is trying to contact most everyone who is transferring or de-committing but who is most likely to sign? Also will he sign 1 or 2 people? I know he has 2 scholly�s open but will he keep one for next year?

Well time to get to work. You boys keep me informed on the goings on. Have a good weekend. Myself and Mrs. OSD are going to see oldest son, his wife and grandson Garrett (class of 2028) who is now 44� tall with awesome vertical. He is playing baseball now so who knows which sport IU needs to make a offer in.

OSD has left the chat with a hearty hi-ooooooo Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Sports Dude, Crown Point


I see what you’re saying, and I think that’s just one of the reasons that the move doesn’t leave a favorable impression on Indiana. Although, Louisville has established itself as a national power over the last few years, Rick Pitino has quite the coaching tree and no doubt the Cardinals dropped some fat cash for Johnson. The reason CTC would say that is to reinforce the notion that Johnson left for an upgrade, not a lateral move. Wait and see from what out of the blue place a replacement will come.

Discussed April a bit earlier, think he could be a good get, though the real pay off may be a few years down the road, but he’ll still have to help immediately, too.

As for signings, I think he’s like to land a transfer like Ryan Anderson, even if he does have to sit out a year, to help with 2015. I guess 6-9 Andre Adams out of Arizona is still a possibility, pending his ability to straighten out his academics. It would seem Josh Cunningham is a longshot at this point, but there are still a number of transfers floating around, too. I don’t think Crean can really hold on to a scholarship for the future. He knows the time to win is now.


I don’t know about second-rate program, but it sounds like Louisville broke the bank for him. Johnson was making around $200K at IU. Heard Louisville might have doubled that. I’m spitballing here and I don’t have the budget in front of me, but I think Indiana could have matched that for Johnson. One problem they might have had, though, is that they would have probably had to elevate the pay of Steve McClain and Tim Buckley as well. As good a recruiter as Johnson was, he was still third in terms of seniority and was the only guy who didn’t have a title above that of assistant. All of the sudden, he would’ve gone from making a little less than those two guys to nearly double. There would have had to have been major raises for the coaching staff, and that would’ve been a bit of a perception issue itself after a 17-15 season. Just one way of looking at it. As far as what Crean said, well, I’m not sure there’s much he could have said to make the situation look good.

Don’t really have any names for Johnson’s replacement yet. We’ll see how that shapes out. I don’t think they’ll go after Cheaney.

I mean, April looks OK to me, and obviously, you can’t go into that situation with high expectations. The next coming of Cody Zeller and Noah Vonleh wasn’t walking through that door. It’s late April. Every great player 6-10 to 7-feet is off the board. They just needed someone who could play. Having Hanner Perea as the only center in the program (like you said, we haven’t even seen Jurkin play yet really) was not an option. With April you have five more fouls and a guy who can at least conceivably defend a center without giving up a humongous height advantage. Right now, that’s worth a scholarship.

I have no idea who they’d sign or if they’d sign someone else at all. They had to get one of these, and I didn’t know Jeremiah April was a person until he committed. I think they have to leave at least one scholarship open for 2015 because provided the staff survives, they’re going to need some talent in that class.

Thanks as always OSD.


Minions everywhere are breathing sighs of relief that you are, in fact, still with us.

Spring will come in earnest when that chunk of warm ocean that sat underneath Alaska all winter (taking the Pacific jet north of Nome and then cascading it down upon us with arctic air) finally and fully dissipates. Apparently an El Nino situation is now developing that augurs for an abnormally hot and dry summer. Scientists tell us that climate change means more extremes will more routinely arise. We may be seeing that. One could always consider moving to more temperate climes than, say, Crown Point. But I digress.

Maybe CTC made that statement because he thinks it’s true? It was an outstanding offer that IU wasn’t particularly in position to match. He wasn’t going to promote Kenny over Buckley and McClain. He could have remained essentially silent on the entire matter, and then would’ve gotten criticized for that, too. I think what he said was reasonable. But it’s also a situation where everybody is playing nice and saying the right things. That doesn’t mean CTC isn’t going to really want to beat Louisville whenever he gets the chance.

There are no viable, serious candidates to replace KJ surfacing as yet, as far as I know. And speculation is relatively pointless. It could well be somebody with whom we are not yet familiar.

… Kinda like Jeremiah April was, from a player standpoint. They just needed a big body of some sort and the main difference between him and Peter Jurkin (and it is a key difference) is that April is almost certain to have stouter shins. I agree that April’s video looks okay. Which may or may not mean much.

Hard to say who is most likely to sign. I heard a good impression was made on Ryan Anderson, the Boston College transfer, but he’s from California originally and it would mean going far away from home again. Anderson will probably have to sit out next season, in any case. I do think CTC will try to expend one more scholarship for 2014 and bank the other.

I’ve heard well-sourced reports that Garrett is already on IU’s recruiting radar.

Hy-oh, Dude, by all means.

QUESTION: Simple question today. Crean plucked Kenny Johnson from obscurity largely because of his recruiting contacts. Why not just do the same thing again? I am not saying Crean should hire the 2015 equivalent of Trey Lyles’ dad, but surely there are plenty of AAU coaches that would love an assistant job at IU and can bring along a couple of 7 footers.



Overton’s Limo Driver, Bloomington


Well, a couple things there. Whatever Crean is or isn’t, he plays it straight and isn’t looking to broker back room deals. Also, it’s too late in the game for the hire to benefit IU in 2014, so if the Hoosiers are reduced to that kind of move to land 2015 recruits, there are bigger problems.

DUSTIN: In theory there’s nothing wrong with that idea, but it should be pointed out here that Kenny Johnson really is special. The sliminess of AAU is overstated some because if you hear people talk about it enough you imagine that every tournament actually has slime dripping off the walls at tournaments and that briefcases of cash are being openly exchanged on the scorers tables. It’s not THAT bad. But not every AAU coach is Kenny Johnson. Not at all.

Johnson’s degree at Maryland was in cell, molecular biology and genetics. He’s an extremely intelligent man and very charismatic, and even though his rep was in recruiting, that didn’t mean he didn’t understand the game. His scouting reports were very good as well and he was well respected by players as more than just a recruiter. There are other AAU coaches who could fit that bill as well, but they aren’t as wide spread as you think.


Agree. All other things being equal, why not hire the guy with some established recruiting ties who might already have a couple of big kids in tow?

I would add that the next in-state class or two aren’t all that robust, so I don’t think it’s all that necessary to find a guy with Indiana ties right now.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. You can follow IU sports coverage on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

Thanks for your time, Andy, Jeremy and Dustin. Anything else we should know before we say goodbye? What’s on the agenda the rest of the week? weekend?

JEREMY: I’ve got the annual spring soccer game between Indiana and the Mexico U20 national team this Sunday at IUPUI’s Carroll Stadium, new home of the Indy Eleven. Stay tuned for that and everything else on the Scoop. Thanks to all who chatted.

DUSTIN: Well, IU plays at Illinois in a key baseball series. Won’t be there but will be keeping tabs. And of course, it’s Little 500 weekend. Follow Mike Miller on that one as he’s all over that. I think his 35-year-anniversary-of-Breaking-Away stuff has been outstanding.

Thanks everybody.

ANDY: Little 5 (and all it entails) is upon us. May God have mercy upon our souls.

Huge series for IU baseball over in Champaign. The Illini are relatively formidable.

Non-IU-related, except that Bark Kaufman Field and Andy Mohr Field are the venues, but for Bloomington-area chatters who may be interested, tonight is the annual Bloomington North-Bloomington South baseball-softball double-header. Softball starts at 5:30 and baseball at 7.

Thanks, as always, to all who checked in and/or chatted.

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  1. Little off topic, but did anyone see that McGary is heading to the NBA due to the fact that he tested positive for pot during the NCAA tournament. Whoops! Apparently when you aren’t playing there is a lot of down time. That would keep him out the entire year and this one would be a big one for him at UM.

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