1. That would be great for Cody and very good for the IU football program-especially the Offense!

  2. BeatPurdue, my thoughts exactly! It’s all speculation at this point, but given the pool of talent and the intense competition at the receiver position in this year’s draft, that would be HUGE for this fine young man. And K.C. is obviously a well coached team, so Cody might have a chance to make it to the playoffs early on in his career.

    And I’m sure Wilson will get some mileage out of that in future recruiting efforts.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. “surprise of the 1st round” only to experts who never saw IU play in the last 2 seasons. I actually think the Steelers may be interested at #15. They need another tall WR and signing FA Darrius Heyward-Bey is only patchwork. Last year he only had 12 receptions for the
    Colts and after 5 seasons has a grand total of 12 TD’s.

  4. Hope Latimer gets the opportunity to play for the Chiefs. Good team. Good coach. Great fans. Plus, Kansas City is a very good place to live.

  5. Geoff, now that’s a gratuitous and mocking comment (addressed at Clarion) about “who watches IU football…?” I guarantee you Pittsburgh Steeler scouts do, as well as those of every other team in the NFL, even if it is because it is called a ‘job’.

    But…why the mockery? Is it because you have no relationship to IU, except for the fact that your mommy is on the faculty? Perhaps the fact that your only point of reference is Maine high schools and you have argued here it is competitive with Indiana high schools basketball? Or that your exciting career experiences in your local suburban YMCA (or something like that)leagues basketball ‘feels almost like being a pro?’

    Big mistake, Geoff…big mistake!

  6. Hmmm, I guess because I’m a mocking and gratuitous type of guy…

    My mother is retired…. My step-father is still on the faculty though. My relationships extend beyond that. If you’ll remember I actually went to HS in TX and played in the same conference (at the time 10-5A) that has produced many household names in college and NBA basketball – Marcus Smart, Deron Williams, and dozens of others over the past couple decades since I left. I never said ME HS basketball was on par with IN…. It certainly is nowhere close in terms of talent. I have said that it’s a basketball crazy state that supports its HS teams on par with IN, and that the state tournament is as big a deal here, if not bigger, than the current format in IN. And is there anything wrong with getting excited about testing the 38 year old version yourself against a young kid that went to Butler? (Apparently he is gone now that the RedClaws season is over so my opportunity was unceremoniously snatched away). I get excited almost every time I play basketball… I hope I always do. (I will omit my snarky comments about what you may get excited about at your age…)

    No, but mainly I’m just gratuitous and mocking. I tend not to take much very seriously. It’s part of my charm. In this particular case, I’m sure you are right that NFL scouts from every team saw an IU game at some point this year… MAYBE even 2! But other than them, my gratuitous statement holds true.

    (I make mistakes every day Tsao. Yesterday I forgot to call the haircut place to make my appt for this morning and now I can’t get in until this afternoon. This morning I didn’t get up in time to make a batch of juice for my wife before she had to get out the door. Wednesday I got confused on directions to a clients new office and was there 10 minutes late for our meeting… I once typed in the wrong sum in the spam protection box… Mistakes are nothing new to me old man)

  7. Geoff, You have a point but a short one. Sometime over the last 2-3 seasons their have been NFL or talking head type talent scouts evaluating players while IU played Meatchicken, Buckeyes, Wisconsin and on and on. You get my drift. Isn’t that how talent is found even at lower echelon programs? If “experts” such as McShay are surprised about CL what must they have felt when Pierre Garcon made the Colts rotation of WR’s as a rookie being drafted out of DIII Mount Union? I will give Mount Union is a DIII football powerhouse. I would maintain Cody’s lack of participation at the Combine diminished his prospects regardless of what scouts saw positively during games. Just as you believe what you observe of a talent on TV, tape or in person in BB. I believe that is what NFL experts should be focusing on and not weight the Combine results near so heavily.

    How big is Junior?

  8. Talent almost always rises to the top. Hope Cody has a great career wherever he ends up. Maybe even NE… lord knows we could use a WR with a bit of size.

    Junior is 10 mos, and trying to figure out how to walk. He is in 95% of height and 50% of weight, so I’m trying to figure out who the dad is…

  9. This continues a very strange tradition at IU of producing very highly regarded NFL prospects from within a program that can never win more than 3 conference games in a good year. Hopefully, eventually our coaching will catch up with our talent!

  10. I don’t think McShay is too far off. Go back to the Michigan St. tape from this past season. Latimer abused Darquez Denard, who’s been rated as a top five CB in this draft. Best of luck Cody, you killed it at Pro Day and it shows. Go Hoosiers.

  11. Hoppy, not really. IU has relatively few former football players in the NFL. It is bound to get better, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are hardly any IU defenders playing in the NFL. And that explains why IU has had losing seasons for a long, long time.


  12. Geoff, I think I speak for all Colts fans when I say New England drafting Lattimer is the absolute worst case scenario for us. Tracy Porter sealing the Super Bowl with his pick six was a cruel twist of fate. I don’t think I’m equipped to handle another Hoosier potentially ending our season.

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