Sampson hired at University of Houston

Former Indiana coach and Houston Rockets assistant Kelvin Sampson is close to being hired by the University of Houston according to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. 

Sampson’s five-year show-cause penalty, which he earned through NCAA violations at Indiana, recently expired.

UPDATE: And per numerous media sources, Sampson has officially been hired.


  1. It just absolutely blows my mind that any university would hire this man. 2nd chance yes, 3rd…NO!!! Then again, UK hired Calipari…

  2. Totally makes sense. Tough economic times, tightening budgets. Think of how much money U of H will save letting go all their academic advisers.

    Harvard meltdown at innocuous joke in 5…4…3…2…

  3. Sampson should have never been hired at IU with sanctions against him at OK. Greenspan did not want to hire him but Herbert insisted.It cost Greenspan his job.Every violation that Sampson was charged with is now no longer a violation.He would have not got into any trouble at all.Now he did not make the players go to class and rumor of drug use is not accepctable…but he was 10 times the coach Crean is and he will have Houston in the NCAA tournament within 2-3 years.

  4. Glad for Sampson, he did nothing majorly wrong, people have always overreacted to what he did. He didn’t ruin anyone’s life or end up in jail. But some IU fans act like he’s worse than Ray Lewis, Ron Artest or Mike Vick. He never struggled to find work, being employed by the nba this whole time. If making “too many phone calls” is enough to make you hate him then that’s on you. (Follow Crean on twitter to learn what to do with those bad feelings.)

    He stole Gordon back from Weber. Weber cried. Gordon (who was/is a huge social square) hinted about drug use. If you think no recreational drugs are used on this current IU team and Crean’s others you are naive as can be.

    Then the real reason most of you hate him is “because of what he did to the program!! He wrecked this program!!'” And who was it that told you this over and over and over? One Tom Crean, the man who believes his job is to hedge bets, lower expectations and repeatedly reference the 19 Fs (and most of those Fs happened in the 2nd semester after all Sampson’s guys realized Crean/IU wanted nothing to do with them. Why go to class?) Crean helped dig the hole he later cried about by how he handled the situation, he was over confident, thought gutting and rebuilding would take a few yrs, little did he know (which he’s now admitted/shown routinely) is that he had no clue what he was doing. He ran from Marq for $ with the same speed Buzz left and Smart and Marshall avoided Marq. For all those who once loved Crean for his “it’s indiana!” quotes….I hope you also bought “it’s VA Tech, it’s VA Tech!!!” Tshirts too.

    Dakich also lambasted the Sampson regime, why? Cause the players quit on Dakich. Dakich can’t take it like a man so he blames the players and the Sampson regime to cover his own ass. Dakich couldn’t coach and was never given a big head coaching gig, toiled at Bowling Green. I don’t blame the players for saying F U to Dan Dakich, more ppl should, he doesn’t give a F about you. So Dakich lambasts Sampson, IU idiots follow suit.

    Sampson’s a decent guy who kept his life positive, didn’t bad mouth IU or anyone else who kept dirtying his name, and has moved on.

  5. The calls he made are not rule breaking anymore …he is a solid coach and gets players to play hard…will probably make a final 4 appearance before IU…

  6. All I have to say about Sampson is just bless his heart and everybody else he surrounds himself with…

  7. “He would have not got into any trouble at all. Now he did not make the players go to class and rumor of drug use is not accepctable…but he was 10 times the coach Crean is …”

    Wow, what a post. Are you sure you’re a Hoosier fan? If you are, please tell me you expect more than just producing winning seasons and trips to the final four from IU’s Head Basketball coach. Maybe you should direct your passion for basketball toward the NBA.

    How do you define a college coach’s responsibility? Is it just about recruiting and teaching kids how to play great basketball and winning games? Or is a college coach expected to do more than that? Like say helping teenagers become responsible men, get an education and be good citizens At IU, I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of IU fans, and certainly the administration, expect our coaches to do more than just produce good players and win games. In fact, they have significant incentives written into their contracts for making sure their players maintain a certain level of academic achievement and get a degree.

    For a college coach, not making kids go to class is doing something wrong. Recruiting kids that can’t or won’t meet IU’s academic standards (and get 19 F’s in one semester) or who have no interest in getting their education is doing something wrong. Tolerating your players’ alleged drug use is doing something wrong. Sampson did all those things in addition to violating NCAA recruiting rules while at IU. That was wrong. It does not matter that the rules he and his assistants violated are no longer NCAA violations, they were at the time. He and his subordinates violated the rules that were on the books at the time, they got caught, and IU Basketball was seriously damaged. And I dare say that many of his players were damaged too.

    There are probably a lot of men who could recruit and teach a dozen or so young men how to win basketball games that would never get hired to be a head coach of a college basketball team. This Hoosier fan hopes IU’s administrators don’t forget again that we expect more from the men and women who coach IU’s student athletes.

  8. Houston will be in the NCAA sooner than 2-3 years due to the fact that they have some pretty good talent there. The cupboard isn’t exactly bare. They had a decent year in the AIR and was a young team.

  9. Fab 5,
    Your comment #7 is right on about the over-exaggerated evils of the Sampson regime. What rules he broke did not merit the extreme sanctions placed on IU. That’s what took the program into the pits, and played a much greater role in the entire downward spiral, than what Sampson did.

    However, your comments about Dan Dakich sure doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard out of him. If anything, his take on the Sampson era is more like yours, and I sure wouldn’t call it “lambasting”. Sounds to me like you’ve got an issue with DD in general. However, he isn’t responsible for the “evil Sampson” narrative that has been nurtured into IU BB history.

    There are plenty of people that played a part in the downfall of IU BB back then, but Crean himself played a huge part in promoting that version, since it promoted his own greatness and got himself a sweet deal at IU.

    Nice to read a comment bringing that whole mostly bogus narrative down closer to the truth.

  10. Fab5…I agree with you 100%…Podunker…what has Crean done that Sampson has not? Reports that Fischer left were drug related….Dumas was a total idiot…HMP arrested…Hollowell suspended…there is not much difference bewteen Crean and Sampson.Sampson has forgot more about basketball than Crean will ever know.Had Sampson stayed at IU and not got busted for stupid phone calls IU would have already had a Final Four trip.He was getting very good recruits to Indiana and knew what to do with them when they got here.Crean can get them…just don’t know what to do with them when they get here.Derek Elston dad wanted him to transfer after Crean got hired because he knew Crean could not coach.Hs far as Dakich…never could nor ever will be able to coach..but I thought he would have been a good choice for AD.C rean would have been long gone if he had got that job.Glass knows nothing about sports…very apparent on the choices he makes.

  11. NoMend, Ok I need to hear Daks latest take on Sampson, maybe he wasn’t hard on Sampson but I remember him being hard on those players, sorta throwing them and their lack of commitment and discipline (in his eyes) under the bus. Which can’t be all true because IU (with the same players and Sampson) were a #10 team earlier that exact month. Also interesting to note- Jeff Meyer was on IUs staff with Dakich at this time, I wonder if Daks relationship with Meyer got little Dakich (who seems like an awesome kid) the walk on spot at Michigan.

  12. After the Crean confrontation with Meyer after the IU victory over Michigan, Dan Dakich very strongly defended Meyer from the rumors that Meyer had instigated Crean’s poor sportsmanship by making an insulting comment to first. He didn’t dog out Crean, and he never has. His approach to Crean seems to be to let Crean’s odd behaviors speak for themselves, without adding any additional commentary.

    Recently on his show, he said he helped his kid choose Michigan because “they are all adults there”. I guess he thinks some other nearby BB programs are not adults, the way it was said. That’s about the closest to badmouthing IU as he ever has gotten. Unlike how outspoken and politically incorrect he usually is, he has been very reserved about voicing ANY criticism about Crean, and has actually defended Crean in many areas.

  13. Hoosier 1987… I believe Crean has had a better graduating rate than Sampson. That answers post #13. Why do you even make comments on this site? You need to get off the IU band wagon now before the sky falls… please don’t come back when Crean proves you wrong. You really piss me off using your Hoosier 1997 moniker… your not a TRUE Hoosier fan!! I’m sure Houston has plenty of room on their wagon… or maybe Kentucky might be your cup of tea.

  14. I did not like the players he recruited, what he let them get away with, or his integrity — or lack thereof.

  15. Podunker,

    Thanks again for a fine post in defining what a good coach does, at least at IU. Your comments are most welcome in the face of those bloggers who look at last year’s IU team, and Crean, and see nothing but absolute failure. It’s truly sad they’re so obsessed with seeing Crean fail and preventing the IU program from rising to the top, with or without Crean.

    Whether you like him or not, one “bad” year by Crean–as defined by some IU fans–, does not mean Crean should not get the benefit of another year. After all, in five years, he resurrected the program after the Sampson debacle. That was no easy task even with some IU fans wanting him fired after his first year.

    Granted Sampson’s, and IU’s, sanctions were extreme. It was a bad NCAA rule which could not be enforced properly across the board. To make it work, it required self-policing. But it was on the books. And Sampson’s violation of that rule resulted in IU’s program being gutted by the NCAA.

    As a coach at IU, he is responsible for ensuring kids get an education and graduate. plus avoid improper drug usage. In that regard, it appears he never met the standard of a “good” IU coach. Maybe the University of Houston defines a “good” coach that way, namely: winning is the only thing. But not IU. At least, I hope not.

  16. Podunker is by far the most successful comedian on this site. He’s a Crean fan and agitator. Greenspan was the one that hired both Sampson and Crean. Sampson was fired, Greenspan was fired, Crean should be too. Greenspan moved to Rice. He was fired from Rice recently as well.

    Is there a buyout clause for Glass? If not, he should be fired, and Crean moved AD so we can hire a BASKETBALL coach.

  17. Podunker is one of the more balanced individuals and less emotional reactionary of persons on this site. Unlike some others, he believes in fairness and justice in treating human beings, acknowledging the facts of a situation, looking at the big picture, and engaging in rational thinking. Also, he’s mindful words, when used inappropriately. can be both hurtful and detrimental, not just to a coach, but also to the IU program. And he states his views and opinions without being an apologist for Crean either.

  18. This is what Dan Dakich thought about the players Sampson brought to IU:

    He has always had the most realistic view on the situation. Kelvin Sampson has always recruited kids from difficult backgrounds. He has never stayed away from a kid who might have had trouble qualifying, or who switched high schools every few years, or who grew up in an area that assures some of his friends are selling drugs or in a gang. He’s taken those kids and nurtured their toughness — and in many, many cases, helped them graduate.

    He thought — and fans believed — that at Indiana he’d build similar teams but have a better level of talent. Which turned out to be true during his brief run.

    But Dakich didn’t want to build the program with those types of players. What’s refreshing is that he didn’t judge the way some did; he saw Sampson’s approach as a purposeful philosophy — not some moral flaw. Dakich simply wanted the program to be built around kids who wouldn’t need so much prodding to study or be in bed by 10.

    As others have noted, Crean’s narrative was built around the idea that he understood Indiana in a way Sampson didn’t. He then recruited Devan Dumes, who was more trouble than DeAndre Thomas and Jamarcus Ellis combined.

  19. TheDude-

    Very eloquently stated…There’s been way too much vilification of those kids. Hell, McRobbie’s son got in considerable amount of heat with regard to campus drug use.

    And there were probably 3 to 4 players that posed the biggest challenge for Sampson(in terms of difficult background and lack of a solid educational foundation that most of us cannot come close to understanding).

    We’ve heard the corruption that was going on a UNC…Has the NCAA done anything about it? UNC had a complete mirage in place to make it appear struggling student athletes within their major sports programs, many of which couldn’t read at grade school level, were moved through the system.

    There are a lot of young kids that are more educational prepared to succeed at IU that will experiment with drug usage and make mistakes no different than the Sampson “thugs.” There advantage is based on necessary tools and a starting point for learning grounded in years of better schools and more guidance/tutoring within the home. When they come to college and experiment with alcohol and drugs, will it be treated differently because they can, at minimum, survive in the classroom? Some of these young men and women are going down a sad and sorry road of severe alcohol abuse and drug dependency. They may leave college with a degree, but they also leave with the heavy weight of addictions that may lead to future problems within family and career. There are some studies that have claimed that date rape is as high as 25% amongst girls attending our universities. Are we really going to act so naive in believing there aren’t far more morally corrupt people on our campuses than a Sampson recruit that can get through the rigors of classroom just fine?

    Is a college president’s son that gets caught with a boatload of pot, or a kid that is from Colombia that has experienced solid high school training and solid role models that have embraced him decides to leave a party in get in a car drunk, are these really isolated incidents of young men necessarily anymore morally supreme in their decision making? Or, is it simply the fact that because they have more tools to survive in the classroom, they are given the slap on the wrist if they are ever caught?

    Let’s quit pretending that Indiana University is the home of clean living. Yes, Sampson kids made mistakes. But those mistakes are magnified because they didn’t have a mirage education system to compensate for their lack of foundational skills. They were in a candy store of temptation not unlike any 18-year-old arriving at a school as large as Indiana. And when they effed up it was going to be magnified…They were already behind the eight ball and immersed in an environs where partying is not the exception, but the norm.

    Did they go out and attempt to beat someone to death when they god wasted? The failed in the classroom. Beyond that, they did nothing differently than most the student population. They weren’t true “thugs” in the sense of having a complete disregard for human life. And I never saw one Sampson recruit play anything near the dirty level of basketball and flagrant fouling that I’ve witnessed all across the country in recent years.

  20. WaltD, thanks. Several posters on this site fall victim to the tendency that when you can’t win the debate, attack your opponent. Making things up out of thin air, calling people names, trying to insult them, trying to assign motives to their arguments, posting comments under a false screen name or imitating another person, all in an attempt to stifle people who have a different opinion, are juvenile tactics. While disappointing that some adults feel the need to deploy such tactics, such behavior is often entertaining and provides confirmation that the person on the receiving end is winning or has won the debate. One’s chronological age has no relation to one’s maturity.

    For the record, I’m not a huge Crean fan, but I don’t hate or despise the man either. I’m an IU fan and have been a rabid one for 50 years. I have no problem calling for a coach to be terminated if I believe, based on facts, that it is in IU’s best interest to do so (see numerous posts over the last year calling for Mallory (the son) to be fired). While I am not at all satisfied with the performance of Crean’s team last season, and recognize some of his faults as a game coach, I also recognize that it takes time and an enormous amount of work to rebuild a program devastated by the neglect, mismanagement, and NCAA penalties inflicted on IU’s basketball program over the decade before Crean arrived in Bloomington. The damage done to IU by all that does not just evaporate the day a new coach is hired. It’s half-life lasts much longer than most sports fans can possibly appreciate. Honestly, Crean’s success in the two seasons preceding this recent one surprised me and exceeded my expectations. I did not think any coach could lead the devastated IU basketball program from where it was the day Crean was hired to the Sweet 16 in the 2011/2012 season. When Crean was hired, I thought it would take a couple year’s longer than it did. I’ve never done it, but I can only imagine how much work it took to realize that accomplishment. For that reason, and for the many positive things he continues to do, I simply believe Crean deserves more time to prove to The Hoosier Nation that he is capable of re-establishing IU basketball to where we all want it to be. And frankly, he deserves that consideration based on what he has already achieved.

    Given where the program is at, the talent coming in, his record as a coach, and the fact that it would cost IU a fortune in cash to fire him, I do not believe it is in IU’s best interest to terminate Crean at this time. It may become necessary in two or three years, but I’m hoping it does not. Because if Crean succeeds, it means IU basketball has succeeded. In spite of what some less rational posters are saying, it’s just that simple.

    Someone once told me that “everything is relative to expectations. If you have unrealistic expectations of others, or of yourself, you will live in a state of perpetual disappointment and bitterness.” By some of the comments posted on this site about Crean and the expectations of IU basketball, it seems to me that a few IU fans will always be disappointed and bitter, no matter what.

  21. I never thought what he did was that horrible. It wasn’t like they were paying players or it was academic fraud. The frusturating thing thing is the phone calls were never even needed. I don’t think any of those players even came to IU. He could of had a great run at IU. Sad.

  22. Has anyone else noticed how a large group of Scoop posters are now beginning to preface their statements with “I’m not a huge Crean fan, but”…?

    They are not “haters.” But don’t you sense that they’ve changed their position and are realizing they’re going to look awfully foolish if they don’t start modifying there longtime strong defense of the flawless coach? Isn’t sorta creepy how they’re now out at the tool shed sharpening the axe for future use when they feel the tide move? I can almost hear the sound their carefully evolving words echoing the motor of the grinding wheel behind the closed doors of the Big Red shed. It’s almost as disturbing as a long drawn out campaign of intermittent “hatred” akin to a daily poisoning of a glass of bedtime milk against a defensive coordinator. Dear Lizzie Borden,…..

  23. This is why I Kelvin Sampson is really a bad guy. HE failed these kids. That article that Korman wrote was really good. I completely support recruiting kids out of the ‘hood to play for Indiana. It is up to the coach to teach them not only how to play elite D1 basketball, he needs to shape and mold them to be men off the court and in the classroom. Guys that were pointing fingers at these kids are misguided.

    John Cheney, Lute Olson, Sean Miller and Jim Boeheim are coaches that come to mind that don’t shy away from the bad neighborhoods. They take kids under the wings and hold them to a high standard on and off the court. Guys that don’t do it right? Bob Huggins, Kelvin Sampson.

    These kids look to these coaches not just a guy with a whistle and clipboard, but for guidance.

  24. So you don’t believe that Kelvin tried and maybe they just let him down? You don’t believe that’s it’s not so easily construed in ‘black and white’ and possibly. no matter how much taking under the wing, some of these young men were just too far behind the education curve to survive at IU?

    And if some inside power players at IU wanted to see Kelvin and many of these young men fail, do you think a coach like Boeheim would make any difference?

    Once Sampson knew the witch hunters were attempting to bring him down by way of a frivolous phone calling scandal, is it possible his focus went into survival mode and the young men he was attempting to serve as fatherly figure suffered by way of such distraction?

    I don’t think he let anyone done. He tried and I simply believe some didn’t have the tools and some got caught in the storm of a place that was never going to be in their corner. A coach can’t do it by himself.

  25. Double Down-

    Just to add one name to your list…

    Al McGuire was a fabulous coach and one of the best molders/teachers of young men from the rougher streets….Ironic that he was the guy the put Marquette on the basketball map(certainly not the blowhard hellbent on vilifying people now at IU).

  26. It’s not that I hate Crean…if IU had hired Roy Williams…Coach K…Pitino…and they had this years record I don’t think anyone would be ready to fire them.The reason is that they have shown they are winning coaches and have won National Championships and proved they can win.So in saying that all these coaches have had below average seasons and not lost their jobs because they know they will recruit and bounce back.With Crean…he has never won anything…and with 5 pro players on his team could not advance beyond the the Sweet 16.Any of the mentioned coaches above would have taken that team to the Final Four.Crean can recruit I will give him that…but Davis could recruit and neither of them can coach.No one has confidence that Crean will bounce back and Indiana will win big for the next few years…and why should they he has not won anything has a coach yet.Kansas hated it when Williams left for North Carolina…Kentucky fans almost died when Pitino left…Marq. fans could not wait for Crean to get out of town.Crean could coach a mid major team and survive…but not at Indiana.He is in way over his head.See how many Indiana kid’s commit to IU in the next 2-3 years.They will all go out of state just like when Davis was at Indiana.The only way Indiana will win again is to fire Crean now and hire a proven winning coach.Podunker is entitled to his views…but they are wrong.If this site would take a poll like they did on …were will Indiana go the NCAA or NIT…on should Crean be fired or stay it would not even be close….75% fired….25% stay.I would be willing to bet on that.

  27. It isn’t belief. I have a little insider info here. I have some very close friends that work or worked in the academic advisory program at Indiana. Some have been there a long time. Off the record, they said they got zero support from Kelvin Sampson in dealing with his basketball players. In fact, he was quite arrogant about it (among other things).

    Also, regardless of what I know, it is Kelvin’s job as a leader and coach to get kids to do things they don’t want to do. If they don’t do it, it is his responsibility to make them hit the road. Kelvin has a responsibility to the University that employs him first and his kids second. Clearly communicating what he expects of them and then holding them to those standards are equally as important as being able to break down a zone defense.

    Leadership is pretty black and white. Just as Crean is 100% responsible for the 17-15 record (336th ranked turnover) season, Kelvin owns everything that came under his watch. Just as much as Jim Tressle and Joe Paterno own the decisions they made that led to them getting fired.

    Making the claim that the University wanted to see these kids fail is ridiculous. There were hundreds of people in the academic support network that were there for these kids, but they answer to their coach, not their advisers.

    The occasional misstep happens. Even Bob Knight had a couple of turds. But what Sampson had was endemic. He failed these kids.

  28. Harvard, great reference. Al McGuire is one of my favorite coaches of all time.

    Makes me a bit weepy. They just don’t seem to make them like that anymore.

  29. A great contribution by ‘the Dude”, #21. I’ll repeat his link to Dan Korman’s post putting the entire set of events surrounding the NCAA violations, Coach Sampson’s role and its context in his commitment to recruiting players from ‘unstable’ circumstances, Dan Dakich’s valiant role in trying to hold the entire thing together from his perspective, the IU’s administration (including Greenspan’s leadership/lack of leadership), what the players had at the table in terms of their personal history and background(both good and bad) and, the identification of Tom Crean as he lands on Bloomington (it kind of reminded me of an Airborne parachutist who tries to come down on the stadium in the middle of an IU-Purdue ballgame- nothing to do with it but everyone looks up to see if he’s going to hit the 50 yard line or splatter all over a 300 lb defensive tackle).

    That was one hell of a piece Korman wrote. As well written and comprehensive and informative as I’ve read in the HT since the days of Bob Hammel. Everyone should read it to understand what was going on then and what the issues are now.

    I’m repeating the link provided by ‘the Dude’ for those of you who, like me, think this mess is important enough to be worth more consideration, introspection and further attempts at understanding it from the standpoint of ‘wisdom’.

    Korman’s piece as linked by ‘The Dude” (thank you Dude)-

    (I wanted this comment to be neutral and merely encourage Scoop readers to take a look at the Korman piece again and, just as important, at the comments that followed it- some of those postors/posters are still around. But it is interesting how much more civil and thoughtful- while passionate- the Scoop’s dialogue was during a much more ‘agitated’ time. Note: I do have some personal reactions and ideas to the Korman piece, perhaps even some comments, but I’ll post those separately if I think they are relevant and important today.) One thing for sure, my hat’s off to Mr. Korman. The piece should have been published in the main paper but not really surprised it wasn’t.

  30. Korman also wrote this….

    Chronic: You are, for better or worse, inexorably intertwined with the Kelvin Sampson All-Stars.
    Korman: Right.
    Chronic: You may or may not have coined the term.
    Korman: It’s possible.
    Chronic: If you could be any member of the KSAS, who would you be and why?
    Korman: Oh, God….
    Chronic: Your first article here was written about Bud Mackey, no less.
    Korman: Yeah.
    Chronic: The most nefarious of the KSAS.
    Korman: I could give a sort of flippant, fun answer, and I think I’d want to be Eric Gordon because he’s rich as hell and lives in L.A. But, you know, guys like…to me…look Kelvin Sampson obviously [effed] up. I mean just [effed] up. I remember the guy…he and I would have one on ones pretty frequently. I would come talk to him in his office, and he would just sit there for me. And one time he was sitting there, and I was on his couch, his leather couch. All coaches have nice leather couches. And he had pulled a chair close to me, just a regular looking, uncomfortable chair over near me, and we were talking. And all of a sudden he looked down. And at this point he was a little bit bigger. He hadn’t been walking with DeAndre yet. So he had a sort of buddha going on, and he looks down at his buddha, and there was IU logo right on the top of it. He just looked down and saw that and just shook his head at it for like 30 seconds. You could just tell the guy was in awe that he was the Indiana basketball coach. You could tell it meant a lot to him, it meant a lot to him. It was everything to him. It was a big deal. He went from being at a place where you could win 20 games a year, and people would admire you, but they were still going to read the story about spring football and who the 3rd string quarterback is going to be. So he knew that he’d made that step up and how much people cared. But he could not change his own soul. And his own soul was that for so long he’d found kids who other people had overlooked or other people had worse said you’re not worth anything.
    Chronic: Abandoned.
    Korman: Yeah. Guys who…
    Guys who’d been abandoned by their own fathers.
    Right. And so he found these people and brought them up and promised them things and said, “I’m going to make it right. I’m going to make sure you’re okay. We’re going to get through this together.” And there are so many guys like that. Jamarcus Ellis is the one to me that…I don’t actually know his real story, but I’m pretty sure his father was murdered, and his mother died of AIDS. Just every bad thing you could imagine. He lived in a car for some time. The guy just had a messed up life. And for so many people to sit and judge him from where they sat, which was…even the ones who just went to Bloomington North, which is no special upbringing. But then even the people who went to Carmel, and to live this entirely different life from him and say what he should or shouldn’t be, or how badly he [effed] up, or how he was ungracious for what he had been given here, how he’d threw that all away. And that might be true, but the kid went through so much. And my sentimental answer is that I’d try to be one of those guys and try to overcome, to become that sort of symbol for those guys. Sampson had those kids everywhere he went. And had he stayed, I don’t think it’s a guarantee those kids are better off, but some of them make it through. Eli Holman is better. DeAndre Thomas is better. These guys make it through and at least understand a little bit better what they need to do to make it out of these circumstances they grew up in. I guess that’s the sentimental answer, but if I could be Eric Gordon I’d be buying the whole bar a drink right now.

  31. Yep, DeAndre Thomas was a troublemaker in Bloomington and to this day is trouble even in Canada. How could we expect anything less. Kelvin Sanctions is interviewing for a staff as we speak and DT would no doubt be a valuable recruiting asset for the type of player Sanctions wants in his new program.

  32. I tend to believe Jeremy is stepping into bias territory.

    As mentioned, Crean has had his players that have been in severe to moderate trouble… Devan Dumes was involved in a shooting…VJ IIT had a DWI shortly after leaving IU…Perea’s recent eff-up.

    And if we go outside of basketball, we have the recent assualt and battery charges against a son of a coach at IU…We have a rock celebrity that attends all our basketball games that had sons involved in the same attack.

    When a journalist jumps on this Kelvin bashing bandwagon but has remained silent on all the eff-ups that have occurred under Crean’s and other IU coach’s watches, it really unveils just how entrenched and infiltrated the Crean apologists are within the local media outlets/newspapers.

    1. Harvard,
      I kind of figured you’d paint me as taking a side, but that was offered up as a relevant current events story. That is all, spin it at your leisure.

  33. And if we’re going to blame DeAndre’s current behavior on the court back 8 years to Kelvin Sampson, then I guess we must blame Dumes’s street behavior back to the days he played for Crean..Who can forget the game at MSU where Crean didn’t jump all over Dumes for throwing three dirty elbows in one game(probably should have kicked him off the team right after that game)?

    Crean has shown to be very soft on discipline. Let’s hope that Hanner and Hollowell aren’t heading down similar roads as Devan because of Crean’s lack of a firm fatherly hand in leadership and his application double standards. “If I desperately need you on the team, your effing up will be a slap on the wrist.” “If your nose is clean as a whistle, but you’re not my recruit and I have what I believe to be a better talent to replace you, then we will encourage you to leave the program while I paint everyone else the villain as a distraction.”

  34. 00:29 mark

    No comment…no comment on that…I haven’t seen the film…I haven’t seen the breathalyzer results…I don’t know John Mellencamp…John who? He comes to my basketball games…His sons beat someone up and stomped on their face with a coach’s son?…No comment. I haven’t seen the tape of that porch incident. I’ll have to look at the tape. This is Indiana….Because….You wrecked the program…(pass gas in the interviewers face…Dustin smirks).

  35. Korman’s piece from 2008 was interesting. It raises a lot of thoughts. Here are a few, in no particular order:

    I once read that Duke’s Coach K does not recruit kids, no matter how talented they are, unless they come from a two-parent household. I don’t know if that is true, but if it is, it would seem to be the opposite of Sampson’s recruiting philosophy. If true, does that mean Coach K is doing something wrong? Or does that mean he’s doing what he believes is best for his team, his University and the athletes he’s responsible for helping develop?

    The question is not whether a coach should or should not recruit kids from the inner city (“the hood”), or kids who have had really tough lives growing up, the questions should be a) does the kid have the ability to meet the University’s academic standards? b) does he/she have the athletic ability to compete compliment the University’s athletic ambitions? and c) does the kid have the character/mental toughness/self discipline necessary to be a good citizen on campus and withstand the pressures that come with being a student athlete?

    It’s about giving young people, no matter what their socio-economic background is, the opportunity to grow and become successful, responsible adults. If a kid does not have the academic or athletic ability to succeed at a certain University, recruiting them to that school is wrong and can damage the kid, not to mention his/her teammates and the school. Coaches need to be sensitive to recruiting kids that are qualified, both academically and athletically for the school that they are being asked to enroll in. Of course, if the student part of the “student-athlete” does not matter, than the kid is just being exploited by the coach and the University.

    Sampson was not the first IU coach to recruit kids that came from tough backgrounds in the inner city. It has been well chronicled that IT came from tough circumstances growing up near Chicago. He credits the discipline Bob Knight applied to him for two years at IU for helping him get his education and being successful beyond basketball.

    Regardless of Sampson’s recruiting philosophy, I think he failed the kids he recruited to IU and failed to demonstrate good leadership. Since actions speak louder than words, it seems to me that he was using these kids for their basketball skills and did not really care about their success as young men. If not, how does he explain 19 F’s and the alleged drug use. Where was the discipline? This kids were well on their way toward trouble long before Sampson got fired. He walked away with about $850K in severance, but the young men he was responsible for leading got the shaft.

  36. This was certainly the appropriate topic to move away from the frustrations most IU fans are experiencing for a very lackluster season where talent certainly didn’t meet up with results. For Tom Crean, Kelvin “Sanctions” is certainly that gift that just keeps on giving. Unhappy with our season and watching Wisconsin and all those Indiana boys playing for MSU and Michigan in the Elite 8 games…? This was just what the doctor ordered…We got our Sampson story and then Jeremy gives us more icing on the hate cake with the heartwarming tale of “mini me Shaq,” DeAndre Thomas, making his trouble in the most obscure distant basketball lands. Yippee.

    Meanwhile, Crean would probably give his left ________(bower?)to land a post player for the upcoming season with 1/2 the skills of DeAndre Thomas(fists of fury on no fists of fury).

    Crean should be sending Kelvin a “thank you” box of candy…

    Soon to come Scoop distractions to ease pressure off Crean…? More comments from Knight aimed at UK and Calipari? Pat Knight arrested for exposing himself in sewing and crafts aisle of his neighborhood Walmart?

    Bottom Line: Kelvin should have stayed away from the college game. Once you’re a target, always a target. Texas is a football state. He had his shot where basketball talent reigns supreme. He made many similar mistakes the current carnival salesman…He could only land the one savior recruit from Indiana while we witnessed most the other top talent(especially post players) flock to OSU, NC, Duke, etc. They both certainly had their obsessive behavioral disorders…clapping…tweeting…Joyce…Cody…EJ…more 3-way…villain chasing…oblivious on the court..oblivious off the court.

    Who really cares anymore? None of it brings winning basketball and more Hoosiers eager to wear the candy stripes. We’ve been the laughing stock of college basketball world for the last 10+ years…The Establishment loves us fighting back and forth and wishing with endless delusion that Crean can actually coach. How many years will we keep wasting our time with these pointless obsessions? When will we just demand strong opponents and accountability?

    We’ve certainly proved one thing. Once we lost Knight, we proved to have less respect for our university and storied basketball Hoosier traditions than he was ever accused. We’ve been throwing chairs around for a decade..Dakich will never stop throwing because he’s stuck with an enormous inferiority complex…Get him out of INDIANA!! Go back to MARS! Go coach Andrean High School ball in THE REGION land of zero culture and strip malls where you fit in. I know…I know…You stopped MJ with all the same Hoosier grit Cody stopped Mitch…Head to head…Head to head. And Dakich threw dem thugs out of our bed! He’s two for two!! That’s a career game for Dan.

    We should know better than to not take this bait from Dustin and Price. I feel used.

  37. HfH,

    Your statement about Texas is in a sense 3/4s right. It is. But football is waning while basketball is on the rise in Texas…and significantly. For example, this year, I understand there were more players from Texas who were Big Mac All-Americans than any other year. I believe it. Plus, that number will grow larger in the years ahead. And any coach that overlooks Texas basketball, and still thinks this is a football state solely, does so at his or her own peril.

  38. Thanks for posting that Jeremy. Interesting story. If they played basketball like they play hockey up North, this wouldn’t be much of a problem.

  39. It is one hell of a big state with some pretty sizable population concentrations in a few major cities. But in terms of per capita talent….? The basketball talent can’t shake a stick at Indiana. And in terms of population, I’m not sure if Indiana is that far behind in top football talent as a percentage of population numbers.

    Don’t mess with Indiana. This state is like no other for the amount of young kids that are top athletes in all sports. Though football is the occasional mistress from the South, basketball is still the one we want to have a lifetime relationship and have around to raise our kids.

  40. Yeah, thanks Jeremy…I’d love more stories about ex-Kelvin players. Anything on Armon Bassett since he tore up Georgetown in the NCAA tournament?

    Can we have EJ updates once a month? Did Jamarcus Ellis become the Wolf of Wall Street last year? I need to know!

  41. Harvard with another whopper of homerism that would make Harry Caray blush with embarrassment. Indiana high school football on par with Texas in terms of per capita talent??

    Oh my. Indiana wouldn’t even be in the top 25 in high school football talent by any measure.

    Here’s a nice to ten list based on recruiting rankings. You know, using actual data and not staying with a conclusion and searching for evidence.

  42. Texas is #1 for placing total D1 players. Indiana is 19th between #18 Oklahoma and 20th Arizona.

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