The scheduling of Florida International, cancelling of South Florida series reflects adjustment in approach

After Indiana finished last season 5-7 and missed the postseason for the sixth consecutive season, coach Kevin Wilson effectively declared an offseason of introspection in which he would reconsider all aspects of the IU football program’s operation. That led several significant changes, including the firing of defensive coordinator Doug Mallory and the hiring of his replacement, Brian Knorr.

While Wilson was doing that, IU athletic director Fred Glass was doing some introspection as well with his own performance in regard to the football program. In hindsight, he decided that the Hoosiers were overtaxed by a non-conference schedule made up of three bowl teams in four games, including a Missouri team that finished the season ranked No. 5 in the nation with a win in the Cotton Bowl. The NCAA rated Indiana’s total strength of schedule the 11th most difficult in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

“If I could’ve waved a magic wand and changed our schedule, I probably would have,” Glass said. “I thought we overscheduled a little in our non-conference schedule. This offseason, everyone in the program was looking in the mirror and thinking about what we have to do to get better. I thought that I have to get better, too, and there were things that I can do from a scheduling perspective to help.”

A newly announced series provides insight to Glass’s change in approach. On Monday, Florida International announced that it would play at Indiana on Sept. 12, 2015, then host the Hoosiers in Miami on Sept. 3, 2016. Glass confirmed that series, and also confirmed that in order to make space for that series, he cancelled a series with South Florida for 2015-16 to make it happen. The athletic department will take approximately a $750,000 loss on the move spread over two years at $375,000 a year but Glass said it’s money he doesn’t mind spending.

“I’d rather not pay $375,000 than pay $375,000,” Glass said. “But I look at it as an investment. We’re trying to do an awful lot to improve the football program in terms of coaches salaries, a turf practice field, strength and conditioning and those sort of things, so to me it’s not unreasonable to spend this amount of money in scheduling. And I think it starts to fix some problems we had that in my mind were really not acceptable.”

Glass said he made the move to get the Hoosiers seven home games in 2015, which he believes is the number Indiana shoots for every year. The Hoosiers will have just six home games in 2014 after having eight in 2013, but Glass said it’s impossible at this point to ask any of IU’s non-conference partners to move a game this season.

Florida International is also a slightly less dangerous opponent than South Florida, though both programs had bad seasons in 2013. South Florida, an American Athletic Conference school, was 2-10 last season and 2-6 in the league. Florida International was 1-11, 1-7. South Florida, though, is just a few years removed from being a Top 25 team when the Big East still existed and likely has more potential to rebound.

Making that happen meant paying a $500,000 liquidation fee to South Florida according to Glass, $250,000 for each game. Glass expects to make all of that back by having an extra non-conference home game, for which IU suggests it will make $550,000. However, the Hoosiers are paying money for this home-and-home series, which is slightly uncommon. Schools usually exchange guarantee money in home-and-home series for cash flow purposes, but it usually turns out to be a wash. Indiana was supposed to get $150,000 for playing at South Florida in 2015, then give that exact amount back when the two teams played again in Tampa.

Florida International, however, will receive a $1 million guarantee to play in Bloomington in 2015 and the Hoosiers will receive just $200,000 to play in Miami in 2016. Those numbers make sense considering that IU drew an average of 44,353 to home games last season and Florida International drew just 15,453.

That Glass would even agree to a lopsided structure suggests that he is becoming more willing to go out of his way to get the Hoosiers home games and that he will now be more likely to consider more “buy games,” in which Indiana would pay a team an expensive guarantee to play at Memorial Stadium, but would not go on the road. In the past, Glass has tried to avoid that, instead playing home and home series with programs that Big Ten teams typically don’t visit, especially Mid-American Conference programs. Indiana will play at Bowling Green this season after hosting the Hoosiers last season. Indiana played Massachusetts in Foxborough, Mass., in 2012, visited North Texas in 2011, Western Kentucky in 2010, Akron in 2009, and Western Michigan in 2007 when Rick Greenspan was still the athletic director. The Hoosiers scheduled buy games against Football Championship Subdivision opponents, but those were significantly less expensive than the high six figure to seven figure fees FBS teams charge.

The Big Ten will expand its conference schedule to nine games in 2015, however, and forbid members to schedule FCS opponents in non-conference play. Teams will also alternate year-to-year having four and five conference games, which means the Hoosiers will sometimes need to play all three of their non-conference games at home to finish with seven total home games. Glass said that to keep from having an overly challenging schedule and to get those home games, the Hoosiers will have to prepare to spend more in guarantee money.

“We want to have seven home games, and we also always want to have a home-and-home series going with a power five conference team,” Glass said. “So something’s gotta give, and what’s gotta give is that we’re going to have to have more guarantee games and spend some money on teams that are going to come here and we won’t return to.”


  1. I believe Marian College would be a good choice and SHOULD be an easy victory. Looks like the football team is going to follow the lead of CTC, schedule a bunch of powder puffs for the non-conference then won’t be able to figure out why they can’t win in the Big Ten. More people in the parking lot tailgating than in the stadium.

  2. Damn! Mudshark took the words out of my mouth! I much prefer we improve our record by relying on getting better through better recruitment and better coaching than pad it through scheduling down to an inferior level that guarantees us improvement is no longer a question of challenge.

    I have a very hard time with AD Glass’ apparent approach. It seems this is exactly what was done with CTC and the Hoosiers basketball pre-conference schedule. In academics it is called ‘dumbing-down’ and it is a shameful approach at covering up systemic problems. And, I have an even harder time believing Coach Wilson goes along with Glass’ transparent attempt at improving IU’s record.

    I personally saw nothing wrong with a schedule that included Missouri (we did not know they would be a candidate for the national championship when we scheduled them but that’s why they call it competition); Bowling Green, a worthy though, smaller opponent from a very worthy conference; and Navy, a team that is competitive the old fashioned way- heart and smarts,- and represents the best example of intercollegiate student-athletes.

    As a fifty year fan of the Hoosiers I have lived through many disappointing moments in their football history; but none more so than this apparent and transparent attempt to ‘administer’ and buy rather than compete our way to success. Like with CTC, it now seems we Hoosiers are willing to pay premium dollars, and lots of them, to buy our way to positive results.

    Shame, deep shame on us!

  3. Come off the ledge guys. Have you seen Ohio State or Florida State’s non-conference schedule recently. Even Alabama played a pretty soft non-con schedule.

    Football is a much different animal from basketball. You have no margin for error in football with only 12 games. There are no UCONN Huskies in football. He’s replacing one game. Not 3. I do think that a team like Indiana, regardless of improvement in overall level of play, could probably use a buffer game to ensure that they can play 13 until we can start completing with the top of the Big Ten.

    Also, remember, we got the shaft in the new division realignment and the B1G is going to a 9 game conference schedule. OSU, Michigan, PSU (which is shortly coming off probation), & MSU. Those are 5 really games we’ll have to play every single year. With our guaranteed game against PU (beatable now), we only get to play 3 other teams from the Western Division. Our B1G season has gotten way harder.

    Sorry gents, I think Indiana football is going to have plenty of challenges ahead even with this change.

  4. This is your most disappointing moment? Overreact much? It’s not like SFU is a great program themselves. Plus it gives us an extra home game, and adding the trip to FIU in 2016 allows Indiana to add a game in the first week of the season. Previously, IU had a bye week to start that season, which could have forced the Hoosiers to open fall camp later than most other FBS programs. So this a win all the way around, and TTG needs to look up the definition on disappointing.

  5. Double Down, you and I have different definitions of ‘challenging’. I fail to see how ‘we got the shaft’ belonging to our division in the B1G. I assumed and have always assumed playing and attempting to win against the best, in-conference or non-conference. I still expect it.

    In fact, if there is a crisis of identity at IU, it comes from the fact that so many, for so long ‘accepted’ being second rate. Recently, with the selection of Glass and the appointment of CKW, I assumed that the ‘Keystone Cops’ show we put up in competitiveness and, for more time than I care to recall; facilities, budget and coaching staffs, was finally over.

    I have not changed my expectations.

  6. Matt, perhaps I’m overreacting; and, I had not looked at the schedule (in terms of open dates) as closely as you may have. But, given the Dopirak discussion on money issues, and knowing a bit about FIU, I don’t see this as a coherent move in terms of our program.

    If it is simply adding another game in a scheduling void, then so be it.

  7. Tsao, just focus on the facts for a second. Wouldn’t you agree that by ALL objective measures that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer (and their respective ADs) didn’t quite follow your advice? Indiana had a much tougher non conference schedule than both schools last year.

    I’m not being snarky saying this, but it is really easy for us (me included) here in the comments section to make bold pronouncements and statements since we don’t actually having to personally deal with the repercussions of the adverse results of such bravado. The folks making these calls are the ones who actually have their jobs on the line and they’ve built schedules, which compare quite favorably (or even tougher) to teams that were fighting for a National Championship last year.

    Maybe my word choice of “getting the shaft” wasn’t as precise as my intent. What I meant was that the East is a far more difficult conference and is not doing any favors to a team that has historically struggled and invents new ways of losing football games (Minn & Virginia)

    Indiana football is still rebuilding and I don’t see this as a bad move. Actually, I’m quite agnostic about the decision. I’m only saying I understand why the decision was made.

  8. Last year I opted to not to buy my season tickets in favor of a new (to me) motorcycle. I sold that bike over the winter and invested in a newer, big bore cruiser. After reading these schedule changes and the direction Glass is wanting to take the program, looks like my season ticket money will be invested in chrome for the new horse…..

  9. The $ wash to a net 0 and we gain a home game for 2015. The end of the 2013 season left SFU ranked #99 and FIU at #125. Flip a coin. Not much distinguishable difference between the 2 as to who is tougher. A few years ago we $old a home game with PSU and there was bitching. Now we smartly connive to gain a home game that costs IU nothing and the result is the same. No need to use the new rope.

  10. HC,
    Not saying it’s sound strategy or it isn’t because I think it’s a fair argument either way, but I did report that it’s a $750,000 loss, right? Obviously, in a $74 million budget, that’s not a game-changing amount of money, but just making sure that it’s clear in my reporting that it is in fact a financial loss even when you factor in the money coming in from the home game. It’s $500K in liquidation plus $800K net to Florida International minus $550K for the home game = a $750K net loss in revenue.

  11. DD, Wow, I must already be terribly over-served. I have reread your article. You were clear(when not read at 784 words a minute). I do still support the change by Glass. His description of investment is for the fans benefit and to help secure a bowl invite. If I recall the 2013 season ranked IU with the 14th toughest schedule in D1. Who really knows what is an effective, appropriate and advantageous schedule?

  12. It was 11th according to the NCAA’s stats based on records of opponents, and I had seen somewhere else that it was ranked eighth. Not sure if this is entirely clear, but Glass’s strategy will be to maintain at least one game against a peer conference school in non-league play when they go to nine conference games. The annual FCS game comes off the schedule, so basically, we’re talking about two remaining games every year for which the scheduling philosophy will change some. They’ll basically try to buy some no-return games to to get to seven home games and probably try to avoid having two peer level schools per year as they did this season with Missouri and Navy with Missouri obviously ending up well above peer level.

  13. Clarion,

    Actually, I think that your rhetorical question is an interesting one to the answered. Non-conference scheduling does have advantages and disadvantages, but it isn’t one size fits all. You need to schedule according to even out the playing field relative to your peers. Not more than, not less than. Around equal to (impossible to be precise).

    Schools like Indiana that play in premier conferences (as much as the B1G has been down relatively, it still one of the top 3) can get the level of competition they need in their conference. Too many tough non-con games can cost a team like ours a bowl game where we only need one more to become bowl eligible last year. For some teams, it might be the difference between that and a BCS bid. Pretty good bet that the B1G is going to be consistently tough, especially at the top.

    Other schools are different. When Boise State started creaming everyone out West, the knock against them was they were playing cupcakes all year long vs USC, Alabama, LSU, OSU etc. Their conference was never going to boost their credibility. So they had to schedule a difficult non-conference schedule so they could increase SOS in striving for a shot at a National Championship and/or BCS bid. Eventually they had to move to a better conference because their conference was so bad.

  14. Mike P.

    Canceling your season tickets for personal reasons is completely fine. Personally, I like watching football better on TV anyway.

    I just want to go on record as saying I’m more bullish about IU Football than I’ve ever been.

  15. Since Fred Glass is smarter, more educated, more experienced and more “invested” than anyone writing comments on this site, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this decision. So far, and with few exceptions, Glass has demonstrated good management of IU Athletics, especially given the state of the program that he inherited.

  16. …and “bullish” is the proper description about the attitude embracing IU football…

  17. Double Down, not sure what Nick Saban or Urban Meyer do (I assume you are referring to the quality of the non-conference schedule). Both have a different situation than Indiana where the important issue is to turn around a history of apathy and pathetic competitiveness. I don’t thin you accomplish that by scheduling teams that have a history even worse than ours (or no history at all).

    Someone mentioned the Mid American. Teams in the Mid-American, such as Miami (O), Bowling Green, Ball State and Northern Illinois are competitive and challenging. They are also respected. They usually respond well to playing a B1G team and bring a substantially larger crowd than a Florida International (a school whose largest claim to fame is the fact that it is the choice school of Latin American elite classes for their cuddled heirs). I would guess, we’d sell the place out by making Ball State an annual game. They, I’m sure would appreciate the finances.

    I suspect the interest in Florida International is tied to a ‘Miami promotion’ that Fred Glass, whose background is promotion, sees through the Varsity Club or some marketing experience. Considering the cost of flying, moving and housing some 80 players, coaches and support personnel (plus usually taking much of the Athletic Department along)…. You know, they just don’t get as excited about Munci or DeKalb, IL.

    On top of that, we are paying a very low division 1 opponent $750,000 for the privilege of playing THERE). Makes no sense. I tried to figure it out from Dustin’s write-up but I got a headache trying to de-garble it (it was late at night that I read his explanation that nearly a million dollars is not a million dollars at all and it all washes out…that’s when decided I’d re-read it at some other moment after whatever I ate stopped giving me hallucinations.

    No problem with you Double Down. You simply have a different view of a challenge I think we’ll get it done as long as CKW remains in charge. I think Glass has made some very good decisions.

    And, I still think challenges have to be challenging. There was absolutely nothing that was more revolting than our pre-conference basketball schedule in 2013-14 and we paid a very high price for it. I just don’t want to repeat the experience with a football program that is finally coming out and earning some basic respect.

    Still really enjoy your ideas, views and your love for the Hoosiers.

  18. The approach to buy our way into a W to buy our way into a (probably bottom tier for the nearer term) bowl game is disappointing. Larger donors may easily see this as,”You need my money for schedule payoffs to 2nd rate Florida teams?”
    This seems in direct conflict with the rationale offered last December to explain the lack of a prestige home basketball game in an uninspiring pre-conference schedule: “We must have 20 home games every year… Because we need the revenue to make up for the lack of more revenue from the football program.
    But now now we can afford to “invest” $750K of football money into finding a W in the least versus lesser of Florida opponents?

  19. Dustin Dopirak- are you sure you interpreted Glass vision and plans correctly? The finances? The story seemed convoluted and the details seemed to go completely against the grain of what we (IU supporters)have been clamoring for in terms of creating a sound and competitive football program and reviewing what seemed like a ridiculous approach at building our basketball record by scheduling against pathetically weak opponents.

    If, indeed, you understood AD Glass correctly, did you query him on the assumptions and basis of his plans? Did you challenge his thinking? Or did you merely interview him and let him set the tone to his conclusions?

    I really find this very perplexing. I believe part of this story has to be what do IU fans and supporters want. I doubt it’s scheduling our way to minor bowls with somewhat irrelevant opponents (by paying them huge amounts) or manipulating the schedule to ‘medicate’ or ‘buy’ the numbers is what the majority of Hoosier fans have in mind. Perhaps, a substantive vetting of Fred Glass ‘ plans and a clarification (without allowing yourself to be bs’d) is a needed follow up.

  20. Sometimes I feel like IU fans don’t really understand college football. We don’t need to be scheduling the SEC champion every year. What good does bragging about your SOS do? We need to get to any bowl right now, and then we can worry about beefing up the schedule. We’re hardly in the position to be scoffing at “minor” bowls. And besides, our future schedules are pretty comparable to most other schools. We do play Ball State again soon.

  21. Tsao,
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I understood him clearly and that I laid out his thinking clearly as well. He thinks last year’s schedule was too difficult. He doesn’t think it made sense for Indiana to have the 11th-most difficult schedule in the FBS. He blames himself for putting that schedule together and he’s trying to reduce the burden in future years.
    As far as the finances, the math is all there. Early on it’s done for you. “IU will take a $750,000 loss on the move, spread over two years at $375,000 per year.”
    All of the numbers that lead to that are in the story, but here they are in equation form.


    $550,000 — approximated revenues from an additional non-conference home game in 2015 (gate receipts, concessions, etc.)
    $200,000 — Money Florida International will play Indiana to play there in 2016.
    Total Revenues = $750,000

    $500,000 — Liquidation fee for opting out of the South Florida series at $250,000 per game
    $1 million — Money paid by Indiana to Florida International for the game in Bloomington in 2015.
    Total Expenditures = $1.5 million.

    So $1.5 million in expenditures minus $750,000 in revenue = a $750,000 net loss for Indiana. And obviously, that effect is spread over two years worth of budgets, so it’s a $375,000 hit on both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 budgets.

    As for whether or not I challenged his conclusions, here’s the thing. I’m the beat writer, not the columnist. It’s my job to present facts, not draw conclusions. When someone’s facts are wrong, it’s my job to point that out. It’s not my job to voice my agreement or disagreement. I ask for his rationale, present it to you, the consumer/IU supporter, to judge them on your own. If Andy wants to judge them in a column, that’s his call. If you choose to drop your season tickets because of them, that’s your call. It is my job to make sure I don’t get the runaround. I didn’t get the runaround. Glass thinks the schedule was too hard, and he wants to make it easier. that’s pretty plain.
    Obviously, he can only make it so much easier anyway. Going forward, nine of the 12 games Indiana plays every year will be in Big Ten play, and in a division that includes Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State, getting to a bowl game will always be a challenge. Glass’s position is that the Big Ten schedule will be enough of a burden as it is, and playing Missouri and Navy in the same year places an undue burden on a coach trying to get his team to a bowl game for the second time since 1993. You are free to disagree with that notion.
    As far as what IU supporters have been clamoring for, well, that may have been what you have been clamoring for, but I think you’re being presumptive in your belief that you speak for every Indiana football fan. I know numerous Indiana football fans who believe last year’s schedule was too ambitious for a program that has been to one bowl game since 1993. Those people would have been perfectly happy with a 6-6 record if it meant substituting Florida International in the schedule for Navy. I also know fans who agree with you, but there isn’t one voice in this regard and I don’t think there’s an obvious majority of thought on that.

  22. So now we win some non-conference games because of an easier schedule against wimpier teams. Now our defense stops some drives because we’re playing teams just slightly better than a large Texas high school team…? Now it looks like firing Mallory was simply brilliant. And then OSU marches into town. We make some excuses…We get a couple more victories from playing the patsies and we go to a Cheetos Bowl game in mid-December.


    I’m with Tsao..We brought in a coach to build something worth of playing in the Big 10 conference. Don’t sell it out because we came close but just came up a little shy. I thought Wilson was up for any challenge? Sure seems soft to fire your defensive coordinator and then schedule patsies.

  23. You can also only go so patsy in football, though. The Big Ten has forbidden teams from scheduling FCS teams in the future, so they can’t go outside of the 125 teams in the FBS. They can’t schedule Indiana State anymore, that being the point. It’s only three games in non-league play anyway, and Glass said he’ll still try to schedule one power conference peer team, so it’s really two games and one of them is probably going to be a MAC team. Basically, even if football wanted to recreate a schedule as week comparatively as the basketball team’s, it couldn’t do it.

  24. But when you’re teetering around .500, those couple non-conference patsies can make the difference between bowl and no bowl. Do you think Wilson is beginning to feel some pressure to get Indiana to a bowl game and caving in a bit to save his hide?

    I think getting to a bowl game in such fashion cheapens the sport by making it dollar centric rather than truly becoming more competitive. I thought Wilson was more substance than fireworks over patsy bowls…?

  25. Explain to me why Indiana’s rise in football should be on the backs of a harder schedule than Alabama, LSU, USC, Ohio State, FSU.

  26. Didn’t Tom Crean schedule against the eventual national champions last year? Didn’t we have a game at Madison Square Garden against the team that would prove to be the best in the nation? Didn’t we only lose by one point to that team?

    So where do any of you get off on in claiming Crean schedules soft? How many other tournament teams scheduled a non-conference game with the eventual national champs?

  27. Double Down-

    Those programs have the depth to coast early and not get shell-shocked by elite competition once conference play begins. It doesn’t benefit Indiana to play patsies and gain false confidence. Those other established upper tier programs can afford to toy around.

    I tend to believe Indiana needs a bit of reality shock more than a team with enough depth to play us three times on the same Saturday and hardly show a loss of breath or single bruise.

  28. So we should schedule 3 top conference teams every year to go along with the eventual 9 game B1G Conference season?

  29. As I’ve said before, athletic directors tend to take the reins in football scheduling because those are set up years in advance. Coaches tend to handle the scheduling in the rest of the sports. It’s less that Wilson was feeling pressure than Glass felt like he was asking too much of an employee to expect him to get to a bowl game at Indiana by tacking on that difficult of a non-conference schedule to a Big Ten schedule that’s difficult enough already.
    Also, 1) you have to beat some good teams to be teetering around .500. Even if they get two free wins every year, in a nine-game conference schedule, they still have to win four Big Ten games to get into a bowl game. It’s been a while since Indiana did that. 2) The baby step formula has worked before. What I mean is this. Kansas State was notorious for putting together soft non-conference schedules, but that got them in bowl games, which got them slightly better recruits, which got them in better bowl games, which then got them better recruits, and between the late 80s and mid to late 90s, they went from being one of the worst programs in college football to the Fiesta Bowl. Ultimately, they took it too far because their strength of schedule cost them in BCS standings for a while at that point, but on their way up the ladder it helped them.

  30. It’s IU Football, is any game easy? If I see IU on the schedule, I’m looking to get a win from a Big Ten team regardless of who it is.

    Hell, lets be real, IU is probably circled as a win.

    Plus, playing against any Florida team, will give us and indication of where we are with team speed, which we sorely need.

  31. Didn’t Isiah coach at their basketball program for a season or two? I seem to remember some snidely remarks on here that the place is more of a beach resort than a college.

    Is that what we really want for Indiana? If it’s a bogus school, then how can anyone feel good about beating up on them?

    But then we strut around like we’re too classy to play UK in basketball? Bait and tackle shop?…Pot-smokers beach resort?

    It appears Glass is showing Wilson who’s boss. I can’t see Wilson believing these sorts of games build belief in your team. If anything, it’s demeaning just to see it on the schedule. To rub shoulder with a beach resort hurts recruiting serious football players.

  32. Isiah did coach their program for a year or two.
    Florida International has been to two bowl games since the last time Indiana played in one. They have 85 scholarships. They get players from Florida. They can block and tackle too. It’s not a high school team. It’s coming off 1-11, but it’s still better than an FCS opponent.

  33. They lost 72-0 to Louisville last season. They were outscored 187-23 in their first four losses. We should be able to give them a run for their money.

    FIRE MALLORY NOW!! …then play some swamp patsies.

  34. You know best, Dusty. Is it tackle or flag football? Could a heated exhibition contest against a Lingerie League squad be a way we could warm up for FIU? I’m pretty sure you once provided a link to a Rick Strom piece(so this should be deemed appropriate..pardon the language. I only learned of this site because it was linked by a Scoop journaist). These lingerie gals are intense. Probably hit harder than Hoosiers.

  35. Since 2010, w/o deference to conference affiliation.

    FIU 19 W’s 2 Bowls

    USF 18 W’s 1 Bowl

  36. Can I refer to a Florida Gator as a swamp patsy?

    Bottom Line: Dustin and Double Down are right on this one.

    We play in an extremely tough football conference(and now, from most arguments, the more difficult division).

    There’s nothing wrong with scheduling some games that bring us up to the heftier challenges more gradually. It’s not really comparable to the embarrassingly weak basketball scheduling of 8 cupcakes with one Georgetown or Syracuse tucked in the middle.

    I’m just not sure if this one wasn’t simply a chance for a short Florida vacation near the beaches(nothing wrong with that)…Kids work hard and they deserve some sun and bikinis.

    Go Hoosier Football!! FIRE ANYBODY!!

  37. I’ve pretty much said what I had to say. To this point I have been very supportive of Glass and his approach. But there is plenty of reason for concern about scheduling games with teams like FIU which appear to have been selected because of their low ranking and undistinguished football history.

    The concern goes further. Athletic Director Fred Glass now appears to be defending the series with FIU, as opposed to a more competitive opponent, while massaging numbers we are paying FIU for the two year series; $750,000 paid to them for their guest appearance in 2015 in Bloomington, while accepting FIU paying us $200,000 for our 2016 Miami appearance.

    The interview Dustin Dopirak had with Glass did little to examine the numbers. A more “the devil is in the details” approach was called for, rather than the unquestioned preentation made by AD Glass of numbers ‘kneaded’ like a ball of pizza dough.

    Under ‘Revenues’ Glass counts $550,000 incomes (not explained) for the ‘additional game in Bloomington. But that game is costing (see Expenses), at a minimum $1,000,000 paid for FIU’s ‘appearance’ thus, before either team puts on a single jock strap, Indiana is in the hole a negative $-450,000. In addition there are other usual expenses of that ball game which are substantial but never included in the ‘Expenses” column. Dopirak never questions this part of the discussion. These include the usual and common expenses of preparing and staffing parking lots, mobilizing the stadium crews of field maintenance, ticket takers, stadium security, health services, food workers, cleaning crews, press box personnel and equipment, the dozens and dozens of cty, Monroe County sherriffs and State police that has to be mobilized, refereeing crews, Game Official Scorers, announcers, etc and the overtime paid to athletic office personnel, post-game reception…Personally, I estimate we are involving possibly thousands of additional human resources costing IU several hundreds of thousands of additional dollars, added expenses which were not discussed by AD Glass and which were not queried by Dustin Dopirak when the issue of cost and returns was mentioned. If considered, the million dollar payout for the FIU game thrown out in the story is likely much, much closer to two million and, could be as high as three million all told.

    I may accept these as an ‘investment’ with a team like Missouri, or Kentucky or Louisville, Miami (O) or Cincinnati which will bring a ton of fans and likely help us fill every seat in Memorial STadium, but I doubt if more than 200-300 fans from FIU make their way to Bloomington. I would expect a maximum crowd for that game is between 35,000- 40,000.

    There’s also some ‘massaging’ in the $200,000 ‘expense’ paid to IU in 2016 to travel to Miami. The flight Indy-Miami alone could cost that much for 50+ football players, coaches, student coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, security, pr personnel. Probably an entourage of over 100 individuals. Miami is a pricey city where it comes to hotels, restaurants. A round number would be $100+ a night for three nights, a similar per diem for food. The $200,000 will not come close to covering the expenses. I agree with another blogger who threw out the idea that this may be more in the realm of a Miami Adventure for IU supporters.

    Yet, perhaps the most important point is the issue of ‘equity’ with Indiana a B1G representative and FIU (I’m not sure what conference FIU represents).

    The point is there was much that should have been questioned and should have been a pawe are very conscious ort of this story. Much has been said by Glass himself about protecting IU’s brand; and upgrading the brand when it comes to Hoosier football. Weakening our pre-conference schedule does nothing for our ‘brand’. It seems rather contradictory that the anxiety of ‘making it to a bowl’ seems to be determining lowering the level of competitiveness in scheduling; even to the point of impacting the finances.

    All of the above is no more than somewhat educated conjecture by me. I have no access to the IU books nor do I participate in the policy discussions about the future of IU athletics. I’d like to be able to rely on a transparent Athletic Office and an aggressive and neutral media to push back the opaque curtains hiding the mysteries of intercollegiate athletics. But, I’m afraid, as Paul Gallico, the great American novelist and sports writer of several decades ago once wrote, while discussing the symbiotic relationship between athletic offices and (NFL/MLB/NBA) club management- “we ain’t got a chance, they put out the pre-game buffet”.

  38. Have you looked at other schools’ schedules? Alabama plays some awful teams. This really isn’t anything worth writing an essay over.

  39. I should add, Tsau, that I’m not trying to be rude or anything. You write very well. I just think its silly to worry about this. We’ll have plenty of tough games.

  40. Tsau,
    I did. Glass and I have talked about that in the past. The average operational profit of a non-conference game, when you take in gate receipts, parking fees, concessions, etc and give up the expenses of all of the workers that have to take care of those things is around $550,000. Yeah, there is a lot of expenses there, but there is more revenue. I didn’t feel the need to list all of the back and forth of the cost of every sheriff and parking attendant and what not. It’s about a $550,000 profit. If you think that the costs of having Florida International are closer to $3 million, that means you think IU takes a $2 million loss on every non-conference home game it has. Do you really think that?
    And yes, right, if you take the $1 million guarantee away from the $550,000 profit, then it’s a $450,000 loss in the game, but that’s just moving the same number elsewhere in the equation. The total equation of the whole move is still the same.
    It’s no where freaking near $3 million in costs. It’s what I said it is or at least it’s darn close. You would like the numbers to say something different to prove your point, so you’re not even reading the numbers.

  41. I find it amazing. Our fan base ridicules the program for not making it to a bowl game, and then when when the athletic department schedules games with the objective of trying to get us bowl eligible people complain about the competition.

    When IU has only been to one bowl game in the past 20 years we shouldn’t be to choosy on how we get there.

    Would I enjoy seeing IU schedule the Alabama’s, FSU’s, and Auburn’s of the college football world? Sure, but only if we could compete against them. Right now we are not at that level. Let’s face it, if IU was on Alabama’s schedule this year the pollsters would be complaining about how Bama had an easy OOC.

    In this day and age of college football it’s all about getting to a bowl game, not necessarily how you got to become bowl eligible. IU needs to start going to bowl games like it did back in the Mallory days. Let’s be realistic, IU is not BCS, top 4 playoff team, caliber, this year, but we are capable of ending our bowl drought with the team we have.

  42. After reading these posts, I’ve decided that I am very happy that I never pursued a career as an athletic director. You schedule Navy, you get called an idiot for making us face the option and costing us a bowl. You schedule six home games, you get called an idiot for only have six home games and possibly costing us a bowl game. You get a seventh home game by scheduling FIU, you get called a soft idiot for “buying a win” or wanting to give the team a beach vacation.

    I live in Miami. FIU is nowhere near the beach. It is as far from the beach as you can be and still be in Miami. It is also not expensive to get hotel rooms in Miami except at the beach or during spring break. Besides, who knows how good FIU will be next year…it’s Florida…there is talent everywhere. Remember that It was not long ago that their previous head coach, Mario Cristobal, had them winning a bowl game and was offered the head coaching job at Rutgers, which he turned down to stay at FIU.

    Now IU has a seventh home game in 2015 and seven in 2016. Be happy, celebrate, high five a friend. Stop looking for something shady to be angry about under every rock. There are plenty of shady things in the world to be angry about. IU football making a small tweak in their schedule to give us another home game in a season is not one of them.

  43. Dustin, I’ll let you have whatever opinions you have, whether I like it or not, but you can’t play with the facts. Most important, no journalist should ever defend himself/herself from normal criticism of a story by misquoting the critic.

    What I wrote to put the FIU payment in context in #38 is (copied and pasted directly from it):

    “If considered, the million dollar payout for the FIU game thrown out in the story is likely much, much closer to two million and, could be as high as three million all told”.

    Clearly, I wrote that I thought your use of “Expenses” at “$1 million” was being low-balled (whether knowingly or simply misunderstood from your contact with Fred Glass, I don’t know) and, I clearly stated and believed it would be “…much closer to two million…”; and, as I thought, under some circumstances (though I believed not likely) could be “…as high as three million all told”.

    But, I now suspect (I did not suspect this when I originally wrote- somewhat wondering and somehow critical, because of the incompleteness of the calculations that somehow may have misled many readers) that my questioning the completeness of the facts in the story, you went a step further and are now manipulating the statement I wrote as mere commentary to defend yourself and try to make me look like a belligerent fool.

    You wrote, directed at me, (either wrongly or falsely), in #42: “It’s no where freaking near $3 million in costs. It’s what I said it is or at least it’s darn close.”

    In addition you accused: ” You would like the numbers to say something different to prove your point, so you’re not even reading the numbers.”

    Who’s not reading the numbers Dustin: Again, slowly, from mine: “If considered, the million dollar payout [listed as ‘Expenses’] for the FIU game thrown out in the story is likely much, much closer to two million…” (only then, I suggested, with a conditional ‘could’, “…as high as three million all told”.

    Lord help me Dustin, I can teach you how to write, but I’m too old and don’t have the patience to teach you how to read.

  44. Dustin, by the way…and for the sake of accuracy, after two years of posting here…my blog name is spelled Tsa-O, not Tsa-U. (That damned reading huhh, again).

  45. It all seems like a bit of a scam to me. If you can’t compete within your conference, do you really deserve to go to a bowl game?

    In my humble opinion, scheduling with any Florida team is rather ridiculous. If you’re going to lure teams from that sort of distance, or travel that sort of distance to play in their house, I would still personally favor a team that has more going for it than a 1-11 record.

    I’m also not 100% sure that a regression in the level of quality a non-conference opponent makes anyone feel good about a football team. I’ll start believing in IU football when we can compete somewhat consistently with the those teams traditionally strongest in the conference(UM, Penn St, OSU, MSU). IU is simply too large of school with too many resources to have anything other than competitive teams in both sports. To schedule weakness conveys weakness.

    Powerhouse programs are fighting every season for the potential of national champion consideration. There motives to put a grossly weaker opponent can’t really be compared. Many of these programs know that one loss can kill their chances for national championship game considerations. Indiana’s motive should be to get used to being hit in the mouth by a level of competition we’re going to face in our own conference. We need to measure our program in a way that gives realistic measures of improvement and accountability where recruiting and progress is concerned. Simply getting to any bowl game is rather insulting in regard to the hype surrounding the new hire when first arrived in Bloomington.

    “Win Today” shouldn’t mean regressing in our level of competition. It shouldn’t mean a guaranteed victory because the new coach is now looking more to be merely the offensive guru and a little lacking when it comes to the total product. It shouldn’t be softer competition to make the new defensive coordinator look any more the miracle worker than the last guy thrown in when recruiting efforts for bigger and stronger were in their infancy. Rebuilding shouldn’t be about spending enough money to cover the plastic with a layer of cheap gold paint(or ostentatious racing-striped helmets…or making more than necessary out of one or two rare recruits getting offers to play at the next level while watching your teams continue to play at a substandard level by substandard coaches).

    We need legitimacy through pounding on some worthy opponents. We need it in basketball and football. You shouldn’t “sell” IU to be a solid educational institution in top science, law, arts, and business schools and then apply defeatism and excessive false glorification/fireworks to your mediocre athletic programs to make them appear as worthy the rest of the reputation in academics.

    I guess it will be interesting to see just how much fans want to attend games against such miserably weak opponents. Isn’t there plenty of miserable weak opponents within a bus trip of Bloomington? And I’ve always been a firm believer that very weak competition gets up for bigger programs. Don’t be shocked if what you wished for(and payed too much for) doesn’t bit you in the ass.

  46. JimmyO- Forgive me, but I think- truly think- this is exactly the point. It does matter. For twenty years the IU Hoosiers have tried to go on the cheap, tried to sell a competitive football program that wasn’t competitive at all, but had gained a reputation as a ‘doormat’. I know, I lived two periods of being laughed at because our football program was not worth a damn. When coaching changes were made, they made them with offers half of the rest of the Big Ten. Of Indianapolis and Central Indiana kids walking away to play and become All Americans at Ohio State, at Illinois, at Michigan State, at Wisconsin.

    You know who we scheduled? We scheduled Marquette. Beat their arse 33-0. And, Marquette announced the next week they were dropping football.

    I’m going to see Indiana University have a great football program before I die. And we have things in place to do so. We have a great stadium (I sat at IU stadium when it was made out of wood planks on 10th Street where the Arboretum and the coaches asked we help them clean up the grounds and pick up the condoms from those who had used it the night before. I sat at IU Memorial Stadium when we didn’t know if it was the entrance to a parking garage or a football stadium, our QB was 5’7″ and our running back 5′ 5 1/2″ b(now Dr. Joe Maroon for those of you who wonder).

    SO, we now have things in place. We have an outstanding coach. Really mean that (and I give Fred Glass the credit for bringing Coach Wilson). I read a clear philosophy in him- not about just football, about everything and about having standards he makes people live UP to.(Somehow, I suspect this guy is going to be the equivalent of a Bob Knight, a Dr. James Counsilman, a Jerry Yeagley…

    Doc Counsilman(swimming), Hobie Billingsley (diving)…We used to have (in the 1960’s and 1970’s swimming teams that would have easily won the Olympics all by themselves in at least 3 or 4 Olympic Games. In fact, they would have easily beaten a team made up of the Rest of the World (including the US swimmers and divers who didn’t swim for IU).

    Jerry Yeagley…the teams he built at Indiana…the NCAA would ship the National Trophy to Bloomington via regular package shipment a week before the NCAA finals, because they knew who would win the championship game. Why did Yeagley schedule top teams in the East Coast, the Middle Atlantic states (Virginia, Maryland, Duke…).

    Bob Knight…he changed the game of basketball. Anywhere (US, South America, Africa, Japan, China you say his name, people know it…and say, (raising their eyes and moving their head up and down) Ohhh,…Indiana coach. Coaches from all over the world came to Bloomington just to watch him run a practice.

    None of the above wanted it easy. None of them wanted a ‘Bowl Friendly’ schedule like the weeping requests you see above; or, asked for 10 pushovers to ‘help our PRI’.

    Not one of the above would have even thought about that absolutely embarrassing and shaming experience of putting up a Banner in a ceremony following a loss.

    Yes, I want to have a B1G football team that can do the same things that OSU, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Michigan do, year after year. And, I believe we can and we will…soon! THAT’S INDIANA! Not some phony banner raising
    ceremony that makes us losers.

    And not loading a pre-conference football schedule with (kitty cats) that remind me of the twenty years during which we raised this “band of ‘bowl friendly’ schedule begging brothers” and the journalists that encourage them.

    Go Hoosiers, win with Dignity!

  47. Tsao,
    I’m not going to fight you on every charge you’ve levied against me, as you pretty much question my ethics and professionalism on here daily. So this is it.
    The net revenue, not gross, net, of an IU home non-conference football game, is approximately $550,000. That’s gate receipts and parking and concessions and souvenirs, etc. minus the parking attendants and Monroe County sheriffs, and clean-up crews, etc. The gross revenue is significantly higher. The net is $550,000.
    I’m not encouraging or enabling anyone. Indiana is taking a $750,000 hit on this. That’s not something I’m hiding and I’m not fudging the numbers to make it seem smaller than it is. It’s a $750,000 hit. It’s not a $2 million or $3 million hit.

  48. JimmyO- One last thought. It is not the (nine) tough games we’ll have that bothers me. It is the looking for an ‘easy one’ that has me out of sorts. You (us, people) have to make a decision (about who we are).

  49. I thought it was cool to play Navy..It made me feel proud to know we’re playing a quality team that represents quality values. With a program that’s been the laughing stock of its conference for many a year, the Navy game was a pathway to show we’re finally taking the game and ourselves a bit more seriously. It was an honor that they wanted to share the field with Indiana and saw us no differently in the most important forms of “introspection” when deciding what should matter most in college athletics. Worthy competition is the basis of respect. Power is only as useful as the values those that don’t needlessly bully the weak and abuse it to further an empty cause of something won for only the short taste of meeker blood. It’s not American to seek the easy roads to freedoms(or to bully the weak to play in toilet bowls). Weaker hearts merely seek the gentle winds over calm waters because they have no fortitude to endure the brutal unknown and untested violent sea that must be crossed for true love and commitment a difficult and honored journey.

    Playing any game should always be a worthy challenge. Respecting ourselves is at the core of our struggles we must never sway. Indiana football has been the cheap vacation and the Disney cartoon for far too long. We don’t have to travel 1300 miles to sell a reputation we already have at 17th and Fee. We don’t become Mickey Mantle by playing in a sandbox with Mickey Mouse.

  50. Not one of the above would have even thought about that absolutely embarrassing and shaming experience of putting up a Banner in a ceremony following a loss.


  51. And I think its great that Tsao continues to challenge Dustin. It is no different than challenging a worthy opponent on the field. To challenge Dustin conveys a deep respect and belief that the opponent is skilled and no less prepared/equipped to do engage in four quarters of fisticuffs of thoughts that explore the will and the commitment.

    But Dustin has a lot to do. Let’s not forget that his total responsibilities create somewhat of a disadvantage as some pummel endlessly with their more narrowly defined reserved spare laptop time, feet propped up on olefin covered BarcaLoungers, while sipping a taste of Chicago skyline and now retiring on the fine wine once grew on just as busy a vine.

    Praises to Dustin for seeking such wisdom the wine. Did you do the same when you were once the tender grape with so little a dime to give all your time?

  52. Dustin, didn’t question anything except that which I thought was sloppy, incomplete reporting. The entire FIU thing ‘tastes funny’.

    Again, why get out of the Florida Southern contract? What were their numbers? Was that a home and away contract? Was a home and away contract feasible?

    And, as you have now clarified for me, I suspect the gross of the FIU numbers discussed was around $2 million. My problem is that which any investigative reporter type would have. When people only want to discuss ‘net’, generally, they are hiding something. Yhat’s particularly true in ‘promoter types’ By simply talking the ‘net’ it makes it easier to hide the specifics of the gross, such as the amounts paid a band’s manager to buy ‘the good stuff’. Again, the devil is ‘the devil’ in the details.

    Immediately, that should raise some questions in someone’s head to raise in the interview.

    1. Why are we playing teams so far below our level? Why are we spending money to go so far and incur such expenses when similar teams are easily available and, no doubt, willing within a 4-5 hour bus ride or 45 minute plane ride. (Northern Illinois, Kent State, Dayton…). Does this make financial and competitive sense?

    2. Half the bowls are not worth going to. From recent reading, I also understand that many bowl leave no financial gain at all for the schools involved; and, that only the top bowls leave significant gain. Is the goal for IU to go to any bowl whatsoever? As a reader, I’d like to hear Glass’ take on that question.

    3. Does this make sense? (A reporter has to immediately have a bell go off when something follows no logic). That’s the devil in the devil’s details. IU, a member of the B1G has to pay $750,000 to FIU to get them to visit Bloomington; while FIU has to pay IU $200,000 to visit Miami? Can you see this one flying back at us at the next negotiation for a non-conference game? Our brand is now worth a negative $-550,000 (with teams whose own brands have negative worth). Is that an argument that Mr. Glass would like to respond to? (Mr. Glass, have we devalued our brand that much over the last twenty)years. Be truthful with us, please? We can take it.)

    4. Is the interest of scheduling FIU perhaps based on the interest to have a “Miami Extravaganza” weekend for program insiders, such as the Varsity Club? What is their role and what are the responsibilities of our program to them? Do they include periodical junkets such as this one? (The question I’d never make in public is, ‘who’s going to carry the bail money?)

    5. Is there a travel agency or event marketing company we deal with exclusively? Is payment for organizing these junkets on a commission basis, an annual contract fee or a basic fee pus commission plus special event fees? Who are they?

    6. How much staff and IU officers are you planning to take along on this journey? Will IU Athletics be paying their expenses?

    7. While on the subject, what part of IU’s athletic budget is to pay similar ‘promotional’ events and expenses to marketing and special event companies? Are any of these on annual retainer? Do any of these have a competitive advantage in special event planning?

    8. Are the books of the Athletic Department open for public review? Are there athletic direct and indirect expenses and sources of funding that are not available for review? Just curious…

    … (and so on, and so forth Mr. Dopirak).

  53. Harvard…#52, you nailed it! We’ve been the clowns with the red nose. That’s the part we need to get rid of, because we won’t survive it.

    Worse, we were once the clowns only in football…now, we beginning to step on the elephant doo-doo in basketball.

  54. When I see words like “Florida” and “International” paired together, I suddenly jump to:

    “Processed” and “Cheese”
    “Disney” and “Movie”
    “Boone’s Farm” and “Wine”
    “Malaysia” and “Airline”
    “Laminate” and “Wood”
    “Life” and “In Prison”
    “Truck Stop” and “Restaurant”
    “Paper” and “Towels”
    “Actor” and “Harrison Ford”
    “Coach” and “Tom Crean”
    “Hoosier” and “Football”…?

  55. “Gated” and “Neighborhood”
    “Olympic” and “Badminton”

    Join in!

  56. Tsao,
    It was a home and home series with South Florida, and the travel costs are just about a wash because they were going to Tampa in 2015.
    And yes, this does make sense, because this is what FBS teams charge for guarantee games. The going rate for teams like Arkansas State and Florida International is right around $1 million. That’s what Alabama pays to host those schools, and the reason Indiana pays more to Florida International than Florida International pays to Indiana is because Indiana will draw more than Florida International will. This won’t matter in future negotiations because those prices have already been set by the overall market. Indiana is not the first school to do this and it’s not the 50th.

  57. Thank you. So, if I understand you correctly, the amount that needs to be questioned is not how much FIU charges Indana, but the $200,000 Indiana charges FIU for its appearance in Miami.

    Do we know what Iowa, Purdue, Illinois and say…Ohio State pay to attract low level FBS schools? Do we have any idea what Ball State, Cincinatti and Western Kentucky charge/pay a B1G school with games home and away.

  58. I like the move. Can everybody just quit complaining and get behind the program. 7 home games is the goal now lets make it happen. If we can somehow get a defense thats average this year then we will be bowling. I like the fact that we have a fresh mind on D. Somebody who can come up with a game plan and make adjustments during game day. If fundamentals are taught better and we can come up with a smart game plan I like our chances to improve this year.

  59. Tsao, I’ll give you the fact that most bowls today are crap, but bowls is what most people look at as a sign of success. One bowl in 20 years is what I hear IU fans complain about. They’re not complaining about which bowl the team goes to, they just want any bowl.

    The positives of a bowl means IU had at a minimum a .500 record, will get an extra 15 practices, exposure, a sign to recruits that IU’s football program is moving in the right direction, and increase fan interest/support.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I go to Memorial Stadium to cheer on IU and see them win. They haven’t done much of that over the course of my lifetime. One Rose Bowl is the lone feather in our cap, and I remember watching them lose to USC on January 1, 1968. Losing more years than not has driven fans away. I hope that won’t be the case if we start going to bowls. LOL

  60. A. It was South Florida, not Florida Southern.

    B. We want 7 home games, not 6, so we got a new home and home series with the years reversed.

    C. Its kindof stupid to just play local teams, especially when Florida is such is fertile recruiting ground. (and we are playing Ball State and Bowling Green in the next few years).

    D. Teams buy out series all the time. Its not a big deal.

  61. E. No one said our ultimate goal is to only get to the Little Caesar’s Bowl every year, but when you’ve been to 9 bowls in 100 years, you probably shouldn’t be too picky.

    F. Crean didn’t hang a banner after a loss. They cut down the nets for winning the conference, which coaches like Tom Izzo have also done. The banner came at Hoosier Hysteria, and was similar to the 83 banner put up by Coach Knight.

  62. Jimmy0, I like your reasoning.

    Coach Wilson has just added 5 new replacements to his staff. A couple have impressive stops on their resumes.

  63. Well done Jimmy.

    It was practically unanimous that Indiana University Football was the toughest job in all of FBS. The conference we play in is unforgiving, our reputation as well being surrounded by schools (OSU, UM, MSU, WISC, ND) who get all the top talent. It doesn’t take a very big person to pound their chest with bravado typing into the comments section of a blog saying, “We need to have a tougher schedule! FRIE fRed GLaSs.”

    For those tasked with actually having to rebuild the worst football program in college football, there is a lot more at stake. They’re getting paid a lot of money to rebuild. When you start with so little, you don’t make decisions based on being a tough guy. I’m still waiting to hear of an example of a team that rebuilt their program by beefing up their SOS beyond what even National Contenders compete against during their respective years.

  64. To Jimmy0’S list I would add “H” that none of the numbers bandied about by Tsao, Dustin, et al. make any sense in terms of business ’cause college sports, as a normal business venture, does not make any sense. No athletic dept. pays its own way (much less makes a “profit”) without donations from alums and whoever else mails in checks. No college has a business model that reads: ticket sales and stadium revenue plus TV royalties minus expenses = a profit. Nick Saban does not earn seven million a year without boosters, nor do Wilson and Crean earn what they earn without boosters.


  65. Waiting…I want to see them play with heart and play well. I went for 60+ years and cheer them…and still, for most of that 60 years, they played like crap and most of the folks there didn’t give a damn. Now, I’m beginning to think they are beginning to try to play well- offensively, special teams. Maybe, the defense will play well. When we do, the wins will come. A test of how well, is that we (IU) do so against good, strong opponents…not against weak, puny hitting teams that we spend time searching for to make sure they have little chance of giving us a game, so we can make ourselves good. A lot of people go to the stadium to cheer when we win…and it doesn’t mean c__p, if we don’t play good, tough ball.

    I don’t go to cheer. I go to be proud of my Indiana.

  66. Jimmy O-

    A- See how important the team they want to schedule is. I really did not give a damn if it was South or Flo. Southern or Florida State- Caribbean Campus. Does it really matter?

    B- We do? Why?

    C- “Its kind of stupid to just play local teams.” No, it’s stupid to write “its stupid”, when you mean, “it’s stupid”, the contraction for “it is stupid”. And, even if you had gotten it right and written in educated English, why is it stupid? And, it’s evenmore stupid to call them ‘local’. Local would be playing Indiana University-Ellettsville, etc. Can’t wait to hear your reasoning…but try to get two, three paragraphs in before you start making me laugh so hard I pee all over myself, Jimmy.

    D- “Teams buy out series all the time.” Jimmy, universities are broke (or at least, so they tell us. Our schools systems are begging for money. Kids show up to school without coats in 11 degree weather…and you think it is ok for us to sign contracts for series ‘all the time’ that we can break at the loss of $250,000 or $750,000 ‘all the time’? (How old are you, 17?)

    E- ” No one said our ultimate goal is to only get to the Little Caesar’s Bowl every year, but when you’ve been to 9 bowls in 100 years, you probably shouldn’t be too picky.” Ok Jimmy, I get it…you really are a loser! Only a loser thinks like you.

    F- Thank you Losing Jimmy…whatever, we tried to pat ourselves in the back and kiss ourselves in the arse by raising a 2nd place banner. And, next year, we’ll have a special seat when we put up our 8th, or 9th or whatever place banner we ‘won’ this year. Good boy!

    Davis- re: H- I think what I was discussing with Dustin were the fees paid to the home team and to the visiting team. What called my attention is how much Indiana was paying Florida International to come to Bloomington and how little FIU pays Indiana to go to Miami. Boy, that did smell funny…(in a story sort of way…there’s got to be more to it than that).

    It probably doesn’t mean much anyway since the B1G splits the income from the league games in equal parts and, in two years nine games will be within the Conference.

    But, your contention that it isn’t a good ‘business model’…

  67. Both USF and FIU sucked last year, but they have both been to at least 2 bowls since we last went in 2007. Not really sure why you are implying they’re like NAIA teams or something. Coaching changes hurt them.

  68. Tsao,

    Being a man who continually professes a superior education and intelligence over all you disagree with, plus your 60+ years of wisdom, I’d think you’d be above the petty name calling. Jimmy put together some well reasoned thoughts, which you are free to disagree with, but your argument is, he’s a “loser.”

    Weak sauce and bad form.

    Keep fighting the good fight there, keyboard tough guy.

  69. Double Down- I know you. You are the guy who wants the debate or the discussion; as long as the other side agrees with you. As soon as the other point of view makes itself known and it is logical, you panic and become resentful… “But, you are not nice!…”; “Why don’t you just agree with me…you brute!”….(I’d go on but I’d just be encouraging your resentment…and crying).

    That exactly what was going on with Jimmy (and some others). My disagreeing with two of Jimmy’s basic issues. First, it makes no sense to me that we are paying Florida International- a low, low, even lower than we were and are now on the verge of overcoming (since they lack all history) more than three times the fee to come play in Bloomington than they are paying us to go to Miami.

    Three times more! Forget DoubleDown…this is TripleDown+++! In the best light, this is simply a bad deal; or, a form of Welfare for Poor FBS Athletic Departments. (We schedule them, we give them half a million, they comply for our need of a win and… We Win! Yeah rah Indiana!).(It surprises me that other bloggers don’t get the implications). In its worse light, check everybody’s checking accounts.

    And, my argument wasn’t with JimmyO, (initially). It was actually with Dustin, … who (now this will surprise even him) I respect enough to argue with and disagree with (when there is a disagreement). And, my issue was not FIU; it was that (I was pretty clear) that there was a lot of information that was missing from the original story/interview with Fred Glass about the scheduling of FIU, the cancellation of the South Florida U. contract and the financial arrangements.

    Something smelled and I was not happy about accepting the verbatum explanations from Fred Glass without wanting to know more about the details. Something here did not add up. Promotion/Marketing folks like Fred Glass (that is exactly what he has been his entire career, and a good one at that. But, as a former investigative journalist of twenty years, I thought half the story about FIU/SFU was missing and the numbers didn’t add up. And, promotional/marketing types (nothing wrong with being that) will, generally, give you only the numbers they want you to have to ‘sell’ their story. That’s what they do for a living.

    Still, I initially had no problem with JimmyO at all. Just a difference on the basic issue. I suspected that it involved a difference in a belief about growing from demanding from one’s self to become competitive, or spending a lifetime looking for the easy wins. (Such as we did in our basketball program and we all knew it. I believe the problems for CTC came when we saw what taking the easy way results in…now more than half are calling for his head, or as JimmyO would say…why do we suck?)

    My view of Indiana and Indiana University is as positive as anyone can ever have who is looking for character and value. Other than my father, an immigrant who had to swallow hard and bite on bitter spit every day day of his life to make sure we got from life what God meant and demanded for us to get out of it, nothing means more to me than being an American, the pride in my two children and five grandchildren… and being an Indiana University graduate.

    So…these arguments about whether and when we will have the football team we deserve hit a deep chord. I don’t want Indiana University to appear ‘good’. I want them to be ‘good’. I don’t want to ‘fake it’ through selective scheduling vetted for ‘winability’. I’m disappointed the majority of people (yes…they are likely in the majority) didn’t want to play Missouri because ‘they’re really tough’, beyond this year. (Do you realize that Missouri did exactly what we wanted to do and achieved it. They were a big school with a marginally successful football program until they tested themselves by moving up two or three notches (to the SEC).

    I was really disappointed that we no longer wanted to play Navy, for various reasons. These included that I think we should always accommodate the Academies because their players earn their competing with us in spilled blood and earned Honor. So, they beat us with courage and smart tactics- they teach us what it means to have character. How can we walk away from them- any of the Academies. Shame on us. (But, I guess we’ll be zombie-like repeat ‘we support our soldiers’ the rest of our lives and not know what it means.

    With Jimmy?…I was fine with his argument (which was also your argument- and WaitingForTwins and KevinWilsons(NotReally)- (a would be usurper of handles who actually says ‘Can everybody just quit complaining and get behind the program’. I get it. You just want to go to a Bowl; and want it to be easier. I disagree. The answer is no, not like that.

    Until Jimmy decided to do what people without an argument normally do on the web when they run into differing opinions…forget the issue and attack those that disagree with them with insults (his #64). Or try to ridicule or paint the opposing view as a sign of dementia, insanity…and so on. (as you are doing now). That’s the tactics of ‘losers’. We don’t need that for Indiana.

    Note:(I think, Double Down, we’ve had a similar discussion one other time, …vaguely remember it. I’m not going to look it up because it is a lazy Saturday afternoon).

  70. When did I insult you? Are you talking about me calling only playing Midwestern teams a stupid idea?

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