1. This is getting embarrassing. Something bad going on in btown. Time for new blood coaching this program. Something is turning these players off and its not looking like its going to get better any time soon. Hopefully Brad Stevens is having a bad time in Boston…

  2. as I said before; the “grapevine” is reaping the rewards for other programs.Whatever is NOT being said outloud by grads and transfers is possibly being said in Tweets, by fellow AAU players in locker rooms, AAU coaches ,Parents over hearing “talk” —either way Credibility of coaching is being challeneged in the halls and back alleys ;there isnt much CTC can do to control THAT!!

  3. This is pretty simple. He transferred from VA Tech, because basketball wasn’t fun anymore, his coach go fired.

    So why come to IU, when all the talk has been about pressure on the head coach, get rid of the head coach, no chemistry, etc. Not by the program, mind you, but by the supporters.

    Can’t you hear Thad Matta’s pitch for OSU?; “I know your thinking about Indiana, and that’s a great place. Great tradition, and I have a lot of respect for coach Crean, I just hope he’s around in the next couple of years.”

  4. Next week is a big week. Josh Cunningham will make his decision. All the recruiting services had him going to Indiana but it looks like he is having second thoughts. He still may decide to go to IU but if he does not then that would be an indictment of Tom Crean and really cast a shadow on his future. The Coach is losing one top recruit after another. Nevertheless, if he gets Cunningham and two more frontline players he may end up saving his job and put IU back on the right track. Stay tuned.

  5. Yep. Totally agree with you guys. Except that OSU went from #3 to unranked, and back up, and back down before they lost to a much lower-seeded Dayton team in their opening round of the NCAA tourney. Nothing about that says instability, does it? But Matta must have the right message. It’s all about recruiting and the grapevine, right!

    By the way. Have you checked the message boards lately? They’re littered with transfers. From everywhere. Dudes are leaving teams en mass from all around the country. But I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative to talk about that.

    Just got back from watching the Cubs lose– again– at Busch Stadium. Cubbies are 0-5 when I show up. But the Cardinals fans are (mostly) gracious in victory, and they’re (mostly) knowledgeable about their team and their sport. Don’t want to let a few bad apples ruin my perception of a fan base as a whole, so I give them a lot of credit. But I was thinking on the train ride home that I have no idea if they would be as gracious in defeat. Fans tend to show a different side of themselves when things aren’t going they’re way. I’m curious to see how they react. Maybe one day I’ll find out…

  6. “Professionally, as a journalist, if you’re not mad about something, then you’re not asking the right questions.”

    Does that hold true for sports journalists as well? I heard the quote on the most recent episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’…Maher was interviewing Matt Taibbi(author, The Divide).

    Is sports journalism just turned into jello pudding…? Just doesn’t seem to be anyone out there willing to even get remotely agitated and ask the difficult questions. We seem to be in a very indifferent phase/era in sports where we carefully hand select our criminals and basically ignore the real power players that are corrupting the overall integrity of sports.

    We had a college basketball championship game between the queen bee of one-and-done’s, UK, and a school just coming off a postseason ban because of low academic performance.

    Are there any sports journalists out there willing to take on a system that throws in jail the petty criminal while ignoring, in total indifference, the true robber barons that our lining their pockets with millions in the face of real greed and corruption in college athletics?

    When the polemicist who made Goldman Sachs synonymous with a “vampire squid” writes a book called “The Divide,” with a subtitle that references “the wealth gap,” one may reasonably anticipate some undergraduate-style fist-shaking about income quintiles and the predatory rich. But one would be wrong. Matt Taibbi’s “The Divide” is primarily concerned with the grotesquely unequal application of American justice, between the too-big-to-jail Wall Street elite and the too-poor-to-fight minority underclass. “The cleaving of the country into two completely different states—one a small archipelago of hyperacquisitive untouchables, the other a vast ghetto of expendables with only theoretical rights,” Mr. Taibbi maintains, “is a terrible story, and a crazy one.” The characterization is typically overwrought, but the general indictment is broadly correct(courtesy: Wall Street Journal Book Review, Matt Welch
    April 11, 2014)

    “Too-big-to-jail” Calipari? “Vast ghetto of expendables with only theoretical rights”…?(aka..athletes that read at grade school levels; a one-and-done NBA superstar from Chicago that payed to have an impostor take an SAT exam; kids at Indiana that got vilified for being no more guilty of “academic” crimes almost accepted with turn-the-other-cheek indifference at the “Goldman Sachs” campuses of college basketball?).

    The world of sports journalism needs more Matt Taibbis. Forde made a weak attempt, but his rifle aim was at one villain. Way too simplistic…Way too insulting to the last holdouts; those with some ability to remove their ears from the greed of Establishment agendas, and a sports media that simply feeds the zombies looking for more of the Soylent Green all prepackaged calories.
    Nobody truly challenges the corruption and the “Divide.” Much like the America created on our lust for a Constitution that could be bought, sports has become merely a subset existing in our flat screens of flat perceptions; a place of indifference to watch the “untouchables” and condemn the “expendables.”

  7. CTC is done ,recruiting was his strength. He has limited X and 0 skills and is a total bust in the last minute of close games.In addition he has no chemistry with the team. Not much left! He has I.U. in a lame duck situation nation wide. He pulled off a game changer with Zeller somehow and that put us back on the right track for two years. But the kids he is recruiting with the exception of Vonleh , Blackmon , and Johnson have not been able to compete at this level. How can you have that many weak freshman at the same time? CTC continues to try to run with the big dogs and it’s not working. He offers all these 5 stars and never gets them after wasting all that time when the good Indiana kids continue to go to other schools in the big 10 and win . We are a joke now and very easy to out recruit against. We will lose Cunningham too! When you have to type your game plan and keep it in front of you throughout the game there is something wrong!

  8. iual88,

    I agree with your post. And I wonder too what pitch Matta is making, and the two recent big recruits are swallowing. While a reasonably good coach, I’ve not found him to be a stellar developer of big players. Have you? Crean has done a far better job in that sphere.

  9. Cubbies are 0-5 when I the other team shows up….when the sun shows up…when the sky shows up…when the rotation of the planet shows up…when goats show up…when cats show up…when Leon Durham shows up…when the Mets show up…when Steve Bartman shows up…when traffic shows up at Clark and Addison…when night games show up…when day games show up…when spring shows up…when summer shows up…when October shows up…when peanuts and popcorn and 7th inning stretches show up….when “This Bud’s for you!!” shows up…when Ernie shows up…when Brickhouse shows up…when ivy turning green shows up…when bats and balls shows up…when baseball shows up.

    Quit making it about you, Punjab.

  10. crean has done a far better job developing big players? I can barely believe what I just read. muniru bawa, tijan jobe, tom pritchard, zeller, perea. just which of these players got better under his tutelage?

  11. Glad Thompson committed to OSU rather than IU – he won’t be eligible until 2015 (probably) and IU can now use this scholly on a much more talented Frosh. By the way, where is all the criticism pointed at Matta – he has had a lot of talent at OSU the past several years and can’t “bring home the bacon”?!

  12. Memorable lines from Bill Murray flicks that could serve as inspiration when Crean and the Hoosiers go up against OSU…? I would say that “Meatballs” is definitely worthy of consideration…

    It just doesn’t Matta!…It just doesn’t Matta!…It just doesn’t Matta!

  13. WaltD and coachv,

    Look at the list of names, Bawa, Jobe, Pritchard, Zeller, Perea. The book is still out on Perea. He’s got to get focused. This is a two way street. Pritchard, I believe over achieved at IU, and contributed the best of his ability while at IU (remember when he was up for dunk of the year!). Bawa, Jobe…please. He probably got as much as he could. In terms of Zeller, part of a coach’s job is to access resources. Each player is different. Zeller was an instant impact player. Yes, there was room for improvement, but how much time do you need to invest in a lottery pick? Does he need as much time as our backcourt? Do we invest more on the defensive? I submit Zeller was a good enough athlete to not need as much coaching. He knows what he needs to work on. If anything, I wish we could have rested him more. Resources are important when going to war every week.

    What did Calipari do for the Kentucky big men? Those guys are men against boys most of the time. If anything, he instilled a since of confidence, and instructed them on game strategy. Their game play was there. Once again, he assessed what was needed, and applied resources accordingly. Hate to say it, but he’s a good coach.

    Back to the recruiting. The first think I did when I heard this news, was grab my IU sweatshirt. We’ve got to support IU more than ever now. People are kicking us when we’re down. We’ve got to make them pay, by coming out of this on top. Honestly, I’m sick of chasing these transfers. Where are the kids that want to be a part of raising another banner here? Do they know they would be gods?! I want kids that don’t have to be told we don’t lose at home to Penn State. I want players who will us to victories. I want players who develop a since of attitude, preferably nastiness, about playing for IU. We have three lottery picks in two years……Get on board!! (I guess that’s my IU recruiting pitch.)

  14. Dustin & Jeremy-

    Sure hope you got the $25.00 gift certificate. The manager at Trojan Horse is insistent in his response to my repeated inquiries that he mailed it to you.

  15. coachv,

    Pritchard, Zeller, Perea–and you forgot Vonleh–all got better, though each arrived on campus with different skill-sets and at different levels. Nevertheless, each got better though I grant Bawa and Jobe didn’t show much improvement. But what would you or Matta have done to make Bawa & Jobe better?

    As to Pritchard, Zeller, Perea and Vonleh, what has Matta done better than Crean did with these big men, considering each coach inherited far different situations when then took over the reigns of OS and IU respectively?

    Be assured I’m not an apologist for Crean, coachv. I know his strengths. I’m aware of the areas he needs to develop too. But, I did see those big players get better. Maybe they didn’t improve enough in your eyes from one year to the next. That could be. But,through my eyes, each showed improvement from the time they arrived on campus to the time they left, with some improving more than others. And for that, I believe Crean and his staff deserve credit. After all, these big guys didn’t improve simply on their own any more than players on your basketball teams improved on their own. But they did get better.

  16. walt,

    I would argue any improvement shown by the bigs was so small that I would not credit the current staff. in fact, I would argue their improvement was hindered by crean. jobe and bawa are obvious. so why were they recruited? perea was anointed a starter by crean in late November. not last November, the one before that. does he look like a starter to you? he is still no help to the squad whatsoever so why would crean call him a starter? the same reason he anointed hollowell his backup point guard at the start of this past season. because he is a poor coach.

    zeller? he did not improve much. after 2 years he still had no post moves and could not score with his back to the basket. really low release point inside. no counter moves. same can be said of Watford. I forgot about him. zeller also said he wasn’t allowed to shoot from the perimeter which I think is a big mistake. in fact, I think Pritchard could have been a serviceable shooter to 16 feet. I left vonleh out because he arrived with a fantastic skill set, no thanks to crean. vonleh also said he felt hindered by crean. he can dribble between his legs and behind his back in traffic for Christ sake. crean could have done more to isolate him against other post players to get them in foul trouble.

    as for what I might do with bawa and jobe? maybe not recruit them. I would not give them the ball on offense unless they were wide open for a layup. being a big believer in weakside action I would teach them to constantly set off ball screens for our plethora of outside shooters we had then. just screen and rebound and protect the rim. probably play mostly 2-3 zone when they were in the game.

  17. Cody was #15 rivals, ended up 4th pick last years draft. D Daniels (UConn) and McAdoo (unc), were both ahead of him out of high school, but did not show as much progress. VO was probably the biggest jump ever from high school to NBA.
    Player development is hard to beat!

  18. We did not need him anyway as he would of had to sit out a year. 2014 stud Josh Cunningham will decide this week and it looks good for IU. This guy is a space eater inside and will be a beast. We are also hot on the trail of Deng Deng a top JUCO stud who can fill it up. If not those two moses abraham who is long and and can block alot of shots can come on down. Crean will get it done!

  19. WaltD you are so right but the biased eyes of many on here can’t recognize the improvement.

  20. While everyone is debating the developement or Non-developement of players; consider Yogi Farrell. He has had summer before freshman year,freshman year playing with Cody,Victor,Jordan and Watford. Then last summer on USA vs The world ,then sophmore year; he STILL makes freshman mistakes in passing,cant run a set offense,doesnt exhibit the ability to include other players on the floor; Crean is SUPPOSEdLY a guard oriented Coach yet Yogi ..for what Ive seen hasnt shown any improvement other than shooting and THAT is from his OWN hard work.

  21. Biased eyes????…………Who was complaining about : dribble,dribble,dribble, force shot. That doesnt sound like PG developement to me,more like PG regression. Now to be fair a PG is only as good as the players around him and there we go BaCK to the original debate

  22. Indeed I did on 2 occasions. The difference between me and you is I recognize he was a Soph. on a team whose talent was back loaded in Frosh with 1 Sr. member. Yes NV is very good but he played in a system where wings and guards are the focus and as Frosh they were not able to carry the college water. Maturity will be the remedy.

  23. Here’s what I dint understand: You all hope that Stan and Troy and Devin will “grow and develope” faster and better than Yogi did! stan,Troy,and Devin HAVE TO develope faster than Yogi did BUT you are willing to give Yogi a free pass ( or Crean) on his developement because of freshmen he was surrounded with last year. Why didnt he demonstrate a greater “maturity” because of the seniors and Cody that surrounded him as a freshman

  24. Yogi did mature, develop and improve form last year. He averaged 6 more minutes a game, he increased FT, FG and 3pt %, increased pts per game by 10 and played D as well/better of any PG in the B1G with the exception of Craft. This years Frosh. will follow suit X3. It is indisputable, players produce better as Jr./Sr. than when they were Fr./So. Upperclassmen took IU to the Sweet 16 last season.

  25. I’m beginning to think some folks commenting on this site and posing as IU fans are not fans at all, but trolls. It takes a lot of effort to be this consistently negative about a team/program that one claims to support. No optimism whatsoever? We know that some of you folks hate Crean, but give your tired and irrational arguments a rest. It’s spring. Take a break. Get out side, take a walk in the fresh air and get some sun on your face. Maybe then you’ll realize that your tilting a windmills. Crean may be “done,” but he’s not going anywhere for at least two more years. He has time to prove his critics wrong or confirm that they were justified in their disdain. You’ll have plenty of time to continue your rant over the next two years, but right now you’re just boring the Scoop’s subscribers with your pessimistic harping.

  26. And for all you “fans” that have criticized Crean because of the salary IU chose to pay him, you might want to consider the report in this week’s Sports Illustrated that says Coach K at Duke will be paid a salary of $9.7 million next year (not including incentives). Putting that in perspective, Bob Hoffman, the coach at Mercer, is getting a salary of $600,000 next year.

    So let’s take a look at some of the more successful coaches in college basketball. Coach K is now the highest paid coach in college sports, Calipari’s salary is in the range of $6 to $7 M per year, the scumbag at Louisville is getting about $6 M. I don’t have the data, but I have to believe Syracuse is paying JB north of $5 M per. I wonder what Florida, MSU, UNC, and KS are paying their head basketball coaches.

    You want to replace Crean with the next great college basketball coach? That’s the competitive market that IU will be up against when it comes time to replace Crean (not to mention the cost of buying out his contract). If you want IU Basketball to have the same level of success, year in and year out, as those elite programs enjoy, you’d better get your checkbook out. Oh, you don’t want to donate your hard-earned money to support IU athletics? Then stop harping for IU to fire Crean and hope he gets his basketball program back on track. This is not your grandfather’s college basketball anymore.

  27. I saw on Twitter that Kenny Johnson was just offered a job on the Maryland staff. Hmmmmmm.

  28. Hoosier Clarion,

    Re:#25: Thanks for reassuring me I’m not yet totally blind. At my age, that’s nice to know. Also, I appreciate your efforts to keep all of us, myself included, from seeing life simplistically in terms of black/white, either/or thinking.

    Having said that, it’s important we all recognize we are made up of a myriad of biases and beliefs. Me too! It’s important too such biases and beliefs be challenged, civilly, both by ourselves and others. For, as a great philosopher once put it, the unexamined life is not worth living.

    It’s important we do this so we prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of black/white, or either/or thinking. Such thinking can do harm, even great harm, to human beings from all walks of life including coaches and players in basketball, much less their programs. And, of course, such harm doesn’t end there. It can infest and do harm to many other areas of our lives.

    So thanks, Hoosier Clarion, for your clarion challenges to us, including me, to avoid the trap of black/white thinking, and thus “do no harm” to self, others, or even a great university like IU.

  29. CTC is the 8th highest paid college basketball coach in country.

    Here’s a list of some for perspective going into 2014/15 seasons. Obviously some are due for a raise.

    1. Duke – Coach K $ 9.7 mil.
    2. Lou. – Pitino $ 5.7
    3. Ken. – Calipari $ 5.5
    4. Kan. – Self $ 5.0
    5. Flo. – Donovan $ 3.9
    6. MSU – Izzo $ 3.7

    What do these guys have in common that CTC doesn’t??
    Their salaries seem relatively fair for their performances. They basically EARNED their money. More importantly – their salaries did not shoot thru the roof until AFTER they cut down the ultimate nets.

    A list of notables that make less than CTC.

    Mich. – Beilein $ 2.4 mil.
    Wisc. – Ryan $ 2.4
    Virg. – Bennett $ 2.3
    N.C. – Williams $ 1.9
    Syra. – Boeheim $ 1.9
    Conn. – Ollie $ 1.2
    SDSt. – Fischer $ 900k
    Dayt. – Miller $ 335k

    5 NCAA titles in this short list of way lesser paid coaches. CTC makes more than $ 1.3 mil. yearly than Jim Boeheim and Roy Wiliams. He also makes double that of Marshall at Wichita St. and triple that of Smart at VCU.

    There would seem to be some great value out there for the money.

    The reality is this and can not even be debated. CTC is the most overpaid – underachiever currently coaching basketball in the NCAA. That is just a fact.

    In short – IU paid for a Rolls Royce and got a Prius. Still waiting on the “recall”.

  30. IUGRAD89 bullseye! CTC is so over paid, and really not achieved anything sustainable….year 6 of his rebuilding and this is what we get……we need CTC to leave. I cant image next year being that much better unless we somehow get a big time Big to come to IU which is looking more and more doubtful everyday. Eventually IU bball performance has to negatively impact donations, which hopefully Glass will realize, and if does not have him walk over to Kelly Business School for assistance on an ROI analysis. If you want CTC gone, please do what I did, I sent an email to Glass expressing my displeasure and stated I will no give any money to any function at IU until CTC is gone.

  31. I’d have to say based on recent performance, Coach K is the most overpaid coach in the NCAA. First round exit and $9.7 M next season? According to your logic, he does not deserve half that money. I guess he’s being rewarded for past performances or his salary is based on tenure, cause it’s certainly not based on last season’s performance in the dance.

    This may be a matter of semantics, or the data may be incomplete, but I doubt Williams’ and Boeheim’s compensation is that low. Those numbers may be their salaries, but I guarantee you their total compensation packages are above $4 M per year. Salary is one thing, but there are lot’s of ways Universities funnel money to the coaches they want to keep happy. The market is just too competitive to allow such a disparity between top coaches.

  32. WaltD, At my age I appreciate the compliment. Enjoy your common sense posts. Thanks for the back and forth.

  33. Podunker:

    I am not sure if you hit your head real hard about 4 months ago – but based on the majority of your posts since about that time – I think you may not remember hitting your head. Before than I found you to be reasonably researched in your opinions. Now – you do no research ( obviously ) and lash out here and there when you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    Jim Boeheim made $ 1,818,661 all from school salary. Roy Williams made $ 1,827,945 all from school salary. Boeheim has no bonus money in his contract and Williams has a total potential extra bonus of just $ 112,678 in his contract.

    Many schools have other income for coaches in various ways. However – most current contracts for legalize issues have the university salaries include things such as shoe contracts – tv/radio shows – etc.. Meaning in short – the school gives them one check as opposed to the coaches getting paid by multiple sources.

    In Coach K’s instance and new contract ( up from $ 7.2 mil. this season ) – here is what Duke’s VP of Public Affairs Micheal Schoenfield stated – “$ 5,642,574 of Coach K’s new salary was based on incentives and bonuses that take into consideration his 33 years of service at Duke – his unparalleled success as a head coach – his becoming the winningest NCAA Div. I coach of all-time – and his commitment to the academic achievement of the student athletes and to Due University”.

    I’m not sure what logic escapes you – but tenure – success – loyalty – etc. are exactly how and why someone deserves to get paid.

    I did not infer anything as you suggested. I just put out the facts.

    So – Coach K is the most overpaid coach in the NCAA. Your comment is so ignorant it doesn’t even deserve a response. 4 NCAA Titles – 11 Final Fours – the winningest coach of all-time – in the last 30 years his teams have been ranked in the Top 10 in the final AP poll 24 times ( keeping in mind that he had serious health issues in 2 of the years he wasn’t in the Top 10 ) – etc..

    Frankly – I hate Duke. For the same reason as most – I’m jealous of them and Coach K’s success. But I have to give credit where it is due.

    Using any of these guys in the same sentence as CTC is ridiculously insulting to them.

    So – you are incorrect in your $ 4 mil. opinion about Boeheim and Williams. And your opinion about Coach K – I have addressed.

    Your opinion about the market allowing such disparities is also incorrect.

    Now – I got all my information from Forbes and USA Today ( Gannett researched ) and other qualified sources.

    I should also point out the latest salary numbers were researched by USA Today in partnership with the INDIANA UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SPORTS JOURNALISM CENTER.

    They requested all forms of compensation for the coaches and/or acquired the schools federal tax returns along with other state disclosure data. Nothing is perfect – but I feel these numbers are pretty accurate and significantly more researched than your ( Podunker ) unfounded and un-researched opinion.

  34. IUGRAD89; Get out of your Mom’s basement, go outside and get some fresh air. You’re taking yourself and this subject much too seriously.

    Just because a newspaper or magazine prints information does not mean the information is complete. Just because they requested the information, does not mean they received all the details. Newspapers print information that is available to them, but it is often incomplete data. In spite of your diligence on this matter, I remain skeptical that UNC’s Williams receives less than a quarter of what Coach K’s compensation. I’m talking total compensation, not salary. TV shows, radio shows, public speaking engagements on behalf of the School, teaching salaries, etc. Total comp often goes well beyond the coach’s salary.

    Time will tell if Crean is currently overpaid or not, but I doubt IU will be able to hire a replacement for a compensation package that is significantly less money than what Crean is getting now. IU did not give him the contract extension just to be nice. At the time, they wanted to guard against losing him to another school and eliminate speculation that could hurt recruiting. Arizona did something similar last year with Miller, even though he’s never lead any of the teams he’s coached to the final four. And look at what UCLA paid Alford, whose teams had reached the Sweet 16 only once in the previous 15 years.

    If you look at the age of some of the coaches at today’s elite basketball programs, we’re going to begin seeing them retire in the years ahead. Even Calipari recently said that he’s not going to be coaching at Kentucky much longer. If you’re a successful up-and-comer, or a current NBA coach, with your sites set on one of the top ten college basketball programs, are you going to replace one of those legends and take a high pressure job for less than the amount Crean is getting paid?

    The problem with your harping about Crean’s salary and your criticism of IU for extending his contract is that it is “hind site.” And as everyone knows, hind site is always 20/20. Fred Glass and IU’s board of Trustees did what they thought was in IU’s best interest based on the information they had at the time and the trajectory of IU basketball was on a little over a year ago. It’s easy to forget where IU basketball was about 14 months ago. Since then, IU had a bad season (not a losing season, but a bad one relative to most fans’ expectations) and now you’re hysterical. You’re like the guy sitting in the last row of the bleachers screaming at the umpire that the catcher missed the tag at home plate.

    Like I said in a previous post, according to your logic, after losing to Mercer (the 14th seed) in the first round of the tournament, Duke made a mistake when they increased Coach K’s salary to $9.7 M for next season. But I believe most Duke fans understand what that was all about and look forward to better results next season.

  35. Podunker:

    I see as usual your grasp of logic and facts are missing. I hate to sound sexist – but you’re like a woman – facts and reality are your enemies.

    Your view and knowledge of sports will firmly entrench you at the “kiddie table” of sports conversations for ever.

    The hindsight in regards to CTC extension is ridiculous. Oh I get what must have been the flawed thought process of Fred Glass – however – the thought of someone stealing CTC away is insane. Who would steal him? What major or better program than IU was wanting him? What opening was out there? None. In short – there was not another program that was better than IU for him to go to. This was a poorly thought out process which handcuffed the program. I don’t blame a CTC for getting all he could. The fault lays directly with Fred Glass and the powers that be.

    As far my comment that CTC is the highest paid underachieving coach out there – the comment is sound.

    Nobody coaching – that makes more money than CTC has a lower winning percentage and less tournament success.
    He makes the most and has done the least. It’s a fact! Not my opinion.

    And as I showed you – so many more coaches have done so much more and make so much less than he does.

    You can argue that 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 4 – but with each attempt to do so – you look more foolish than the time before.

  36. IUGRAD89; you were doing so well until you fell victim to temptation and started using personal insults. It was too easy to get you to go there. And for the record, you have in deed revealed yourself to be a sexist.

    Before graduating High School, I learned that anyone can find statistics to support any conclusion. In the last three years, and including this most recent disappointing season, Crean’s winning percentage is .702. Also, his teams have beaten more top-ten ranked teams than any other college basketball program during the same period. Last year’s team won the Big Ten Championship outright, the first time IU basketball has done that in over 20 years. Those accomplishments are not irrelevant. As for the contract extension and raise, it was obviously Glass and the Board of Trustees being proactive and taking Crean off the board instead of scrambling to react to a future competitive threat. At the time, it’s easy for objective people to see the rational for that decision. (For the record, I don’t think any college basketball coach is worth even three million dollars a year, but that’s a different issue.)

    But the weakest part of your argument is when you reference Crean’s winning percentage and lack of tournament success. Those stats you reference completely fail to take into account the unique circumstances that has affected Crean’s record at IU. The day he arrived in Bloomington, he had one viable scholarship player on the team and began his tenure with penalties that restricted his ability to recruit. Dig up and list all the stats you want, but unless you include the context/circumstances involved in the past six years, you’ll continue to miss the forest for the trees.

    I look forward to the announcement that you will replace Fred Glass as IU’s Athletic Director in the near future. Since you already have all the facts, I’m sure the job will be a piece of cake for you once you figure out how to fund the buyout of Crean’s contract.

  37. “like a woman – facts and reality are your enemies” from iugrad might just be the most brilliant, irrefutable statement ever made here.

  38. And for those of you who want/need stats to understand the context and circumstances of IU extending Crean’s contract when it did, please keep in mind the following:

    1. In the two seasons prior to the disappointing 13/14 season, Crean’s winning percentage at IU was .778, winning the outright Big Ten Championship and leading the team to back-to-back Sweet 16 appearances. During that time period, there were more than a few coaches getting paid higher salaries than Crean that had not lead their teams to that level of success.

    2. Since the 01/02 season, eight (8) of Crean’s teams (at Marquette and IU) have been ranked in the top 20, with most of that achieved at Marquette. Given the circumstances he inherited upon arriving in Bloomington, realistically, Crean-coached teams have achieved a top 20 ranking in eight out of ten seasons. Given the circumstances he inherited upon arriving at IU, it is totally inappropriate to include Crean’s first three seasons at IU when comparing his record against other coaches.

    3. At the time Crean’s IU contract was extended and his salary increased, Crean had established himself as one of the best recruiters in college basketball, putting together, according to all the services that evaluate recruiting, a string of top ranked recruiting classes that continues with the class of 14/15. Not only could he sign McDonald’s All Americans like CZ, NV and YF, but he found under-valued gems like VO and WS.

    4. For the most part, Crean’s players stay out of trouble, pursue their education and get their degrees. Crean’s players are true student athletes, which is what the majority of IU fans want out of IU’s athletic programs. Even after just one year at IU, Noah V is way ahead of the pace in pursuit of his degree.

    Hind site is always 20/20, but when you look a little further back, beyond this most recent disappointing season, and consider all the circumstances involved with Crean’s time at IU, it was not unreasonable for Glass and IU’s BOT to give Crean a raise and extend his contract. And only time will tell if doing that was the right move.

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