Coffman announces he is transferring to Wyoming

Former Indiana quarterback Cameron Coffman announced on his Twitter account that he is transferring to Wyoming. Coffman threw for 2,734 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2012, but was the odd man out last season in the Indiana quarterback competition that also included Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson. He announced his decision to transfer in January.


  1. This is a good transfer. A fine kid and a good QB, just #3 on a very good offense with two very good QB’s ahead of him. He should do well at Wyoming and get some recognition.

  2. I second Beat Purdue, a voice of reason. But I expect that we will still have to suffer through posts about how Coffman is an ingrate, quitter, selfish, etc. Coffman has little chance at playing for IU. Besides, forty years from now Coffman will have a much easier time explaining to his grandchildren how he is known as a Cowboy as opposed to a Hoosier.

  3. Coffman was and is a very special guy for the Hoosiers at a time when they really needed him to step up. He did. It is important for everyone to understand that, like the great majority of football players in college, he understands that after his ‘next’ year he will never, ever get to play- for real(unlike basketball, soccer, baseball)- the ‘real’ game which he grew up loving. So…he wants to have that feeling for one more year; putting on the pads, helmet, hitting and getting hit. You can’t blame him.

    Good luck and enjoy Cam. Thanks for what you’ve given the Hoosiers and ‘the game’. Many of us hope you always feel you are a part of us Hoosiers.

    (Note: Really hope there are no idiots out there who feel the feelings that Davis fears some carry. Davis is right, that would be stupid. We owe Cam Coffman the same commitment and loyalty he’s already given IU.

  4. TTG, you must have missed some of the earlier posts when Coff announced he was leaving IU. And there are post-college chances to play real football. Tonight’s game? 1900 hrs., Lane Tech H.S., Chgo. Fire Dept. v. Cincinnati Police/Fire. Full pads, the whole works. See you there!

    And last I heard, the High Ridge Chargers were still playing on the North Side, and a full pads team practices at Independence Park (Irving and just east of Pulaski by the Kennedy Exp.) At least they did when I lived in that ‘hood a couple of years ago.

  5. Davis, you’re right…I likely missed some earlier comments. Or considered them so moronic I have blotted them out of my memory.

    Idid know the CFD had a team and, perhaps, knew the CPD had one but have never seen them nor do I know what league they may belong to (I appreciate your info). Is there a league? Who do they (each) play? I regret, in the great majority of cases, when these kids get near their senior year they must think about the fact that, likely, beyond that season they will not hav e the chance to play the game they love again. That’s sad because football is a game that gets way inside one. It would be good to figure out ways to prolong it but the insurance likely puts it out of the reach of most.

    In the meantime, there’s IU’s up coming trip to a major Bowl; the scheduling (and beating) Notre Dame and the World Cup, with the Pope (formerly Fr. Jorge Bergoglio, incurable San Lorenzo fan) passionately following the best team in the world, Messi’s team.

  6. TTG- blotting out idiotic stuff is certainly the way to go.

    The league is the Natl. Public Safety League, but I don’t know much about how it works. Supposedly there are some kind of playoffs. The CFD schedule this year is Tampa, Houston, Cincinnati, Detroit, and the CPD. Most of these teams are combined police/fire, but Chgo. and NYC have separate teams. I know that a few suburban guys play with the CFD.

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