Indiana earns No. 4 national seed, plays Youngstown State Friday at 7 p.m. in regional opener

Indiana was named the No. 4 overall seed in the NCAA Baseball Tournament, meaning the Hoosiers will not only host a regional, but will be host a super regional if they advance. The Hoosiers, obviously seeded No. 1 in their region begin play on Friday at 7 p.m. against No. 4 Youngstown State in the Bloomington Regional. No. 2 seed Indiana State and No. 3 seed Stanford play at 2 p.m. Friday in the first game in the regional.

The Bloomington Regional is paired with the Nashville Regional hosted by Vanderbilt, meaning the winners of those two regionals will play each other in the super regional.

Links to the full bracket can be found here. 


  1. When discussing Indiana during the NCAA selection show, Ben McDonald referred to some player named Travis Schwarber. No respect, I tell ya. No respect at all.

  2. Last night I read the Omaha and the Lincoln (Nebraska) stories and features on the Hoosier win over the Nebraska Huskers.

    It was so good and encouraging to read the respect and awe with which they saw the achievements of the Hoosiers. They didn’t mince words; paraphrasing 2-3 local sportswriters who saw the Cornhuskers’ 8-4 loss as an indication of Nebraska moving forward in their baseball achievements, they simply said ‘ if we continue on this track, perhaps someday we can have a program as good as the Hoosiers’. Gosh that made me proud.

    It was the kind of pride we achieved in basketball under Branch McCracken and Bob Knight; the kind of pride we had during the golden days of Hoosier swimming and diving under James ‘Doc’ Counsilman and Hobie Billingsley, respectively; and, more recently in soccer via the great Jerry Yeagley. And, of course, now enjoyed by Coach Smith’s baseball program.

    Shouldn’t that be the goal out there for all of our programs?

    Why not hope and drive for the same in football under Coach Wilson; or, return to that some day soon in basketball? It is so good to read the admiration and respect others hold for our Hoosier programs like baseball by the fans of solid and respected schools like Nebraska.

    Don’t you agree Mr. Glass?

  3. Two Indiana schools in same region……..IU and ISU with one and two seeds, respectively….Really cool!

  4. Doing it in back-to-back seasons is most impressive. I think IU’s investment in the new baseball facilities is already paying huge dividends.

    For a “northern” team disadvantaged by less-than-ideal weather during much of the college baseball season, IU being in the top ten is a great accomplishment and a credit to Coach Smith and his staff. IU should give him another raise to protect against some SEC or PAC-12 team luring him away from Bloomington.

    I recently played golf with a 27 year-old man who had been a 4-year starter on UCLA’s baseball team. Seeing my IU hat, he commented on IU’s sudden rise in college baseball. He also said, “it’s really tough for schools in the Midwest to recruit against baseball schools located in warm climates, but Indiana must be doing something right.” He went on to say that when he was in High School, he only considered offers from schools located in California, Arizona, and Florida, but had no desire to go to school in Florida.

  5. Tsao,

    Glass is doing an amazing job. If you cant see that Hoosier Athletics is more competitive under Glass, then I guess you lapsed on your meds again.

  6. Ben, you can’t get over obsessing and hallucinating by drinking. You should know that by now…you’re beginning to sound like one of the wasted, bad-guy characters on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unite”.

    I’ve been fine and have repeatedly written so about the job Fred Glass has done laying the foundation for football, supporting the fine coaches in baseball, soccer, etc…and not giving in to the “entitled-bitchy” crowd that loves to call for heads long before its due. The only issue I had with Glass was over the scheduling of pre-conference opponents (in football and basketball) so weak they present no challenge; and noted so. Whether he considered it…he’s the A.D.

    Get help Ben. When it comes to ‘needy’ no one comes close to competing with you. But, you really do need to find out why your need to work out your frustrations continuing your trolling of this site looking for conflict. You should know it probably irritates the he__ out of Andy, Dustin and Jeremy who constantly have to edit your poorly worded, more often than not obscene comments. Ask them, they’re usually balanced and frank.

    ‘Ssquuiiich!”…(that’s the sound worms make when stepped on, son).

  7. Peter- to add to the information given you…you’ll likely need to get the IU-Youngstown State baseball game on your computer (in Chicago Comcast carries ESPN3 but RCN does not). So you’ll need to go to (I just checked it out and it does exist…it was showing a cricket match when I turned to it).

    I’m sure that Dustin will likely want to repeat the information since our interest in the Hoosiers is so high. Do remember that the times shown are in EST (same as Bloomington), but in Chicago and other places in the CST zones with great concentrations of Hoosier fans, the 9:30pm time is actually 8:30pm on Friday (sort of).

  8. Tsao,

    You’re journalism is a joke. You’re always right, while others are just dead wrong. I gave up talking to you, because you’re very one sided, and don’t respect opinions of others. I hope you’re not sharing bunks with Harvard, are you?

  9. Answer my question at least. Since Glass arrived at Indiana, has the athletics improved or not? Can’t you at least answer that, or too busy nitpicking spelling or over zealous?

  10. I’ll get help, as long as you hire a nurse to properly distribute your meds.

    Chet, go home like you always do, or flee to South America? Where are you now? Hong Kong?

  11. One more thing. All I did was ask you a question. If you can’t handle sarcasm, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you can’t handle a question like that, then maybe you need help, or a lending hand out of your rocker made of solid oak.

    I help cancer victims for a living. I provide medicine. If you still think of me as worthless trash or a troll, then I’ll let you fight that battle. I’m neither afraid of you, or afraid to debate you. You’re not going to bully me around. I’m quite able to bring a healthy debate to the table, but when great bloggers like HC, Geoff, etc disappear, well I don’t have much left. Chew on that. Off to work. Have a good day.

  12. ron, I’m good. Springtime. The wildflowers are out. The creeks and rivers are just raging with snow melt.

    Ben, it’s so not worth your anguish. Don’t give away pieces of yourself for no reason.

    I’ll go home now, wherever that may be.

  13. Sadly, it’s a booming business Double Down. We average roughly 25 million in sales a day. The medication I provide helps the patients quality of life. In some cases, rids it completely, but that’s above my pay grade. That’s the main doctors baby, as far as ridding of the cancer completely.

    I’ve seen vibrant adults pass away, to sadly little infants who had no chance to live. Today marks my seventh anniversary actually with the company. Started as a 26 year old kid.

    Chet, I truly don’t know where you call home anymore. Last I heard, you went to South America. I remember you saying you grew up in Kentucky, and currently reside in North Carolina. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m still in Dothan, which you said you’re familiar with.

  14. Hey Ben,
    Never lived in Kaintuck but my family’s roots are there and continue to be. You can have the place.

    Health care is tough. All my post military adult life has been in health care. My wife is a nurse, ICU type, and, when my kids were young, I was a paramedic. I’ve saved quite a few and lost many. The kids grew up with life and death as dinner table conversation. I’ve had plenty of people die when I was trying to go in another direction with their immediate future. So it goes.

    That’s life, man. We all end up there. The best we can do is improve people’s odds.

    Good for you. Better to work with the Force than to go to the Dark Side.

    What you need to take away is that we need to embrace every day. My kids seem to have grasped that. If I didn’t do anything else, they have that.

    Also, don’t was effort or emotion, or anything else really, on people that just want to torment you. There’s a Zen saying that I don’t exactly recall but it’s something about how there’s no tug of war if you just put down the rope.

    Next time someone on here wants to mess with you…just put down the rope.

  15. “waste” not “was”.

    BTW, I currently live in the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado bordering the Weminuche Wilderness. I think it’s very nice.

  16. Sorry. I knew it was one or the other. I think my parents did a good job raising me. It’s awesome your kids grasped that concept of life. Many people today live for material things, when we should be living to care for others. That’s the beauty of volunteering at the Red Cross. All walks and faiths of life come together for the common good of the survivor.

    I’m sure if Dustin or Jeremy had a “Scoop Bash” at a local Azars Big Boy, we would all be cordial to one another. It’s easy throwing mud at another’ bloggers face behind a screen. I need to do a better job for sure. However, it’s these off topic conversations that really contribute to the overall good health of a blog in my opinion.

  17. Ben, you seem like an old soul. That’s a good thing in my book. You come across to me like a genuinely decent man with good heart and a lot to offer. That’s why it surprises me when– and please don’t take this the wrong way– you sometimes respond to posts like a teenage girl stood up at the middle school dance. We all ramble from time to time, (…me more than others…) and the occasional tit-for-tat is fun and entertaining. So long as there’s some actual tat on the other side. But unless someone’s actively engaging you, one or two responses should be enough to get your point across. Counter-point as necessary for future engagements, but don’t get catty. And keep in mind you have to have an iron jaw if you’re going to throw out haymakers like meds and rockers. Can’t let piddly nonsense get under your skin while you’re swinging with the heavy stuff. It comes across as petty and cheap yet reveals your own potential weaknesses. You’re stronger than that. Let it shine through.

    I was stationed at Hurlburt Field for a year. Thought I’d be there for a lot longer, but the military has a tendency to make other plans for you. Lived in Navarre. Loved it. Got to stroll across the street and bass fish from my kayak, then walk a half-mile south and catch red in the gulf. Not a huge seafood guy, but loved having it fresh when I wanted it. Fishing was usually my kitchen pass, but every once in a while the boss would let me go to Crab Island with the homies. Good times. Would love to go back once the kids are grown so we can all enjoy it.

    Alright. Enough reminiscing and soapbox. If I haven’t already lost everyone, I just have one question: where’s Harv? Did I miss another banishment or self-imposed sabbatical? I miss that old fart.

  18. No offense Punjab. I put it all behind me. Thank you for your concern.

    Navarre is a beautiful place. I would love to live there one day. My father and I recently went to Pensacola to watch the Blue Angels practice. We loved it. The museum of all the planes solidified the trip for is. Amazing.

  19. Tsao,

    I’ll be in Tallahassee all day today, but I’m sorry for my posts. I hope we can be cordial to each other, and look forward to seeing you post soon.

  20. I was in primary flight training at Whiting Field when I lived in Milton, which you probably figured out as, at least back then, then wasn’t much other reason to be there. Dry county (Santa Rosa) with nothing much for young military personnelto do but drive to P-cola or the beach.

    Hurlburt was an active installation back then but I don’t think there were any flight ops going on. That was a long time ago, though. I certainly could be wrong.

    I returned to the area many years later with a family in tow. We used to rent a place in Narvarre Beach, just across the bridge from Navarre, when we had our sailboat (a little 26 footer). There were no high rises yet. A mile or so of development with Gulf Islands National Seashore all the way to Pensacola Beach on the west and the Air Force controlled the rest of the island to the east. Best spot on the Gulf IMHO. Lots of empty beaches consisting of beautiful white sand and clean, empty dunes. Just the Holiday Inn and some single family homes back then. Other than a convenience store (Circle K?) you had to go across the bridge to get about anything.

    We’d usually just stick to sailing the Sound as it was a long haul to the passage onto the Gulf. It was, indeed, a great spot for fishing. The dolphins thought so, too. We’d tow a wind surfer stripped of its rigging and the kids would ride behind the sailboat. Something about it attracted the dolphins and they’d swim along with the kids as they pet them. I never got to do stuff like that as a kid. Very cool.

    When they weren’t out and about the Blues practiced every Wednesday and we’d get an impromptu air show.

    Lots of great memories. I’ve gone and gotten all chatty.

    FWIW, I’ve watched every baseball game I could during the postseason. IMHO, Indiana has the best club I’ve ever seen that wasn’t in the deep South or the west coast. I think Tracy Smith is THAT good a coach. If we can keep him in Bloomington IU could reshape the map of college baseball.

    Well, that’s year’s worth of typing. Later, guys.

  21. Chet, So true about the Hoosier baseball program. T. Smith is top notch. AD Glass sure knows how to prioritize for maximum impact. I do believe his vision for the renaissance of the golden age of IU athletics is taking shape before our eyes. As I have often told friends and 1st time acquaintances, IU and Bloomington are a well kept secret in relationship to its location to the majority of the BiG.

    I saw the Angels fly once, decades ago. Thrilling!

    Silverton, Durango and the narrow gauge RR about all I know of SW Colorado. Did attend the Blue Grass Festival one time at Talluride. A blast of an event.

  22. Chet, Santa Rosa is no longer dry. I used to run that bridge a few times when I was training for a race, then meet the family at a great beach bar & grill on the island side for lunch. Juana’s was the name, I believe. (Ben, you probably know the place. The one with all the sand volleyball courts.) Then my wife and daughter– at the time our only child, about a year old– would sashay down to the water while I’d stick around the bar and play some pickup games of beach volleyball. I wasn’t very good, but it didn’t matter. Still great times.

    Don’t know if I’d want to be a beach bum all my life, but after a year of swampy Korea and three years of rainy Germany, it was perfect for that place and time in my life. The mountains may be calling next. Probably got about 9 years left before I retire, settle down, and get a real real job. Might as well take advantage of being able to live in different corners of the world while I can, eh?

  23. 9 out of 10 Scoop bloggers prefer ‘Super-absorbency Chet'(now with wings!) when faced with a heavy Scoop ‘Benstrual cycle.’

  24. Punjab,

    I know exactly what you mean. (Post 31). Really enjoyed Lake Ella in Tallahassee today. Beautiful park, close to the FSU campus.

  25. While at Lake Ella, I had some lookers at my Indiana Hoosier plate on the front of my car. Some looked at it oddly, a family pointed at it, two college kids pointed and snickered. 🙂

  26. That’s alright, Ben. Take solace in the fact that both their Florida teams were eliminated today.

    In my travels, I’ve found that the Florida panhandlers are perhaps the most fair weather fans of all. When I got there in 2009, all you saw were Gator decals and Falcons bumper stickers. By the time I left, everybody was a Saints fan and Rolled Tide. No doubt these days it’s Seminole country, again. And if my Tampa friend is prognosticating correctly, they’ll all be flying Buccaneers flags by Christmas. (You may also want to get in on some Magic paraphernalia while you can. Once LeBron leaves Miami, all those die hard Heat fans down there will be dumping their gear, flocking to the Orlando section and scooping up all the Oladipo and Wiggins/Parker/Embiid jerseys in sight…)

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