Indiana hosting NCAA regional

Indiana was officially announced as one of the 16 teams that will host regionals next week to start the NCAA Tournament.

The Hoosiers finished 42-13 this season and had the No. 4 RPI in the nation, so it was expected that they would be one of the hosts. It’s also expected that the Hoosiers will be one of the top eight seeds in the tournament, which would mean they would also host a super regional if they survive the regional. That information will be released Monday at noon on the selection show on ESPN U.

The other 15 teams that are hosting regionals are Louisiana State, Virginia, Miami, Oregon State, South Carolina, TCU, Florida, Rice, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Cal Poly, Oklahoma State and Florida State.


  1. Just getting to an internet connection for a brief window to see that our boys are not only Big Ten Tourney Champs, but hosting Regionals. What a tremendous regular season and start to the post-season for the Hoosiers.

    Can’t wait to get back to Omaha!

  2. Enjoyable and great job by the Hoosiers. The Hoosiers earned their merits and our applause with talent. Coach Smith has done a terrific job of preparing them and absolutely excelled at his managing decisions.

    And, congratulations go to the fans in Omaha, Nebraska who showed why their support and enthusiasm is so welcome in the B1G. Hope it is enough to quiet (not naming the individual sticking his foot in his mouth- corns and all; whose screen name is Bubba J and who had written:
    “Why not have it (the B1G Baaseball Tournament) at minor league parks, like in Columbus the previous year? Sure, Omaha has a 25,000-seat park, but I bet there won’t be more than 6,000 or 7,000 fans (at the most) attend at one time. That’s one-third full — at best…”
    Oops! Attendance was 19,965, nearly three times more than Bubba was willing to concede from our Nebraska brothers and sisters. The baseball knowledgeable fans in Omaha; who, by-the-way, back a pretty good team themselves, indeed know a lot more than Bubba J was willing to concede before he was able to withdraw (in embarrassment?)

  3. Wanted to add, the 19,965 who packed into the stadium was the second largest college baseball attendance in the US for all of the 2014 season thus far.

  4. From a Hoosier fan in Omaha. Congrats to the Hoosiers hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

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