IU football announces series with Connecticut in 2019 and 2020

From IU sports info:



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana football program announced on Tuesday afternoon it has agreed to a home-and-home series with Connecticut in 2019 and 2020.

IU will host UConn on Sept. 21, 2019, and will travel to Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., on Sept. 26, 2020.

The Hoosiers opened Rentschler Field on Aug. 30, 2003, while the Huskies visited Memorial Stadium on Sept. 23, 2006, in the teams previous meetings.

“We are excited to be able to add an opponent like UConn to our schedule,” Indiana Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass said. “This addition keeps us in line with our goal of having seven home games every year and is consistent with the Big Ten’s policy that each school play at least one major conference opponent in the non-conference every season. We feel that adding UConn is great for both our fans and our program as we continue to move forward.”

Indiana opens the 2014 season at Memorial Stadium against Indiana State on Saturday, Aug. 30. Tickets are on sale now. To order, contact the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 1-866-IUSPORTS or visit IUHoosiers.com.


  1. I like this. Hopefully whether Wilson is at the helm or not, we can win these games easily. With college football slowly but surely developing a playoff system, SOS means everything. Hopefully by the time we start this series, teams like Indiana State will be a thing of the past. Not saying UCONN is a powerhouse, but has to be better then Indiana State. I continue to like the effort being put into IU Football. Nice to see someone cares, instead of being treated like road kill.

  2. ND would probably never schedule IU. Moving the ACCish schedule, they’re already dropping Michigan and picking up 5 – 6 ACC games every year.

    I’m sure Glass has made that call already.

  3. ND dropped Purdue which was one of their longest series going, but having to add that many ACC schools meant teams were cut from their schedule. I think it will be more difficult as things go along to schedule good teams for the “pre-season”. By adding more teams to the conference schedule teams will be very selective who they play prior to the conference. By locking UConn in now, that is one less spot Glass has to worry about. Football tends to schedule these games years in advance and at the beginning it may seem advantageous for IU, but by that last game it may not be. Programs can drop off pretty quick and that could hurt IU by that last game. You just never know.

  4. 1992, You are so correct. The result being the price of poker is going up. All of a sudden schools from MAC level and just above will be playing the highest bidder from the 5 top conferences in non-conference games. + to control costs the home and home contracts may go to a 2 & 1 or a 2 & 2 to guarantee $ over a longer time frame. More of the big TV $ shared with teams from conferences with cash-cow networks will be trickle down revenue to smaller conference teams who can really use it. It will help keep CFB parity alive and advancing. From a purely P&L statement outlook the BIG has expanded into the most advantageous/available region(s) of the country to compete for those teams w/o missing a beat. I just read somewhere by 2017-18 the BIG programs will receive $44M each from the BTN. ND’s eyes will bug out cause they can read a P&L too. I still believe the BTN will be the reason ND becomes #15 in the BIG in the not too distant future. No doubt their FB program $ can sustain their athletic department but their other programs are not advancing their brand at all. Swarbuck is a sharp cookie and this move to the ACC may only be to allow him to establish a groundwork of the nuances of conference alignment before grabbing for the bigger goal. As you stated AD’s schedule FB games years ahead, just as they do everything else they vision for their program.

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