1. Hggi I agree with you;I said i you put a spotlight on him , he wouldnt cast a shadow

  2. Amazing, Tim hit EVERY shot but 1, and he tipped that miss in! Oh, this was a “highlight” video. It proves the guy can play at his HS level (the top TX level), hit all sorts of shots, is very good at the 3-ball, can set screens, and isn’t afraid to take the “last shot”. What is NOT to like? He wants to play for Indiana, and I really like that!

  3. The most he dribbled in the highlight video was twice. He sets screens and shoots but the B1G won’t let him get away with not having a good handle on the ball. TURNOVERS!

    Looks like a project to me.

  4. Is Priller going to be better than any IU player on last season’s roster? Is he going to be better than any senior that just graduated? If the answer to either question is yes, then by signing Priller Crean has upgraded his roster.

    Second point: It’s much easier to get a skinny young man bigger and stronger than it is to teach a big strong young man how to make three point shots. I predict that by the start of his sophomore season, Priller will have added at least 20 pounds of muscle, and he’ll still have his outside shot.

    If he had grown up playing basketball in Indiana, would Priller’s signing generate this much skepticism/criticism from people on this site?

  5. I’ll preface the following by saying that the rap music gets my goosebumps poppin’ far more than a highlight video that would feature play-by-play from Quinn Buckner…

    That said, I’m beginning to think I may be eating my earlier words. The kid’s range is impressive. It also appears he has an advantage over Zeller by having a higher and quicker release. The set-up time on the jumper is already more advanced than anything Zeller is yet to develop.

    The negatives are very slow reaction on the defensive end. Maybe even less elevation than Zeller. If you’re 7-0 and can’t jump, it’s going to be all about quickness and positioning. Does he have the quickness?

    The range and natural feel he has on the shot makes him far more promising than my first, admittedly, negative reaction. Crean may have actually found a kid that could really surprise. If he can pull opponent’s bigs out of the paint, it could really open things up for the speed and athleticism from our wings and guards.

  6. One last thought after watching the opening couple minutes of the video again….He has another trait you don’t see taught/employed very often in this era of guys that think everything leaving their hands is going in the middle of the cylinder. This young man actually follows his shot!!

    He’s going to boards almost simultaneous to his release…I like a kid that shows that extra hunger. “If it’s not going in the first time, I’m gonna go and get it and keep the possession(or put it back in).

    I must have got up on the wrong side of the bed. My apologies for finding some areas to be optimistic.

  7. Just for disclosure purposes, of course.
    I hope Scoop doesn’t mind that I use “Hoosier Scoop” in front of Super-Sub. I probably won’t be sticking with the name for very long, but if it’s a problem just let me know. I could always change to ‘Islands in the Stream Super-Sub.’

  8. He’s a big who can shoot from the outside. He joins a class of shooters which is an upgrade over last season. Upgrade over players we lost will be determined. If he hits threes and actually shoots them, then he’s an upgrade over Austin. I’m anxious to see how he develops.

  9. Ha. You beat me to it, Harv. My first reaction when I saw this clip had nothing to do with basketball. It was the music. It just seemed out if place. (Not my cup of tea, either, but then most modern day music isn’t.) I guess it’s what the kids are doing these days– sort of a prerequisite for mix tapes. But how refreshing would it be to tune in and find some highlights mixed to the backdrop of Merle Haggard, or Mellencamp, or even some some Earth, Wind, & Fire? Why not Parliament? We want the funk. Gotta have that funk. I’d be an instant fan…

    Anyway, the clip neither excited nor concerned me. Some things to like. Some things to give me pause. He’s got a nice shooting touch, but questions remain about his physical ability to do much else at this level. At least right away. If you need me, I’ll be in the wait-and-see section with all the other cautious optimists.

  10. This kid has a very good shot and impressive range. He looks comfortable playing outside but at this point he is not a post player. He has very average ball-handling skills and does not go to his left very well. He will draw his defender out of the lane and create opportunities for players like Robinson, Blackmon and Williams to drive to the basket. The last scholarship needs to be used on a true power forward that can really rebound. Indiana is going to have lots of shooters next year so the need is more for inside defense than scoring.

  11. It’s astonishing that IU is the only D-1 team to recognize this guy’s talent. Yeah Right.

    I hope he turns out to be a contributor but ‘come on’ when he gets into the Big Ten (or any other Big Time Conference whose coaches ‘passed’ on him) he’s going to struggle.

    It’s also amusing to me that we’re sure every kid who is a potential recruit would help us until he commits somewhere else (see the Chicago kid and by the way, Morgan Park is a neighborhood not a town) and then many posts are about how we really didn’t need him. Whereas, every kid who commits will be special regardless of what he has done in high school or anywhere else.

    I look at IU and the guys who are coming back along with the guys who are coming in (Blackmon is really good) and I don’t see IU doing much better than last year (Vonleh was really good and he’s gone). IU is getting out recruited and/or out coached every year (which includes two years ago) because the results show that either through record or lack of performance (along with transfers). If Wisconsin can be in the top of the Big Ten every year for the last decade, then what’s going on in Bloomington which supposedly has this “Great Tradition” to which recruits will/should flock?

    I’m confused and frustrated.

  12. IUlongago, I suspect a lot has to do with the fact that we were expected to go after top prospects and succeeded in doing so. But, given the NBA’s business model- use the colleges as their ‘developmental’ league compounded exponentially when it established an age limit that ensures it is not stuck financing a ‘nursery school for 18 year-olds’; it may be wiser to recruit players who need developing than one-and-done(s).

    I say this in spite of the success we had during with Zeller-Oladipo-Vohnle. It’s not particularly fair to put the blame for the disruption caused by their leaving on Crean (this is not a comment on his teaching and coaching success or lack of it). He went after some top kids and brought them to Indiana,…that can only be a credit to his ability as a recruiter (or as a head coach who designed and managed a very solid recruiting program).

    Perhaps, with his present recruits, we will have a much truer evaluation of his coaching/teaching/team development capacity in 2014-2015 and in 2015-2016.

  13. I do have a question? Do those who post their incredible venom here have any idea how much damage they are doing to IU and its basketball program? Should they be held accountable if kids like Cunningham decide to not come to Indiana if reading a number of the vicious posts here dissuaded them from doing so? Should we identify and point out the names of those whose comments add to destroying the ‘brand’? Some are clearly pretty vicious anti-IU basketball and have probably done the Hoosiers a lot of harm.

    Maybe…maybe I’ll go through about a month of the more vicious ones and do a ‘representative collection with attribution’ for exhibition here.

  14. I guess no more “accountable” than those that used to attack Watford(lazy…ship has sailed), Hulls(worst defender in college basketball), VJIII(SUCKS), Mike Davis(a Final Four coach that was labeled incompetent..job too big for him), Sampson(the most evil man to ever walk the face of the earth), Lynch(a nice man, but also incompetent), Etherington/Howard/Jurkin(should never see the floor), Mallory(only got the job because of his name…Podunker’s tireless campaign to see him removed that started from the day his hire was announced)…etc, etc, etc.

    How many other dozens upon dozens of examples from just about everyone that’s ever posted on this blog would you like? I can think of many more hate statements/campaigns that include the real power hitters on here(past and present).

    Sound coaching and recruiting rather speaks for itself. You also build legitimacy by scheduling strong non-conference opponents(I believe we’ve had that discussion). And you don’t steal wonderful rivalries from the fans(e.g. UK vs IU) because of your moral high ground and giant egos.

    And I’ll never forget the crap Eric Gordon took because he had a poor NCAA game when the team was so completely distracted and disrupted by the Sampson witch hunt and Dakich coming in on his white horse as if he was cleaning up Dodge City.

    And I’m not sure if talking about our personal lives, our positions of status that allow us to have multiple homes, are worldly travels, our brilliant children, our hot wives, our new babies, our motorcycle trips, our name-dropping of ex-Butler players we’re going to play a pick-up game against, and the thousands of off-topic conversations we engage in that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Hoosier Sports, is all that productive in making a prospective Hoosier think more highly of Indiana fans.

    If you read this blog regularly, you’d have to come away thinking we have real common ground with Tom Crean. We’re all a bunch of blabbermouth narcissists that think we’re God’s gift to the world.

    And Tsao…Wasn’t it only a couple days ago that you stated something about a horrible shameful moment cast upon our program for a cutting down the nets ceremony that occurred on storied McCracken after loss? Doesn’t that imply the head coach is basically a man absent the necessary character to be leading our basketball team?

    I’m sure I could make your list. Maybe you can decide if you’re above your own list…

  15. From the video Priller offers what we did not have this past season, offense and shooting from a scorer who’ll take the shot. The staff will put 15 lbs. on him in a minute.

  16. We all have to at least try to be fair and objective at this point. The kid does have potential.Hopefully practicing with Perea,April and Jurkin will escalate his development.

  17. Podunker #6: Yes! Tim will be much better than Jeff Howard, 5.6 min/game; and Austin Etherington, 10.6 min/game; and Tim will probably be better and more reliable than Jeremy Hollowell, 18.3 min/game, for the Indiana team under Coach Crean.

  18. Harvard, I recall be blasted for two years because, before he’d ever worn the candystripes, I had the audacity to defame Cody’s name by stating, “I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse” and “He’s not the second coming of Larry Bird.” Those are paraphrased because I’m not gonna bother to look up the specific phrasing…it’s pretty close to my exact words, though.

    Every time Cody had a good game someone would take the time to hunt down my statement and repost it, which would have had merit if it wasn’t…what’s the term?…true.

    In retrospect, with two years of college and his inaugural NBA season behind us, I can safely say, “I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse” and “He’s not the second coming of Larry Bird.”

    I never did understand why so many people took exception to those comments. I thought they were rather innocuous and, in retrospect, quite accurate.

    Sorry if my off topic comments regarding day-to-day life offend you. I realize you’re more comfortable with darkness, gloom, and misery. I’ve spent plenty of time dealing with that kind of stuff over the years and I’m quite familiar with it. I just don’t choose to dwell on it when blogging on an IU athletics site. Given the choice between hearing about Geoff’s wife, new baby, and how happy they are vs. unresolved father issues with resultant feelings of inadequacy and depression, I’m gonna go with the Disney movie every time. No offense intended, as I really do like you.

    I don’t know why other people being happy bugs you. I rather enjoy hearing about good things happening to people in this little community. Tsao is all about his kids/grandkids. That’s great. Geoff has a nice family and frequently has stories that provide an inside glimpse about a player he’s played pick up ball with (or his coach). I think it’s pretty cool. Everybody here goes off topic. Ben has his whole ‘I’m being persecuted for my religion’ complex going on (Note to Ben – it’s basically impossible for the overwhelming majority to actually be persecuted by a tiny minority. It just doesn’t work that way.), but he’s generally upbeat regarding his own life..though he’s pretty quick to condemn others. Punjab, Po, HC, they all have amusing anecdotes that ad flavor to this place. Hey, it’s May. There simply isn’t that much content about IU sports at the moment.

    Harvard, I’ve spent much more of my life being broke than being…well…not broke. It never really played much of a role in whether or not we were happy. My kids have never been to Disney World (or any other amusement park that I know of) but they can tell you about endless camping trips. If you give a miserable person a bunch of money, in all likelihood, you’ll you’ll still have a miserable person. The same holds true for happy people. It’s an internal thing. For the most part, I engage in the same activities I find enjoyable now that I did when we didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

    You bemoan someone having more than one house. For many people, like me, that’s what is known as being a landlord. It’s like criticizing a truck driver for owning a truck. It wasn’t a windfall…it took us decades to pay for our properties. It was part of a ‘plan’.

    That’s how those things usually work.

    Anyway, I’ve visited the Scoop three or four times this week. I need to head back into the sunset before it sucks me in and I start arguing with someone I don’t know about someone else that neither of us know. Feel free to
    picture me in whatever sad, depressing situation you like. Ben is on record as claiming I’m ‘bitter’.

    For the record, ‘bitter’ feels pretty good.

    I’ll spare you my plans for the weekend. It will involve being bitter in the Colorado wilderness, though.

    …and mastering that banjo that sits there and mocks my guitar.

    …and P90X has crept back into my life…again.

    Damn you, Tony.

    Peace out.

  19. You’re framing me Chet. Christians are often mocked, but far from persecuted. I’m taking the little lady on a date tonight, and off to North Alabama with our Disaster Relief outfit and help people in North Alabama. Have a good day.

  20. Chet,

    I wasn’t around here in your more prolific days, but after reading your contributions this week, I’d be sore to see you head off into the sunset again. I do understand where you are coming from, though. If you aren’t a miserable person and something makes your miserable, time to go find something else to do.

    Personally, I found that peace and solitude in the outdoors out West myself. Finding oneself off the grid and surrounded by the Grand Majesty of Wonder, it puts one’s insignificant self right into our proper order in the universe.

    Hoosier sports are pretty much my innocuous guilty pleasure and find something fascinating about how deeply I associate with something I don’t have a sliver of control over. It’s fun to joust online with others about it–sharpens the wits. It is fun to poke the humorless with a stick every now and then. Ultimately, though, I think it is a ton of fun to directly interact with the journalists on the beat who are busting their rumps to give us further insight into something I enjoy regardless of outcome.

    Anyway, FWIW, don’t be a stranger.

  21. Hey Chet- I’m heading out to Colorado myself this summer for the first time (Seahawk Tom here). Heard of the the Maroon Bells-Snowmass WIlderness by chance?

    Love to hear how the banjo learning goes. I spent a lot of time looking for free banjo lessons online a while back. Found this guy named Rob Bourassa; as good as it gets, IMO. Here is the link. I learned one song but then sort of put it aside. That darned short, high-octave string really messes with you. Hope to pick it back up some day.

    Take care.

  22. The beautiful thing about happiness is that it’s always so cleverly outside the realm of a pretentious net.

    We struggle to define it. We package it. We sell it to sit on shelves next to our superior lifestyles, choices, and “plans.”

    But much like faith, I believe happiness is merely a free and drifting quiet force. There’s nothing of our mortal arrogance than can keep it. To place it upon our own pedestal bores the happiness to seek its movement from rain, to mountain stream, to river. I hope its tied to kindness and resiliency. I hope that its almost spiritual in the sense it can look truly inside the soul when it comes to finally rest upon my own doorstep. If it finds me, I hope it’s in the simplest of places. I hope it’s on a fishing trip with Dad or just sharing a cup of coffee back in the old office we once spent our mornings. The real purity of its existence is when you relinquish the definitions and the pursuit.

    Such a disastrous misuse of characterizing the beyond godliness of “happiness.” How can anything so beautiful ever be pursued? I never want the designs for happiness. For if it could be designed or even really be sought, man would inevitably own it and corrupt it.

  23. I found a bit of happiness today.

    Here’s the story…Yesterday, I bought the most stale box of Good & Plenty. There’s some stores in my area that I really need to start avoiding when going out for my Good & Plenty fix. This box of Good & Plenty was literally in petrified stage. The outer coating had developed a terribly brittle consistency and the licorice had turned to shoe leather(not that I’ve tried shoe leather). Anyway, I was thinking about writing a nasty letter to the Hershey Co.(for those of you that didn’t know, they own Good & Plenty)for not making sure some of these greedy-ass chain stores don’t pull their candy that arrived with the first Beatles hit off the shelves.

    Oh, so how did I find happiness with stale Good & Plenty? Don’t try this at home..I placed the stale box of Good & Plenty in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It did a temporary marvelous thing to the sugars…It was warm and soft and I momentarily fantasized of how Good & Plenty probably tastes fresh off the Hershey conveyor belts when a factory run is made once every ten years. I chewed on a few pieces while playing Pharrell. It was only temporary happiness. Once the box cooled back down, it was petrified shoe leather again.

  24. And that’s exactly why I believe Tom Crean is struggling to be a great basketball coach. He can’t free himself of the pursuits. The mind is freed and can think outside the box(sorry for the Good & Plenty analogy)when it’s no longer tied to the pressures of being something bigger than the tiny speck in the universe we truly and most beautifully should embrace to exist. Tom Crean is simply to burdened with living up to some ultimate judge to ever think of putting Good & Plenty in the microwave of a game. It’s not that he doesn’t possess the intellect or the ability. He’s simply to concerned with shackling happiness.

  25. Tom Priller is a stud. He will make an impact from day one and big time. What an incredible find.

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