Indiana football according to the preseason magazines

Found myself at Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon and picked up some preseason college football magazines. Don’t have them all yet, but here’s an idea of what three major publications think about Indiana in the 2014 season with all of them having obviously made their projections before Tre Roberson opted to transfer.


National Projection: No. 58

Record Projection: 5-7 overall, 2-6 in the Big Ten

Big Ten Finish Projection: Sixth in the Big Ten East

All-Conference Selections: Shane Wynn, second-team wide receiver

Recruiting Ranking: No. 9 in the Big Ten

Final Analysis: “The Indiana football story needs to break through the endless loop of great offense, awful defense. A shift should begin this season. The defense looked faster, stronger and more determined during the Spring Game. The offense has more questions than usual after losing three of its top four receivers. But Indiana has two quarterbacks who have played winning football, one of the Big Ten’s best runners in (Tevin) Coleman and IU’s best offensive line in a decade. A shift from eight games to six will hurt. And the non-conference schedule, which includes trips to MAC-favorite Bowing Green, is far from easy. Finding six wins will be a challenge.”

Other info: Athlon’s coverage included one quote from an opposing Big Ten assistant coach. Indiana’s follows.

“Offensively, they are scary as hell with very good running backs and receivers. Kevin Wilson does a nice job with that scheme.

Oddly enough considering that quote, however, Athlon also has Indiana coach Kevin Wilson as No. 9 on the list of 10 coaches on the hot seat, with the following explanation.

“Indiana is making progress under Wilson, but there will be considerable pressure on this team to make a bowl game in his fourth season in Bloomington. The offense has been dynamic, but there needs to be significant improvement on the other side of the ball. The Hoosiers have finished last — by a wide margin — in total defense in each of Wilson’s three seasons.”

Athlon also put together unit rankings for each conference. With Roberson still in the fold, Indiana had the fourth-highest rated quarterback unit in the Big Ten and the No. 18 unit nationally. It also had the third highest rated offensive line, which was rated No. 18 nationally as well. Running backs were ranked ninth in the conference and the wide receiver/tight end corps 10th. On defense, the Hoosiers were still ranked near the bottom with the defensive line ranked  12th, linebackers ranked 14th and the defensive backs 12th.

Also, Athlon is the only publication I picked up that included a full two-deep roster for every school. Indiana’s follows.


WR  Shane Wynn           Dominique Booth

WR  Nick Stoner             Caleb Cornett

WR  Isaiah Roundtree    Mitchell Paige

LT    Jason Spriggs          Dimitric Camiel

LG   Bernard Taylor       Jacob Bailey

C       Collin Rahrig           Jake Reed

RG    Dan Feeney              David Kaminski

RT    Peyton Eckert        Ralston Evans

TE     Danny Friend         Anthony Corsaro

QB    Tre Roberson         Nate Sudfeld

RB    Tevin Coleman      D’Angelo Roberts


DE    Bobby Richardson      Darius Latham

DT    Adarius Rayner             Shawn Heffern

NG    Ralph Green III          Nate Hoff

DE    Nick Mangieri              David Kenney

LB    David Cooper               Marcus Oliver

LB    T.J. Simmons               Kyle Kennedy

LB    Flo Hardin                     Clyde Newton

CB    Tim Bennett                 Kenny Mullen

CB    Michael Hunter             Rashard Fant

FS     Antonio Allen                Brandon Grubbe

SS    Mark Murphy                 Dawson Fletcher

Special Teams

K  Aaron Del Grosso

P  Erich Toth

KR Shane Wynn

PR  Shane Wynn.


National Projection: No. 69

Record Projection: None

Big Ten Projection: Sixth in the Big Ten East

All-Conference Selections: Jason Spriggs, first-team offensive lineman; Tevin Coleman, second-team running back. Shane Wynn, third team wide receiver.

Recruiting Ranking: Ninth in the Big Ten.

Final Analysis: “IU has 18 starters returning from last year’s 5-7 team, which fell one victory short of qualifying for a bowl game. Once again, the offense should be potent, but the defense needs to improve if the Hoosiers are to play in their first bowl game since 2007.”

Other: Tevin Coleman was rated the No. 16 running back in the nation.

USA Today

National Projection: No. 85

Projected Record: 5-7 overall, 2-6 in the Big Ten

Big Ten Projection: Sixth in the Big Ten East

All-Conference Selection: None, USA Today only picks one all-conference team

Recruiting: Teams were not ranked but graded. Indiana was given a C+ with this explanation: “Could have been a much better class if a couple of names weren’t lured away, but things are looking up. Dominique Booth is a great hometown get at wide receiver.”

Final Analysis: USA Today gave each team a “big question.” For Indiana it was “Will Indiana reach its first bowl game since 2007.” The answer: “It’s a tough schedule this year and there are sure to be growing pains with a new defensive scheme. If they’re going to play 13 this season, they’ll have to beat more than just bad teams.”




  1. 2-6 in the Big Ten…with Tre Roberson? Ouch.

    Walmart in Bloomington in the summertime…? The images upon the memory cells could leave irreparable damage. Hope you kept your blinders on and maintained.

  2. I have to believe that if we see any kind of improvement on defense, IU will win at least six games this season, and probably more than two in the BIG. But this low expectation is good and should prove to be a strong motivator for a young team.

  3. The ratings reflect the reality that our defense is a big question mark. I too believe that it will improve under new leadership. The questions is whether or not it will improve to the extent of getting one more W.

    While our offense is potent, realistically, it will sputter at times because that’s just what happens…if defense can keep us in those games, we’ve got a shot at a bowl. If not, we stay home again. Our schedule is tough…very tough…so even five wins is not a given. So basically, we have to score early and often and hope we can make a few more stops and takeaways.

  4. Same prediction, different year.

    If we go 3-1 in the OOC games, and Knorr gets the defense to play at am acceptable level I believe we go bowling.

    Go 2-2 or worse in the OOC, and I don’t see a bowl this year.

    How quickly can the defense adjust to the new scheme and execute it at a reasonable level?

  5. IU’s defense can only improve. It simply can’t get worse than it was last year! With bigger, stronger and faster athletes, with a year of experience and hopefully better coaching, it has to be an improved defense.

  6. Our defense was 3rd worse in all the league, so it can’t get much worse! Hopefully the teachings of Knorr click with these kids.

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