Kyle Schwarber promoted to Class A Kane County

According to Twitter posts from the Chicago Cubs beat writers at both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Kyle Schwarber has already been promoted from the Boise Hawks, the Cubs’ short-season Class A affiliate, to Class A Kane County. He played just five games at Boise before his first promotion, hitting .600 with four home runs and 10 RBI in that time.


  1. Not quite, but watch closely the progression of Kris Bryant, last year’s No. 3 overall pick and Golden Spikes Award winner at San Diego. He was just called up to AAA after spending last year in A ball and hitting 22 home runs in AA already so far this year. Figure you’ll see Schwarber in the Florida State League by the end of the year, spend next season in AA and AAA and possibly get called up for a September cup of coffee in 2015 and get a chance to play for a full-time major league spot by 2016.

  2. In the history of Minor League ball, has any first year ‘Single-A’ player ever been called up to the Majors?

    Why the hell not Schwarber? A last place Cubs team certainly has nothing to lose. Would Schwarber simply be overwhelmed by the pitching?

  3. ‘Class A Kane’ sounds a bit like Clay Aiken.

    Does anyone know the source of inspiration for the Cubs ‘C’ inside the circle logo design? Maybe someday I’ll share the secret.

  4. Harvard,
    I imagine it’s happened at some point. I’m not going to say that Schwarber definitely would be “overwhelmed” by the pitching, but he’s certainly never seen as consistently strong of pitching as he would see at the major league level. And the fact that the Cubs are in last place is actually more of an argument to keep him down there. You may say they have nothing to lose, but they also have nothing real to gain by forcing the issue. That’s the point of the minor leagues. You let your players build confidence and comfort and develop skills at each level until you move them up. The Cubs aren’t going to be a playoff team this year. The point is to groom their future, and the best way to do that is let Schwarber figure out A ball, then AA, then possibly AAA just like they’re doing with Bryant. They’ll both be major leaguers before too long.

  5. I suppose you’re right. Thanks for taking the time to give your assessment. Never followed the “farm system” very much and have never fully understood its various subgroups. I used to hardly miss a Cubs game when I was kid…I think I’m searching for that Hollywood story to get the fires burning again. Maybe Schwarber fills that need to believe a man seemingly on a course of destiny can get us all to believe that he’ll bring his magic to the Cubs as well.

    It appears that the Cubs bats are beginning to show some life and the middle relief pitching is far improved over last year. If they were in the NL East, they’d really not be totally ruled out of climbing the ladder and making a bit of a late season run. There’s a ton of baseball left and I wouldn’t count them out just yet.

    Thanks again for the explanation and your thoughts on how it will all progress.

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