1. Well, being a graduate of both schools Im still pretty bummed. IU is where my heart is but who can blame him. ASU is a powerhouse in baseball. Really feel bad for the players at IU. This was a fun train to ride for a couple years. I even went to watch IU play in Feb when they were in AZ. And that’s the first college bball game Ive ever seen.

    Congrats Devils but it still sucks

  2. Thanks Coach Smith for raising IU baseball to another level. While I’m disappointed your leaving, I understand why you would not turn down this opportunity. My best wishes to you in your job at ASU!

  3. We are still very fortunate that another top college or NBA program has yet to lure Crean away from Bloomington.

    With LeBron expected to leave the Heat, there is possibly enough cash freed up to bring Crean down to Miami and reunite him with D-Wade. We should probably be offering Tom at least 20 million on another 10-year extension to douse any chance of the bottom really falling out at IU via a coaching move.

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