Roberson posts on Twitter that he will transfer to Illinois State

Quarterback Tre Roberson, who announced Wednesday that he is transferring from Indiana, posted on his Twitter account Friday that he will transfer to Illinois State.

Roberson has two years of eligibility remaining, but because he’s already taken a medical redshirt for his broken leg in 2012, he would lose a year if he transferred within the Football Bowl Subdivision. Because Illinois State is a Football Championship Subdivision school, he can play right away.


  1. Didn’t one of the schools in that conference just produce a QB drafted by New England? If Tre has any kind of team around him, he will feast on the defenses in his conference.

  2. Obviously Tre had this planned along time ago. When he didn’t win the starting QB job in the spring, Tre knew that he’d mainly be running the option and goal-line offense. Translation: no chance to showcase my skills as an all-around QB = only chance to be drafted in the NFL will be as a Randel El-type multi-threat receiver.

    Thus, Tre “took his skills” to Illinois State in the hope that he may be able to put up big numbers and have a shot to play QB in the NFL. Yes, it’s a long shot, but at least now he will have a shot. Best of luck Tre…but not time to focus on IU Football and Nate Sudfeld as “the guy” who will lead us back to a bowl game, winning record, and perhaps even more!

  3. Good luck Trey! You are a quality kid and a very good QB. But I think that #2 at IU is a better career move for your NFL dreams!

  4. Dustin,

    Off subject, but during the whole Roberson ordeal, did IU Football gain another recruit for 2015? I thought I read somewhere that they did.

  5. Transferring to ISU may or may not improve Tre’s shot at the NFL, but it’s got to be more FUN starting for two years than practicing his butt off all week and then hanging out on the sideline waiting for Sud to get hurt/go cold/need a breather. ‘Cause that’s what Tre was looking at for the next two seasons. If Tre doesn’t make it in the NFL, I doubt that he’ll look back on it and say “Drat, if I’d only stayed at IU I’d be playin’ in the big time.”

  6. Agree with davis post #5…FUN vs. risk minus the limelight.

    I view Tre’s transfer much like Remy’s from the basketball team. Tre needed the reps to get truly comfortable with his passing game and the running of team. A combo-guard needs the same to get comfortable with his stroke or find a natural flow within the game. Revolving door tactics with athletic players that have multi-faceted skill sets, probably carries a much higher risk of transfer. Maybe the athleticism, strength, and speed won’t necessarily translate into getting to the next level, but most players in that category know just how critical the minutes for it all to come together.

  7. Tre, thanks for your contribution to IU football. Enjoyed watching you play. My best wishes to you for a successful two years at ISU.

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