Sheehey works out for Pacers

Recently graduated Indiana forward Will Sheehey worked for the Indiana Pacers on Friday afternoon. He said it’s one of five teams he’s already worked out for, and said he has five more workouts lined up.

“I’m just going through and trying to play as hard as I can and show everyone what I’ve got,” Sheehey said.

He declined to say what teams he’s already worked out for, but along with the Pacers, it’s known that he’s worked out for the Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors. He said he’s been working out in New York City where his agent and father live.

Sheehey isn’t likely to be drafted and isn’t showing up on many draft boards, but he is hopeful to at least get an opportunity in an NBA summer league that might give him a chance to make a roster or get exposure for a position overseas.

“I’m going to bring the same consistency every day,” Sheehey said. “I’m just going to come in. I’m a guy that’s going to practice hard every single day. I’m going to be the guy who is in the best shape of anybody on the team. I’m going to make shots. I want to space the floor. I’m very athletic, so I’m going to find spaces where I can use that athleticism.”



  1. He looks thinner in the face….Wonder if he’s lost some weight? Maybe it’s just the weight of the compound. Always was a handsome young man and the growth of the beard/facial hair brings out a real resemblance to Jesus(though still not quite the same vertical).

  2. Also seeing some Rick Barry

    Until just a couple minutes ago, I never knew Rick Barry married the daughter(Pam Hale) of his college coach at Miami.

    Good luck Will. Your game really matured during your senior year. Not only did your game settle into your athletic abilities, but you also proved to be a far stronger leader than I had previously believed you would ever exhibit. I think you could have even brought more game but some easily confused coaches are always looking to the future and the battle for minutes left you a bit shortchanged.

  3. Will is a great person and player. He has a ton of ability, a terrific team guy, and is very versatile. Some team can add a quality reserve at a very low cost. Good luck Will!

  4. Wish you well, Will, in landing an opportunity in the NBA summer league if not a place on an NBA team. Keep up the hard work and your persistent, tenacious play. I’m confident it will pay off for you.

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