Vonleh reportedly slipping

Obviously, I’m not in Brooklyn tonight. You already know that, of course, because I haven’t posted anything about Noah Vonleh other than mock drafts for the past 24 hours. So I have no clue the reasoning for any of what I’m about to tell you, which I’m pretty much culling from the draft experts on Twitter.

But Vonleh’s stock seems to be slipping right now. Which might mean something just happened or might just mean that teams like the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz that were considered likely landing spots for Vonleh put out some signals that they don’t like him as much as everyone thought they did. One way or another, this is being reported by people who tend to know these things.

One is Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.com, who owns the NBA beat as much as any national writer in the country owns any beat. He reported on his Twitter account : “Noah Vonleh is on the slide in this draft, front office sources tell Yahoo Sports. Best first chance to be picked: Lakers.”

The mock draft folks seem to agree. ESPN’s Chad Ford and Jeff Goodman and Jonathon Givony of DraftExpress.com all have Vonleh going at No. 10 to the Philadelphia 76ers after each had them at No. 5 or higher all week.

Draft starts now. Guess we’ll find out.


  1. regardless of all the double-doubles ,I have to wonder the inability of CTC to develope game plans that worked thru Noah.I think Noah didnt get a chance to showcase his abilities other than defense. The slippage of Noah; have to wonder how truly well CTC developes players vs on their own.

  2. I guess it’s all relative…Just getting drafted in the first round probably allows most of these young men(some still teenagers) more annual salary than 99.9% of the population. If they’re smart with the money(obviously a big ‘if’), they are basically set for life.

    Vonleh is still far more ready for the NBA game than Zeller. This draft was just a much higher talent pool than what was faced by Zeller and Oladipo.

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