IU adds former Notre Dame linebacker Nile Sykes

Indiana announced two additions to its 2014 class on Friday morning, including former Notre Dame signee Nile Sykes.

Rivals ranked Sykes, an incoming freshman, as the No. 20 inside linebacker in the 2014 class. He will be eligible this fall. IU also officially announced the arrival of quarterback Danny Cameron, son of former Hoosier coach Cam Cameron.

The full release from IU is below:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Head coach Kevin Wilson announced on Friday two additions to the Indiana football program. Linebacker Nile Sykes (Lombard, Ill./Montini Catholic) and quarterback Danny Cameron (Baton Rouge, La./Baton Rouge Catholic) have signed with IU. Both true freshmen are eligible to play this fall.

Sykes originally signed with Norte Dame on 2014 National Signing Day. Notre Dame agreed to release Sykes from his National Letter of Intent.

A 2013 first team all-state selection, Sykes earned a spot on the U.S. Under-19 National Team. He collected 80 tackles, 12 sacks and 22 tackles for a loss as a senior. Sykes was ranked as the No. 20 inside linebacker nationally and the No. 18 prospect in the state of Illinois by Rivals.com.

“After Coach Kelly and Notre Dame released Nile from his NLI, he reached out to us,” Wilson said. “We recruited Nile hard and he was a guy we really wanted. We are happy to have him and welcome him into our program.”

Cameron is the son of former Indiana head coach (1997-2001) and current LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. A 6-2, 200-pounder, Cameron led Baton Rouge Catholic to the 2013 district title.

“Danny and Coach Cameron visited with us a couple weeks ago and we all feel confident that this is a strong fit,” Wilson said. “Danny adds depth to our quarterback position and we are excited to welcome him back to Bloomington.”


  1. Welcome to Bloomington guys. Your arrivals continue to herald the progress and growth of this program under CKW and his staff. I can’t wait until August. Go Hoosiers!

  2. The defense just got a significant boost. We have not seen too many “top 20” defenders sign with IU in the past. This is very good news.

  3. The thing is Podunker is if IU defense can go from worst to just bad, this team will be ok for the most part. It’s nice to finally see some stout defense prospects come to Bloomington. I think I read where IU had the 3rd worst defense in the league. I’m anxious to learn how the players have received Knorr’s teachings.

  4. Am I missing something? I don’t see why Sykes asked for his release from Notre Dame (I think I spelled it correctly) and why it was so readily granted. It could be anything from “It didn’t feel right when he got there” to “ND encouraged him to go elsewhere.” He’s obviously talented but most prospects who do not choose Notre Dame also do not choose IU. Maybe I just missed the explanation in another post but I am interested. I’m also confused about the Cameron background. When it was first announced, he was a back-up last year though he did fill in for the starter a couple of times. In this post he led them to a District Title. Once again, I may be confused (always a possibility) or I may have just missed his actual Senior experience.

  5. Ben-

    You may have read IU had the 3rd worst defense in the league, but upon watching a couple games, you would have clearly surmised it was the worst in the country. And it was all Doug Mallory’s fault…But guest what, Ben? It doesn’t matter. It will never make national stories in Sports Illustrated. What the Establishment wants to sell to their national audiences is the fact that Jordy Hulls is the worst defender in all of college basketball.

    They simply don’t care about making fun of IU Football..It’s not a threat worthy to be mocked. It will never be a threat. And what’s really sad is that Jordy Hulls had to be made to look as bad as an IU Football defense because he had an inept coach that didn’t know how to utilize his gifts. It’s always going to be about finding the next D-Wade for a “going home” party to the NBA.

    You’ll learn, Ben…You’ll learn. Hope you hear from Podunker. He’s a nice man. Nice and refined men respond in a timely manner with politeness. If, out of nothing else, it should be out of kindness and respect for an admirer and fellow “passion juice” drinker of IU Sports. I bet he’s on his way down from his penthouse condo at this very moment….Sit tight. Save that bar stool.

  6. Sykes, welcome to IU. Here’s another player obtained by Coach Wilson and staff indicating IU football is definitely on the rise. Well done CKW and staff!

  7. I have been away from this site for several months fighting Cancer and other things. I actually left before the surgery. I decided today to look for some funny articles and web sites to cheer me up.
    This site did the trick. It was like coming back to a soap opera. Nothing has changed and Harvard is even worse and funnier if that is possible! It amazes me that the site owners allow one person to totally dominate the entire web page. I am surprised u still have anyone left that posts because he does his level best to run them off, but for pure entertainment, without any sports knowledge, he is a one man show. He did make me laugh! I will be back, God willing, in about 6 months. Goodluck to all.

  8. southport65, I hope you’re feeling better and that you’re turning the tide in your fight with cancer. Good luck to you, sir. I hope you are back posting comments on this site on a regular basis in the near future. As you suggest, this site needs more participants.

    Ben, yes, a realistic goal for IU’s defense, at least for the time being, is that it becomes an average Big Ten defense. If it just get to be average within our conference, IU will, with the potent offense Wilson is known to produce, go to bowl games on a regular basis. But I don’t think IU’s defense was one of the worst in the conference last year, I think it was one of the worst in the country. It was certainly one of the worst defenses I’ve ever seen since I began watching IU football in 1966, and that’s saying a lot.

    Knorr should benefit from the physical and mental maturity of a lot of young players that got significant experience last year. And it appears that the recruiting is improving the level of talent on the defense, which means more competition for playing time, which is essential to better performance on Saturdays. Hope springs eternal.

  9. Southport,

    Sorry to learn this. Don’t let the disease control you, but give it all you have. Hope your spirits remain high, and see you posting here soon. The first post should be that you beat it. :-). Hang in there.


    That’s what I meant. IU was the 3rd worst in the FBS.

  10. Southport, through this tough time, I wish you all the strength to conquer cancer. I hope at least some of us here can manage to lift your spirits, in a small way at least, along the way.

    Go get ’em!

  11. Southport…good luck in your fight. You can beat it! I wish the best for you and my heart goes out to you.

  12. Southport-

    I wish you the best in your fight.

    Recent news from Scoop(nutshell version):

    Geoff: His son, Grayson, is walking…Geoff still not talking.
    Tsao: Either kicked the bucket or is visiting the Pope. He was co-dominating with Harvard and suddenly went silent about a month ago.
    Ben: New kid on block. Finds dates on ChristianMingle. Currently expressing desires to embrace Podunker.
    Peter Jurkin: You figure it out.
    Hoosier Clarion: (see previous entry)
    Seahawk Tom(formerly Husky Tom, Steve in Ottowa): Moved to Ohio in search of another college town to spend another decade. Pops up on Scoop occasionally. Beginning to find Tom Crean to be a curious fellow.
    Podunker: Still obsessed with overweight football players from Wisconsin. Refuses to respond to Ben’s advances.
    Chet: I think he moved to Colorado with Carly Simon. Took up fly fishing. Sold all his cochlear implants at 50% off on ebay and purchased Steve McQueen’s Triumph at a California auction.
    La**y(we’re not allowed to type the ‘f’s’ for this effing private detective): Attending culinary school.
    Punjab: Sorry you missed this guy. Absolutely the top new contributor to Scoop. Nice personality. Doesn’t go on the attack nor have that tone of condescension that drives people off the blog.
    Double Down: Lives in California. Justifiably arrogant due to massive brain. Likes furry women and talks a lot about cognitive theories and something called circular logic. I think he may be a warlock. He’s off-the-charts smart and once challenged Tsao to a shelled peanuts eating duel knowing full well that Tsao has a peanut allergy.
    Dustin: Still too cool for school. Wedding crasher. Still rocking the Casbah for the Establishment. Fighting a bit of depression due to experiencing Bloomington in the summertime without a Hoosier Baseball team allowing for a bit of relief from excessive boredom.
    Jeremy; Last seen vacationing at Fourwinds Resort with Dan Dakich’s family. Enjoys tubing on Lake Monroe. Now licensed to carry a taser under his rhinestone cape.
    Establishment: Still giving the middle finger to Bloomington
    Crean: Now known as ‘The Incredible Shrinking Coach.’ He wouldn’t even congratulate Vonleh’s going top-10 in the Draft because Noah implied that he was a afraid of chalkboards.
    JPat: Rumored that he won Powerball. Moved to Malibu and opened a pancake house.

    This is all I got at the moment…Keep your chin up.

  13. Jonny Marlin @JonnyMarlin · May 4

    Reading the bible isn’t something we should do, it’s something we must do…

    We lost Reggie as an IU fan after Crean forced Marlin off the team. Hang in there, Ben. I didn’t want to bring up your brother of another mother because I thought it was too painful an episode(possibly testing your faith and causing tension at the dinner table).

  14. I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that was a name created as a conspiracy arrangement between Chris Korman and Zach Osterman. Wasn’t that all explained by Dustin once he took over Scoop? Korman believed that the only way to boost Scoop ratings and compete with Inside the Hall was to create an antagonist. Once Jeremy Price caught on and took it up the HT chain of command, heads began to roll.

    Long before the disclosure, my keen intuition had allowed for a much earlier conclusion in knowing 4guards was a fictitious creation(much like my abilities to know the ‘Smirkfest’ cover-up that occurred at a Northwestern postgame presser).

    I’m pretty sure Southport65 already knew of such revelations.

    This is getting tiring, Ben. It wasn’t intended to be all-inclusive. Other than Harvard, people have lives…They come and they go. If some want to believe my dominance gets them to leave, then so be it. Dustin and Jeremy are free to ban me if they believe that is the case.

  15. It’s nice to see so many come out and send their thoughts and prayers for southport65.

    Laughter may not be a cure, but it sure can’t hurt as an alternative to how much a disease we all so fear can take hold of every thought. I doubt I could be as strong as southport65 to even disclose such a battle. I wish him nothing but the best and I hope he can get as far away from that horrific disease as possible.

    But I beg to differ that Scoop is a joke. I often believe Dustin’s decisions to be far more lenient on Scoop has brought more worthy adversaries out of the woodwork that were previously silent. Such freedoms to voice even the most outlandish of viewpoints lifted the overall level of creativity and strength in debates. If you want high numbers of posters and a carefully policed society of boring pollyannaism, you can live at ITH…If you want highly unique posters with a wide spectrum of viewpoints, then Scoop can be your home.

    Scoop is unique. I’m always honored to read all ideas here. And we all know that there is no journalist in the country that could do a better job for Hoosier fans than Dustin Dopirak. Nothing in the form of any contributor’s dominance or absence can change that fact.

  16. I’m tired too Harvard. It’s been a fun, fulfilling weekend. Hope you awake refreshed tomorrow.

  17. ‘NoMendacity’ should also not be left off the list. She burst onto the Scoop scene out of nowhere and brought real eloquence in the construction of her debates. I sure hope she returns at some point. But even if she never returns, Scoop is a better place because we had a chance to see her freely express such eloquence.

  18. Thank you all for your kind words. I will be back some day. Right now it is one day at a time and it gets u down. I am going to beat this. Thank you all!!

  19. I am always leery when I hear talented kids withdraw or transfer from another BCS school to IU (the Finch tragedy still lingers in my mind). It’s been a long time since the defense had a star to talk about but the prospects are looking up.

  20. Hep,

    I think Finch was an anomaly. Transfers happen for a myriad of reasons. Finch had some significant injuries that he never quite recovered from.

    This was a kid that we recruited and he had us high on his list even when he chose ND. Something changed for him and he’s backed out and wants to come to IU. I have no idea if his decision was based on something that rhymes with “Allory Dired”, but regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that this kid won’t come in like any other highly rated recruit (for us anyway) and compete for playing time right away.

  21. Speaking (reading) of ex Notre Dame types, has Gunner Kiel been heard of lately? Just wondering . . .

  22. I wish Notre Dame would just join BIG, and ditch the Independents. Would bring a revived prestige factor to the league. I don’t know what it would take to get them though.

  23. Rico- Prestige, shmestige. Just get ND on the schedule. Notre Dame is a circus that has passed itself by. Regular beatings by IUFB would just be the coup de grace. What would it take to get ND in the conference? Butt-smooching for which the Big Ten shall never stoop.

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